02-24: Best Bird Books of 2018 with Donna Schulman

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We're getting to the end of the year and it's time for a look back at the best bird books published in 2018. Once again, 10,000 Birds book reviewer Donna Schulman joins me to talk about our favorites. Donna and I each share our Top 5, including field guides, family specific guides, and narratives from well-known authors and publishers. Thanks to Space Coast Birding & Nature Festival for sponsoring this episode. Join the ABA in Titusville this January for great birding and fellowship!

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Donna’s Top 5

1) Birds of Central America - Andrew Vallely & Dale Dyer

2) Birds of Prey of the East/West - Brian K. Wheeler

3) Peterson Guide to Bird Identification in 12 Steps - Steve NG Howell & Brian Sullivan

4) The Feather Thief - Kirk Wallace Johnson

5) Belonging on an Island - Daniel Lewis


Nate’s Top 5

1) Birds of Central America - Andrew Vallely & Dale Dyer

2) Gulls Simplified - Pete Dunne & Kevin Karlson

3) Birds of Nicaragua - Liliana Chavarria-Duriaux, Robert Dean, & Robert T. Moore

4) Birds of Prey of the East/West - Brian K. Wheeler

5) ABA Field Guide to Birds of Oregon - Dave Irons & Brian Small

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31 mins


Thursday, November 29th 2018