Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the New York University Center for Neural Science and popular science communicator. She is the author of Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A Personal Program to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better.
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BRILLIANT BRAIN HACKS FOR HEAPS OF HAPPINESS!!! Plus a Guided Meditation! Dr. Wendy Suzuki
Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
If you’ve ever wanted to feel sharper, more alive, stronger of body and of mind, and smarter than you ever have before…then do we have the brain-boosting show for you! Today we’ll be talking with Dr. Wendy Suzuki, award winning neuroscientist, famous 4x Ted-Talker, and what I’d call a true revolutionary in the field of brain science. She’s also the author of my favorite new brain book, healthy brain, happy life, a personal program to activate your brain and do everything better! Today we’ll talk about hacking the brain and getting it moving again, to get you smarter, sharper, more focused, better memory, more creative, less anxious, and better able to learn, than you ever have before! That plus we’ll talk about car boy and cabin boy, becoming a gym rat, the power of Twix, the Big Ask, Dr. Flux, Disney world for rats, what in the world happened to the cello, and why spandex in the classroom may be the greatest discovery of them all! Questions and Topics Include: Julie Andrews vs. Shirley Temple What is the Disney World for rats What Eleanor McGuire found with London Taxi Drivers What is prosopagnosia and struggling to see faces (Howard Gardner, author Multiple Intelligences and Brad Pitt) What does brain plasticity mean? Some amazing brain hacks What’s a simple hack to begin enriching the brain? How do we enrich the olfactory part of the brain? Who was the neurological patient HM? Why emotions are so powerful when it comes to learning Why you want to make what you have to learn funny When the light went on between exercise and the brain How much just an hour of exercise can improve your attention What is intensati and how did it change her understanding of exercise and the brain too (and her future classes and research studies!) What we can learn from Spandex in the Classroom! How to use affirmations and exercise together Brain hacks and exercise Short 4 minute exercises you can do What viral animal videos have to do with the brain Talking Dog and Bacon: Sloth Video: Brain Hacks to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain and what makes us happy (study of positivity) Advice for parents to boost the brains of their kids How important is it to step away from the electronics? wendysuzuki.com And for free meditations, weekly tips, stories and similar shows visit: www.InspireNationShow.com  And to support the show and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access, visit: www.Patreon.com/InspireNation   And to follow Inspire Nation (and the lives of Michael and Jessica) on instagram, go to www.instagram.com/inspirenationlive 
How Running Changes Your Brain –Interview with Dr. Wendy Suzuki
Marathon Training Academy
Wendy Suzuki has a PhD in neural science and is a researcher at New York University. She’s author of the book Healthy Brain, Happy Life. We talk with her about the effects of running on the human brain, hippocampus growth, brain plasticity, memory, reward centers, the power of affirmations, meditation and more. How Running Changes Your Brain Interview Questions What got you interested in studying the brain? What is the story behind this book? Explain the concept of neural plasticity? Can exercise make us smarter? In your TED talk you mention that you had your class at NYU yelling positive affirmations during exercise, why does this work? How can exercise protect against stress? There is a chapter called Making Your Brain Smile were you talk about the brain’s reward system. Explain how this works. Our brains are so amazing, why aren’t more people using their’s better? You can learn more about the book Healthy Brain Happy Life at www.wendysuzuki.com Also Mentioned in This Episode Epic Summer Conquest (2 month camping trip with our three kids). Follow us on Instagram @marathonacademy The North Face Endurance Challenge in Park City Utah, September 24-25th 2016. Use the code MTA15 to save 15% on race entry. The Jabra Sport Pulse – sign up for their newsletter at www.jabra.com/mta Mio Global makers of the Mio Fuse Heart Rate and Sleep Activity Tracker. Use the code “MTA15” to save 15% on any Mio product at checkout. Remember, the brain is amazing (especially mine)! Here I am cracking up Dr. Suzuki during our interview. The post How Running Changes Your Brain –Interview with Dr. Wendy Suzuki appeared first on Marathon Training Academy.
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