AOD Doggies Actual Play

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Snow @ Missing Roll Player Found

Creation Date May 13th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 31st, 2021
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About This List

AOD Doggies curated for you listening ease
  1. Part 1

  2. Have you ever wanted to listen to three idiots cumulatively play four characters in a game, inside a game, inside a game? Join familiar faces of the AOD guild and a strange shop clerk in AOD Doggies. Adventure awaits our brave canine friends as
  3. The small band of doggos take their first steps into the wide world alone. Except for Daniel, because he's original. As they venture towards the Mourning Stones, they come across some friends who just might be able to help them along the way. T
  4. After the battle with the orcs, the elves move to tend to their friend while the doggies make their rounds around the encampment. But a sinister Crystal, drenched in blood has other plans in mind. To badly explain: Crystal needs a bath again, l
  5. The storm is over and the faithful companions make their way to Brien (not Brioche. That is a type of bread, Wilson!) and find the city quite "a-buzz." No bees involved, however. AOD Doggies is a homebrew story based off the rules of Dungeons
  6. With our intrepid adventurers now sea-bound to the island, they are even closer to rescuing the villagers. But things are not all that they seem on the Haunted Island. To badly explain: stop touching the boom-boom powder and be kind to your eld
  1. Part 2

  2. Four years have passed since the villagers of Nuspira mysteriously vanished, leaving behind their possessions and animals, and then suddenly reappeared a week later with no recollection of their disappearance. With the memories of their last ad
  3. The AOD Doggies finally make it to Carne village, which is disappointingly not made of meat. With the qualifications set by the Sandman, the good boys and girl begin to search for his apprentice, whomever he, or she, might be. But where better
  4. With tibia in mouth...wait, that's not right. Ah, with the herbs in mouth, the dogs return to the village triumphant and ready to present their quarry to Iris. But, upon arrival they discover that someone has died. Join the AOD Doggies as the m
  5. Uther has been arrested. Iris is sick. It seems that the Sandman's candidates are dwindling. Unless the AOD pack can find a way to save them. But Luxiria is coming, so they better act fast! AOD Doggies is a homebrew story based off the rules o
  1. Part 3

  2. The revival of the three sisters has begun. Two of the witches escaped from their seals while the health of the Sandman dwindles. It was up to our doggy heroes to find him an apprentice who was "brave of heart and earnest" before it was too lat
  3. The pawty made their way to the supposed location of the Mountain King's castle, only to discover no actual castle in sight. After exploring the area further, the sinister scent of a Dream Eater caught their attention and in their pursuit of it

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