Sword Art Online: AOD

A curated episode list by
Snow @ Missing Roll Player Found

Creation Date May 13th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 31st, 2021
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About This List

Pathfinder AP of the Sword Art Online: AOD campaign, curated for your listening ease.
  1. Season 1

  2. The moment the words "link start" were uttered, thousands of players were whisked away into the digital world of Sword Art Online. Follow the beginning of our AOD adventure (that's pronounced "odd") with Snow as she took her first steps in the
  3. It’s time to recap the earlier adventures of the AOD guild in Sword Art Online: AOD. And what better way than to make a scrapbook during some downtime? Visit us: https://missingrollplayerfound.com ( https://missingrollplayerfound.com/ ) Ask A
  4. Our story starts outside of the Town of Beginnings where our party has spent the night while attempting to find the forest in the East on the first floor. While the group has only begun to establish bonds, the need to survive forces them to rel
  5. "I slept, I ate food, and I pooped...uh, I peed!" After a harrowing encounter with some bison, the party struggles to NOT die. To badly explain this episode Wilson toots his own horn (as he do), Clyde isn't just cannon fodder, Tiffany is Tiffan
  6. Danger abounds and slimes are rumored to lurk in the nearby forest. It's time to finally obtain the rare health potions and bring them back to the Town of Beginnings. Or is it? To badly explain: "We found the woods, we made a map..." okay, so w
  7. And so begins our tale where all stories begin. Once upon a time, in a video game of life and death, Seven hapless travellers sought glory, gold, and more gold (because health doesn’t flow well here). Ahem, unfortunately for those they came upo
  8. “Hey, Pel-pel, is there supposed to be something up there?” she asked timidly, with the full expectation of being clawed to death. He looked up from his blood-stained work and calmly spoke, “well, it looks like we interrupted fishing season.” T
  9. After the struggle with a pack of dire wolves, the small band hurriedly returns to Variya to rescue poor Nachia and recover from the day's events. The party must decide on what action to take next. Stay in the forest or regroup and head west. T
  10. There are new faces in Variya, members of the guild, Mercy. The party uses the opportunity to reassess goals and must decide on how to focus their resources. To badly explain: Real Snow is sick. There are more friends! I thought this was a solo
  11. In Sword Art Online: AOD Episode 8, with the apparent difference in skill between the Lieutenant and Snow’s gang, they realize that in order stand a chance that they will have to grind up their levels. Running from combat is not an option, not
  12. After a successful grind in the forest of Beginnings, the gang returns to Variya and colludes with the rest of the players on what steps to take next. The team decides to split up, focusing efforts on both the west and scouting the mysterious w
  13. The players have made their move to open a diplomatic channel with the mysterious giant spider in the magic forest, much to the Lieutenant’s dismay. Will the young ones be able to quell the spiders’ anger and gain their aid in beating this game
  14. After the conclusion of the trialling battle, it is now a matter of payment between Mercy and Snow's party. Debts must be paid and goodbyes must be said. But, one thing is for sure, this is only the beginning. To badly explain: Goodbye, Lieuten
  15. The members of A.O.D. have a brief moment to themselves before heading off on another adventure. It would behove them to stock up on supplies and survival equipment before such a journey. But who do you think you're dealing with? This is A.O.D.
  16. Their journey begins anew, "through the mountain, secret, secret, secret tunnel..." Clyde, Wilson, and Snow are once again bound together on an adventure. With no idea where the path will lead, Snow trusts Wilson to guide them safely, although
  17. The three amigos, Snow, Wilson, and Clyde, along with their new acquaintances, Zanna and Daniel, and a suspiciously soft-pawed spider finally make their way to the capital city of Hattusa. To badly explain: old friends, new friends, and a drown
  18. After the events of the Colosseum, the party must reconvene in order to determine their next steps and get to know one another better. But first, it's time to pay a visit to Alanni's shrine. To badly explain: Let me be AOD, please!? Visit us:
  19. Place your bets, ladies and gents, because Zanna and Clyde are stepping into the ring! While Wilson, Snow, and Daniel finished up with their activities at various temples, the other three made their way to the Colosseum in hopes of making some
  20. During the Colosseum fight between AOD Ronin and My Fetish, Snow and Wilson make their way to the Temple of Ishtar in hopes of finding a class change. It's also a chance for Snow and Wilson to catch up with each other since the first time they
  21. After reconvening at camp the AOD ones take a moment set out on a brave adventure, for a rather obscure quest that takes them through the desert surrounding Hattusa. To badly explain: no one wants to wake up, memory loss, cat-birds, and watch f
  22. The pit proves perilous to our adventurers of AOD. Life or death hangs in the balance in the belly of the beast as Snow, Wilson, SOW, and Daniel face off against the giant sandworms. Zanna and Clyde look onto their fellow crew mostly helpless.
  23. The caves convey chaos as catastrophic calamity ensues. Wilson, Snow, SOW, and Daniel-san (sorry Daniel, it was bound to happen inevitably) are making their way to the center of the earth...hang on, that's a movie. Scratch that. They are making
  24. Meanwhile, Zanna and Clyde await the rescue party to arrive with the supplies for the scaffolding. They find themselves quite...alone, with plenty of time to spare. To badly explain: someone can't sleep alone, there's a wild dog, and plenty of
  25. The small band finds themselves back in Hattusa after being sent out from the alternate plane. They take the moment to gear up and hopefully gather more information on Epitaph before heading back out to meet up with the others. To badly explain

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