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Creation Date March 5th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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March marks the Second Anniversary of the Milwaukee Chapter of Podcast Brunch Club. To celebrate let's listen to podcast from Milwaukee about Milwaukee.
  1. Tens of thousands of people in the United States enjoy tailgate parties before football and baseball games. In fact, the parties themselves have become an event, helping to draw people to stadiums, even when teams aren't having the greatest season. Over the years, some of those parties have gotten pretty big. And at places like Lambeau Field — known as one of the best tailgating stadiums — authorities have had to step in to maintain control. Five years ago, the grills, tables, chairs and games were taking up so much space that there were no lanes for emergency vehicles in the parking lot. So, officials began enforcing a rule , which requires tailgate parties to remain within 6 feet of a person's car. Officers even started walking through the parking lot with a tape measure to keep the parties in check. Jon Kosharek is curious about the tradition of tailgating. He was stumped, so he wrote Bubbler Talk — our series that allows you to ask WUWM questions about Metro Milwaukee's people,
  2. A fertile music culture in Milwaukee lays the groundwork for a new art form. In the early '80s there is an opportunity to make Milwaukee into the next Motown -- it just needs one charismatic entrepreneur to take advantage of it.
  3. Milwaukee is a city on water, right on the shore of Lake Michigan, split by the historic Milwaukee River. How did all that water shape the city's history, politics, culture, and people? We went on a roadtrip (and boat trip) looking for answers. Then we did a live show at Milwaukee's historic Turner Hall, talking with journalists, brewmasters, historians, comedians, spiritual leaders and one awesome DJ to get at some big underlying questions. If you're a model freshwater city, how do you sort out the politics of water scarcity? Milwaukee became the "Brew City" because of its easy access to freshwater. How do you celebrate that history while still creating new and different brews for beer lovers to enjoy? And since we all depend on water, how do we honor its spiritual significance? Guests: John Gurda, Dan Egan, Jenny Kehl, Chastity Washington, Ben Barbera, Russ Klisch, David Dupee, Tarik Moody, Siobhan Marks, Venice Williams, Kim Blaeser, Melanie Ariens
  4. Organizers of the month-long event preview the different walks, vision of writer Jane Jacobs.
  5. The wall of the Warner Grand Theatre is being moved. The fellas at This Bites tell you which wall and why on this episode of Urban Spelunking.
  6. Even if you remember that it was Gov. Scott Walker who wanted to kill the high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee, there's a chance you don't remember who started it. It wasn't Walker's Democratic opponent in 2010, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Or the governor before Walker, Democrat Jim Doyle. Instead it was Wisconsin's longest-serving governor — a Republican governor — Gov. Tommy Thompson.
  7. Kerri Lowe and Shannon DeJong visit Milwaukee for the first time, explore the Milwaukee Art Museum, and learn about a painting with a questionable past, attributed to John Constable and covered in grime. Featuring Tanya Paul, Isabel and Alfred Bader Curator of European Art, and Catherine Sawinski, Assistant Curator of European Art as well as a visit to the conservation lab. In conjunction with the exhibition Constable? A Landscape Rediscovered at the Milwaukee Art Museum. A Layton Art Collection Focus Exhibition. Created by House of Who for the Milwaukee Art Museum 
  8. A conversational, full-length interview with Nicole Acosta, Alea McHatten, and Megan McGee of Ex Fabula. Ex Fabula is a storytelling organization that holds space for true, personal storytelling to help connect Milwaukee, as well as coaching storytellers who want to hone their craft. We talk about the power of storytelling, Ex Fabula’s role in Milwaukee, and their upcoming storytelling Spectacular at Turner Hall on January 24th.To learn more about Ex Fabula and their upcoming Spectacular, visit their website or follow on social media.Action steps:1. Go to a StorySlam or storytelling workshop. Get tickets at Ex Fabula’s website.2. Carve out time to get personal stories from people in your world.3. Follow Ex Fabula on social media.When you’re taking action in your community, share with us! Use #bridgethecity or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.We humbly ask you to consider joining our Patreon so we can continue creating episodes and events that encourage community engagement and open dialogue.For timely content and interviews focused on what’s happening now in our city, tune in to our show on Riverwest Radio (104.1 FM) at 5:30 every other Sunday, or listen online.
  9. Wisconsin is home to a variety of delicious foods, from crispy fried cheese curds and sausages to indulgent butter burgers. But among the foods with the most storied histories is a Danish treat with a special Wisconsin twist: kringle.On this week’s podcast, we go directly to the source for information on this pastry, which was brought to the State by Danish settlers and remains among the area’s most beloved pride points. During our chat, Eric Olesen, co-owner of O&H Danish Bakery, offers insights into the history of both kringle and  O&H, a bakery which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. Along the way, he shares his experience growing up in the world of Danish pastry, offers a look at the process of creating the  delicious treat and discusses the process by which they create new, innovative flavors including the Brandy Old Fashioned kringle. 

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