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454 Bits & Pieces XVIII
We have a collection of aviation topics this episode: A flight in a Robinson R-44, a look at residential airparks, the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS, imaging instruments for aviation maintenance, US Air Force F-35A avionics and a walk around the aircraft, the Commemorative Air Force, honoring the Women Airforce Service Pilots, and using a portable ADS-B receiver. Bits & Pieces As long-time listeners know, when our recording day falls on a major U.S. holiday, we forgo our usual format and instead bring you a collection of pre-recorded segments from the co-hosts, and from our listeners and contributors. That’s the case this episode. Segments The segments that make up this episode [with start times]: Our Main(e) man Micah talks with helicopter pilot and Airplane Geeks listener Ernie Eaton at the Hampton Airfield Cafe after their flight in Ernie's Robinson R44. [2:27] Bill Armstrong, developer and partner at Big South Fork Airpark, explains what it is like to live in a residential airpark community, and what to consider when you are looking for that lifestyle. [13:14] Airplane Geeks reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari speaks with Captain Richards, Company Commander, F company 227 Aviation Battalion, and Sergeant Elbert about the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS. [24:27] Max recorded a call with Liam Hanna, a product specialist with Olympus Europe in Germany. Olympus Europe provides test, measurement, and imaging instruments for the aviation industry. Liam explains the different types of borescopes, how they are used and inspector training requirements, technology advancements that have been made, and dealing with a shortage of inspectors using live inspections and remote experts. Be sure to see the Olympus Application Photo Gallery for a great selection of videoscope and borescope images and videos. Max's favorite is the High Pressure Turbine Movie, where the laser-drilled cooling holes are clearly visible. [38:12] At the Chino Air Show, Brian talked with listener Matt Haines about the 60th Anniversary of the Planes of Fame Airshow [1:04:23]; with Staff Sgt Alexandra Dougherty, an avionics specialist for the US Air Force F-35A [1:06:30]; and with Colonel Eddie Bentley of the Commemorative Air Force in front of the beautifully restored C-53. The Commemorative Air Force operates the world’s largest collection of Flying WWII Airplanes. [1:11:47] Launchpad Marzari spoke with Allison Hoyt about the Commemorative Air Force’s Rise Above: WASP program. The CAF Rise Above program provides young people with real-world examples of how courage, self-confidence, and perseverance can allow them to triumph over the adversity they face in their own lives. The WASP program looks to encourage young women to become involved in aviation. [1:15:15] Using a portable ADS-B receiver, often connected to an iPad, is a low-cost way for pilots to display nearby traffic. However, the displays can be misleading, as they often don’t show the most important traffic, which is the traffic closest to the plane with the portable ADS-B receiver. Max Trescott talked about the limitations of these devices in a recent episode of his Aviation News Talk podcast, and we have that segment for you here. [1:19:42] Our Main(e) man introduces an interview with F-35 pilot Captain Roar conducted by Brian, Carlos, and Micah at Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017. In the interview, they discuss the transition from the F-15E Strike Eagle and low military flying in the UK. Capt. Roar mentions the Mach Loop we talked about a few episodes ago and describes the 3 different F-35 versions. We also hear about high G flight. Following that, Capt. Roar takes Brian, Carlos, and Micah on a walk around the F-35. [1:30:31] Video Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017 Carlos and Matt from the Plane Talking UK Podcast pulled together a video presenting many of the faces at the Wings Over Pittsburgh air show.
476 Synergy Aircraft
The founder and CEO of Synergy Aircraft describes the personal airplane he is developing with a unique design.
462 Runway Girl Network and the Passenger Experience
Aviation journalist Mary Kirby talks about the airline passenger experience.
467 EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize
We talk with the three high school students who won the EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize competition for 2017.
475 Aviation News of the Week
Executive order allows recall of up to 1,000 air force pilots, proposed laptop ban, aircraft working the California wildfires, extra long range airplane, Goodyear blimp, CLEEN II program, and a Delta Airlines story.
473 Equator Aircraft P2 Xcursion
The CEO Equator Aircraft talks about the P2 Xcursion high-performance hybrid amphibious aircraft.
490 The Airbus A350
Conversation with an Airbus A350 captain, one-person flight crews, airlines looking to scale back consumer protection regulations, ADS-B vulnerabilities for military aircraft, the largest ever Piper order for training planes, the Air Force outlines plans for its bomber fleet, and Southwest runs out of glycol.
518 Betty in the Sky
Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast host and author Betty Thesky tells us about the life and experiences of a flight attendant. Airline seating, airline fees, flight attendant pay. Also, an indigenous fighter from Iran, the UK Light Aircraft Assoc.
447 Airline Reporter David Parker Brown
We talk about commercial aviation with the editor-in-chief and founder of Airline Reporter. Also, the violent removal of a passenger from a flight, the new Boeing venture-capital group, the 50th anniversary of the Boeing 737 first flight, more seats for the A380, and a lawsuit to stop the Planes of Fame Air Show. Plus, reports from Sun ‘n Fun 2017, memorable flights, and a new aviation podcast. Guest David Parker Brown is editor-in-chief and founder of Airline Reporter. With a team of over 30 writers located in 18 different cities, is a goto resource for aviation, travel, and airline industry content. This is quality material by passionate AvGeeks. As for David, he has written, consulted, and presented on many airline and travel topics since 2008. He caught the aviation bug at an early age, and has been blogging since 1999. Aviation News United CEO apologizes after video of O'Hare passenger dragged from flight goes viral United Express flight 3411 operated by Republic Airways and departing O'Hare International Airport was overbooked. But four Republic crew members needed to get onboard so they could deadhead to work. One passenger refused to give up his seat and was violently removed by an aviation security officer. This Startup Backed By JetBlue And Boeing Plans On Flying Electric Planes By The Early 2020s Boeing launches venture-capital arm, invests in local electric-airplane firm Boeing has recently formed a division called HorizonX as a small venture-capital group to invest in companies with interesting technologies. HorizonX is led by Steve Nordlund, formerly the head of drone company InSitu, which was acquired by Boeing in 2008. As examples of technology areas that HorizonX might invest in, Nordlund pointed to autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and additive manufacturing. Initial investments were with Upskill, an augmented reality company, and Zunum Aero that is developing small hybrid-electric aircraft. Boeing 737, Which 'Took the Aviation World by Storm,' Marks 50 Years of Flight The Boeing 737 first flight took place 50 years ago, in April 1967, and entered airline service in February 1968 at Lufthansa. See the Boeing 737 Technical Site for history and data. Airbus Carves Out Space on A380 Flagship to Fit 80 More Seats Airbus is offering customers some A380 configuration changes that result in additional seats. These include removing an upper-deck stowage area, moving the main staircase, 11-abreast on the main deck, 9-abreast in premium-economy, a rear spiral staircase, and moving the pilot rest area. Lawsuit seeks to halt annual Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino Chino Airport Tenants: Let A Coalition Oversee The Air Show A group of Chino Airport tenants are suing the Planes of Fame Air Museum (another tenant) to halt this year’s Planes of Fame Air Show May 6-7. Chino Airport is a county-owned airport in San Bernardino County, California. The plaintiffs allege the air show negatively impacts their business. The tenants bringing suit want the County of San Bernardino to appoint a coalition of tenants to oversee future air shows at the Chino Airport. Find a petition at: Don't Let them Stop Your Air Show! Sun 'n Fun 2017 Airplane Geeks Reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari reports from Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In Expo, held April 4 - 9, 2017. He talks with John and Martha King from King Schools, and Michelle McGuire from Mutt Muffs which provides hearing protection for dogs. Listener Recording Listener Mike Smith tells us about two of his most memorable flights. Watch Airventure Oshkosh 2015 Trip and Airventure 2016 in my Sonex. Mentioned Wings over Pittsburgh, May 13-14, 2017. Northeastern Pennsylvania Air Show Aug 12-13, 2017 at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport. AOPA Hangar Talk 18 with Max Trescott. Aviation News Talk is Max Trescott’s new general aviation podcast. Video: Spitfire - Public Service Broadcasting Live At Brix...
445 Iridium Communications and Space 2.0
The CEO of Iridium Communications tells us about the satellites being placed into orbit and the services they’ll provide to aviation. In the news, airlines react to the laptop ban, a proposed TSA fee increase draws criticism, FAA forecasts slow growth for general aviation, and an engine manufacturer looks to expand. Also, interviews from the Heart of Texas Airshow. Guest Matt Desch is the CEO of Iridium Communications, a satellite communications company that offers global voice and data coverage through its constellation of low-Earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites. Matt explains the company’s next-generation constellation, Iridium NEXT, with deployment expected for completion in 2018. We talk about how the satellites are placed into orbit with SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, and what will happen to the old constellation being replaced. Matt describes the capabilities of Iridium NEXT and the implications for aviation. That includes the Aireon service, a hosted payload that will listen for ADS-B signals and relay them in real time to air navigation service providers. A long time telecom/technology executive, Matt started his career at Bell Laboratories, and was an early pioneer in the cellular phone business. He was involved with a number of high tech companies over the years prior to becoming CEO at Iridium. Follow Matt on Twitter as @iridiumboss and visit the Iridium website for more information, and to order Iridium NEXT memorabilia. Iridium is on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. Video: Successful First Launch of Ten Iridium NEXT Satellites Aviation News The Jordanian Airline Making Money Off the Laptop Ban and Fly Lemonade: Turning Electronics Ban Into a Sweet Brand Opportunity Affected airlines have been quick to react to the PED ban. Royal Jordanian has continued it’s marketing campaign that pokes fun at the U.S. presidential election and recent government policies. Emirates started a service where you hand over your banned devices at the gate, which they package and place in the cargo hold. You get to work right up to boarding time. Etihad has a Make Flying Great Again video that illustrates the features of their IFE system. They also tout their seats that fully recline for sleeping, and their flying nanny to help keep children entertained. U.S. Airlines Push Back Against Proposed TSA Fee Hike The Trump administration proposes to increase the TSA fee that passengers pay. But the U.S. airline trade group Airlines for America says that each year, about $1.3 billion of the fees collected do not go to fund aviation security. Instead, they are allocated to overall deficit reduction. FAA forecast: Slow general aviation growth, drone explosion In its 20-year forecast, the FAA estimated slow growth for general aviation. The agency sees a decline of 17,500 fixed-wing piston aircraft, offsetting a small annual increase in turbine aircraft and other segments, with a net annual growth rate of 0.1 percent. The number of small commercial drones in the domestic UAS fleet is expected to grow from 42,000 at the end of last year to 442,000 by the end of 2021. FAA projects commercial U.S. passenger growth of 1.9 percent a year over the next two decades. Continental Motors to Expand Dramatically Continental Motors plans to break ground this year on a new $70 million manufacturing center and corporate headquarters in Mobile, Alabama. CEO Rhett Ross says, "We see that different power systems are going to be necessary. You'll see much more electrified aircraft. This increases our flexibility for new designs." Airshow Interviews Airplane Geeks Reporter-at-Large Launchpad Marzari brings us interviews from the Heart of Texas Airshow, held March 18-19, 2017 Waco, Texas / TSTC Airport. “Laser Dave” McConkey is a flight engineer for the B-17G operated by the Gulf Coast Wing unit of the Commemorative Air Force. Nick “Bearshark” Green from the F-18 demonstration ...
510 U.S. Airmail 100th Anniversary
100th anniversary of airmail, new Goodyear airship, Aquila canceled, Boeing 797, a hypersonic airliner concept, a stealth tanker, TSA looks at your snacks, Heathrow expansion, a quieter airplane, reduced pilot training at USAF, finding airway beacons, Air Evac Lifeteam at COTA, student pilot Nicki’s new flight instructor.
A Brief Announcement
Due to a death in the family, the Airplane Geeks podcast will be on a short hiatus.
515 Jon Ostrower’s The Air Current
Aviation journalist Jon Ostrower is now editor-in-chief of The Air Current and shares his views on Farnborough, electric aircraft, the Embraer/Boeing and Bombardier/Airbus linkups, and a Boeing middle market jet. Also, single pilot cargo planes, Trent 1000 problems, a GA exhibit coming to the National Air & Space Museum.
492 Flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
A Boeing 787 FO talks about flying that plane. Also, implications of privatizing ATC, replacing the T-38C Talon, subsidy claims and Open Skies agreements, an interview with the Commander of 302 Squadron of the Dutch Royal Air Force.
571 Aviation Reporter
The Boeing 737 MAX: congressional investigations, changing the certification process, and regulatory agency harmony. Also, Canadian airline mergers, green aviation, COMAC developments, the collapse of Thomas Cook, Belgian F-16 crash, Chuck Yeager sues Airbus.
524 Electric Airplane Propulsion
The CEO of magniX talks about electric airplane propulsion. Also, FAA reauthorization, an initial NTSB report, why bad airline service is profitable, possible increase in the LSA weight limit, Air Force contracts for helicopters and the T-38 replacements.
566 Aviation Conversations
FAA NextGen portfolio manager, InfiniteFlight CEO, the crew of NOAA WP-3D Orion hurricane hunter, a decorated WWII pilot, an aviation-themed hotel, fuel cell-powered airplane, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, A-10 Warthog, landing an A321 in a cornfield.
549 Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol, noncommissioned officers in aviation, the V-22 Osprey. Last Doolittle Raider passes, F-35A recovery, SOCOM and light attack aircraft, Stratolaunch first flight, Ethiopian AOA sensor, reduced seat recline, 60 electric airplane order.
569 Wichita, Air Capital of the World
Sonia Greteman on the new book Wichita: Where Aviation Took Wing. Interviews from Dorkfest with UA CEO Oscar Munoz, Courtney & Isaac. Different 737 Max viewpoints between regulators, GA and hurricane Dorian, the last Red Bull Air Race.
526 Delta Air Lines Celebrates
Delta Air Lines celebrates 10th anniversary of the Delta/Northwest merger, new engine repair shop, first A220-100. American Airlines baggage handler, Lion Air crash, Boeing 737 MAX data servers, two Iceland airlines. Interviews with aviation Youtuber and Snowbird #1.
564 One Hundred Years of GE Aviation
The 100-year history of GE Aviation, the path forward for electric planes, hidden city ticketing, Boeing plans to employ a second flight computer on the 737 MAX, an employment cutback at ICON Aircraft, a successful English Channel crossing on a flyboard.
572 Pickle Fork Cracks
Manual piloting skill erosion, pickle fork cracks on the B737NG, EC review of Boeing’s plan to buy into Embraer, R44 helicopter crash, “MCAS-like” system on K-47, passive radar tracks stealth fighters, a Delta stake in LATAM, emotional support animals.
532 A Jet City Star
Guest Isaac Alexander gives us a taste of aviation action in the Pacific Northwest. In the news: updates on the Boeing/Embraer deal, more WOW Air woes, Virgin Galactic test flight, MRJ engine final assembly in Japan, the Northrop Grumman Firebird MALE, an airline turnback to deliver a heart, and pet fish flying commercial. Plus David’s holiday story, Voyager spacecraft, and first flight comments.
543 Aviation Career Opportunities
Aviation career opportunities, current employment outlook, industry trends, and scholarships. Boeing acquisition of ForeFlight, the crash of Ethiopian 737 MAX 8, FOD in KC-46, pilot leaves handgun onboard, pax with an RPG, SUN ‘n FUN fly-in and air show.
530 Airlines and the Cloud: Creating Responsive Customer Service
Airlines use the cloud for responsive customer service. Indigo Partners invests in Wow, airport micro-hotel rooms, B747 retirements, passengers pay for aircraft repairs, A320 engine cowling door problems, Piaggio insolvent, history segment on the TBF Avenger.
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