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4 Tips to Improve Your Podcast Guest Pitches

Podchaser Pro is trusted by hundreds of PR professionals trying to book their clients as podcast guests. Working closely with our clients, we’ve seen their successes and failures when pitching podcasts. Through our years of experience, we’ve gathered 4 tips that everyone can use to improve their podcast pitches.

In this article, we’ll teach our top 4 tips to improve your podcast pitches, as well as discuss how you can access podcast contact information across 4.5 million podcasts with Podchaser Pro.

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4 Podcast Pitching Tips

1) Make it Personal

Podcasters receive pitches constantly, and they can easily identify when you sent them a generic template. 

Avoid this by enhancing your pitch template by mentioning specific details from their show.

For example: “I loved Episode 384 with John Example, he had a really insightful point of view on Volkswagen cars. My client can enhance this conversation even further by discussing their time working with one of Volkswagen’s main competitors, BMW.”

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to find relevant details about the podcast to add to your pitch, but Podchaser has a free solution to speed it up. Instead of listening to several full episodes of a show, you can access Podchaser’s transcript for the episode and read through it, using “Command+F” to search specific keywords discussed in the episode that are relevant to your client.

To access transcripts on Podchaser, simply navigate to an episode page from any of the top 5,000 podcasts and click the “Transcripts” tab.

2) Add Value

Another common mistake is that the podcast pitch focuses so much on the guest and the host, that it forgets the ultimate purpose of the guest appearance – to educate and entertain the audience.

Your pitch needs to demonstrate how your client’s knowledge would benefit the audience of the show, and that your client will be an entertaining guest.

The simplest way to do this is to include a link to your client’s Podchaser Creator Profile, completely filled out with all of their previous guest appearances. This acts as their podcast guest resume, with the crucial ability to quickly listen to your client’s appearances.

Example of a Podchaser Creator Profile

If your client hasn’t appeared on podcasts before, send some other audio or video recording of them speaking – like a speech, Q&A, or roundtable discussion with colleagues.

If they haven’t done any of those things either – don’t fret! You can have them record 5-10 minutes of them discussing some topic they’d like to bring up on the podcast. That way the host can easily visualize how your client could fit in with their show.

3) Don’t Double Dip

Podcast hosts are always trying to cover new ground within their niche. If they’ve already had a guest discuss a topic once, it’s very unlikely they’ll accept another guest to discuss the exact same topic.

Going back to our hypothetical client “John Example” and their knowledge of BMW vs. Volkswagen cars. Don’t find shows that have already covered this topic, but instead find shows who have discussed tangential topics, and thus you know the host and their audience are interested in.

To check if a podcast has already covered a topic, go to that show’s episodes page on Podchaser. From there you can search the keyword you want, and find the episodes that mention that keyword in either their title or description.

A search for “car” shows episodes where “car” is mentioned in the description

You can then once again access that episode’s transcript to learn specifically what they discussed about that topic.

4) Keep it Short & Sweet

Our last tip is simple, but easily overlooked – make sure your pitch doesn’t become a novel. Remember that the host is receiving pitches constantly, so if your pitch is too long, they won’t take the time to read it.

To give your client the best chance of being booked – keep your pitch to around 150-175 words. That is just long enough where you can discuss everything from steps 1 through 3, while not overstaying your welcome.

Access Podcast Contact Information with Podchaser Pro

podchaser pro

Now that you’ve written the perfect pitch, you need to send it to the podcast host – but how do you reach out? You need their contact information.

Luckily, Podchaser has more than 4 million contacts across 4.5 million shows, which you can access with Podchaser Pro.

Plus, Podchaser Pro gives access to everything else you need to get your client booked on podcasts, exclusive insights and intel to vet and compare podcasts by reach, listener demographics, and more.

Learn more about how Podchaser Pro can help you book your next podcast guest appearance.

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