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Sam Allred is a qualified CPA and founder of Upstream Academy. He has been regularly recognized as one of the major influencers in the accounting profession and has been listed as one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting and as one of IPA’s Most Recommended Consultants. He is one of the most sought-after speakers in the accounting profession and is viewed as one of their top strategic thinkers. Shownotes:Why the accounting profession is in great shape despite the pandemicThe two biggest challenges for accounting firms in these tough times (clue - it's to do with people)The impact of accounting firms realising that they can work remotelyThe major concern for accounting firms who have a remote workforceThe first thing accounting firms must do if they want to maintain a strong cultureWhy hope is not a strategy for survival, growth and recoveryThe difference between rockstars and superstars in a professional firmShout out to Jim Collins and his book Good to Great - get the right people on your team busWhat attracting great people to your accounting firm allows you to doWhat new entrants to accounting need to understand if they want to get excited by their careerA major but underestimated benefits of working as an accountant in practice vz industryWhy failing to clarify to emerging leaders what it takes to make partner is a sign of poor leadership in accounting firmsWhat high performing professional firms do with their talent and succession that other firms don'tThe biggest mistake accountants make in carving out a stellar career for themselvesHow a stellar accounting career is very different to a good careerThe importance of recognising your strengths and unique abilities to forge a standout career in accountancyThe dangers of staying in your comfort zone and what stepping out of it looks like for ambitious accountantsThe challenge of feedback and why most people don't grow/progress because they won't ask for itWhat accountants can learn from the Eisenhower Matrix as promoted by Stephen CoveyThe power of being intentional with your career planning in professional lifeSam and his wife, Marlene, live outside of Park City, Utah. His hobbies include spending time with his family, fly fishing and golf. Sam and Marlene have seven children. Contact him here:Website and blog
Mike Crook is the Managing Director of the award-winning marketing agency PracticeWeb which has worked exclusively with accounting firms for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, PracticeWeb has gone from strength to strength, from winning awards for their results focused digital marketing, to entering into powerful partnerships with fintech firms and with the ACCA.Mike has almost two decades of experience under his belt as a digital marketing and business transformation strategist, with clients including HSBC, Zurich Financial, Peugeot and Triumph Motorcycles. He is an expert in every aspect of digital marketing from brand building to website development, with a particular interest in the power of market research, test driven marketing and data to deliver results. Shownotes:How marketing has changed to become more complex and more data driven over the yearsThe downside for buyers in the B2B space who are hit with so many marketing messages from professional firmsWhat marketing actually means for accounting firms and what good marketing should doWhat you need to be the best choice for people looking for your servicesHow much professional firms rate marketing and where it lies as a priority for most accountantsThe biggest excuse accounting firms give for not investing in marketing, and how it doesn't hold up under scrutinyWhy accounting firms who claim to grow by referral might be making a big mistakeWhat accounting firms get wrong when it comes to investing in marketing, and where money gets wastedHow some marketing agencies and experts sell their services and methods as silver bullets but with one important thing missingThe dangers for accounting firms of of starting a marketing campaign or strategy and thinking short term onlyWhat accounting firms are missing out on by not investing in digital marketingHow inhouse marketers in accounting firms struggle to internally sell the benefits of marketingThe steps to turning marketing into tangible targets and activitiesThe advantages of being data driven with digital marketing for accounting firmsWhy the smart accounting firms invest in marketing earlier rather than laterKey considerations for an accounting firm to hire in external marketing resource and expertise to growHow the marketing strategy acts as a roadmap for accounting firms to execute on for growthHow everyone in a professional firm can contribute to the marketing effortsContact Mike here:Website and blogMike on LinkedIn
Gale Crosley was selected one of the 10 Most Recommended Consultants in the Inside Public Accounting BEST OF THE BEST for the fourteenth year, and one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today for the thirteenth consecutive year. She consults with mid-market accounting firms, assisting managing partners, partners, and marketing directors, to effectively increase their firm’s revenues.Gale’s 35 plus years of experience features a unique combination as a practicing CPA at Arthur Andersen, PwC, and a local CPA firm. She has also held senior management roles in business development and marketing in the cutting edge technology environment with IBM, MCI and several start-up technology companies. Shownotes:Why the most significant changes in the accounting profession have occurred in the last 5-7 yearsHow growth and technology are connected in the accounting worldHow the cloud really changed the game for accounting firm growthWhat is stopping accounting firms from innovating and adopting new technologyHow the covid world has impacted further the deep changes that were happening in professional firmsHow accountants and CPAs cope with change compared to the rest of the worldHow covid has affected the technology firms rely on to grow revenueWhy accountants no longer have to be face to face with prospects to win new businessWhy the networking and referral approach to winning business is outdatedThe new phase of referral generation for accountants and CPAs in a covid worldHow a growth consultant transforms an accounting firmThe key skills many accountants lack in moving from technicians to consultants and advisorsWho the real competition are for accounting firms who want to growThe areas where accounting firms are losing market share and missing out on growth due to external competitionThe danger signs of complacency with accounting firms behaving like fat catsShout out to Bill Reeb and Tommye Barie of the Success InstituteContact Gale here:Website and blogGale on LinkedIn
Tommye Barie is a recently retired partner of one of the 100 largest full-service accounting and consulting firms in the US. Her thought leadership on culture, strategy and innovation led to Tommye being recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the accounting profession, as published in Accounting Today.She is a past Chair of the Board of the American Institute of CPAs and is actively involved in the international accounting profession. She currently represents the United States as a board member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). The IFAC is a global organization supporting the development of and promoting the adoption and implementation of high-quality international standards.Bill Reeb is a CPA and has been consulting for three decades in the areas of strategy, leadership and change management. He d became a CPA in 1986. An award-winning public speaker, Bill and his partner, Dom Cingoranelli, have co-authored Securing the Future: Building Your Firm’s Succession Plan and Securing the Future: Implementing Your Firm’s Succession Plan.Bill is past Chair of the Board of the AICPA, is a current and past member of the Board of Directors and Council, and past Commissioner on the National Accreditation Commission. He also serves as an advisory board member to several organizations, including CPAFMA.Accounting Today has recognized his efforts by listing him as one of the Top 100 Most Influential CPAs. CPA Magazine has named him as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners, and Inside Public Accounting has listed him as one of the top 10 most recommended CPA firm consultants.Shownotes:Proof that accountants are actually 'people people' and why accountants are actually NOT unique in what they doThe problem of accountability in professional firms and the importance of knowing who your real boss isThe biggest shortcoming in professional firms of any sizeThe vital role of competences for people development in accounting firmsThe problem caused by accounting fee-earners being technically strong or soft skills strong, but not bothWhat will happen to those accountants who are not willing or able to be coached or developed in their firmWhy people's goals should be tied to performance in an accounting firmThe big reason most accountants don't know how to manage peopleThe 5 core skills that modern day accountants need to be successfulWhat gets 70% of accountants promoted and what makes 80% of them failThe role of culture in developing a coaching, development mentality in accounting firmsThe one thing that makes you money in your accounting roleWhy 'not having the time' is a bad excuse for professionals who avoid doing what needs doing in a firmThe difference between subjective and objective goals for accounting professionalsWhat leaders in professional firms are really responsible forExactly what accountability means when leading and managing your peopleWhy self motivation doesn't work in professional firms who want to growWhat makes performance evaluations or development reviews fail in professional service firmsThe biggest challenge accounting firms face in developing their peopleThe two main areas that require investment in the future for accounting firms to succeedWhy technology is now a key component of the accounting qualification, at least in the USWhy accountants must move from the data and information space to the knowledge and decision spaceWhy the accounting profession is the greatest there isWhat causes complacency and lack of change in accounting firmsTommye has always placed importance on leveraging her leadership skills and experiences to influence the lives of young professionals. Throughout her career she has mentored and guided women and men in her own firm and in the many firms she has worked with throughout the United States. Bill enjoys a number of hobbies. He is an avid golfer and skier but spends the majority of his free time as a senior black belt teaching martial arts. Contact them here:Website and blogTommye on LinkedInBill on LinkedIn
Malcolm Smith has a background in science and marketing which gives him unique insights into how businesses negotiate, transact and develop. Today he employs this considerable expertise through a portfolio of non-executive directorships and owned businesses.He is a keynote lecturer on Leadership, Project Management, Negotiation, Influencing and Consultative Selling at London Business School, Cass Business School, Oxford University SAID Business School and Cambridge University Judge Business School. Shownotes:How accountancy compares to other sectors in commoditising its offering, and what is driving that moveThe main reason accountants charge by the hour and why they shouldn'tHow even the revered doctors and general medical practitioners have become commoditised through availability of knowledgeWhy accounting compliance has become less valued in the eyes of clientsThe major downside for accountants of becoming commoditised and undifferentiatedHow advanced tech like AI can allow you to be profitable as a commodity in accountingThe dangers of 'proximity bias' that causes accountants to undervalue their skillsTips for accounting firms to expand their core offerings into advising and consulting servicesAn example of what 'proactive brilliance' looks like for an accountantThe best way to find out what your 'value-adds' are as an accounting firmThe benefits of asking your clients why they choose you and building your accounting firm's proposition around the answersThe three value disciplines in a professional firm that allow you to charge premium feesThe biggest cost in running an accounting firm, and why your fees need to reflect thatThe big mistake poor negotiators make when handling fee conversations with their accounting clients or prospectsWhy non-F2F negotiation is more difficult than being in the same room as peopleThe biggest issue for accountants when negotiating on video platforms like zoomThe importance of the 'opening position' for accountants when negotiating deals and setting feesThe dangers of using 'round numbers' when setting and negotiating your accounting or consulting feesNegotiation tips for accounting firms, especially in a virtual, non-F2F worldThe problem many accountants make in giving away unilateral concessions in negotiationsHow accounting professionals can get much better and more confident in handling common sales objectionsWhy accountants should always quote money rather than hours for a particular job or serviceThe importance for accountants to never invoice the negotiated amount.Malcolm was Speaker of the Year for Vistage International in 2007, 2011 and 2015 and has won the Outperformer Award every year since 2004. He scored the last goal ever at Eastville Stadium, Bristol UK) before it became an IKEA store. Contact him here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Geraldine Carter is the founder of She Thinks Big Coaching, where she helps CPAs get out of the accounting rut. She is also the host of the podcast "Smart Strategy for CPAs". Her cashflow forecasting models have resulted in millions of dollars for climate change efforts. Shownotes:How the tsunami of covid has affected the world of accountants and CPAsWhy NOW is actually a great time to be an accountantHow coachable accountants are as a breed and how receptive they are to changeWhat attracts accountants and CPAs to the accounting profession and why it attracts certain types of peopleThe number one biggest challenge accountants and CPAs are facing right nowThe 'tall poppy syndrome' - why some accountants and CPAs are reluctant to stand outWhat makes most accounting firms look and sound the same, and have the same kind of websites claiming the same thingsDoes complacency (having a recurring fee business model) play a part in accountants being reluctant to change?The main trap that accountants and CPAs get into that causes inertia and lack of growthThe problems that arise when accountants and CPAs don't think like business owners with their clientsThe definition of a framework and why they are so important for accountants to best serve their clientsThe mistake accountants and CPAs make by giving away so much expertiseWhy a lack of process and framework for accountants and CPAs stops them from properly adding value to clientsHow accountants and CPAs can enhance the value they offer clients by a factor of 5 to 10What getting your life back from working way to many hours looks like for accountants and CPAsHow a framework helps accountants and CPAs position advisory services beyond low margin compliance workThe main thing clients want from accountants and CPAs that most professionals get wrongThe risks larger accounting firms are facing in not empowering younger talent to be more entrepreneurialThe restraints that stifle the growth of professional firmsAdvice for leaders in accounting firms to better develop and keep their entrepreneurial talentShout out to Rob Brown's TEDx talk on YouTube 'The Personal Brand of You'The danger for accountants and CPAs of competitors being able to copy or claim the same things they doWhat accountants and CPAs need to do to stand out as experts in their chosen verticals, niches or sectorsHow accountants and CPAs can identify their best verticals, niches or specialist areas to work inIn her free time, Geraldine can be found mountain biking forested trails or running after her two small children in her hometown of Missoula, Montana USA. Contact her here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Barbara Koenen is the author of the book Beyond Billable Hours and Global Head of Business Development and Marketing at Ince, a legal and professional services provider with more than 900 employees globally. She is based in Dubai and has 10 years of business development and marketing experience in the professional services industry.She writes regular blog posts on her website and is very passionate about helping fee earners in professional services firms to thrive as she knows how hard it is to focus on things beyond billable hours. Shownotes:The difference between marketing, sales and business development for accounting professionalsWhy sales and selling are such difficult words for professionals like accountants and lawyersThe #1 reason professional service firms should build the selling skills and culture of their peopleThe problem for professionals who can bill fees but not generate new revenues in a professional firmAn explanation for why accountants and lawyers don't think like business peopleThoughts on how coachable professionals like accountants, CPAs and lawyers are 'as a breed'Why almost everyone in professional services should be 'hands on' with business developmentThe need for a business development plan or strategy and why not every tactic will succeed to bring in new workHow a different approach to winning business is required by different professionals depending on a number of factorsA great example of why some accountants and professionals should not go to networking events to win businessSound advice for young accountants and lawyers who want to make partner in a professional firmThe importance of setting goals to grow your professional firm, either corporately or as an individual accountantWhat to do as a career ambitious accountant if your personal goals do not align with your firm's goalsWhy starting early in your accounting or professional career with business development is much better than waitingThe relevance of writing out a business development or work winning plan and why 'in your head' is not good enoughGreat questions accountants should ask themselves in devising a business development strategyThe key reasons why professionals are technically good but struggle to sell and promote themselves as individualsWhat developing a reputation in your business community or market looks like for an accountant looking to be successfulWhere the inspiration for the book 'Beyond Billable Hours' came fromHow so much money is wasted in accounting firms on the wrong kind of professional and business development activitiesHow the covid pandemic has changed the way accountants and other professionals win new businessWhere the 'low hanging fruit' really is for accountants and CPAs who want to develop new business opportunitiesBarbara is a mother of 20-month old Olivier, born on Christmas Day, and she is expecting another boy around Christmas. She is a keen golfer, sailor and skier and she loves to cook and bake. Contact her here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Tim Williams roams the globe in search of “next practices” in the world of professional services. As the founder of Ignition Consulting Group, he teaches leaders of professional services firms the principles and practices of effective positioning and pricing strategy. His assignments have taken him literally around the world, where he has worked with advertising agencies, law firms, accounting firms and business associations on every continent.Tim is author of two books, the latest of which is “Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Service Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success.” He is serves as one of LinkedIn’s global influencers, where several hundred thousand followers regularly read his articles on positioning and pricing strategy. Shownotes:Why law firms are to blame for the billable hour and charge out time sheetsWhy getting pricing right is so critical for profitability in accounting firmsThe four factors that improve margins in an accounting firmThe biggest reason professionals like accountants struggle with pricingWhy most professional firms don't actually have a revenue model but a cost structure, which is not the sameThe ideal revenue model that represents the future of pricing for accounting firmsThe difference between creativity in accounting and creativity in pricing accountancy servicesWhy the billable hour is a sub-optimal way of pricing for accountantsWhy costing is a science but pricing is an artThe different pricing options available to accountants and the merits of eachThe major problem with the term 'value pricing'Evidence that the world is shifting towards a subscription economyThe main reason why an accountant should always offer a client optionsHow accountants have ceded power to buyers over the years by educating them wrongly on pricingOne of the worst things accounting firms do when it comes to pricingAre you selling activities, efforts and inputs or outcomes, results and outputs?What it means for your accounting firm if your prospects or clients are shopping or choosing you on priceAn excellent metric to decide whether your accounting firm is pricing correctlyHow accountants can change the dialogue around pricing with existing clientsTips for pricing outcomes or results that are out of your control or influenceHow your positioning in the marketplace affects your ability to price optimallyShout out to pricing experts Ron Baker and Mark WickershamWhat accountants must consider to avoid becoming trapped on the 'hourly rate treadmill'Although Tim started his career on New York’s Madison Avenue, today he finds it much more rewarding living in the Rocky Mountains, where he spends his spare time in Utah’s red rock country hiking with his wife and two Airedales. Contact Tim here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Ty Hendrickson is a CPA, sales expert, and co-founder of The Sales Seed where she helps accounting firms grow through the integration of sales principles. She worked as an accountant at firms ranging from small to large prior to moving into the accounting technology sector successfully building sales training programs for both Wolters Kluwer and Bloomberg BNA achieving record sales successes. Shownotes:Why accountants struggle with salling and what it takes to become more comfortable with the word 'sales'A simple question to challenge accountants with who feel that selling should not be part of their jobWhy firms with marketing and business development resource should still expect their people to win workThe reasons why accountants and other technically smart professionals can be good at sellingThe key differences between marketing, business development and sales for accountantsWhy marketing people in a professional firm should actually not be sellingWho is the best person in an accounting firm to actually be doing the selling and closingQuestions an accountant should ask themselves to develop a work winning or business development strategyHow to strike a balance between finding business for yourself and for others in your accounting firmWhat dictates how coachable and willing to learn an accountant or CPA can be around winning new businessThe importance of sales frameworks to help accountants be more confident and effective in sellingWhy working in specialty areas, sectors or niches actually makes new clients easier to findA 5 step sales process that will help accountants, CPAs and service professionals win businessThe real difficulty accountants have in identifying a niche or target client to go afterHow the business development and networking game has changed how professionals win businessThe big problem with LinkedIn and what accountants should actually doing on thereWarmer ways for accountants to reach prospects than cold callingTop tips to get prospects to switch from their current accounting advisors to you and your firmWhy compliance is still necessary for accountants but advisory services are much easier and more profitable to sellThe importance of the right culture in a professional firm to give people the support they need to sellWhy poor culture is a big reason professional firms are struggling with recruitment and retentionHow leaders in accounting firms can identify and support more junior people who want to do business developmentWhy just trying to grow more revenues from an existing client roster or portfolio is not the best way to growWhy your value is not the products and services you deliverThe factors that should help an accountant define their ideal clientTy is a contributing expert in the accounting industry and has spoken at conferences and events hosted by Accounting & Financial Women’s Association, Association for Accounting Marketers, Alliott Group, CPAmerica, CCH User Conference and more. You can find her articles and insights featured in CPA Trendlines and the AFWA blog. Ty is based in Lexington, KY where she lives with her CPA husband and her two red-headed sons. Contact Ty here: you want to kick-start your business development activities, download our free guide on how to add 100 new prospects in just 1 month here:
Paul Dunn holds a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK and he’s been honoured as a Social Innovation Fellow in Singapore. He first rocked the Profession through the radical Accountants’ Boot Camp where over 17,000 Accountants found new ways to work with clients. He’s in Forbes Magazine with Sir Richard Branson as a ‘disrupter’ in business and his ‘Firm of the Future’ book, (with Ron Baker) is known as a breakthrough tool for professional firms. AccountingWeb honoured Paul with their Inaugural ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award. Shownotes:How the globally successful Accountants Bootcamp was born in 1992 and what has changed sinceWhy it took a pandemic like covid to show the true value accountants can provide for their clientsThe one thing that makes many accountants struggle to be trusted advisorsThe most important thing accountants should be 'doubling down on' in these turbulent timesHow accountants need to recognise the shift from value to values that the pandemic has causedHow income follows impact and profit follows purposeThe primary thing good accountants should be doing for their clients instead of merely reporting historyHow effective the movement started by Ron Baker and others has been in moving accountants away from the billable hourWhat makes leadership so critical in uncertain timesThe three types of leaders who have emerged in all businesses, not just accounting firmsWhat it takes to lead a fulfilling life and make a difference in the worldShout out to Steve Pipe, another accounting legend and dedicated servant to the professionWhy there are no silver bullets any more with accounting softwareHow alarmingly little entrepreneurs know about the numbers in a business, which is why they need accountants.Paul is the co-founder of Accountants for Good and the revolutionary B1G1, enabling businesses to connect in new ways creating over 209 Million giving impacts globally. He is based in Singapore and makes a point of running 5K every day. Contact Paul here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Lee Frederiksen is an award-winning marketer, Visible Expert®, and business strategist who helped pioneer the field of research-driven marketing. As the Managing Partner of Hinge, a marketing firm for the professional services industry, he draws on his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and his CEO experience to help clients achieve high growth and profitability. Lee’s research on marketing and business growth has made him a recognized industry name, along with the numerous books he authored on the same topics. He been quoted in a number of mainstream publications, and he regularly speaks at major industry events around the country. Shownotes:Why employer branding is a critical topic for accounting firm leaders to understandThe three things you need to build a successful professional services firmThe biggest growth challenge for many accounting firmsWhy the accounting profession has the lowest number of actively looking job-seekers in the whole professional services sectorWhat exactly job seekers are looking for in new roles depends on where they are in their careerThe importance of being able to work remotely for talent looking for accounting rolesWhy accounting firms who have not responded well to covid will suffer most in losing top talentThe number one factor in creating a really strong employer brand for your accounting firmThe futility of your accounting firm having more than 3 core valuesThe number one thing job seekers who are actively looking for a new position actually wantThe prime times or triggers that make people restless in wanting to leave an accounting firm or roleExplaining the trend of people thinking of their career as a series of gigs vz jobsWhy loyalty to an accounting firm increases once a critical time has passedThe disruptive role of mergers and acquisitions in disruption of workforce stabilityWhy making people stay with 'golden handcuffs' can cause resentment and lowered productivity in accounting firm staffThe two stages in developing a compelling 'employer brand' in an accounting firmA strong accounting firm brand in the market place may attract talent to you, but there's one vital thing it won't doThe differences in professional services sectors when it comes to how they attract and retain top talentThe important of time horizons for restless employees - vital to know for retaining your best peopleWhy it's inevitable in tough times that accounting firms will lose peoplHow the business model of 'needing a local and regional presence' has changed for accounting firmsWhat accounting firms can do to attract employees that are not actively looking to moveQuestions accounting firm leaders should be asking in shaping a strong employer brandTwo top tips for accountants who want more career capital and greater promotabilityWhen he’s not traveling to speaking engagements or working at the Hinge headquarters, you’ll find Lee pursuing his interest in hot rods or watching movies with his wife, Candace. You can reach her here...Lee on LinkedInLee on TwitterCheck out his website here
Tim Williams roams the globe in search of “next practices” in the world of professional services. As the founder of Ignition Consulting Group, he teaches leaders of professional services firms the principles and practices of effective positioning and pricing strategy. His assignments have taken him literally around the world, where he has worked with advertising agencies, law firms, accounting firms and business associations on every continent.Tim is author of two books, the latest of which is “Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Service Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success.” He is serves as one of LinkedIn’s global influencers, where several hundred thousand followers regularly read his articles on positioning and pricing strategy. Shownotes:Why accountants and other professionals struggle with the terms 'selling' and 'marketing'What all professional service firms have in common when it comes to positioningWhy accounting leaders should think of their own brand like their do a clientThe reason why good marketing makes selling easy in accounting firmsWhat happens to a professional firm if they don't get their market positioning rightThe fallacy in accounting firm positioning to being everything to everyoneWhy it's so difficult for humans and professional firms not to copy othersDifferentiation - easy or not for accounting firms to truly achieve this?An example of Michelangelo to illustrate how accounting firms should view positioningHow most accounting leaders get their positioning strategy all wrongThe importance of being 'best in class' for a premium positioning in the marketplaceWhy 'full service' and 'wide range of experience' are such meaningless phrases for accounting firmsThe top motivator in why one accounting firm gets selected or hired over anotherWhat proactive accounting firms do over those who just claim to be proactiveWhy professional firms are in both the magic business and the logic businessThe meaning of 'disintermediation' of professional firmsHow specialising and narrowing your accounting firm's focus takes courageWhy introducing more products and services can actually damage an accounting firm's market positionThe two things that accountants are really selling if they want premium positioningWhy billing by the hour imposes a ceiling on profits for accounting firmsWhy consulting and advising is so rewarding for service professionals like accountants and consultantsShout out to Ron Baker as the 'best in class' expert on the topic of pricing and killing the billable hourAdvice on saying 'no' which is the cornerstone of premium market positioning for accountantsAlthough Tim started his career on New York’s Madison Avenue, today he finds it much more rewarding living in the Rocky Mountains, where he spends his spare time in Utah’s red rock country hiking with his wife and two Airedales. Contact Tim here:Website and blogLinkedIn
MC Carter is the CEO of digital marketing agency, Practice Paradox. Dubbed “the father of modern marketing for accountants”, MC is the pioneer, globally, in advising accountants about modern marketing including blogging and social media. Since founding Practice Paradox in 2009, MC has guided the growth strategies of hundreds of now very successful accounting firms, globally. Shownotes:Despite downward pressure on compliance, still not many accounting firms want to do the non-compliance advisory servicesIt's counter-intuitive, but accounting should revolve more around people than numbersThe big problem for the accountants who say they're proactive but are really notFFAM - the secret weapon for accountants who want more advisory businessA very practical definition for advisory that should help accountants sell it betterWhy compliance will never be dead, and how the compliance vz advisory debate is not helpful for accountantsThe reason why accountants struggle so much with marketingHow accountants can overcome their aversion to sales and marketingBeware the 'pony-tail' marketers and silver bullet vendors who sell the wrong things to accountantsWhat makes marketing such a challenge in any businessCalling out software, tech and marketing vendors who don't always have the accountant's best interestsThe biggest mistakes accountants and accounting firms make with their marketingThe 3 traits of accountants and accounting firms who really get marketing rightThe problem with most of the content that accounting firms put outGetting into the mind of a small business client - why it's like being a parentWhat progressive accounting firms do that most others don't when it comes to marketing and growthHow marketing has changed over the years, particularly with the era of digitalThe dangers of 'interruption marketing' that many accounting firms rely onThe critical feature of 'inbound' marketing methods that attract leads to your accounting firmThe key challenge for most accounting firms in resourcing their marketing effortsThe myth of the 'full-stack marketer' who is good at every marketing specialtiesWhat accounting firms should NOT do first when wanting to push marketing and generate leadsWhy most accounting firms fail to give a strong brief to their marketing function or advisorsThe three essential things required to bring about lasting change in any area of your lifeGoogle 'the professionalism paradox' and find out why boring branding hurts accountantsWhy accountants are the true trusted advisor for businesses in these troubled timesWhen not working, MC plays cricket and lives a barefoot beach lifestyle with wife Isabella, teenage son Ned, daughter Milly and dog Jimmy in Queensland, Australia. Contact MC here:Website and blogLinkedIn
Vanessa Ugatti is the author of ‘True Worth’. She helps financial and legal professionals to create a solid foundation to take charge and get paid what they are worth confidently, while creating a healthier work-life balance. Shownotes:Why professional people sometimes struggle with being coached and taking on new ways of thinkingWhy professional development for accountants is a lifelong process that never really stopsThe downsides for accountants of not charging what they are worthWhat might lead an accountant to be resentful of their clientsThe need for a balance between low and high charge-out rates for accounting professionalsThe dangers of getting promoted in causing problems with what you chargeWhat leads some accountants to under-servicing or over-charging clientsWhy accounting firms are reluctant to get rid of those poor 'category D' clientsThe danger for accountants of underestimating fixed fee workWhat a garage servicing cars can teach accountants about scope creepThe proper definition of self-worth when it comes to pricing and accountantsHow a lack of self worth is similar to imposter syndrome which affects many professionalsHow to strike a balance between value pricing and time sheetsThe biggest problems accountants have when it comes to charging feesWhat leads accountants to underestimating their worth and undervalue themselvesThe one thing that keeps accountants stuck in old behaviors and ways of thinkingWhen she’s not working, Vanessa is a great believer in practising what she preaches so incorporates daily meditation and exercise into her schedule. In normal times, live music, restaurants and travel are also important ways for her to enjoy life. You can reach her here...WebsiteLinkedIn Twitter
Liston Witherill is the founder and creator of Serve Don't Sell where he helps professional services firms build the confidence and systems they need to win the business they know they should. He’s also host of the Modern Sales podcast, a podcast that’ll help you sell more by understanding how people buy. Liston has spent his career in professional services and consulting, with a focus on marketing and selling services. Prior to running his own company, he was the Director of Business Development and Marketing at a consulting firm that grew from $8M to $12M in three years. Shownotes:The critical difference between marketing, business development and selling when it comes to professional servicesThe profile of a classic rainmaker in a professional firm, and why it's hard to teach people to do itWhat accountants need most of all if they want to build a referral based businessThe fantasy of having a sales or business development person in your accounting firm that can win lots of work on their ownWhy sales and selling is not comfortable for smart technical professionals like accountantsWhy very few partners in accounting firms have had any kind of formal training in sales and business developmentWhy the natural sales people and top work winners in an accounting firm are often very poor coaches and mentorsWhy continued growth and business development succession is so difficult in many accounting firmsThe key differences in selling products and services for an accounting professionalThe two critical factors for accountants who want to sell more 'intangible' services like advisoryWhy fixed pricing beats the billable hour in accounting servicesThe art of turning accounting services into products for better pricing and better profitabilityThe two things accountants need to be if they want to be better at sales and win more businessThe criteria required to justify bringing in external professionals to help an accounting firm win more workThe dilemma for accountants in devoting time to fee-earning and to building a portfolio of new business.When he’s not working, Liston makes beats, exercises, and is an avid reader of business, economics, and history books. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, dog, and cat. You might be surprised to know that Liston has recorded a nationally televised rap song, and can still dunk a basketball despite his aging knees. You can reach him here...Website LinkedIn 
Andy Salkeld is a former accountant (Big 4), corporate financier and business intelligence specialist who seemed to have it all. But Andy lives with depression and has been suicidal. Now an investor co-owner of a small business, he speaks and writes openly about mental health and depression in professional life. Shownotes:How we often introduce ourselves as what we do, not who we are, which doesn't always create honest conversationsHow the perceived stigma of mental health affects professionals like accountantsThe competitive 'Darwinian' nature of professions that involve the mind - the survival of the fittestThe huge pressures accountants are under in building their career, and why any sign of weakness can be detrimentalHow good or not accountants are at handling change, disruption and pressureMuch of a professional's self worth, identity and acceptance is wrapped up in what they can do, not who they areHow accountancy is like football in being a performance business with massive pressure to get resultsHow accounting firm leaders and cultures are rarely equipped to deal with admissions of mental health and stressIn a data driven industry, it's hard to make decisions about complex emotions inherent in mental healthHow a greater acceptance of mental health and liberation of views has led to a better understanding of the impactsIn accounting firms, people (and leaders) do genuinely care but don't always know how to help with mental healthThe importance of sharing your struggles and vulnerabilities in work situations, especially if you're in a leadership roleNobody has all the answers, especially in times of great disruption and uncertaintyOne example of the chain of events that might lead someone to take their own lifeThe song lyric that turned a suicidal depressive's life around to now helping other professionals deal with mental healthThe role of therapists and counsellors in helping you articulate complex emotions and situationWhen not working, Andy loves playing board games, listening to ska and pop-punk music and cooking. He lives with his cat Pika – named after a Pokémon – in Leeds, UK. Recently he has been teaching himself music from no prior knowledge using only a GameBoy. You can reach him here...Website LinkedIn 
Damien Greathead has more than a decade of experience in cloud accounting, change management and marketing, specifically working with accountants and bookkeepers. Until recently, Damien led Receipt Bank global thought leadership program and customer marketing. He is now Head of Marketing at Practice Ignition. Earlier in his career, he was the Director at the consulting group 2020 Group USA which was acquired by Panalitix in 2016. Today he helps accountants and bookkeepers across the world drop the data entry and do more of what they love. Shownotes:Shout out to 'powerhouses in the accounting profession' Ric Payne, Ron Baker, Chris Fredericksen and Paul DunnHow the 20-20 accounting firm membership group was set upWhy the accounting profession is a phenomenal place to be right nowHow accountants cope with change as a groupThe power of momentum for accountants in dealing with change and disruptionBig up to Chad Davis about what makes the good accountants greatThe power of the 'action after review' that leads to constant improvement in accounting firmsThe rise of the smaller more nimble virtual accounting firms who recruit globally and are comfortable in a 'remote' worldAn example of a virtual accounting firm that has clients globally with no premises and now employees 60+ peopleWhy making good money is actually one of the biggest challenges for accounting firms who want to growAccounting leaders - how do you balance what you need from your firm right now vz what you want it to produce in the future?Fast growing accounting firms go one vital step further than just adopting new technologyWhy bookkeeping as a monthly process is simply not efficient these daysNew technology integrated into old ways of doing things has adverse effects on workflow and KPIs in accounting firmsValue pricing vz fixed pricing considerations for accountantsWhy compliance is definitely not dead and why it's actually the perfect 'foot in the door' for accountantsWhy it's up to the individual accounting firm to define what advisory services mean to them and then their clientsBest practice tips to deliver more successful advisory services in your accounting firmWhat the good accountancy firms are doing well with differentiating and marketing themselvesWhat actually makes accountants phenomenal sales people if they reframe what selling actually meansWhy accountants are great at sales but shocking at marketingHow accountants can more easily create engaging content which will will them more business and new clientsShout out to great marketing from Andrew Wall, Carla Caldwell and Ryan LazanisThe importance of small changes that build big momentumWhat's coming up in the accounting profession over the next few yearsInspirational lessons learned from doing ironman triathlons, the New york marathon and swimming from AlcatrazWhen he’s not working, Damien has Escaped from Alcatraz several times and has a few ironman triathlons under his belt. You can reach him here...LinkedIn 
Mark Allen has built and developed and sold several multi million pound businesses. He is currently the Chairman of the TAG Accountants Community which provides complex tax advice, financial services, business growth consultancy, corporate finance, insolvency and legal advice through specialist teams to over 100 UK accountancy firms.Mark and his partners are the advisors to the advisors. He was the youngest ever Chair of the CIMA Members in Practice Panel and currently sits on the Regional Advisory Panel of the CIMA UK Board. Shownotes:How much accounting has changed over the years from someone who has been in the game a long timeHow the threat of AI and technology will force accountants to do more of what they should have been doing all along - advisoryHow the accountant of 30-40 years ago is a very different animal to today, even though the qualifications are almost identicalThe critical areas where accountants need support, potentially from outside their firmWhy sales and marketing is very difficult for most accountantsWhat separates the good accounting firms from the great onesThe one thing an accountant must do if they want to legitimately offer advisory servicesBest practice tips for moving from compliance to advisory servicesThe kind of antiquated thinking in accounting firm leadership that holds practices backWhy lots of accountants are doing business advisory that they are not getting paid forWhere leaders of accounting firms fall short in serving their peopleThe role of 'fun' in attracting and retaining good people in accounting firmsThe bad doctrine or wrong thinking that needs to be killed in the world of accountingHow well served accountants are by their professional bodies, associations and institutesWhat good training and development looks like in the most successful accounting firmsThe benefits to accounting firms of outsourcing low value workTips on succession planning, particularly for the larger accounting firmsWhat's coming up in the world of accounting and finance in the next few yearsmMark's leisure time is split between family, charity work and avidly following sports and in particular his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers. You can reach him here...Website LinkedIn 
Lee Frederiksen is an award-winning marketer, Visible Expert®, and business strategist who helped pioneer the field of research-driven marketing.As the Managing Partner of Hinge, a marketing firm for the professional services industry, he draws on his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and his CEO experience to help clients achieve high growth and profitability.Lee’s research on marketing and business growth has made him a recognized industry name, along with the numerous books he authored on the same topics. He been quoted in a number of mainstream publications, and he regularly speaks at major industry events around the country.Shownotes:Why marketing is a blend of research and art, particularly in the complicated market of professional servicesHow accounting is different to other professional services sectorsWhy accountancy is one of the slowest growing professional service sectorsThe impact of accounting compliance work being pushed down in value and relevanceWhere the threats to the accountant's 'trusted advisor' status will come fromA warning for what will happen to the accountancy profession if it does not change or adapt to what is happeningThe two distinct models of accounting firms currently in existence, and why one is becoming extinctHow many accounting firms are being found wanting in today's fast moving and disruptive worldWhere most accounting firms get their leads from, and what the high growth firms source leads differentlyWhy accounting firms are lagging in growth behind other professional firmsThe one thing professional firms are doing that are showing dynamic growthThe one critical factor accounting firms must offer to give value to their clientsAccountants know much less about their audience than they think - learn the two reasons why this isWhat the good accounting firms have done in responding to the global pandemicWhere many accounting firms have fallen short in serving their clients during Covid-19The dangers for accounting firms relying on traditional and not digital marketingHow to properly price your accounting services around value by understanding the client journeyThree ways you can persuade someone to change their behaviour or opinionFACT: the fastest growing accounting firms put a higher value on investment in training and educationWhat a marketing or business development strategy starts withWhy marketing budgets should not be allocated to individual partners in accounting firmsThe link between high growth accounting firms and profitabilityWhat 'going digital' with your marketing really looks like for a growing accounting firmWhen he’s not travelling to speaking engagements or working at the Hinge headquarters, you’ll find Lee pursuing his interest in hot rods or watching movies with his wife, Candace. You can reach him here...Website LinkedIn Twitter
Andrew Codd is a bestselling author, speaker, coach, trainer and podcaster. He regularly contributes finance thought-leadership via the top-rated Strength in the Numbers Show (#SITN). He is listened to in 150+ countries worldwide, and helps create more influential finance professionals who solve meaningful problems for their organisations. He has over 20 years’ experience in leading and effectively developing Global Finance and Sales talent at recognizable brands like Pepsi, Three, Virgin and Dell in a variety of countries across different continents. Shownotes:How the podcast #SITN Strength in the Numbers startedWhy accounting and finance is in a good place for opportunity, but not in executionHow data gives huge power and opportunity which is not always realised either in practice or industryWhy accounting and finance professionals are not as influential and relevant as they could beThe huge opportunities around working capital for finance professionalsHow insights that deliver huge value mean nothing without the influence to communicate themA unique definition of value which will help you deliver impact in your accounting or finance roleHow coachable accounting and finance people are as a breedWhat accounting and finance professionals must do to remain relevant and impactful in their roleWhy providing value as a finance or accounting professional is just the start of making a differenceThe power of stories to engage audiences with data and insightsHow to use a 'trust account' for greater credibility and influenceWhat makes an accounting or finance professional 'promotable'The importance of sponsorship for career progression in finance and accounting rolesWhy there is no such a thing as a self-made millionaire or successful entrepreneurCurrently Andrew is a senior member of Dell’s Aftersales Finance Operations, which is responsible for partnering with Sales teams across the world to optimise the return from its $5bn global support services portfolio. He is also President of AVF Worldwide which delivers customised end-to-end managed learning solutions and analytics software that helps Finance & Sales teams drive measurable top- and bottom-line improvements at mid-sized recurring revenue businesses who don’t have the scale of finance teams at larger enterprises.When he's not working, Andrew can be found enjoying the treasures of the Wild Atlantic Way with his young family in the southwest of Ireland. He enjoys reading, hiking and is a huge Munster rugby fan.Website LinkedIn Twitter
Ilya Radzinsky is a co-founder of TaxDome, a tech company born out of deep understanding of tax and accounting business needs. About 8 years ago, he and his brother built a custom software system for a tax practice, which grew 10 to 70+ staff. Out of this they launched TaxDome in March 2017. TaxDome is the most intuitive, all-in-one cloud-based solution for tax practice management. Shownotes:What a pioneer remote accounting firm looks likeWhy the fastest growing and largest accounting firms are all investing in technologyWhat smaller accounting firms need to be able to compete with larger firms who can invest more in technologyWhy change is scary for accounting firms and is often met with resistanceTips to lessen friction points when taking on new technology in your accounting firm and ensure maximum integrationHow software and app overload stop most accountants from doing what they do bestThe downsides for accountants of using different software systems for staff and clientsThe problem with email as a channel to swap confidential information with accounting clientsFactors an accounting firm should consider with their choice or practice management softwareFact: the accounting firms AND the businesses they serve grow fastest when they invest in technologyThe biggest challenges accounting firms face if they want to growCritical tips for making your accounting business more sellable and more valuableWhy accounting firms should never compete on priceDiscover the only thing that stays constant in the business worldWhy the older people are massively underestimated in terms of their contribution to and understanding of businessThe magic approach that will more quickly drive change in your accounting firmWhen he's not working, Ilya enjoys getting friends together. He's hosted 7 friendsgivings - just like Thanksgiving except with groups of friends instead of just family. He loves skiing and goes on 6 annual ski trips with large groups.Contact Ilya:Website LinkedIn Email
Ron Saharyan is an expert in sales processes/systems, hiring, scaling, and operations. He started Profit First Professionals in 2014 with Mike Michalowicz. He has since certified and taught Profit First to hundreds of accounting, bookkeeping and coaching firms globally.Whether a newer business or a 100-year-old firm, Ron has taught firm owners how to properly experience, practice, implement, monetize and share Profit First with their customers. He is an expert in value pricing and has created the Profit First Value Pricing Curriculum. Shownotes:The Profit First methodology that came out of the 'envelope budget' approachA behavioral cash flow system that goes against how businesses have been taught for yearsTwo reasons why profit is so important in a businessWhy accountants and bookkeepers are in a very strong position right nowTwo mistakes accounting firms make which stop them from growingHow accounting firm business models are changing and what's driving that changeWhy most accounting firms growing on compliance are an algorithm away from being obseleteThe reasons why accountants are good at learning but struggle with changing and being coachableBreaking down the Profit First methodology of sales-profit=expensesThe difference between real revenue and top line revenue in running a businessWhat's wrong with the traditional sales-expenses=profit formulaThe biggest challenge accountants have with cash flow managementThe vital role of empathy in changing behaviors of accountants and business ownersWhat stops accountants and bookkeepers from being more 'relatable' to their clientsWhy it's hard for clients to switch accountants and how to unseat the incumbent firmThe one question accountants can ask to be much more empatheticHow accountants can protect their time more and avoid 'over-servicing' their clientsThe one thing accountants must protect to grow and scale their businessPractical examples of 3 tier pricing for accountants and bookkeepersWhat it actually means to scale a business on a commercial and a personal levelThe rule of '3 and 10' when hiring and growing and how business owners get it wrongWhat being proactive actually looks like for accountants and bookkeepersThe critical questions clients ask themselves in deciding whether to switch from one accountant to anotherWhy change is good and why optimism is the only mindset of any valueThe profit management blueprint and why accountants who want to add value to clients need to embrace itWhat will happen to the accountants who can't or won't changeContact Ron:Profit First website Rob on LinkedIn 
Daniel Teacher is the Managing Director at T-Tech and oversees sales within the business. He is also hands-on with T-Tech’s clients, a large number being the top 200 UK accountancy firms. Prior to T-Tech, Daniel worked at Deloitte as a Management Consultant for 4 years, on global transformational projects for some of the world’s largest banks. Shownotes:How accounting firms differ in their approach to technology from other sectorsWhy there are literally NO large accounting firms who are good with technologyThe three types of accounting firms when it comes to technologyThe single biggest reason accountancy firms have poor technology capabilityWhy clients have such low expectations of their accountants and the disastrous effects of thatWhat stops accountants from adapting better to technology in driving performance and profitabilityThe three aspects of keeping up to date with technology that accounting firms encounter'Born in the cloud' accounting firms usually tend to have less than 20 peopleTechnology advancement in accounting firms is vital for better client serviceWhat accounting firms should do to avoid requiring so many different tech and software solutionsThe cost of new accounting software is actually only a small consideration in bringing it into your firmThe biggest frustration in handling the Tech of a large accounting firmAccountants are strong business advisors but often not good at running a business themselvesThe key focus for accounting firms in coming years when it comes to technologyThe best way to deliver technology change to accountantsThe best ways to attract to talent to your accounting firmAccountants note - the staggeringly high % of a client tax return that is not added valueBest advice for accountants who want to drive technological change through their firmThe biggest reason IT projects fail in accounting practicesDaniel is a patron of Norwood, one of the largest charities in London, and is a cycling enthusiast. He has participated in multiple charity bike rides in different locations around the world. He enjoys family holidays and has completed over 30 sky dive jumps!Contact Dan:Dan's website Dan on LinkedIn Dan on Twitter
James Molfetas is a chartered accountant who left the accounting profession in 2011 to concentrate on internet marketing. Today he coaches accountants how to get a minimum of 2 new clients every month by using his proprietary “Regular Accounting Client Blueprint”. James is the CEO and Founder of the training sand sales funnel implementation company, Regular Clients.James in an international number one best-selling author of marketing books helping accountants to get more clients and sell more products and services by leveraging the internet. In his 30-year financial career, he was a financial director in both private and listed companies as well as a partner in a small 3-partner audit practice. Shownotes:"If your accounting firm is not on the internet, you'll be out of business"How the internet has changed the game for how accountants and accounting firms market themselvesThe first thing a buyer or prospect will do if they want a new accountant or advisorThe trap of compliance - it might be where the money is for many accountants, but it's actually just a commodityHow digital disruption has hit the accounting profession harder than any most othersThe important things accountants must do in today's competitive marketplaceHow the cloud has given accountants a new lease of life, even though it presents an even bigger problem for themWhy it's actually easier for an accountant or accounting firm to differentiate themselves than ever beforeThe vastly different attitudes to the internet with older and younger accountantsHow bookkeepers are taking over what more qualified accountants used to do, with drastic consequences for accounting firms who do not evolveThe increasing trend of accounting firms putting their prices on their websiteThe number one reason accountants must move into the cloud and prioritise advisoryTrue or false - some accountants don't even talk to clients face to face any more?What accountants must to to reduce the cost of new client acquisitionThe big problem accounting firms have when they rely on word of mouth for new businessWhy accountants are at a disadvantage to other professions when it comes to their professional qualificationsThe downsides for accountants if they are not prepared to niche or specialise in targeting certain clientsTips for accountants who need to help prospects switch from their incumbent advisorsThe critical factor that is making clients more likely to switch accounting firmsWhat should be the ultimate goal when accounting firms source a new clients onlineWhy for most accountants, LinkedIn is the natural digital platform to be onWhen he's not working, James loves performing magic tricks for his two kids. He also used to be a provincial chess player in his youth.Contact James:James' website James on LinkedIn Email JamesPhone number: 2711 - 452 - 5682
Nathan Littleton is a marketer, professional speaker and author who specialises in helping businesses to grow by attracting and winning more customers.Having started his first business at the age of just 12, he has become one of the UK’s best and brightest young business figures, with more experience than most people twice his age. More than a decade on, he’s worked with thousands of businesses across the UK and around the world to transform their online marketing and help them to generate better results.Each year he sends more than a million emails on behalf of his clients, and his proven track record has led to him working with businesses ranging from small accountancy firms to international franchises. As an in-demand conference speaker, he also speaks regularly on different aspects of online marketing.Shownotes:The big difference between accounting firms and other businessesWhy accounting firms struggle to differentiate themselves against their competitionThe consequences of lower trust for accountancy firms, particularly with lost revenuesThe factors that make an accounting brand more credible and believableThe power of shareable client experiences to build credibility for accounting firmsHow word of mouth has changed over the years, especially with the online worldHow advertising saturation makes it hard for accounting firms to market themselvesFew accounting firms personalise their client experience and thus don't make them feel specialThe power of personalisation to increase word of mouth in accounting clientsDoes your waiting room experience make or break what clients are saying about your accountancy firm?Following processes can sometimes go against a memorable client experience for accountantsThe need for accountants to take risks to be more memorable and credible with their clientsThe importance of keeping promises to develop high levels of trust and loyaltyThe critical ingredient that makes a referral much easier to make for an accounting clientWhat to do as an accounting firm when your competition make the same claims as youThe role of the 'red box' in giving accounting firms a competitive edgeIdentifying the critical touch points in the accounting firm customer or client journeyA very simple thing that takes massive advantage of critical moments of truth with clientsThe power of lifetime client value in accounting firm success Contact Nathan:Nathan's website Nathan on LinkedIn Email NathanNathan on TwitterPhone number: 07708029038
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