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Creation Date March 18th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 31st, 2020
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Living outside our home/passport countries can be amazing but in upside down times like during Covid-19, it can be very stressful. There are a number of expat podcasts that share their stories on this global experience. If you know of any other expat podcast episodes that share covid stories abroad, please let me know. This is one list that I hope does not grow. I am sure you can understand why.
Just as the rest of world struggles to contain the highly-infectious COVID-19, China is now starting to emerge from its own battle with this deadly virus. Slowly, people are being allowed out of their homes and even returning to work. But not everyone.In Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, residents are entering their third month of forced confinement in their homes. And even though some now see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, it’s nonetheless been a difficult ordeal for everyone, especially for the thousands of African students who were unable to leave.Although there’s no precise number, it’s widely believe there are around 4,600 African students in Wuhan, many of who have struggled mightily over the past few months dealing with fear of being infected, the loneliness that comes forced isolation and just being a foreigner in a country far away from friends and family.Their ordeal and calls for their evacuation have been widely covered in the African media but now with the crisis ebbing in China and escalating back home, it seems increasingly improbable that they will be repatriated by their governments. Instead, they’re just going to have to ride out the remainder of the quarantine period in the hope that the virus truly has retreated in China.One would think that this difficult experience might have tainted how these students view China given all they’ve had to endure. But Michael Addaney, a doctoral researcher at the Wuhan University School of Law and Vice President of the local chapter of the Ghanaian Students Association, said, actually, it’s the other way around. He’s been impressed with how the Chinese have handled the crisis while at the same time felt abandoned by his own people back home, many of which were fearful of him and the other 82,000 African students returning to Africa potentially infected with the virus.This left Michael and his peers with a sense they’ve been abandoned by their own people.Michael joins Eric & Cobus from Wuhan to talk about his experience living under quarantine in the epicenter and what day-to-day life has been like for him and so many other African students there.JOIN THE DISCUSSION:Facebook: @eolander | @stadenesque | @MicAdneySUPPORT THIS PODCAST. BECOME A SUBSCRIBER TO THE CHINA AFRICA PROJECT.Your subscription supports independent journalism. Subscribers get the following:A daily email newsletter of the top China-Africa news.Access to the China-Africa Experts NetworkUnlimited access to the CAP's exclusive analysis content on chinaafricaproject.comSubscribe today and get two-weeks free:
Actress and friend, Matilde Keizer, shares the story of her tumultuous journey from Mexico to Berlin, right as multiple countries were beginning to close their borders. With news of crammed aeroplanes, lax health inspections at Tegel airport, public transport etiquette and the situation in Rome, Matilde shares her perspective on the current state of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim Hobden, a good friend, and development consultant to donor and philanthropic programmes, shares news from the southern hemisphere as he prepares to fly out of South Africa in just a few hours. The Coronavirus is hitting Europe hard but for immunocompromised countries like South Africa, it’s a whole other ballgame. Tim explains the importance of self-isolation, temperature checks and the difficult decision of leaving friends and family behind to return to Berlin. This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio. Big thanks to RØDE for the sponsored equipment and to our friends and family for their enthusiasm to share their stories. Please share your own stories, both fun and not, to and while you’re at it, a donation of any sort would be much appreciated, the email linked to our PayPal account is - all donors will receive a loving shoutout in the next episode.
Mohammed's back on to talk about the craziest news week we've ever seen.Jump in the podcast WhatsApp group! Here's the link:
Special Quarantine episode! Learn about restrictions in Stockholm public transport, tips for things to do when stuck at home and mysterious raids on onions.
Since COVID-19 in Germany got "real" on Friday 13th March, I felt I had to discuss it. And who better than to discuss it with than two other podcasters: Nicole from The Expat Cast and Steph from Geopats.We cover our personal situations, fake news, coping with the heaviness of a pandemic, how people should stay home, and just our general feelings about what is happening. Things are changing pretty fast right now, so this discussion was recorded just before Germany ordered a lot of institutions to shut down. Stay home and wash your hands! Find Nicole on Instagram and Twitter.Find Steph at, on Instagram and on Twitter.Links to more The Germany Experience episodes, my newsletter, and my social media: THE THE GERMANY EXPERIENCE FACEBOOK GROUPVisit the official The Germany Experience website.
Italy is on lockdown. No going out except for basic necessities for medical reasons—or work if you absolutely cannot work from home. How is Tiffany coping? How is she staying sane, keeping her four-year-old entertained, and resisting tearing her husband limb from limb? We check in with Tiffany on today’s episode, and hear from Katy how Seattle is responding to the rapid spread of coronavirus in Washington State and the rest of the US. Does she think there is a lockdown in her future? --------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an email to get the conversation started. BECOME A PATRON: Pledge your monthly support of The Bittersweet Life and receive awesome prizes in return for your generosity! Visit our Patreon site to find out more. TIP YOUR PODCASTER: Say thanks with a one-time donation to the podcast hosts you know and love. Click here to send financial support via PayPal. (You can also find a Donate button on the desktop version of our website.) The show needs your support to continue. SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to the podcast to make sure you never miss an episode. Click here to find us on a variety of podcast apps. WRITE A REVIEW: Leave us a rating and a written review on iTunes so more listeners can find us. JOIN THE CONVERSATION: If you have a question or a topic you want us to address, send us an email here. You can also connect to us through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Tag #thebittersweetlife with your expat story for a chance to be featured! NEW TO THE SHOW? Don't be afraid to start with Episode 1: OUTSET BOOK: Want to read Tiffany's book, Midnight in the Piazza? Learn more here or order on Amazon. TOUR ROME: If you're traveling to Rome, don't miss the chance to tour the city with Tiffany as your guide! 
Originally I’d planned to release my NEW follow-up interview with Chris Vogler today. But coronavirus gonna coronavirus, so like many others who could, I had to make a dramatic escape from China to avoid possibly being on lockdown for months on end. So today, fellow displaced Beijinger KEVIN GEIGER and I dig into what’s going on, what might come next, and what we are doing in the meantime. 
We're interrupting our inter-season interregnum to bring you a discussion with a group of expats who live in China but who have found themselves "stuck" in Bali after the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan shut down virtually all businesses and most travel into the country. It's estimated that there are close to 1 million foreigners living in China, and while those who have been evacuated from, or who are still in, Wuhan and the surrounding area rightly get lots of attention, there are hundreds of thousands more folks who are either stuck somewhere, or grappling with the decision to leave or return. We've gathered 3 of these expats to talk about what it feels like to be "between homes," neither able to be where they live, nor in their place of origin, in a time of crisis. How are they dealing with their isolation? Do they feel guilty about not being in their host cities? Are they glad to have escaped? There are lots of complex emotions to deal with and we're diving right in. Learn more about Asher's groundbreaking business, Go Vegan, by visiting their website here, or by jumping over to their Instagram page. Shawn is chronicling her time in Bali on Instagram. You can follow her here.  You can see Chris' videos, where he's vlogging about his experiences as an expat both inside of and outside of China during the coronavirus outbreak, on his YouTube page here.   We'll be back in a few weeks with Season 4, so stay tuned! Get in touch with comments, suggestions or interview recommendations:   Twitter: @zax2000 eMail:   Check out all of the shows in the Migration Media network on the web ( and please take a moment to "Like" us and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Podbean or wherever you get your podcasts... and subscribe!
It’s the biggest thing in world news this week and expats globally may be watching it a bit more closely than the average person or traveller. This episode starts with Erica in Beijing sending her family and friends an audio letter home, in it she shares how she and her family are feeling and dealing with the Corona based restrictions. Then Kirsty speaks with Susan, a member of the Fatterati based in Ningbo, twice, over two days, based on updated information and changing situations that she and her family are dealing with. Next week we will check in with Susan again and then have another interview with a pediatrician based in China on how they are living and dealing with the Corona situation. There was also some favourite things Little Women Brittany Runs a Marathon Australian Survivor All Stars and villas in Crete for summer!
“All the struggles of travel have taught me lessons about survival that will be useful coming up.” –Rollie Peterkin “I don’t think there are any ‘right’ choices at the moment. We’re all making the best with what we’ve got to work with.” –Aimée Bruneau “I think we’ll come out of this with a better sense that caring for other people is the most important thing in life. Not material possessions. Not political differences. Not ethnicity or religion. Just the fact that we’re all one human family.”  –Barbara Weibel In this episode of Deviate, Mike and Anne Howard describe what it’s like to be staying put in Poland during the pandemic lockdown (2:30); Justine Miller talks about being stuck in a Tunis hotel after flights stopped leaving the airport (6:00); Rollie Peterkin recounts what it was like to travel in Turkey as news of the pandemic mounted (9:00); Samantha Page talks about how Australian emergency preparedness was enhanced by the recent wildfire outbreak there (13:30); Aimée Bruneau describes a comparatively laid-back atmosphere in Mexico (17:00); Jeremy Kroeker talks about how his inter-continental motorcycle journey has come to a stand-still in Uruguay (22:00); Barbara Ann Weibel talks about how locals and expats are working together to solve problems in Thailand (26:00); Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl describe uncertain attitudes toward outsiders in parts of Argentina (30:45); Troy Nahumko talks about how his kids are dealing with new developments in Spain (35:00); and Dennis and Stephanie Kay describes how pandemic life in France is a model for what could happen in the United States (39:30). Pandemic dispatch correspondents: Mike & Anne Howard (@HoneyTrek) are the authors of Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent, and Comfortably Wild: The Best Glamping Destinations in North America. Justine Miller (@JustineIMiller)  is a TV reporter for News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn in New York City. She and her husband are in the middle of a seven-month sabbatical that is taking them around the world. Rollie Peterkin (@Rolliepeterkin) is the author of The Cage: Escaping the American Dream, which recount his experience of becoming an MMA fighter in Peru after having left a career as a bond trader on Wall Street. Samantha Page (@sampagee) has traveling internationally for more than two years, and is now based in Canberra, where she works as a writer and content developer for the Australian National University. Aimée Bruneau is a professor of acting, a public speaking coach, an audiobook narrator, a children’s book author, a yoga teacher, a world travel addict, and an international pet-sitter. Jeremy Kroeker (@Jeremy_Kroeker) is the author of Motorcycle Therapy: A Canadian Adventure in Central America, and Through Dust and Darkness: A Motorcycle Journey of Fear and Faith in the Middle East. Barbara Ann Weibel (@holeinthedonut) has been traveling the world since she walked away from corporate life in 2007. She shares stories about the places she visits and the people she meets on her blog, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel. Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl (@transamericas_journey) have been traveling full-time since 2006, when they left their apartment in New York City and embarked on their ongoing Trans-Americas Journey. Troy Nahumko is an author and musician based in Caceres, Spain. His recent travel writing focuses on travels around the Mediterranean, from Tangiers to Istanbul. Dennis and Stephanie Kay are Americans who have been living abroad and traveling the world since 2003. They are currently living as full time residents in Strasbourg, France. This episode is also brought to you by AirTreks, an industry leader in multi-stop international travel. The AirTreks website offers suggested pre-planned travel itineraries to help you get started, but can customize to fit a given journey. The Deviate theme music comes from the title track of Cedar Van Tassel’s 2017 album Lumber. COVID-19 episode art was created by Luke Van Tassel. More of his art online here. Note: We don’t host a “comments” section, but we’re happy to hear your questions and insights via email, at
Today is the thirteenth birthday of the AmeriNZ Podcast! Despite everything, both it and I are still around. I begin today talking about New Zealand being under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I share some of what New Zealand is doing, and how I’ve handled it so far. Then I talk about the original topic for this episode: Why I moved to Hamilton. That’s become connected to the first topic. Finally, I read “Photographic evidence”a blog post, . Be sure to Like the AmeriNZ Facebook Page for all things AmeriNZ. Links for this episode “Photographic evidence” – The blog post I read in this episode. Get AmeriNZ Podcast for free on iTunes

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