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PC224 | Lessons Learned - An Epic Conversation with Tom Pheill and Chris Bell
PowerCast episode originally released Sep 21, 2017. Tom Pheill, probably the most interesting current member of Super Training Gym, joins us along with Chris Bell. Tom and Chris have known each other for years from Chris's early days at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA. Tom has seen the evolution of both bodybuilding and powerlifting through the years. He's currently a world record holding powerlifter.  He's got so many amazing, and sometimes revealing, stories. This may be the most epic conversation in the history of the podcast. You may not be ready for it.  Mark Bell and Jim McDonald host. @thejimmcd PowerCast theme by Aaron Moore  PowerCast logo by Joseph Manzo.  Audio and Video produced by Jim McDonald
How do you fix ticked off tendons? w/Squat University's Dr. Aaron Horshchig
Seems like a lot of lifters we know are always complaining about “tendonitis,” so we asked physical therapist (and founder of Squat University) Dr. Aaron Horschig the help us straighten out our understanding of what they’re really talking about – and potentially how to fix it. As a physical therapist, he works with Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, Cross Fitters, international level soccer players, MLB and NFL athletes. He’s currently working with our friend, powerlifter J. P. Price. Here’s what we came up with: When people talk about “inflammation” in their tendons, is that what it actually is? Is tendonitis even the right term? If there is pain, where is it actually coming from? What works to heal/repair tendons that cause pain, but are not torn through? IFG-1?   Our ideas start about 9:22. Aaron starts dropping knowledge starting at around 19:20. You can find Aaron at his website Squat University, on Instagram @squat_university, on YouTube Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd). Produced by Jim McDonald Production assistance by Connor O’Neal. Theme by Aaron Moore. Branding by Joseph Manzo.  
PC158 | Brooke & Sydney Wells (Like Man Buns)
PowerCast episode originally published Aug 3, 2016. Episode 158 is all about shared talent and sibling rivalry with our twin guests Brooke and Sydney Wells. Brooke just finished 6th in the 2016 CrossFit Games and Sydney is a standout track athlete at Mizzou (where they are both students). Brooke gives us and inside look at what it's like to be a top Games competitor, and she and Sydney contrast their current training and diet approaches. They also compare notes with Silent Mike on the hottest men in CrossFit. They really cracked us with their love of man-buns and constant burns at each other’s expense. Can a man-bun really take a guy from a 7 to a 9? Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald. @silentmikke @thejimmcd PowerCast episode originally published Aug 3, 2016.
PC155 | Real World Tactical - Guest Tony Sentmanat
PowerCast episode originally published July 13, 2016. Our guest for episode 155 is Tony Sentmanat, Tony is a Marine Corps vet and a retired Miami police officer with 14 years of service. Now he owns Real World Tactical, a training business combining functional strength and hands on tactical training. We talk training, we talk recent events, and we hit him up for some suggestions about staying alive during a sudden attack. Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald. You can find Tony at:IG: @realworld_tacticalTwitter: @realworld-tacticalWeb: Realworldtactical.com. YouTube channel Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd  
PC153 | Jason "Big J" English
PowerCast episode originally published June 29, 2016. Jason “Big J” English of Big J’s Extreme Fitness gym -- and YouTube channel – joins us for number 153. We talk about how he fought back from a freak accident that happened while he was in the Army that threatened to keep him from ever walking normally again.His decision to get into bodybuilding and fitness and eventually start a gym. What it was like to train with Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren in Texas at Metroflex back in the day. And how an over 50 fitness world veteran with a background in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, and martial arts approaches YouTube collaborations with some of the top fitness channels. You can find Big J at http://www.bigjsextremefitness.com/ Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd  
PC152 | Find Something You Love...
PowerCast episode originally published June 22, 2016. This episode gave us a chance to catch up with each other and talk through some recent events. We covered a number of things, including a meet some of our gym members just competed in, a crazy Instagram video from Barbell Brigade you've got to check out, the sad situation of the mass shooting in Orlando, and a great loss to the strength community -- the passing of Chris Moore.Chris was one of the original hosts of the Barbell Shrugged podcast. He was a guy who was at least as interested in the strength of the mind and the heart as he was the strength of the body. The title of this episode refers to a piece of advice that Chris liked to give, "Find something you love and let it kill you." Be kind to your fellow humans, and enjoy #152. Just like this podcast, being kind costs you pretty much nothing. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd  
PC143 | Meat Day / Meet Day - Your Questions About Performing on the Platform
PowerCast episode originally released Apr 20, 2016. We look back at our own experiences with competing and field your questions about performing on meet day. Plus, in light of Kobe Bryant's retirement, we talk about why some star athletes are universally loved...and some just aren't. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC137 | Eric Helms, Alberto Nunez, and Brad Loomis of 3D Muscle Journey
PowerCast episode originally released Mar 9, 2016. Eric Helms, Alberto Nunez, and Brad Loomis of 3D Muscle Journey join us for this episode (Alberto's second). We talk nutrition for both appearance and performance for all natural athletes, the prevalence of eating disorders in bodybuilding, and take a deep dive into the mechanics of flexible dieting. We also learn how each of the guys got into bodybuilding, are where their interests are leading them. You can find them at 3dmusclejourney.com. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC085 | Tait Fletcher and Keith Jardine - Pirate as F**k!
PowerCast episode originally released Apr 1, 2015. Tait Fletcher and Keith Jardine join us for a freewheeling, blockbuster show. We talk about how their shared interests and passions have led them from MMA to acting and all the way to selling coffee. Now retired from the UFC, Jardine is best known for defeating both Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. He now operates a yoga studio in New Mexico, while Fletcher owns a gym incorporating both fighting and CrossFit under one roof. Both have had roles on television shows like Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec, and films like John Wick, The Equalizer (Tait had an extended fight scene with Denzel Washington), and the upcoming Jurassic World.   They are also two thirds of the ownership of the Caveman Coffee Company (which sponsors this podcast). At the suggestion of his good friend, Joe Rogan, Tait is also the host of his own “Pirate Life” podcast, which is available on iTunes. When Keith and Tait offer their surprising (surprising to non-fighters at least) insights about how to survive surviving in the octagon, it’s worth the price of admission. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd Jim McDonald handled production.
PC084 | Chris Duffin - Mad Scientist
PowerCast episode originally released Mar 25, 2015. Chris Duffin joins us in studio to talk about his unique approach to life, rehab, and training. He also breaks down the training that led up to his 881 squat at 220 lbs bodyweight, a record that was recently broken by Sam Byrd. Chris still holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17,010 pounds (42 reps of 405lbs), and recently introduces his own shoulder pre-hab/rehab tool, the ShouldeRok. We also talk about the recent powerlifting controversies cropping in social media, and how little they really matter. Also, there is a poop story. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd Producer Jim McDonald.
PC083 | Arnold Pumped Us Up
PowerCast episode originally released Mar 18, 2015. Our trip to the Arnold Sports Festival pumped us up big time! We recount our experiences with fans at the Expo and many other activities surrounding the Arnold. We also go on a shameless namedropping spree of the people met and hung out with including, WWE's Cesaro, actor/Caveman Coffee Company co-owner Tait Fletcher, Benedict Magnusson, Hafthór Björnsson, Jim Wendler, Ed Coan, and many more. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd Jim McDonald produced.
PC079 | Mike Rashid - Alpha As F**k
PowerCast episode originally released Feb 18, 2015. Pro bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and YouTube motivator, Mike Rashid joins us in studio. We talk about his lifelong work ethic, his intellectual curiosity, single fatherhood, and the influences that shaped his life. We also cover boxing with Team Tyson, his relationship with CT Fletcher, and how to “feel the walls.” You can find Mike at MikeRashid.com. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC078 | LA Fit Expo, Sushi, and Big Gay Ice Cream (Almost)
PowerCast episode originally released Feb 11, 2015. We talk through our experiences at the LA Fit Expo over the weekend between answering  listener questions about sumo deadlifts, time management, and how to gain weight (among other topics). We also discuss upcoming events and guests. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC077 | RUM (and Other Flavors) - Guest David "Zeus" Zyski
PowerCast episode originally released Feb 4, 2015. Super Training Gym's current strongest raw lifter, David Zyski, is headed to the Raw Unity 8 meet in Florida. His current best meet lifts are 744 squat, 511 bench press, and a 771 deadlift. We caught up with him to talk about his training background, his job in law enforcement, and what keeps him making the long drive to the gym. We also talk about what it took for him to compete in a meet shortly after his father passed away. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd  
PC072 | Dr. Jim Stoppani - Black Belt in Broscience? - The Lost Episode
PowerCast episode originally released Jan 13, 2015. We had some problems with the Skype recording for this episode, but it's been cleaned up as much as possible and the content was so good, we decided to release it. Jim Stoppani (@jimstoppani) carries a doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, but some people think he has a black belt in bro science. Jim is prolific writer, coach, and supplement manufacturer. He's become the go to guy for supplement questions and his writing is regularly featured on Bodybuilding.com. We run through a number of topics including, pre- and post-workout nutrition, "chasing the pump." the mental game of dieting, and tattoos. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC070 | Another Listen: Stan Efferding
PowerCast episode originally released Dec 31, 2014. We're on break for one more week, so here's another favorite with one of our favorite people, Stan "Rhino" Efferding. From the original show description: Stan Efferding joins us for a look back at his bodybuilding and powerlifting careers. He shares his philosophies on training, business and life in general. Join us as we talk to a guy whose lifting, physique and multi-million dollar bank account just might rank him as the first "rock star" raw powerlifter ever. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC066 | Poughkeepsie Bill's Decline Bench - Guest: Chris Bell
PowerCast episode originally released Dec 3, 2014. Chris Bell shares a strange encounter with Pee Wee Herman, what Poughkeepsie Bill did on his decline bench, and cheap movie reviews. Somehow it all comes back to training and the reasons why we do what we do. Shout out to Colton Polsom and his wife, Sarah, by the way. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC061 | Peanut Butter and Jealousy - Guests Jesse Burdick and Chris Bell
PowerCast episode originally released Oct 29, 2014. Jesse Burdick (PowerWod.com) and Chris Bell (@bigstrongfast) join us for a wild and wide-ranging discussion. This one escalates quickly. We cover Jesse's new bench programming, cookie sundaes, training to compete in more than one sport at a time, Viagra, the war on carbs, a hamburger with peanut butter and jelly, and the explosion of MLM schemes in fitness. Chris Bell also talks about submitting his next documentary "Prescription Thugs" to the Sundance Film Festival. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC050 | You Don't Know Dick (Lickerson)
PowerCast episode originally released Aug 13, 2014. Our barrel chested, deep voiced announcer Dick Lickerson (AKA Matt Nickerson) joins us for what was supposed to be a short appearance on a bonus episode. Due to circumstances beyond our control, this is what we got. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC042 | Layne Norton on How Not to Screw Yourself Up with Poverty Macros
PowerCast episode originally released Jun 18, 2014. One of our most popular guests, Dr. Layne Norton, returns for an information-packed episode about some right and wrong approaches to dieting and supplementation. Dr. Norton is a coach, bodybuilder, and powerlifter who has focused lately on the damaging effects of starvation diets. We kick off the show with an examination of the doc's Iron Cred. More information at his website biolayne.com Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC041 | The REAL Monsters of the Midway - Team Lilliebridge
PowerCast episode originally published Jun 11, 2014. Ernie Lilliebridge, Sr joins us with his powerlifting world record holding sons Ernie Jr and Eric, to talk about training to reach their goals, the challenges of coaching a team of lifters and the importance of sticking together as a family. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC133 | KC Mitchell - That One Leg Monster
PowerCast episode originally released Feb 10, 2016. In 2010, KC Mitchell was a US Army Airborne sergeant serving in Afghanistan when his vehicle stuck an improvised explosive device which severely injured his lower left leg. He eventually lost that part of his leg, and was medically retired from the Army. Eventually he came to realize that he was out of shape, overweight, and dependent on pain medication to make it through the day. He decided then to make a change, to ditch medications and the extra weight, and to get strong and fit again. This change has led him to become an inspirational figure for other combat injured vets...and to everyone he meets. Follow KC on Instagram: @thatonelegmonster and YouTube.com/thatonelegmonster Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC129 | Drug Test, Chicken Breast, Star Wars Fest
PowerCast episode originally released Jan 13, 2016. We reconvene after the holidays to catch up on Star Wars, Making a Murderer, dieting strategies that actually work, and a guy we know who failed a drug test. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC127 | Jon "Jujimufu" Call - His Tricks are Treats
PowerCast originally released Dec 30, 2015. Jon Call is looks like a bodybuilder and moves like a martial artist. He specializes in martial arts aerial tricks that have been hugely popular on Instagram. How do you train to be a big, jacked guy who can flip, tumble, and fly through the air? We try to get to the bottom of this question. Partial answer: it takes a lot of dedication. You can find John on Instagram at @jujimufu. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
PC123 | Best Advices
PowerCast episode originally released Dec 5, 2015. Here's a bonus Q & A episode that we recorded back on October. We started out talking about pizza for breakfast, and ended up at the best "advices" we've ever been given. Along the way we talk about lactose intolerance, whether a national meet can just be too big, “tournament style powerlifting,” testing one rep maxes, whether sticking points are real, the role of speed work, religion and morals, and our hobbies outside lifting. Mark Bell, Mike Farr, and Jim McDonald host. @silentmikke @thejimmcd
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