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A curated podcast list by Jürgen Strauss
Creation Date July 25th, 2019
Updated Date Updated September 18th, 2019
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The InnovaBuzz Podcast, published weekly - designed to help smart businesses that are committed to innovation, curiosity, service and modern marketing. Host, internationally recognised transformational marketing strategist, speaker and podcaster, Dr Jürgen Strauss, interviews an awesome guest each week. Guests share exceptionally useful insights, wisdom and knowledge from their experience. Past guests have included Michael E Gerber, Kevin Kelly, Marcus Sheridan, Ian Altman, Gill Hicks, Lydia Lassila, Troy Dean, James Schramko, Paul Colligan, Andrew Davis, Oscar Trimboli, Tom Verghese.
Tales of Marketing Transformation, hosted by internationally recognised transformational marketing strategist, speaker and podcaster, Dr Jürgen Strauss. The Tales of Marketing Transformation podcast lays a firm foundation for your marketing journey. Tune out all the black-magic and imagine a time where marketing has transformed into something human; where marketing is about building relationships with people you serve; where marketing is about helping people achieve and excel. That time is now. Time for Transformation. Marketing is the very core of your business. Marketing is about change - about helping people achieve; about providing opportunities to solve problems; about service. Marketing is about making things and making things better; it's about creating. Marketing is building relationships with the people you serve; it's about engaging your people with stories that resonate and spread your message. Each episode of Tales of Marketing Transformation will provide one valuable lesson or message to guide you on your journey of Marketing Transformation. Episode resources: Stay connected by subscribing at
The CQ for Global Leaders Show provides strategies to support effective global leaders to manage, work and lead successfully across cultures, distance and time zones.
Myotherapist, Shayne Sullivan hosts After the Waiting Room, a place where she shares, tells stories and provides insights into how to be present - for the person you may be caring for, and for yourself. Shayne will share anecdotes from people she sees in her practice and in the community, and with a mindset perspective, explore ideas and different strategies. Having spent a lot of time herself in waiting rooms and hospitals, Shayne recognizes that she's told herself a lot of stories and she's heard other people's stories when trying to make sense of their particular situation and their life in general. This podcast will provide you with different perspectives and ideas, some of which may resonate with you and give you a sense of certainty and clarity around your way forward. Don't just exist - LIVE LIFE!
The Business of Parenting Podcast explores challenges and issues faced by most parents and families and gives practical tools, strategies and ideas to improve and strengthen relationships with your children and family.
We are a sustainable network of committed and dynamic professionals who are dedicated to the task of growing each other's businesses. Our members are some of Geelong's best business people representing a range of business categories. In this podcast series, you'll meet some of those dynamic and inspirational business people.
Welcome to the NLP Matters Show, I'm your host, Joanne Clark. In each weekly episode, we deliver to you the essential ingredients to continually learn, grow, achieve and connect to your personal power; Which means, that you can be the difference that you want to see, as you gain the inner certainty, and discover even more powerful and effective NLP techniques that you can use in everyday life. The NLP Matters Show is a nurturing space for you. Just show up, listen in, and subscribe at
The Confident Voice Podcast is where we discuss all the things that go into creating an awesome voice. We believe the voice is the end product and we want to explore your journey, from your day-to-day challenges through to your peak performance and how we can help you perform with more confidence. We have trained amateurs to actors, singers to CEOs. We believe that any voice can be trained and anyone can sound confident if they are given a safe place to learn how.

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