December catch up

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Creation Date January 19th, 2021
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  1. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask why people aren’t talking about the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers more, Billy confronts his wife about throwing away his Coca-Cola, it’s been discovered that Matt Patricia has a burner account Twitter and more. 
  2. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Ron Magill. Plus, why doesn’t Greg Cote have his Back In My Day ready, Chris Jericho is in a good spot to come back next week and much more. 
  3. Dan and Mike Ryan talk to David Samson about the John Wall for Russell Westbrook trade, PED's, a Roger Clemens story and the John Belushi documentary.
  4. The Le Batard crew discusses the Local Hour story David Samson told about Miguel Cabrera and Roger Clemens, if ice trays are still a thing, Dan’s horrible betting streak, will Chris Jericho ever lose as Celebrity Prognosticator and much more. 
  5. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Victor Cruz. Plus, Stu won’t watch the CFB Playoffs if Ohio State makes it with their schedule, is Sean Payton losing the locker room by giving Taysom Hill pity TD’s, the Useless Sound Montage and more. 
  6. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask if DK Metcalf should’ve been bothered with Jim Schwartz’s comments, the John Wall for Russell Westbrook trade, do squirrels land on the ground like super heroes, did you know Goofy is a widower, is Goofy a dog or a cow and more. 
  7. The Le Batard crew gets to the bottom of Goofy's background and more.
  8. The Le Batard crew asks how tall the Disney characters are, the troubling backstory with Goofy, athletes that connote candles and much more. 
  9. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask Ron Magill if they can name animals after themselves, the premise of Chris Jericho beating Colin Cowherd is incredible, would you give up Bam Adebayo for Giannis, Eric Bieniemy has some interesting landing spots for next year and more. 
  10. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Scott Hanson and Dan ‘Nitro’ Clark gives his picks as the former reigning Celebrity Prognosticator. Plus, they explain the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon to the show and open up The Club. 
  11. The Crew tries to find out where the doorbell chime comes from.
  12. Does the Le Batard crew believe that Stugotz wants his NY Jets to go winless, what would be the sounds to describe Tua's play so far, the Miami Hurricanes are on a roll and much more.
  13. The Le Batard crew remembers one of the best sports pictures ever. Plus, professional athletes are becoming less and less available for the media and the 2010 Miami Heat pioneered the player empowerment movement that has mutated into 2020’s Brooklyn Nets. 
  14. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discuss another Monday trying to explain the NFL – how do the Giants led by Colt McCoy and Alfred Morris beat the Seahawks, Jimmy Johnson called Skip Bayless a liar on Twitter, no one can explain how Bill Belichick confuses QB’s, who feels the worst after NFL Sunday and more. 
  15. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz break out the Weekend Observations. Plus, Mike Greenberg is all in for the NY Jets tank even though he was against it last year with the Dolphins, Gregg Williams has been fired, Funniest Thing from the sports weekend and more. 
  16. The Le Batard crew finish updating The Polls. Plus, a new lifetime movie with Mario Lopez and KFC.
  17. The Shipping Container and Greg Cote discuss the monoliths that have been popping up around the world, road trip vacations, Christmas shopping during a pandemic and much more.
  18. The Le Batard crew pits Greg Cote against Andy Cohen to find out who is the best Miami Dolphins historian. 
  19. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discuss Tilman Fertitta having financial issues – are NBA owners at risk, Bill Belichick is close to winning the “Who Deserves Credit” game, who is more relatable to the normal sports fan – Fertitta or Harden, the Useless Sound Montage and more. 
  20. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Ron Magill. Plus, Chris Fowler has a very Miami experience, Dan couldn’t find the Steelers v Football Team game, a new Back In My Day, they open up the Larry Csonka file and much more. 
  21. The Le Batard crew laughs at Greg Cote continually missing the HNO but plowing through his take anyway.
  22. The Le Batard Crew asks if James Harden would fit with the Miami Heat, genie Billy has a hypothetical deal for Heat fans, will flying cars be the end of humanity, Roy's hidden talent and more.
  23. The Le Batard crew discusses crazy stories from the Miami Vice movie, Michael Irvin’s time at the studio, the secret life of the ultra-rich, the time Dan worked out with Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit and much more. 
  24. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Mina Kimes. Plus, Dan isn’t defending James Harden but can understand how his player power has evolved, Carson Wentz’s contract seems untradeable, Miami Hurricanes DB Al Blades Jr. says he has a heart condition – will be out for a minimum of 3 months and more.
  25. Dan Le Batard makes Stugotz explain the very complex Blades Brothers joke, they play the single greatest sound from this year, director Christopher Nolan rips HBO Max, what does the future look like for live sporting events and much more. 
  26. The Le Batard crew discusses eating before going to the doctor, an alarming stat about dentists, famous cults and much more.
  27. Dan, Mike Ryan and David Samson discuss the movie theater industry, Tampa Bay Rays, concert films, the CFB Playoffs and much more.
  28. The Le Batard crew discuss the viral video of Manny Ramirez surprising a fan who didn’t know him, Mark Cuban’s public image, Stu can’t wait to join Cameo and much more. 
  29. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Frank Martin. Plus, the Miami Dolphins have a litmus test game vs the Kansas City Chiefs, recent reports have the Miami Heat looking into James Harden, sports journalism has moved to following likes on social media and much more. 
  30. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk about Forrest Lamp having his own signature lamp, how did Under Armour become so uncool in the athletic wear game, Billy and Tony have opposing views on dog social media, has access to athletes diluted documentaries about them and more.
  31. The Shipping Container discusses why Billy is so tired, if the Dolphins will upset the Chiefs, Doug The Pug and more.
  32. The Shipping Container and Stugotz discuss getting shampoo in the eyes. Plus, are the Miami Hurricanes getting jobbed by the ACC, does OSU deserve to be in the CFB Playoffs, high school lockers and much more.
  33. Stugotz and The Shipping Container discuss driving with your child in the car, what’s wrong with Cam Newton, is Jack a great first name to replace with famous broadcasters and much more. 
  34. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask if zippers and area rugs are complete game changers, who is the first family of sports, Thanksgiving dinner at the Matthews, Watt and Long household must be intense, Bill Belichick’s most damning indictment – his WR room and more.   
  35. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Chris Jericho. Plus, Kyrie Irving is continuing his media boycott, should there be a dispute with Chris Jericho’s place as this week’s Celebrity Prognosticator and The Club. 
  36. The Le Batard crew discusses some of the best wrestling entrances of all time.
  37. The Le Batard crew discusses the Miami Dolphins' litmus test game vs the Chiefs, does anyone feel excited about Tua, who is the best TE in Dolphins history and much more.
  38. The Le Batard crew talks about the history of their University Of Miami fandom, the glory days of the late 80’s, the first time you found a stash of porn and much more. 
  39. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask if everyone is mentally ready for the holidays, a COVID vaccine is on its way but who will have access to it first, the Buffalo Bills are a legitimate contender in the AFC, Mike Ryan had boots on the ground at Titans v Jags and more. 
  40. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk about the sad slate of NFL games on Sunday. Plus, Stu’s Weekend Observations, the funniest thing from the sports weekend, Kyrie Irving went live on IG and it went just like we thought and more.
  41. Stugotz and the Shipping Container ask what holiday is the worst to have the power go out. Plus, Mike Ryan is able to talk Browns vs Ravens.
  42. The Shipping Container and Greg Cote discuss what would be the changes Greg would make if he were world sports commissioner, have you seen 'it' with Tua, Christmas lights, roasting chestnuts and more.
  43. The Le Batard crew has an old school sports radio QB argument breakout with Tua vs Herbert. Plus, Amin Elhassan joins to break down the Top-10 list of athletes that have Star Wars names and much more. 
  44. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz play the Useless Sound Montage right off the top, MNF was one of the best games of the year, the injury questions surrounding Lamar Jackson have vanished, University of Florida basketball player Keyontae Johnson is in a medically induced coma, Smokey Robinson can’t pronounce a certain holiday and more. 
  45. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Ron Magill. Plus, Jason Tatum has physically grown form 6’8” to 6’10”, LeBron seems to be just as big as Anthony Davis, Greg has a new name for the Cleveland baseball team, Kyrie Irving’s pawn comment struck a chord and they update the polls. 
  46. The Le Batard crew asks if Greg will ever fix his throat issues, what the best game board piece is and much more.
  47. The Le Batard crew asks if you want a slightly thicker James Harden now that Giannis signed his super-max extension, what is Tyler Hero's ceiling, what's the cheapest soda that can sponsor the show and more.
  48. The Le Batard crew is joined by broadclasting extraordinaire Ian Eagle to talk about his name, growing up in an entertainment family, his broadcasting career and more.
  49. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discuss the leaked audio of Tom Cruise berating his crew for breaking COVID protocol, Billy is obsessed with A Recipe For Seduction, the Colonel Sanders movie with Mario Lopez, why people don’t like Kyrie Irving and more. 
  50. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Aaron Schatz. Plus, Chris is in the zone with bad, horrid James Harden puns, HBO Max & Netflix have bowed to Dave Chappelle, what’s for lunch and they update The Polls. 
  51. The Shipping Container and Stugotz ask if Ian Eagle has been the best guest in show history.
  52. Dan and Mike Ryan talk to David Samson about the James Harden trade drama, the Bee Gees, working with your step-father and the Joe Girardi roller coaster.
  53. The Le Batard crew asks why Ian Eagle was so mean to Billy for misspeaking when Stugotz was worse during the interview, Tom Rinaldi leaving ESPN for Fox Sports, the shift of sports media and much more. 
  54. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discuss how CFB this season is like the movie Snowpiercer, reports out of Houston say James Harden does whatever he wants in the Houston organization, Stugotz enters the Music Dome, the sports media landscape is shifting and much more. 
  55. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk about the value of journalism shrinking across America, Cameo is possibly going to kill off Stugotz, Tom Brady is aging like no one we’ve ever seen and we don’t ask any questions, Jose Cuervo has a $114 all you can drink tequila train and much more. 
  56. The Le Batard crew sits back and watches Chris Cote destroy 11-year old Charlie Woods' golf game.
  57. The Le Batard crew discusses the loss of their Golden Goose, the Miami Heat fan base loves lopsided trades, they find a new sound to play during Heat homer Mike Ryan rants and more.
  58. The Le Batard crew discusses Bill Belichick vs Rookie QB's, strong Washington Football Team talk, a new floating mansion in Miami, the return of new and old bits and more.
  59. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz play a feature for Tom Rinaldi, Justin Herbert looked incredible last night, the Miami winter can be a brutal one in the shadows of buildings, what’s better than having the hot hand at a craps table, what is the best carnival ride and more. 
  60. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Pauly Shore and a new Celebrity Prognosticator. Plus, Mami Le Batard discusses the time she drank with Stugotz and we open up The Club one last time. 
  61. The Le Batard crew reminisces on their time with ESPN on the last Friday show.
  62. The Le Batard crew welcomes Tony to old age, the Miami Dolphins eliminate the Patriots for the first time in 20 years, Chris Cote has something for Bill Belichick and much more.
  63. The Le Batard crew discusses the moment Stugotz realized he should become the court jester, production guy Bruce's meaty hands, the Jets did the last thing anyone expected or wanted and more.
  64. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz go through Stu’s worst Jets moments, Dan Rather is here to settle sports hot takes, Weekend Observations, Chris Cote buys a financial investment book and much more. 
  65. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Magnus Ver Magnussen. Plus, one of the most under reported stories of the year, should the Celebrity Prognosticator bit finish this season with the W even though it’s not done and more.
  66. The Le Batard crew discusses Stugotz's general shadiness, the local sports teams start getting interesting right when they go off terrestrial radio and more.
  67. The Le Batard crew talks about The Bachelorette, Stugotz becoming a sponsored NASCAR for radio, the Cameo monster is going to swallow the show up – and shocker – Greg Cote has no idea what it is and why is no one talking about the Miami Heat. 
  68. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask Greg Cote why it’s so hard for him to not be lazy and entitled, a new Back On My Day, the Useless Sound Montage and much more. 
  69. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Ron Magill, Magnus Ver Magnussen answers one burning question and a brand new Celebrity Prognostiwoooo. Plus, they revisit what just happened in that last segment. 
  70. The Steelers just opened the door last night and Mike Ryan is eyeing the division.
  71. The Le Batard crew asks if the Dolphins broke your heart yet again, the Adam Gase experiment has come to and end in NYC, Ryan Tannehill has been incredible since joining the Titans, Justin Fields wasn't even diagnosed during the Clemson game and more.
  72. The Le Batard crew is joined by Randy Scott for a final ‘Hack In My Day’, they also discuss some of the best memories at ESPN and much more. 
  73. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz debate playing the long version of the Stat Of The Day and finally do after 8 years, there may not be a show tomorrow because of all the technical difficulties, the show’s community is amazing and more. 
  74. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz try and make Christine Lisi cry. Plus, Weekend Observations, the Browns have finally made the playoffs, funniest thing from the sports weekend and Greg Cote tries to get a scoop on what’s next for the show.