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Complete List of Podcast Hosting Companies (And Their Cost)

Complete List of Podcast Hosting Companies (And Their Cost)

There are so many podcast hosting companies that it’s overwhelming. To help, we’ve compiled a list of every single podcast hosting company in one place, so you can learn about each one and make your decision.

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Table of Contents

Every Podcast Hosting Company

1) Acast | Free – $29.99/month

acast logo

Acast is a Swedish-founded company that provides hosting, monetization and growth support to podcasts. They have dynamic insertion technology which can target advertising within podcasts based on location, time, and personal data.

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2) Anchor | Free

anchor logo

Anchor is a free, beginner-friendly platform for podcast hosting and creation, containing tools that allow users to record and edit audio, publish podcasts to listening platforms, and monetize content by collecting listener contributions or adding advertisements into episodes.

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3) Art19 | Scales with Podcast Downloads

Art19 is owned by Amazon. They provide lots of similar tools to other hosting providers, but their uniqueness comes from their suite of personal services, helping you with any step of the creation process—ideation, creative support, brainstorming, producing, and casting talent.

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4) Audioboom | $9.99/month

audioboom logo

Audioboom makes podcasts accessible and profitable for podcasters, advertisers and brands by combining technical support, production savvy and ad sales know-how into one user-friendly, economical experience.

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5) Ausha | $13/month – $69/month

ausha logo

Ausha hosts podcasts, and has all the tools for distribution, communication and analytics for your podcast.

See Podcasts Hosted on Ausha

6) Backtracks | $99/month – $299/month

backtracks logo

Backtracks hosts podcasts, as well as provides a variety of unique analytics tools. For example Backtracks track listener engagement, including how long a listener listened, not just simple download count.

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7) bCast | $15/month – $75/month

bCast logo

bCast helps businesses grow social engagement, traffic and revenue with a podcast. In addition to hosting, bCast provides advanced analytics, custom domains, transcriptions, and more.

8) Blog Talk Radio | Free – $249.99/month

Blog Talk Radio is dedicated to live radio. They give customers tools to record their show live, and field call-ins from listeners.

See Podcasts Hosted on Blog Talk Radio

9) Blubrry | $12/month – $100/month

blubrry logo

Blubrry provides hosting with unlimited downloads, statistics, and a free WordPress site with every account. At the highest level you gain access to tools like dynamic ad insertion. 

See Podcasts Hosted on BluBrry

10) Buzzsprout | Free – $24/month

buzzsprout logo

Buzzsprout is one of the most popular podcast hosting companies, and is a great beginner’s platform that is flexible enough to grow with you. They have analytics, and unlimited storage at most price points.

See Podcasts Hosted on Buzzsprout

11) Castos | $19/month – $499/month

At the lower price points, Castos has hosting, video file hosting, audiograms, and advanced analytics. At their Premium $499 a month level, you get bespoke features like custom contracts, invoices, and a dedicated account manager.

See Podcasts Hosted on Castos

12) Captivate | $17/month – $90/month

captivate logo

Captivate has a long list of features that are available at all levels, but in general the more you pay monthly, the more downloads and podcasts you have access to.

See Podcasts Hosted on Captivate

13) CoHost | $59/month

CoHost is a hosting platform built by the podcast production agency, Quill. They currently offer a $59/month starter plan but plan to expand their offerings later this year. Their starter plan features transcriptions, hosting migrations, and unique analytics like competitor benchmarks, campaign tracking, and loyal listener metrics.

14) Fireside | $9/month -$49/month

fireside logo

Fireside features hosting, analytics, Apple Podcast and Spotify integrations, customizable websites and more.

See Podcasts Hosted on Fireside

15) Fusebox | Free – $15.83/month 

fusebox logo

Fusebox’s podcasting hosting is free to use, but if you upgrade to Pro you gain access to several customizations features designed to make your podcast look more exciting on your website, including a brand color select, color schemes, podcast cover artwork link, and more.

16) Hearthis.at |  Free – €4.99/month

hearthis logo

Hear This is a music focused podcast website where you can listen to DJ sets and mixes. For free, you can upload up to 300Mb a week. If you go Premium, you get access to unlimited uploads, automatic track listing, analytics, and more.

See Podcasts Hosted on Hear This

17) Hubhopper | Free

hubhopper logo

Hubhopper is India’s largest podcasting platform, which hosts, distributes, and plays podcasts all for free.

See Podcasts Hosted on Hubhopper

18)  Iono | Free – $35/month

iono logo

Iono is a South African podcast hosting and analytics company designed to scale between hobbyist podcasters and large radio stations.

See Podcasts Hosted on Iono 

19) Ivoox | Free


Ivoox is the largest Spanish speaking podcast directory, hosting platform, and ad marketplace. It is free to host your podcast on Ivoox, which includes some basic analytics.

See Podcasts Hosted on Ivoox

20) Libsyn | $5 – $150

libsyn logo

Libsyn was one of the first podcast hosting companies, being founded in 2004. The more you pay, the more storage space you are allowed.

See Podcasts Hosted on Libsyn

21) Lizhi.fm


lizhi logo

Lizhi.fm is a large Chinese company that creates audio-based social networks, podcasts and audio communities. Podcast hosting is one small part of their business.

See Podcasts Hosted on Lizhi.fm

22) Megaphone | Contact for Price

Megaphone is designed for larger corporations and podcast networks, with features such as dynamic ads, business insights, forecasting tools, and audience targeting.

See Podcasts Hosted on Megaphone

23) Omny Studio | Starting at $29.99

omny studio

Omny Studio allows you to upload unlimited episodes, has social media publishing, configurable embed players, and of course analytics.

See Podcasts Hosted on Omny Studio

24) Pinecast | Free – $10/month

Pinecast is a no frills podcast hosting service, where you can get two free shows and basic analytics for free. Once you pay, you gain access to unlimited episodes, shows, a custom domain, website, and more.

See Podcasts Hosted on Pinecast

25) Podbean | Free – $99/month


Podbean is a podcast hosting platform with all the features you need for starting, promoting, and monetizing your podcast.

See Podcasts Hosted on Podbean

26) Podcast.co | $17.40/month – $99/month 

podcast.co logo

Podcast.co is a platform designed to make your show stand out with audiograms and a dedicated landing page.

See Podcasts Hosted on Podcast.co

27) Podcaster.de | €5/month – €100/month

podcaster.de logo

Podcaster.de is a German podcast hosting company. The different tiers allow you to have more storage and podcasts.

See Podcasts Hosted on Podcaster.de

28) Podcastics | $4/month – $39/month

podcastics logo

Podcastics specializes in podcast hosting, and starting at the $8/month plan, provides unlimited hosting.

29) Podcasts.com | Free

podcasts.com logo

Podcasts.com is a free podcast hosting platform and directory with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

See Podcasts Hosted on Podcasts.com

30) PodcastGIANT | $49.99/month

podcastgiant logo

PodcastGIANT features unlimited podcast hosting and a customizable SEO optmized podcast website.

31) Podcast Websites | $77/month – $99/month

podcast websites logo

Podcast Websites gives you everything you need to get a professional podcast website launched in record time, including hosting.

32) Podigee | $12/month – $119/month

podigee logo

Podigee has many of the same features as their competitors, and in addition allows you to create audio teasers for social media, Patreon integration, and more.

See Podcasts Hosted on Podigee

33) PodOmatic | Free – $2.99/month

podomatic logo

PodOmatic is a combination podcast player and podcast hosting company. You can store your first 6 hours of podcasts for free, including analytics.

See Podcasts Hosted on PodOmatic

34) PodServe.fm | $19/month

podserve fm logo

PodServe.fm has unlimited storage and podcasts, 1-on-1 customer support, free podcast promotion, and more.

35) Redcircle | Free – $30/month

redcircle logo

Redcircle features dynamic insertion, unlimited hosting and distribution, and varying levels of analytics. 

See Podcasts Hosted on Redcircle

36) Resonate Hosting | $25/month – $49/month

resonate logo

Resonate Hosting has unlimited hosting at both price points. At the higher level, you gain access to a podcast website and dynamic ad insertion.

37) RSS | $4.99/month – $12.99/month

rss.com logo

RSS provides unlimited hosting at both the Educational and RSS Podcaster levels. The latter gains more bandwidth and monetization. 

See Podcasts Hosted on RSS 

38) Simplecast | $15/month – $18/month

simplecast logo

Simplecast provides you powerful tools to manage, distribute, share, and grow your podcast — from your first listener to your first million.

See Podcasts Hosted on Simplecast

39) SoundCloud | Free – $12/month

soundcloud logo

SoundCloud hosts music as well as podcasts. The free service only allows you to upload 3 hours of content, but once you pay, SoundCloud opens up the opportunity for monetization.

See Podcasts Hosted on SoundCloud

40) Sounder | Free – $10.39/month

sounder logo

Sounder is a great starting point for small podcasters, as you get free audio transcriptions, and free hosting up to 5,000 listeners.

41) Spreaker | Free – $50/month

spreaker logo

Spreaker is owned by iHeart and is the second most popular podcast hosting platform. Their four payment plans, starting at $0 a month, provide varying levels of customization, statistics, and monetization.

See Podcasts Hosted on Spreaker

42) Squarespace | $12/month – $40/month

squarespace logo

You can use Squarespace to create and manage podcasts. Your built-in RSS feed lets you publish to Apple Podcasts and other podcast services, while your website can help listeners find archived episodes, show notes, and more information about the podcast. 

See Podcasts Hosted on Squarespace

43) Subsplash | Contact For Quote

subsplash logo

Subsplash is an explicitly Christian company, describing themselves as, “the complete solution for connecting with your community on Sunday and beyond. There’s no better way for your church or ministry to engage your audience, grow your giving, and host and share your gospel-centered content.”

See Podcasts Hosted on Subsplash

44) Timber.fm | $25/month

Timber aims to combine podcast coaching and hosting to help grow indie podcasts. Timber has one price point that offers unlimited downloads, twice yearly one-on-one coaching sessions, and additional coaching webinars.

45) Transistor | $19/month – $99/month 


Transistor allows for an unlimited number of podcasts at any level, as well as more monthly downloads and private subscribers the more you pay.

See Podcasts Hosted on Transistor

46) Whooshkaa |$29/month – $199/month

whooshka logo

Whooshkaa is an all-in-one platform to host, manage, distribute, promote, commercialize and measure your podcast.

See Podcasts Hosted on Whooshkaa

47) WordPress | Free – $45/month

wordpress logo

WordPress is a blogging platform, but once you have your website set up, there are several plug-ins you can install to host your podcast on your site. 

See Podcasts Hosted on WordPress

48) Ximalaya

ximalaya logo

Ximalaya is the largest audio app in China, featuring audiobooks, guided workouts, and of course podcasts.

See Podcasts Hosted on Ximalaya

49) Zencast.fm | $12/month – $89/month

Zencast.fm has unlimited episodes and downloads at all levels, as well as a podcast website. The more you pay, the more customization and analytics you gain access to.

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