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Creation Date October 7th, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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  1. A podcast for and from movie lovers who enjoy a cleverly named cocktail. New episodes every Monday!
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    Filmmakers Nick Gambino, Neal Carson and Thiago Desouza debate films, movies and cinema as well as the occasional motion picture. From the classic to the modern, they cover everything. With knowledge of movies that run deep these guys do their best to not kill each other in the heat of passion. And it's all here for your listening pleasure. You're welcome. New episodes drop every Tuesday.
  3. A podcast for cinephiles of all stripes. Join Rob & Sam, two life-long friends, one a veteran of the film industry, the other a Cambridge-educated writer on books, movies and graphic novels. Each week they talk about a film and some of the ideas it throws up.
  4. 2
    A film podcast about the portrayal of technology and science in movies. Zoom in and enhance with Movies Unhacked!
  5. 1
    A movies review podcast reviewing the latest films... only about a week or so late. Hosted by husband and wife duo Dillyn and Dani. On Twitter and Instagram @lastweeksmovies
  6. 2
    24 Flames Per Second is the film podcast that roasts the films you love most! Each week we invite someone to defend a beloved film classic, and match them against a pair of roasters whose mission is to burn the film to the ground. Cue the shouting matches. New episodes every Wednesday! Support this podcast:
  7. The only podcast devoted strictly to movie trilogies. Facts, trivia, debate, and ridicule seasoned with Vin's bitter rub, and topped with Scott's sweet glaze. The perfect food for your ears.
  8. 3
    Two guys, armed with only their opinions talk about the latest and greatest in films, with interviews, news, and features.
  9. A spoiler-filled podcast by two guys who love watching movies almost as much as they love arguing about them.
  10. Do the films you grew-up with still hold-up? Well, Peter and Ray are here to answer that question in Retro Reviews. We revisit movies that are 10 years or older but we don’t go any further back than the year 1980. Listen, enjoy, repeat.
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    The Second Day Film Podcast is a conversation about the magic of the movies. We discuss films old and new through unique segments and featured reviews. Because tickets are cheap on Tuesday.
  12. They've known each other for forever but do they know each other's movie taste? Probably not. Join lifelong friends Abby and Matt as they discuss movies, life, and the trauma of high school marching band.
  13. Three best friends on a quest to find the greatest movies of all time. New Episodes every Friday!
  14. 1
    Screen Chat is all about film, TV, and related pop culture.
  15. We have some impressions, listeners questions, new release reviews and some retro reviews in our Homework feature. Best of all it's all about movies!
  16. 1
    For the movie goer and movie lover, Always the Critic Podcast is a group of friends discussing and reviewing everything from box office juggernauts to indie sleeper hits to throwback favorites. No film degrees, no connections, no experience necessary because when it comes to film, we’re “always the critic.” Support this podcast:
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    In a world where there are dozens of movie podcasts, three fearless friends came together to do something revolutionary: make another movie podcast. Lauren, Casey, and Jim discuss a diverse selection of movies from the newest Netflix trash to the ivory tower inhabitants of grand cinema. Join them on this journey in Another Damn Movie Podcast!
  18. The Cinema Roll Podcast is a weekly show where good friends/cousins, Ryan and Anthony, break down the latest box office hits, TV’s biggest shows, and our journey through the wonderful mystery of life! Contact Us:
  19. Join us as we get excited about films new and old, attempt to revive the lost pastime of cinema-going, and maybe have a drink or two!
  20. 1
    Double Trouble Feature is a podcast that pairs great, classic, and beloved films with movies… a little more off the beaten path. Jenn, our lovely movie expert, shows Alex a movie she should have seen by now. Alex completes the double feature with something a little more bizarre, but the two films will always have at least one thing in common.
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    A movie podcast hosted by married couple Dan and Elisa, who love movies, but have very different opinions on them.
  22. Join co-hosts KT and Oti on their weekly podcast where they share their hot takes and general banter on the latest and iconic movies and tv shows.
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    A film podcast for movies that deserve a second chance...maybe. Join Nic Cage and JCVD enthusiasts Rob, Simon and James as they dig into a vault of underrated movies from yesteryear to see if they are rightly shunned to the bargain buckets of Asda, or whether they do indeed deserve reconsideration. To qualify the week's film must either be classed as Rotten on, or officially be a box office bomb.
  24. 2
    CineMATTic Reviews by Matt Palmer. On this podcast I do movie reviews, generally 5-10 minutes in length, and special episodes where I taken a deeper look at specific topics related to film. Support this podcast:
  25. 2
    Justin, Nick, and Chase discuss subjects themed around an upcoming movie and sometimes things get out of hand. Like when Chase thought listeners would send us $96/month or when Justin called for a Jabba the Butt movie. One time, Nick questioned Ronald McDonald’s sexual orientation. To end each episode, they debate the Greatest Of All Time movie for that theme.
  26. Recast the Past is a podcast where we recast movies for better or worse!
  27. A nostalgic weekly podcast where a married couple rewatches and reviews our favorite 90's and 2000's movies to decide if they hold up to our adult standards. New episodes every Tuesday.
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    Each episode we evaluate one movie and vote to determine if it is one of the 100 greatest films of all time, starting with IMDb's 250 highest ranked movies. Listen along as we embark on the journey of Building the Movie List Support this podcast:
  29. 2
    Every Monday night, Troy & Santiago do watch-alongs and bring analysis on the greatest classic wrestling matches not found on the WWE Network!
  30. Too much content in the world! What started as an online argument is now a podcast. 3 friends accept the challenge each week to try something new for at least 3 hours and let you know if its worth your time!
  31. A fun new interactive podcast that asks the question that is so often asked. What should we watch?
  32. 1
    Ben, an average middle class A-list member who still steals his dad's Netflix password, takes a dive into the deep end of his thoughts on all things cinema.
  33. Reviews of horror, scifi, and bad movies on Amazon Prime. Each episode is a movie picked from the Customers Also Watched list of the previous episode’s movie. New episodes every other Tuesday. Mini-episodes once a month.

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