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Creation Date July 17th, 2018
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  1. A humiliated news anchor running from angry mobs, Mario & Luigi's Plumber Party, a VR pharmacy and diagnosis sim, a lost plush toy trying to reach its owner, the police unit responsible for airborne infractions - all this and more as Ben and Trevor are joined by Sammy from the Inconsolables this week!
  2. Drew Agnew, from the House of Mario podcast, joins Ben and Trevor this week to discuss numerous fake games with ludicrous themes such as, a 90 second Battle Royale game with a twist, exploring a giant floating turtle, eyedrops that cause eyes to become sentient, and finally an 8 bit RTS Battle Royale with hacking mechanics.
  3. To celebrate joining the Atebit Collective, Brendan White of The Hungry Gamers joins Ben and Trevor this week, bringing a new army of villainous dentists into the Bit Storm canon, plus a superhero lion, a date gone very wrong, a very hungry lawn, a parrot detective, and more of his dark desires.
  4. Sam from the Hungry Gamers joins Ben and Trevor and together they click their way to a horrific holiday season! Daddy's cocaine mistake, an open world Santa simulator, a sub delivering letters to Santa during WW2, a rogue-like side scrolling beat 'em up, and more!
  5. Triple Digits! Recorded at PAX Australia in the wonderful Audio Technica booth, Ben and Trevor are joined by Jono Pech and Jack Kruse for episode #100! Maids as ammo, a post apocalyptic hot air balloon adventure, an ensemble cooking game starring the underused Apogee and Square Enix properties, a puzzle game where you need to accomodate smokers, a VR basketball/deli game, and more!
  6. Ben and Trev welcome Callan Davison of the Game Train Podcast to the Bit Cave to play some Click Pitch. Game ideas include living batteries that thrive on love, a zookeeper gets a taste of his own medicine and a PUBG styled murder mystery game on a Star Trek starship. Disclaimer: Sorry about the dodgy audio
  7. Ben and Trevor welcome Adam "Pez" Perry, previously of the You Game Bro podcast, to discuss imaginary games such as an adventure game where an entomologist discovers a deadly secret about ladybugs, Micro Transaction Simulator 2018, a wild west open world game with a major difference and a BJ simulator.
  8. Ben and Trev welcome the Inconsolables back to the pod, and they bring a mysterious new third member. They drunkenly all play a rousing game of Click Pitch and come up with games including a fruit based porn movie, CSI Paddle boats and a Rube Goldberg machine that punches Hitler in the face. Recorded live in the Inconsolables hotel room, the week before PAX.
  9. Ben and Trevor had the privilege of recording at the Audio Technica booth, on the convention floor @ PAX. They welcomed Benny from the Hungry Gamers podcast and Nato from the 4 Yanks 1 Aussie podcast to play some very quick Click Pitch. Together they came up with games such as a Graveyard simulation where the dead and buried may not yet be dead, a VR boat simulator that comes with it's own sick bucket, and a Midlife Crisis simulator where you get to build your very own Man Cave.
  10. Alex Wynnter from Dice Hard (amongst other things) joins Ben and Trevor on Bit Storm this week! We invent a loincloth based superhero, a vampire who just wants to paint landscapes, a thief with an orchid calling card, a secret society of mutants within a university, a Commandos-esque tactical game involving pigs, and a violent robot version of lacrosse. Plus we reimagine the 7 Wonders series of board games as an emotion bending action adventure game that.
  11. Anthony Murphy from the Semi-Cast joins Ben this week as Trevor chucks a sickie, missing out on a planetary scale visual novel, a policewoman skydiving to make arrests, XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen reimagined as a totally not-blasphemous real time strategy, another VR game about yelling, and transit building game set in the world of wizardry. By the way, what type of flowers do you buy for a zoo wedding?
  12. Michael and Tegan from RESET join Ben and Trevor in designing a new toys to life franchise revolving around body pillows, a raunchy game of Tetris, a solar system spanning Tupperware conspiracy, a zombie knitting game, a side scrolling nerds vs jocks beat-em-up, a very asymmetrical game of basketball and the existential crisis of Robert Cattington. Click Pitch: Forger Remodeling Submarine Centering Civilisation Honeycomb Badger Warehouse Interrupt Unorthodox Constipation Ceremony Vaulting Gasoline Dynamite Buff Headway Exhale Gritty Gnawed Credit Knitted Snuggle Pearl Beyond Crouch Assured Upshot Lacerating Ski Bobcat Exile Wallet Collusion Airtight RESET Social Media: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Podchaser:
  13. Sam Harkin, of Vivid Geekcast and Super Hype Train, joins Trevor in this unprecedented second guest hosted episode in a row. He brings a real fun energy and they come up with a VR Croquet simulator with a horror edge, a Stardew Valley rip off and a VR Hibachi chef simulator.
  14. Trevor welcomes Pete Curulli of Game On Australia fame back to play some more Click Pitch. They get a little silly with ideas such as a Hijacker with a heart of gold, a musical theatre game with quicktime mechanics, pooping zebras and a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds inspired office scavenger game. All this and more.
  15. Trevor welcomes Andrew Natoli (@Kalgar) and Paul Cunningham (@ThundermaceAus) from the Inconsolables podcast to riff on crazy ideas involving the celestial dance of the moon and the sun, hunting humans, wrestling in wine cellars and a rip off homage of Super Meat Boy called Super Corn Boy.
  16. Vegetables abound this week as Ben and Trevor are joined by Brendan White from fellow AGPN podcast The Hungry Gamers. We imagine a world where root vegetables are made sentient and fight their leafy above ground foes, a chalky stegosaurus tracking down fare evaders and solving a mystery, a Transformers heist game, a grisly 19th century murder mystery starring Willem Dafoe and using the Death Stranding technology, and we re-imagine The Last Of Us as a new entry into the Universal Monsters canon. Click Pitch Vegetation Hangover Wringer Root Celery Snarl Forgetful Cutting Emissary Robbery Battery Airplane Outcast Dinosaur Fare Disintegration Designer Nutmeg Rolling Raven Adornment Reimagined: The Last Of Us 2
  17. With the help of Daniel Mason from The S.O.A.P podcast, this week Ben and Trevor turned random words into an action adventure played in a world run by a giant totalitarian octopus, a saliva based collectible figurine game, a Lord of the Rings themed game played over the course of months with Pokemon Snap inspirations, turned The Wizard of Oz into a giant world-spanning RPG, and reimagined Cyberpunk: 2077 as a personal story experienced through the interface of an old school BBS.
  18. Co-host of The Inconsolables Andrew Natoli joins Trevor and Ben for a spicy good time! Game pitches this week include the new Hogwarts adventures of Fiddler and Louse, the tribulations of raising a baby mech alongside your human children, the son of God as a limo driver, and we reimagine Atlus's Persona 5 as a clone filled action brawler mixed with a bit of Banjo-Kazooie. Oh, plus sentient spice jars riding T-bone steaks, because that's how we roll.
  19. Ben and Trevor are joined this week by Mitch Loh from the Pixel Sift podcast! We find ourselves in some familiar Lame Storming territory with games set at funerals and involving people in mascot suits - you'll have to listen to find out if that's one game idea or two. We make countless references to B-grade Australian celebrities in a telethon simulation game, and reimagine Horizon: Zero Dawn as a mashup of every Vin Diesel movie ever made.
  20. Pete Curulli from the fantastic Game On Australia podcast joins Ben and Trevor this week in a cavalcade of potty humour and Star Wars jokes. We discover the new ARG for Blizzard's next Overwatch character reveal, re-invent the meaning of 'Season Pass', come up with a bird based MOBA, challenge theme park mascots to hold their pee and re-imagine The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a fart based game made beautiful by Team Ico . Don't lose any of that StinkMass™!

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