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Creation Date December 4th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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Some people have a need to step outside their passport/home country and experience the world firsthand. When we do this, our perspective on everything is forever changed. These podcasts give us a view of different places, cultures, and people globally through these invaluable foreign eyes. Refer to Plato's allegory of the cave, smile and listen on.
  1. We podcast edit and love talking about it with people all around the world doing different aspects of podcast editing. There is also a podcast editing newsletter: sign up at www.stephfuccio.com. It's a sound exploration that includes DAW comparisons, effects tips in different podcast editing tools, community events and Steph's own podcast editing continued education journey.
  2. Greg Jorgensen and Ed Knuth have been knocking around Bangkok since the turn of the century. Exploring dark corners, eating amazing food, and interacting with fascinating people, the two have gotten to know and love Thailand's capital in all its confusing, mysterious glory. Every week they chat about topics near and dear to those living here, those visiting here, or those who are just curious about what it's like to live in Asia's craziest city.
  3. You don't need to sell all your stuff and jump on an airplane to find out what it's like to live or travel as a foreigner in Asia! Join the oddly and aptly named Big and White, two expat ladies who have already taken the plunge, as they chat about the joys and sorrows of moving to a new culture and sticking out like a sore thumb. Whether it's discussing the finer points of driving in Kathmandu traffic, chatting about stomach parasites, or reminiscing about the time they accidentally asked for placenta instead of salt, you're guaranteed to learn something.
  4. Life doesn't have a script. At least, it doesn't have to. Hosts Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks explore the challenges and joys of moving abroad and moving home. Whether you’re living overseas, or not — or not yet — join us weekly for unadulterated conversation. Get to know Rome. Laugh at our embarrassments and insights. Most of all, imagine the possibilities for your own life (and meet some famous authors along the way).
  5. Café Seoul is a time travel discussion podcast that dissects and reviews time travel films. We try to forensically reconstruct timelines that we did not see on screen applying various time travel theories to figure out what had to have happened in order for what we see on screen to have happened. It’s a lot of fun to do, and we hope it’s equally as fun to listen to!From 2013 to 2017, Café Seoul was a Korea-based expat-lifestyle podcast. Co-hosted by a duo of expats from North America, each episode dealt with a particular hot-button theme or issue. Café Seoul at that time discussed recent news, answered listener questions, and interviewed interesting people all for the sake of intelligent discussion with a dash of humor.
  6. Shining humour, love and light on Chinese life. For those living, working or travelling in China or interested in learning about Chinese culture, language, expat life and foreigners perceptions. Live, work, travel, teach, speak Chinese, do business and have fun in China! Join our international team for an inside look into Chinese life as foreigners living, working, crying and laughing in China with family, children and friends. A light hearted insight into all things good and bad with a little bit of extra wit added on top. With regular special guests from across China and creative educational games thrown in for fun, this podcast is a must for those interested in learning more about the middle kingdom or just wanting a good giggle. China Jedi is not a political movement or nationalistic front to spread the religion of the Jedi. It is for "normal" people, talking about "normal" things, answering "normal" questions to feel and be less "normal". Tune in, turn on and may the smile be with you!
  7. The Creativity Roots is a weekly podcast about creativity, culture, arts, design and the occasional rant. All with a social and irreverent twist. Digging deep into our roots to find the source of all beautiful things in human expression. We will demystify the concept of creativity and debunk misconceptions to encourage you to dare and take steps into the process of creation with the necessary knowledge and confidence.
  8. "The Expat Chit Chat Show" consists of interviews with people who work outside of their home countries. The guests can include digital nomads, migrant workers, military members, the retired, and many more. Some episodes will be light and humorous, while others will be of a more serious nature. Therefore we take responsibility for your laughs and your tears.
  9. Funny and heartfelt, this podcast draws on the realities of expat life to offer you smart and simple solutions so that you can quickly (and painlessly!) adapt. Be successful, find your purpose abroad and stay connected with those who mean the most.
  10. Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every Monday.
  11. Four Seas One Family focuses exclusively on adjustments to life overseas as an expat, immigrant or migrant. Learn from the insights our host and guests bring that will assist in constructing a clear understanding of how being a global citizen can help people from different backgrounds learn more about themselves and appreciate that we all have something to learn from each other.
  12. An English language guide to living and working in Norway, featuring interviews with both expats and Norwegians. Find out what it's like to live and work in Scandinavia, and whether Norway really is the happiest country on earth.
  13. This is Slovenology the podcast, hosted by Slovenia's most enthusiastic expat resident, American professor and best-selling author, Noah Charney. Everything you wanted to know about the world's best country, Slovenia--and a few things you didn't realize you wanted to know.
  14. Each week, Suzi discusses expat life, welcomes on those who've blazed their own path and brings levity to living in this new, really organized land.
  15. A podcast for those who are doing the daily grind in a foreign land (or for those who want to know more about life overseas). If you ARE living abroad, you know the average day is anything but ordinary.  Join Alicia, Melissa, and Denise as they chat about learning to embrace the joys AND trials of taking root right where they’ve been planted.
  16. The place to learn how to grow a successful portable business and thrive in your expat life! Tandem Nomads is the entrepreneurship platform where expat spouses and global nomads can turn their career challenges into a successful portable business so that they can create their own sources of revenue and purpose. Listen to the inspiring stories and guidance to turn your challenges into great opportunities! Download your free guidebook to learn about the 6 questions you need to answer to grow a successful portable business and sign up to the newsletter for weekly guidance: www.tandemnomads.com/pb
  17. Susanna The Nordic Mum Podcast host, mother, blogger and lover of all things Nordic unravels what it means coming from the Nordic countries. Susanna loves talking about how to hug the Nordic way of life using Scandinavia as an example. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate you to live your life with a hint of Nordic Simplicity with less is more approach. She interviews people with Nordic connection and explores their journeys and how they keep their Nordic culture and customs going. Have a cup of tea, and have a Hygge moment while listening to this podcast. Read the show notes https://www.thenordicmum.com/podcast/
  18. Making Expat Life Large
  19. Join hosts (and aspiring expats) Juan Ulloa and Keyla Hernandez on the journey to make Paris their some day home. Meet some of our favorite experts and learn the process, joys and pitfalls of the expat life. Along the way we will learn about France, it’s people, history and culture.
  20. Hear from expat families and experts around the world. Learn how to get visas, make money, find jobs and resettle abroad. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what everyday life with kids is really like in different countries, and get the answers you need to go from day dreaming to international move making...Because life is too short to settle! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  21. Heather and her expat friends discuss their experiences and humiliations among their adopted country of Sweden. We discuss tips, observations, and the type of important questions expats want to know, such as "Why are there witches on Easter?", "Why do Swedes never take the last piece of candy?" and "Where can I find decent Tex-Mex food?"
  22. My name is Saadia Khan. I am a social entrepreneur and the founder and host of Immigrantly. Immigrantly is a weekly podcast that deconstructs the archaic stereotypes of what it means to be an immigrant, a child of immigrants, a person of color, and everything in between. Each episode brings a fresh perspective on the issues we address. Our conversations are complex, challenging, and often messy. But I wouldn’t trade the messiness for anything, because what we have created instead is a new, ongoing dialogue full of rich nuances.
  23. Lost And Sound is a podcast that goes on a journey to uncover how people come together through music, honing in on cultural hotspots Berlin, Kyiv and now, with the third season remote locations across the world. Over a mixture of interview, narrative and field recordings, writer and DJ Paul Hanford meets artists from a range of disciplines whose lives and loves draw on music, exploring themes such as the connection between music, cities and identity and now, in the third season, how music can play a role in our lives in the future: through dance, AI, slowness, collectivity and beyond. Season 1 was supported using public funding from the Arts Council Of England.Podcast music by E S O
  24. Running from the law? Looking for a place to retire or simply want to know what it's like to live in another country? Expat Sandwich, hosted by Marty Walker, features an eclectic range of expats sharing the best, the weirdest and the worst of living abroad. Learn more at expatsandwich.com
  25. Um bate papo sincerão e acolhedor para quem está longe de casa!
  26. Explore the journey of life abroad from the perspective of ebony expats who stepped out of their comfort zones, moved overseas and are now killing it abroad. Join @ToriTalks, the Founder of Ebony Expats, as she chats with ebony expats who are CEOs, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives and more living all over the world. Each person has a different journey and a different perspective. Each expat is thriving abroad in their own way and each of these stories are educational and empowering.
  27. A podcast about subjects that affect people of color (POC) expats in Malaysia—from fun subjects to topics that we may not be all-the-way comfortable talking about. The podcast also features non-POC expats and locals who provide more information about things relevant to the POC expats. Say hi, email hello@otherexpats.com
  28. Spill The Tea is the weekly podcast connecting the 5.5 million British expats living around the world, as well as those Anglophiles that simply love everything British! Fun and Informative features, celebrity guests and a bit of a natter. So come join the conversation every Monday!
  29. In this podcast we are going to explore how the expat woman is navigating in new and often unfamiliar territories. What strategies are these women using to bloom where they are planted? Come along as we peek into the fascinating expat world!
  30. ¿Quieres conocer las historias de Expatriados por el mundo? ¿Quieres saber qué necesitas para vencer el miedo a dar el salto y aprender a disfrutar del cambio en tu nueva vida en el extranjero? ¡Te acompaño! Aquí encontrarás herramientas para superar el miedo al cambio, las claves para el desarrollo personal y el camino hacia el autoconocimiento a través de mi historia personal. Llevo 5 años viviendo fuera de mi lugar de origen, 5 países y cuatro continentes. Como Coach y viajera empedernida, me enfrento al cambio constantemente. Soy Adicta al pensamiento positivo y busco compartir experiencias con personas inquietas, curiosas y auténticas que quieran dar el salto y pasar a la acción.
  31. Renegade Expat is a international team that seeks to bring everyone closer together. By interviewing Chinese from various different backgrounds, it is the hope of everyone here that we bring a deeper understanding and appreciate to those wanting to learn more about this wonderful country called China!
  32. The g1 podcast is a deeper analysis on the Korean expat experience. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, but always with an emphasis on community, and always worth listening to.
  33. My inexpressibly hilarious commentaries about modern life will brighten the day of all who hear them! You'll laff 'til you stop or your money back!
  34. Learn how expats are starting businesses abroad with your host, Jun Yoon. Each week, we dive into the journey of startups founded by expats around the world. Subscribe today and see how you can change your life and start your career abroad. Visit https://expatstartups.com/ for weekly updates and learn how you can start your expat journey.
  35. Expat Heroes c’est le podcast qui vous donne de l’énergie pour relever les défis de l’expatriation. Que vous soyez candidats au départ ou déjà partis vous y trouverez des conseils et des exemples inspirants pour bien s’adapter et se réaliser à l’étranger. Un mardi sur deux, Cristina donne la parole à des francophones expatriés aux quatre coins du monde. Quelles sont leurs réussites? Quels obstacles ont-ils surmonté ? En quoi l’expatriation les a changés pour la vie ? Loin des clichés, retrouvez le vrai visage de l’expat dans Expat Heroes ! Cristina reçoit également des experts qui apportent leurs solutions face aux challenges de l'Expatriation.  Ecoutez bien les conseils de tous ces expatriés et experts de la mobilité internationale pour bien vous adapter et vous réaliser à l'étranger! Soutenez-nous !
  36. Transcontinental Overload shines a spotlight on expats’ life stories, and the realities of leaving your home country and making a new life abroad. Host Stephanie Cook talks to fellow expats, global nomads and professionals about their personal journeys and observations, discussing the complexities, wonders, heartache and richness of living abroad. The podcast goes hand in hand with her blog on www.transcontinentaloverload.com.
  37. Your British guide to Switzerland: an audio podcast for English speaking expats living in Switzerland and Swiss interested in Britain. Everything expats need to know about finding a job in Switzerland, how to find an apartment in Bern, Geneva or Zurich, how to find friends and get to know Swiss culture, traditions and of course, learn the language. We will try to answer your questions and give you personal insight into what it's like to move from London to Bern. This is not just a view from the outside looking in however, we will also bring you the Swiss perspective, from a "real" Swiss, born and bred in the Bernese Oberland.
  38. The Saigoneer Podcast allows listeners to take our reporting, insight and banter anywhere through in-depth discussions on Vietnamese society and culture, as well as interviews with special guests.
  39. Discover Iceland’s language, history, culture, & nature
  40. Bottled in China brings you into Asia's food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities. Hosted by Emilie Steckenborn, the show is your one spot for all things food, beer, wine and spirits from across the world.
  41. Expats from around the globe talk about the music and arts scene in their adopted home.
  42. Each week we trawl the continent of Europe for the most interesting stories to cover and the most fascinating people to interview. This semi-serious, semi-silly, Brexit-free show, from a reporter in Paris and an opera singer in Amsterdam, will make you seem clever to friends and make you feel like you've got two NEW friends in Katy and Dominic. You probably didn't realise you needed a European podcast in your life, but this will fill the gap that you didn't even know was there.
  43. Black Broads Abroad shines the spotlight on compelling and sometimes controversial Black expat women and those living in the African Diaspora. Hosted by Phelena Jean, a nearly 10 year expat, who has lived on four continents, with travel to over 40 countries in between. In 2011 she chunked the deuces to the U. S. of A and never looked back (except at that ass.) Listen in as we explore topics about, love, sex, culture, travel, business and interviews with dope ass Black broads all over the world. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blackbroadsabroad/support
  44. An interview show with the seekers, the finders and the wisdom keepers. After 10 years of travel, 50 countries, numerous stories, and questionable choices, serial seeker Derek Straat talks to people on the path. We can all find some of ourselves in these stories - and possibly, a new way. Recorded globally as a travel show, Enlightened Abroad will bring the journey to you - join us.
  45. Wanting to live abroad but not sure how to make it a reality? Searching for your next international destination? The Expat Empire Podcast is the podcast for you! Listen to interviews with current and past expats, digital nomads, and travelers to gain the knowledge and confidence to go abroad for your first or your tenth time. Learn more at expatempire.com!

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