Zig Ziglar is one of the world's most popular and motivational speakers. His birth name was Hilary Hinton Ziglar and he hosted The Ziglar Show - Inspiring Your True Performance. He died of pneumonia on November 28, 2012.


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Would you like to know just why you do what you do, and don’t do much of what you’d wish yourself to do? Like implementing the plans that would progress your life? This is the focus my guest in this episode brings us. Howard Partridge’s new book is titled, FTI, Failure to Implement. He walks us through 10 Principles for business and life success. But what jumped out at me is looking at these 10 areas and realizing they were a great business and personal audit. Meaning, we can take each area and audit ourselves. If we are lacking, then we have exceptional insight into why we are or are not getting the results we want in our personal aspirations and goals. Why we are not implementing and taking action toward what we want. I encourage you to be listening as we walk through these principles and thinking about yourself. Do you have any intentional plans for each area? You will likely walk away with a handful of the areas where you realize you have a void. Which is wonderful! Awareness! Now you can tangibly address something and get a step closer toward what you want and believe in. And as you’ll hear us start off with, the issue and necessity of belief itself. Howard is not just a wildly successful businessman and business coach, he is a fellow student, devotee, and purveyor of the Ziglar legacy. Howard has been the exclusive business coach for Ziglar for many years and works with Tom Ziglar on running the overall Ziglar corporation. Howard has authored eight books, one which you’ll hear us reference, The Power of Community, was our focus in past Ziglar Show episode #533. You can get FTI, Failure To Implement at howardpartridge.com or wherever you buy books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets, said W Edwards Deming. Right now your system, your habits and routines, are designed to produce the results you are getting. Same with me. If we want to change the results, we must change the system. No secret or brilliance in that statement, you’ve heard the concept before. The problem, and opportunity, is us. I believe we are all simply living up to our expectations. What is interesting is how we would reshape our living based upon a change in expectations. Here is a question I posted to the Ziglar audience, “If you were given one million dollars today, to be in top shape mentally and physically in 12 months, at which time you would then get a high paying role or job you loved, how would you start preparing, training, and caring for yourself?” I’m about to read a bunch of replies. And I’m imploring you not to discount this. Your first reaction will likely be to scoff and say, “Well sure, its’ much easier to make the needed changes with a guaranteed payday ahead of you.” But then that implies you are not currently making changes you’d like to make, because you don’t believe they’ll pay off. Isn’t that pretty telling? So we have a crisis of faith. Of belief. Think on that as you hear how people responded. And please know, I’m in this boat with you too. This speaks to me just as much as you and has me looking to make some changes, right away! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
In this show I am appealing to your logic, not your emotion. Your intellect, not your inspiration. Chances are you are living under a false assumption about your vocational role in life. If not false, at least minimized. You see yourself a certain way and thus expect a level of performance from yourself. I am not vying for you to increase the amount of your performance as much as the caliber. And to a great degree, simply the way you hold, conduct and care for yourself. I’m going to play a two minute clip from Zig to help set the perspective. The story has to do with IQ. Following Zig’s message we will not be talking about your IQ, however. But rather your actual role and viable credibility in your job. Your work. And we all have a job. I can’t stress the strength of the case I’m going to make and the relevance it has in your life. I’m going to share some great products and services with you, then play Zig’s quick, 2-minute message, then hit you with a reality of your life you are very likely missing and not rightfully leveraging. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Recognizing who has helped you is vitally important, as it fosters the reality of how valuable help is. How much you need it and benefit from it. Or what if you haven’t received much positive help from others? How do you get it? In this episode we listen to a clip from Zig Ziglar on the dramatic influence of others investing in you, and you in them. Then I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “: Name or tag someone who truly made a positive difference in your life, and please explain how they specifically helped you.” Many, many responses and Tom Ziglar and I talked through as many as we could, and really expanded on the value and need in our lives. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Why do we do the things we do? Especially, why do we so often not do the things we want to do, and do what we don’t want to do? Why do we intend to act one way, then get derailed and sabotage ourselves or a situation or a relationship? I generally go to the weakness and appetite of my mind and flesh, but today I bring two guests whose research shows it is deeper than this and we can get to the root and literally change our behaviors. Stephen Klemich is a corporate consultant and his wife Mara Klemich is a clinical psychologist. After years of extensive research and data collection they landed on four principles that explain the why behind our behaviors and that they all boil down to issues of humility, love, pride, and fear. From this they have released their new book, Above the Line, Living and Leading with Heart, with a core message of understanding what motivators are happening in our heart, so we can make effective choices to build our character and become the person we were designed to be.  I took their Heartstyles Indicator, and online assessment, and got my personal report. We very candidly walked through it to showcase where my personal values are, and where my natural behaviors actually lie, and the gulf between the two. They showcased why I often tire of performing to cover the span between what I want to do and what I actually feel. This is literal awareness AND equipping. And here is a great opportunity for the first people who hear this episode. The Heartstyles Indicator is only available to those who purchase the Klemich’s new book,. But for Ziglar listeners, I asked them to make it available immediately and at no cost. They are doing so for a month, from Jan. 25 2020, to Feb. 25, 2020. Go to heartstyles.com/ziglar and follow the instructions. Use the access code ZIGLAR2020 to get access to the Indicator/assessment. Again, heartstyles.com/ziglar and use the access code ZIGLAR2020 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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