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Creation Date March 1st, 2019
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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Sandy Danto
You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp
Sandy Danto and I talked about comedy. Jurassic Park, Jaws, other stuff!!
Sandy Danto
The Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship
The Festival Of Friendship brings stand up and impressionist Sandy Danto into the fold to help see Brody through his rough patch. Enjoy it!
The CrabFeast 326: Sandy Danto
The HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler
Grab your sun tan lotion and bathing suit because it's spring break with Sandy Danto and we are headed to... New Orleans? Ok, cool, for one night? To do what??? This week's ep has some amazing stories from not only the great Sandy Danto but also from Josh Adam Meyers! That's right, possibly Josh's best appearance to date on the podcast! This ep has so much to it! Imagine reaching for allergy medication and taking Molly instead! That's what this week's episode is like. So listen and share it across all of your social media baby!!! This week's episode is brought to you by... Summer is here and the beach, pool, and lake are calling. Forget about flash-in-the-pan trends and guesswork and get classic surf style from Birdwell that will look good year after year since 1961. Who wants to buy a new pair of shorts every season? Birdwell builds theirs to last a lifetime because they understand quality — and people’s hard earned money — is valuable. Birdwell’s proprietary, almost unbreakable, 2-ply nylon fabric was originally inspired by the sails of boats anchored at California’s Newport Beach, and can survive rock scrapes, reef slashes, and tons of wear. And right now we got a hook up for you! Right now you can get 10% off your first Birdwell Beach Britches purchase with a lifetime Guarantee and free shipping over $99 go to and use discount code crab at checkout.
ALN - Avery Pearson and Sandy Danto
About Last Night
Comedians Avery Pearson and Sandy Danto drop by for a hilarious episode and to talk with Adam about road stories, doing stand up and musical comedy, impulse buying, directing gay porn, their early LA stories, and a ton of other great topics. Enjoy this episode and follow everybody on TWITTER @AveryFunny, @SandyDanto, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!
#113 - Sandy Danto - Good TImes With: Steve Simeone
Good Times: With Steve Simeone
This week we talk about the Good Times with my friend, Sandy Danto. To support the Kickstarter for Sandy's "Jet Ski Hot Tub Road Trip (on a yacht)" Stand Up Special:
Episode 54: Kickstarter, feat: Sandy Danto
Until I Lose Interest
Sandy Danto talks about supporting himself as a drug dealer, a gay porn director, and a nanny. Donate to his kickstarter –
PR 2/7/18: Sexual Hang Ups with Sandy Danto
On this special episode of ADHD the Crew welcomes Sandy Danto on the show. Sandy is a comic that played Ron Jeremy's son in a adult film and has directed gay porn.  On the Prime Report they talk about big box retailers are dropping CD's (nuts) for good, Tom Brady makes out with his son, Larry Nassar almost gets a well deserved beat down, and find out why Philly is now the city of brotherly poop!
The Building Years- Episode 178: Sandy Danto (Showtime, Mad TV)
Jeremiah wonders...
Sandy Danto joins The Building Years to discuss growing up in Detroit, getting out of being bullied as a kid by dong his Chris Farley impression, and working on the road with Pauly Shore.
Episode 15: Sandy Danto
Flourish Heavvy
Heavvy links up with one of his first friends in stand up comedy, Sandy Danto!!! Sandy, a recent father, talks about his new podcast about parenting @mfuckers podcast along with Yiddish and NBA free agency!!!
Episode 253 – Sandy Danto on Two Carlin Albums
The Comedy On Vinyl Podcast
Sandy returns, and a misunderstanding turns into a career-spanning discussion of Carlin’s work. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Sandy Danto Take-Offs & Put-Ons on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comedy record label at Please subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and like us at the Facebooks. ©2011-2018 StolenDress Entertainment
EP 141 Sandy Danto
Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo
The funny, and sporty Sandy Danto is on. I love this guy. He appeared in Dating on Set as "Mick the Monster" and when I was in LA I got him.
Episode 133- Sandy Danto
Nerds With Friends
This week, the Nerds are sitting down with comedian and fellow podcaster, Sandy Danto! We talk about all sorts of stuff, from free speech to parenting to crying-porn, we had an absolute blast talking to Sandy. Check out Sandy's podcast- Mother F***ers: A Parenting Podcast, or even better, go see him do standup live!
Episode 113 - Halloween with Sandy Danto
Slurred Words Podcast
Happy Halloween Yall! On this episode I get on the horn with comedian and podcaster Sandy Danto to discuss some our plans with our kids for Halloween and Sandy shares some scary Halloween stories. Try it out! Check out Sandy Danto on social media and his funny parenting podcast Mother Fuckers. Make sure you check out Sandy on all social media If you like what hear make sure you rate, review, and subcribe on your listening app of choice. If you REALLY like the podcast and want to support head on over to I’ve already put some special content up on Patreon so go check them out. You can always reach out on social media if you want to share your thoughts and opinions.
Ep. 003 - About Stand Up with Sandy Danto
Borson And D-Abel Don't Know...
Borson and D have comedian, award winning actor, and most importantly, Borson's cousin, Sandy Danto in the studio to talk about growing up back in West Bloomfield, Michigan the art of the stand up, and Borson's attempt at comedy. Catch Sandy Danto touring in a local town near you, or find him on twitter and instagram @SandyDanto and check out his KickStarter campaign titled Jet Ski Hot Tub Road Trip (on a Yacht)
Episode 226 - Sandy Danto
Inappropriate Earl
Join me as I have longtime friend and great comic Sandy Danto on the couch and we talk about life in comedy and the bullshit of it all!! Follow him on Twitter/Instagram @sandydanto as well at and his parenting podcast Mother F***ers on iTunes with the great Avery Pearson. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @EarlSkakel and leave a review on iTunes PLEASE!!!