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Relaxation & Meditation Audios for Sleep & Lucid Dreaming

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Creation Date April 26th, 2021
Updated Date Updated March 19th, 2022
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About This List

DemiPhase℠ powered sound designs to guide you into the best bran-wave states needed to relax, meditate, focus, sleep and lucid dream.
  1. Relax and enjoy this entrancing soundscape, artfully designed to calm your physical and emotional body, while allowing you to sleep deeply and dream vividly the whole night through. You can also use it to purify your thoughts and feelings durin
  2. Get ready for a potent guide into the best relaxation, sleep, and lucid dreams with this nature-enhanced, laser-shamanic dose of meditative vibration. You will definitely travel to new experiences within your mind or out of body (maybe into you
  3. * * * Specially designed for the best experience with stereo headphones or earbuds. * * *Stereo speakers with a dynamic range that are well able to handle bass notes below 60-Hz > 50-Hz placed on either side of your head will also create an enh
  4. This Frequency Formula can assist you to:1. Have better dream recall.2. Have lucid or enhanced dreams.3. Have out of body experiences.4. Project your astral body.5. Remote view6. Get really great sleep.Ontology DrillingMine the nature of being
  5. Rise above the depths of the material world and out of your physical body with this mindful sound design, created to transport you into the dimensionless realm of pure mind and spirit. This concert of vibrational stimulation was created with ve
  6. गर्जन फूल (Garjana Phūla)Open the portal into the realm of lucid-dreams with the crack of powerful, sky-splintering thunder. (recorded during a thunderstorm in Hangzhou, China on 2021-April 4th)When the initial shockwave of the booming thunderc
  7. In order to offer a tool for use in experimenting with non-invasive ways to compliment the treatment of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), this ambient sound design frequency has been produced and is offered to any and all medical and scientific fac

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