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Hey, everybody. To our American readers, we hope you’ve had a few days at this point to digest your Thanksgiving bounty. To everyone else (including the Australians on the Podchaser team): sorry you didn’t get to enjoy our sweet potato casserole. Yum.

Feature Releases

The last month or two of Podchaser development has been primarily focused on filling out the suite of features available to podcast hosts, and this week is no exception. Today, we’re excited to announce that outbound social and custom links are now available to users.

If you’ve claimed your podcast, you now possess the ability to add links to your social media and other websites onto your Podchaser show page. Courtesy of our lead developer Ben Slinger’s podcast, we have a handy example of what this looks like when filled out:

This is as good a time as any to remind all you hosts out there to claim your shows, if you haven’t already. You’ll be effectively locked out from any of these features until you’ve hit that “Claim” button on your podcast’s page, so go for it!

Podchaser’s Top 5 Podcasts in History

  1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

RasmusOesterberg — “Dan Carlin is just a whole heap of knowledge and insight. Though he might be cynical and even a little harsh at times. He has helped me understand and make sense of the seemingly preposterous world around us in a historical perspective. And it doesn’t normalize it at all. I know that the episodes are long, but they are all worth it.”

2. The Monday American: Putting the Story back in History

obnoxiousmoney — “This podcast is one of the few that I find myself constantly checking to see if a new episode is out. It’s gotten me so into history and paying attention to whats going on today by understanding the past; it makes me see the world differently (in a good way). Andrew delivers a good story throughout each episode, what are you still reading this for? Go listen!”

3. The History of China

DanDavis — “Possibly the best history podcast out there. The story of China from mythic origins through dynasty after dynasty. With history’s biggest wars and technological developments, ethnic and social upheavals and the most brilliant and devious characters. There are truly great stories here. I didn’t know much about China before I started listening but I have listened to every one of them at least once and I am completely hooked and will be to the end. Highly recommended.”

4. The Story Behind | The Extraordinary History of the Ordinary

Kaisersoze — “ Informative and bite-sized, The Story Behind is powered by the host, Emily’s, most amazing voice. One of the very best in podcasting!”

5. The History of Rome

CheshireCat — “Mike Duncan’s first podcast, this is a classic in history podcasting. Many current podcasters credit this one with getting them turned on to what can be done with podcasting, to give you an idea. And yes, it’s every bit as good as that implies. Mike Duncan does his research well and presents the unfolding narrative of Rome’s rise and decline beautifully. You need to listen to this one.”


As development chugs along, we’ll keep you posted (as always) when individual features are launched. Thanks for tuning in!


Bradley, Ben, Ryan, Cole, and James