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Podchaser Pro for Podcast Networks: 3 Use Cases

As a podcast network, you are spinning a lot of plates at the same time. You’re trying to simultaneously grow your current shows, find new ones, attract advertisers, keep tabs on competitors, and manage your talent.

Podchaser Pro is popular among podcast networks because we can help with all of the above. How? Let’s get into it. But first…what is Podchaser Pro?

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What is Podchaser Pro?

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Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, and Podchaser Pro unlocks access to truly one-of-a-kind podcast data. With Podchaser Pro, you’re just a few clicks away from knowing almost every podcast’s contact information, sponsor history, reach, Power Score™(cross-platform popularity), demographics, and more

Request a free demo to see why Forbes called Podchaser Pro, “an incredibly useful tool for podcast marketing or booking guests or promoting to media or for research and development.”

Using Podchaser Pro as a Podcast Network

1) Find New Podcasts for Your Network

Podchaser Pro makes finding podcasts to add to your network a breeze. We have several precise filters so you can narrow down the millions of potential podcasts into the dozens that are right for your network. 

When researching new podcasts to work with, there’s three main pieces of information you’re looking for: the podcast’s topic, listener demographics, and popularity. Podchaser Pro is designed to help podcast networks target podcasts based on this criteria. 


Most podcast databases only have around a dozen categories, which barely scratches the diversity of niches that podcasts have to offer. Podchaser features over 100 categories you can filter at the start of your search for the perfect podcasts. With this simple feature, you’re already finding more quality podcasts than you would with other podcast directories, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Podchaser Pro can do.

Listener Demographics

Once you’ve done this top level targeting, it’s time to get specific – and this is where Podchaser Pro really shines. If you’re adding a new show to your network, you’re likely either trying to create new content for your existing audience, or chasing a new type of audience. Either way, when you’re researching new shows, you want to know the demographics of the listeners.

Before Pro, you had to guess the demographics of a podcast based on face value. If you were researching a men’s fitness podcast, you assumed the show’s audience was mostly men, who were maybe a bit younger. With Pro, you no longer have to guess. Pro users can access exclusive audience insights, unlike anything else in the industry.  Podchaser Pro makes it easy to understand each podcast’s audience with detailed breakdowns of demographic and psychographic affinities like age, gender skew, and income. Demographic analysis of your competitors shows has never been easier than it is with Podchaser Pro.


Of course, you not only want to know the type of audience, but the size of the audience. We’ve got you covered there too. Each podcast’s Insights tab, you get immediate access to estimated monthly listener data, as well as our proprietary metric for podcast popularity, Power Score™.

To calculate a podcast’s Power Score, we’ve combined over 30 unique data points including audience size, subscribers, play through rates, and cross-platform influence over time. A podcast’s Power Score ranges between 1-100, 100 being the most popular. For the first time in podcasting history, you can understand a podcast compared to its competitors with a mere glance.

2) Market Research / Competitive Analysis

As a podcast network, market research is very important. Podcasting is a highly competitive industry, and you need to make sure that you’re keeping with the latest trends. Maybe a new genre of podcasts is starting to become popular and you want to learn more before joining the trend. Or maybe you’re thinking of starting a new show so you’re researching similar podcasts to find your unique angle. No matter what your goals in the podcasting world, information is power. Luckily Podchaser Pro has all the information you need to conduct thorough market research.


Everything we talked about in the “Finding Podcasts for your Network” section still applies here. Always start your market research by tapping into Pro’s unique filters, then once you’ve found a handful of podcasts you want to know more about, dig into the Insights tab to discover demographic information and audience size.

Competitive Analysis

Once that’s done, stay on the Insights tab to find 3 more pieces of crucial information for market research.

First is Sponsor History. On many of the top podcasts, Podchaser Pro details which companies have sponsored this podcast recently, the dates of those advertisements, and how many times they’ve worked with the podcast. We even estimate how much it costs for a pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad on that podcast.

Second is Alerts. Podchaser’s Alerts allow you to receive an email alert every time your search phrase is mentioned on a podcast episode. Meaning you can monitor podcast mentions of your own nonprofit as well as your competitors. Your first Alert is free, then contact us for more.

And to round off your research, each podcast page has links to the podcast’s social media, so you can understand the content they are posting, their follower count, as well as their audience engagement.

Each podcast’s Insight tab is your one stop shop for one-of-a-kind podcast data. All in one location, you gain access to sponsor history, ad-cost estimates, chart rankings, social media accounts, and more.

3) Book Your Hosts As Guests on Other Podcasts

Booking your hosts as guests on podcasts outside of your network provides a fantastic opportunity to expose your talent to new audiences. This cross promotion brings more listeners to your host’s show and ultimately your whole network. We’ve thoroughly covered how to find the perfect shows with Podchaser Pro, so let’s focus on the next step – finding contact information so you can reach out.

Before Podchaser Pro, finding podcast contact information was a nightmare. Trying to contact a show led you on a labyrinthian journey through Google just to find a single email address – which often ended up being a generic email for the whole organization. Podchaser Pro provides verified contact information for virtually every collaborator on a show, including hosts, producers, editors, and more.

The only downside of guest placement used to be the amount of work it took. But with Podchaser Pro’s verified contact information, our clients save dozens of stressful hours scouring the web for any scrap of information. Now, with just a few clicks you have everything you need to get your talent booked on a podcast.

Other Ways Podcast Networks Can Use Podchaser Pro

These are the nuts and bolts of how podcast networks can benefit from Podchaser Pro, but it’s really just the beginning. Our tools are varied and flexible enough that every client finds their favorite way to maximize Pro’s potential. 

Here’s the full list of Podchaser Pro features for Podcast Networks:

  • Access to the world’s largest podcast database
  • Podcast reach data (per episode and month)
  • Verified contact information
  • Power Score
  • Alerts
  • Sponsor History
  • Estimated Cost of Advertisements
  • Demographic data
  • Apple and Spotify Chart Positions
  • Exclusive Search Filters (has guests, gender skew, listener age, listener location)
  • Social media handles and analytics
  • Podcast metadata

Other Podchaser Products For Podcast Networks

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