New OutlierClips Chrome Extension Lets You Easily Search Podchaser

New OutlierClips Chrome Extension Lets You Easily Search Podchaser

Podchaser is excited to announce a new integration with OutlierClips, the free Chrome extension that helps podcast hosts research and prep for interviews.

OutlierClips, a new Chrome extension from the organization behind Outlier Podcast Festival, includes an awesome feature that lets users easily search Podchaser’s database for all episodes relating to a person or topic. Users simply highlight the name of the person or subject they want to search for and hit the ‘Podchaser’ button in the extension. This will take the user to Podchaser and show them all podcast episodes relating to that topic or involving the expert. This integration will pave the way for many features to come and will help podcasters better prepare for interviews! 

How it works

  • Download the OutlierClips Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore
  • Highlight the name of the person or topic you want to search
  • Right-click the highlighted text and select ‘OutlierClips.’
  • From the OutlierClips panel on the right, select ‘Podchaser.’

Now you can see all episodes that contain the guest or topic you are researching!

“We are excited to leverage the power of Podchaser and expand our offering with them,” said Outlier Founder Ever Gonzalez. “We can’t wait to do more great things with Podchaser!”

About Podchaser

Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database — collecting, enriching, and distributing podcast insights to power discovery for listeners, podcasters, and brands. Learn more at

About Outlier

Outlier is an events and media company that is revolutionizing the podcasting industry. In addition to orchestrating the Outlier Podcast Festival, Outlier now offers ‘OutlierClips,’ a free podcast companion that makes collecting research and preparing for your show easier than ever. Learn more at