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Creation Date January 29th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 2nd, 2020
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Quadratos is the four part journey that has, is and will always exist within people and groups of people as laid out by Alexander John Shaia. It is a contemporary idea but when reviewed it is and always has been part of the human experience going back to the beginning of time.
When the Divine breathed the world into existence what was the frequency, energy, and rhythm that was infused within all things, then, now and into the future?  Alexander Shaia sits down to discuss what has been revealed through him (and all of us) that answers that question. You can learn more about Alexander and his work by going to his Quadratos Website. In this site you can find links to the numerous podcasts he has done, his seminal book Heart & Mind and other mediums he is on like The Work of The People. You can follow his work on Facebook as well by clicking HERE. Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. You can find us on different mediums to listen and subscribe such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn,  iHeart Radio, PodBean, Cast Box and more by clicking here. We are very anxious to hear YOUR feedback at our first jump into this and want to hear the good and bad so we can keep doing the right things correctly and correct the things we are not. Please contact us at sean@thecometothetablepodcast.com for any and all feedback, comments, show suggestions and the like.  You can also like our Facebook Page  as well as follow us on Instagram & Twitter  A special thanks to the musical talent of our friend and guest of the show David HaLevy for writing and performing the sound to our intro and outgoing music.  Check out the Ruach Guitar Facebook Page he makes by hand and plays as well as on Instagram.   We are very humbled and grateful for this personal touch to the show and cherish it greatly.   תודה David!
How do we face change? How do we move through suffering? How do we receive joy? And how do we mature in service? According to psychologist, spiritual director, liturgist and author Alexander Shaia, these four questions are the questions of our lives. They are universal, sequential, and cyclical, and are recognised by every major religious faith and school of psychology and forms the very heart of Christian belief and practice. In fact, Alexander made the startling discovery that each of the four gospels were written to address each of these four questions. So if we long for transformation, then we need to join the gospel writers in wrestling with these questions.  Needless to say, this is a very interesting episode!   Interview starts at 15m 30s If you want more from Nomad, check out our website, and follow us on Facebook and twitter. Nomad can only keep going because a small group of faithful listeners help us pay the bills. Our donors gain access to the Nomad community, which manifests in such ways as Nomad Book Club, The Beloved Listener Lounge, Nomad Contemplations and Nomad Devotionals. And you may find yourself the proud owner of a Beloved Listener mug! Head over to our Patreon page for more information. If you're not fussed about the bonus content, or you want to donate in pounds sterling, you can make a one-off or regular donation through PayPal, the links to which you can find on our support page. You might also want to have a look at our blog, which we're now using to share the stories of the evolving faith of our podcast listeners.  And if you're looking for other people to share this journey with, then register on our Listener Map, and see if any other nomads are in your area.
Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. Consider becoming a Patreon supporter of the show. You'll have access to many perks as well as guaranteeing the future of these conversations; even $1/Month goes so far as this show is 100% listener supported.    http://www.patreon.com/canisaythisatchurch   Transcript for this episode     Guest: Alexander John Shaia   What is/are the gospels? How do they relate to our lives and more importantly; when life as it inevitably will throws us things we aren't prepared to deal with, how do we find and breath Jesus. What is a quadratos view of the Gospels...is it new or is it ancient? I think it's both.    Alexander was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. Studied at Notre Dame and then went on the same quest we all do to navigate our life and our faith together and the result is disarmingly beautiful. Please go and get his latest book Heart and Mind (Second Edition) you will be pleased that you did. Sit back, take some notes and lets talk about Jesus!   Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation:  Amazon   Connect with Alexander on Facebook, as well as https://www.quadratos.com/.   Special Music for this episode was provided by Psallos. Psallos is a team of Christian artists - songsters and singers, ministers and musicians, thinkers and theologians. Led by composer Cody Curtis (DMA) and in partnership with Union University, Psallos exists to provide the Church with intentional, artistic songs of worship that are consistent with God's word, rich in sound doctrine, and intelligible for the sake of edification. The proclamation of Scripture, particularly the gospel of Jesus Christ, is at the core of its mission.   Tracks include: Heaven and Earth, The New, and In The Past, Pts. 1 and 2 from their latest work Hebrews.   Find their music on iTunes, YouTube as well as Spotify and the official site at https://www.psallos.com/ as well as Facebook and Twitter   You can also find selections from all our episodes on our Spotify Playlist. 
If you are digging what we're doing here, maybe you'd like to make a small donation? Think of it as a tip or an "atta boy guys! Keep at it!" Doing this isn't cheap but we'll keep at it as long as we have a few pennies left in our accounts. Click the link below. We'll probably buy books, beer or techincal crap. Love you. squareup.com/store/thedeconstructionists The triumphant return of our dear friend Dr. Alexander Shaia! We dive right into more of his fascinating work on the Quadrates or Four Path Journey. Make sure to check out the first time he was on our show for an intro into his work. Alexander Shaia is an international speaker, author, and teacher. He studied cultural anthropology at Notre Dame University, and also has a PHD in Clinical Psychology. Alexander is the author of the revolutionary book Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation. Find out more at: www.quadratos.com www.alexanderjshaia.com https://www.facebook.com/alexanderjohnshaia Music on this episode is by Satellite You can find them on iTunes or below: www.wearesatellite.com www.facebook.com/satellitemusic/ https://itun.es/us/rgCjK?i=606455119
The FORBs series continues with the fascinating and inspiring Alexander Shaia (author, Heart and Mind!) as Pete and Alex get into Joseph Campbell, the one universal myth and some incredible perseverance over adversity. Get into it!
Alexander Shaia joins me today to explore a revolutionary way of reading & understanding the gospels which he calls 'Quadratos' - a four fold journey of identity & transformation.  We explore how this journey takes us back to Jesus as 'the' Christ, and opens us to read the gospels in the ancient & now restored sequence for Sunday worship - and as we do, to understand what these books really meant to those who read them. Finally, we explore the four stages of the Quadratos journey: First Path: How do we face change? - Matthew Second Path: How do we move through suffering? - Mark Third Path: How do we receive joy? - John Fourth Path: How do we mature in service? - Luke Join me and Alexander as we explore this journey - it could transform how you read & understand the gospels - and scripture itself - forever. 
Today I'm delighted to welcome back my beloved friend Nora Speakman to the show! In this episode, Nora and I explore the writings of Joseph Campbell, on the power of myth and story.  Campbell's work 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces' and exploration of the power of myth and how it influences our lives, and the hero's journey, has had a profound and wide impact on our culture, both in movies, books, spirituality and communication.  Nora and I explore together the power of myth and story to shape our lives, how we can use story and myth to create better, healthier lives, how it impacts both our spiritual and creative journeys, our interactions with the divine and each other. We also discuss what impact it can have on our deconstruction and reconstruction journeys, and how we shape our lives.  This is a huge topic to cover, and one I want to explore on the podcast in the coming months - it's had a profound impact on both myself and Nora, and I believe it's relevant for all of us.  .   
Adam Asher is the Host & Creator of The Edge of Adventure. Via a digital platform, Adam invites us to go out to the edges of the world, to the most remote places in search of significance and purpose as he invites us to meet people who are helping others in the remote places. The journeys he chooses are places quite challenging to get to and he allows us to experience navigating to reach them with him. Alexander John Shaia is the author of "Heart and Mind, The Four Gospel Journal for Radical Transformation". Alexander's invitation is the inverse of Adam's. Rather than going out to experience, Alexander invites us to find the map that leads to us in the furthest remote areas of our heart to re-capture who we have always been through the experience of transformation. Both men are incredible living models of people living for "more" and as Adam likes to say #beyondstatusquo. Find more about Adam at theedgeofadventure.com and Alexander John Shaia at quadrates.com
In this message, Pastor Mark talks about the goal of Christianity as radical transformation and then introduces the idea of Quadratos as a way of reading the gospels to help us in this endeavour.

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