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Creation Date March 2nd, 2020
Updated Date Updated April 30th, 2021
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Hello, Lovelies! Here's a compiled list of all the guests we have had on our show!
  1.   Content Warning: This week we discuss mental illness, time served in the military, and thoughts of suicide. Hello, Lovelies! Large Male Tiffany is back! Tiffany presents a medical oddity that hits close to home, Gulf War Syndrome. Almost 30 years after serving as a Marine in the Gulf War, Ernie started experiencing migraines that imitated strokes. As symptoms started compiling, including memory loss, Tiffany and her family came across an episode of Diagnosis that looked oddly similar. This week we discuss the journey Large Male Tiffany, Tiny Female Ernie, and their family have taken so far in learning about this disease. Pull up a chair as we discuss the Gulf War, Gulf War Syndrome, and how Tiffany's family handles heavy subjects. (Be prepared for emotional whiplash, ya'll) This week's drink break is brought to you by Boston Harbor Horror! Coast Guard Petty Officer Alex Devereaux responded to a medical emergency on a small island in Boston Harbor. What he finds on that island is going take him on a journey into depths he never imagined... Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  2. Hello, Lovelies! This week we have the wonderful Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast joining the Ladies this week! This week Kate presents the amazing story of Burke and Hare. We discuss grave robbing, how medical schools supplied their required classes, and of course, murder. Join us this week as Ashley gets way to excited about poking things with sticks and Kate does a wonderful job telling this gruesome tale. You can find links to Kate's show in this week's blog post: Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  3. Hello, Lovelies! This week we have the incredible CK (host from the show Mirths and Monsters and Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes) joins the Ladies this week! And boy does he have stories for us. CK tells us all about Selkies and their origins in Ireland (and we rename fanny packs during that conversation). This somehow spirals into a prolonged discussion about Jason Mamoa? Yeah, we're not sure how we got there, canoes were involved somehow... Anyway. Once we finish up talking about Selkies, we move on to Fin People! Having a hometown of Inn Hallow, a town with a lighthouse, that also somehow is twinned with a real place? (CK is in charge this week) We quickly dive into the underwater patriarchy with that one. Join us this week as we giggle way too much and enjoy these tales from across the pond. P.S. Sincerest apologies for the audio quality. Trust us, it bothers Rebecca like you wouldn't believe. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  4. Hello, Lovelies! Ever wonder what your star sign means? Are there really two sides to a Gemini? Why do Scorpios get such a bad rap? Do Leos have an incessant need for constant attention? (Answer: Yes. Example: Tiffany) Join us this week as Ashley deep dives (with a special guest!) into what these star signs mean, not only for you, but for various stages of life and what physical characteristics they're expected to have. This week's drink break is brought to you by The Haunted Ride Podcast! The Haunted Ride is a podcast to help you embrace all of the paranormal and spiritual things that may happen throughout this journey we call life. The host shares her experiences with ghosts, demons, angels, hauntings, possessions, attachments, aliens, and cryptids, as well as what it's like to be a psychic, medium, empath, and intuitive, how to listen to messages from the universe. Make sure to check out this week's blog post to learn more about this podcast: Website: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:  
  5. Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to the episode that's dedicated to the notorious Area 51! (Aren't we clever?) In this episode we talk about the area of Area 51, how it cam to be known for aliens, and, what we all came back for, conspiracy theories relating to Nazis and Aliens! As a special surprise this week we have Tiffany's dad (now known as Large Male Tiffany) to give us his expert opinion due to his military background... and love of aliens. Join us this week as we discuss Alienstock, lizard people in antartica, and all about the Die Glocke (also known by the much more fun name "Wunderwaffe"). This week's drink break is brought to you by 3 Spooked Girls Podcast! This podcast is hosted by some gal pals who love to talk about all things paranormal with a dash of true crime. Check out this week's blog to find Rebecca's show notes and links to check out 3 Spooked Girls: Website: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  6. Hello, Lovelies! We have our first guest this week! Rebecca's brother, Nick (a.k.a. Thor), joins the Ladies as Ashley informs us on all the conspiracy theories surrounding the most magical place on earth, Disney! Was Walt a Free Mason? Are there real skulls on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride? Do all the Pixar movies take place in the same universe? Join us as Tiffany proudly displays her My Little Mermaid VHS tape for everyone to see (yes, THAT one). This week's drink break is brought to you by Scam Wow! Head over to our latest blog post to check them out: Website: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  7. Hello, Lovelies! Have you heard about the Craigslist Ripper? The Giglo Beach Serial Killer? What about the Long Island Serial Killer? These might be three different people, or one crazy, sadistic person. Either way, Tiffany is telling us all about it this week. When Shannon Gilbert goes missing in 2010 after an erratic episode, the search for her opens a can of worms no one was expecting. As bodies of sex workers were being found along various roads and marshes in Long Island, New York knew they had an issue on their hands. As more is uncovered, not only are there multiple suspects but there are multiple victims that span almost the length of 20 years. Join us this week as Tiffany tells us about this wild tale as Ashley and Rebecca pay rapt attention to the craziness. As a special surprise this week, Tiffany has asked her friend Leah to tell us about what we can do to help this group of people who are statistically more likely to come in harms way. (like, 18% more likely. We discuss this during the episode.) More can be found about the organization Leah works with in this week's blog post on our website. This week's drink break is brought to you by An Hour of our Time Podcast! This podcast chooses a new topic each episode. Topics range from sociopolitical, to scientific, to historical, trying to maintain variety. The hosts (Joe Wallace, Dave Buker, and Mark Cracraft) then each perform an hour of research followed by a marginally focused one hour discussion. An Hour Of Our Time is fun for anyone who enjoys funny but sometimes frustrating tangents of referential conversation. Check out this week's blog post to find links to listen to them and find Tiffany's show notes: Website: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:    
  8. Hello, Lovelies! This week we have the honor of Rukland joining us! Because of the special occasion, each of the ladies present a short topic! (Yup! You get three stories this week!) Tiffany tells the tale of her favorite robot, hitchBOT and his adventures. Rebecca talks about the history and festivals surrounding the Rocky Mountain Oyster (with a little bit of true crime mixed in). Ashley teaches us all about what goes into the embalming process. We hope you enjoy this "random facts with the Ladies" episode and make sure to check out Ruk's show, 5 and 30 with Ruk! Ya'll can find links to the Cast Junkie discord server and links to Ruk's show "5 and 30 with Ruk" in this week's blog post: Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  9.   Hello, Lovelies! This week we have the honor of Jennifer from Haunted Happenstance! And she has an awesome paranormal story for us! (Much to Tiffany's dismay). Soon after his honeymoon, Andrew Lanier, a Confederate soldier, was captured by the Union Army. He was eventually sent to Fort Warren where his bride literally overcame currents to get to him. After a series of unfortunate events that ended in a failed escape attempt from Fort Warren, both Andrew Lanier and his wife were executed. In true over-dramatic southern belle fashion, Mrs. Lanier is said to now haunt the passages of Fort Warren. Blog Post: Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  10. Hello, Lovelies! (Apologies in advance for the potato audio quality... Rebecca fixed what she could and if you hop to 28 minute mark you'll miss the most of it) This week we are joined by Zach Auld of Cast Junkie and the creator of the Cast Junkie Discord Server (on which you can talk to not only your favorite ladies but tons of other amazing podcast creators!) Being our guest, Zach chose the subject of "Paranormal". Ashley tells the tale of Rowena from the Rotherwood Mansion in Tennessee; a tale full of unfortunate events, plenty of hauntings, and enough demonic activity that we get a Tiffany uncomfortable pretzel in record time. Tiffany, purposefully misunderstanding the assignment, tells us of the ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town that was abandoned after the coal mines that weaved their way under the town. Rebecca tells the short but sensational tale of a murder-suicide that started as a lovers quarrel in Waddel Hall of the apparently famous University of Georgia. (She's a Yellow Jacket ya'll, she's not a fan of the school down the road). Join us this week as we get to share the scares and listen to Tiffany attempt to sneak comfort chocolate while recording. CastJunkie Discord Server Merch Patreon Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  11. Hello, Lovelies! This week we are joined by Rachel and Margie from Textual Tension Pod! (Seriously, look it up and binge after you're done with this episode) Unbeknownst to us Margie chose this week's episode topic to surprise Rachel... So we're talking about space and aliens! Ashley starts with Tom DeLonge (previously a member of Blink-182) who got way too invested in discovering aliens and what the government was hiding regarding that subject. Next comes Rebecca with literally all the science and, much to Ashley and Tiffany's dismay, nerds out with Rachel. (Statics is real, ya'll!) Finally, Tiffany wraps up with a faith that originated in Brasil that is most well known as The Valley Of The Dawn. Join us on this intergalactic episode as we discuss the truly odd and eerie. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  12.   Hello, Lovelies! This week we're joined again by the amazing CK! Creato of both "Mirths and Monsters" and "Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes". CK brings a mystery that has had all of us questioning since our childhood: Is the Bermuda Triangle actually that dangerous? Join us as we laugh too often and dive into some of the theories of this strange geometric... thing. Merch: Patreon: Links to our social media and other fun stuff:
  13. Hello, Lovelies! Look, Rebecca isn't being lazy with the title, she just wasn't the one who edited this episode and therefore has no idea what's about to happen. (Could she listen to it before hand? Maybe. Could she instead go back to Breath Of The Wild? Absolutely yes.) This week we had the incredible CK join Ashley and Tiffany! (Swear Rebecca is still alive, she has just been really really busy) Join them as CK tells the tale of Elizabeth Short. She was an aspiring actress, but unfortunately became known as the Black Dahlia.

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