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005- Travis Ogden, Young Living's COO talks direct sales, new challengers, and sushi
I'm president of the Travis Ogden fan club. In episode 005 of The Overflow Podcast, I'll introduce you to him, as we talk about the unique opportunity of the direct selling industry. We discuss his entry into the MLM industry (he was originally a bean counter and came to Young Living in a completely different role than the post he now occupies as the sushi-eating, Tesla-driving COO. Along the way, well discuss his thoughts on why Young Living continues to thrive. Despite challenges of creating new systems to handle increased shipping and production loads. Despite market challenges like "compliance issues" and new entries into the essential oil market... And, you'll learn what it's like to work with Gary & Mary, as well as pick up some tidbits about the Ogden family. The show is sponsored by Oily App ( and, as always, you can do us a huge favor by rating / reviewing us on iTunes.
039- The Ladder, part 2- What, How, Why, & Who...
In last week's podcast, I discussed the first three rungs of The Ladder- What, How, & Why. This week, in part 2, I show you the importance of revelation… of insight… of really “knowing” what’s going on inside. Face it, where there is no vision, no sense of mystery and destiny, the most sacred of dreams seem to fade to the side. There still there, and still things we want, but we push them off and simply deal with the day-to-day grind staring us in the face. As well, you'll learn here what to do if you’re stuck… if you’ve defined your dream, but aren’t sure how to get there And, what to do if you feel alone… like there’s no one in your corner, and no one walking with you. Finally, I’ll show you the “bus,” one of the most powerful images we use when teaching these concepts. It’s simple- in fact- all of these tools are so simple you’ll be able to implement them yourself AND teach them to others immediately after watching. So, if you’re a take charge kind of leader… If you’re looking for a step-by-step process that’s worked for hundreds of others and is guaranteed to move you from where you are to where you want to be- in any area of business or life… If you feel you’re called to be blessed… and know there are blessings there for you to receive so that you can turn and empower others with the same… And, if you believe walking in your destiny could pull you into a circle of some of the most fun people in the world, equipping you to walk one of the most exciting paths you’ve journeyed… Then this is your ladder… __________________ You might also like: * Part 1 of The Ladder, podcast episode #38 * The Advance- a men's weekend workshop where we created this info: for upcoming events * The Ladder- the entire online class. Go to for more!
026- Scott Garner & getting pulled into the power of relationships
Scott & his wife Carol hi-jacked our day once- for the good. Rather, for the great. We were at a business event and ran into them at the front door. We hadn't planned on seeing them- certainly not spending the majority of the day with them- but that's what happened. Here's how: after about 30 seconds of chit-chat, Scott invited us to lunch (they'd already planned to try a new vegan place in Salt Lake City). About 30 seconds after that, they invited us to sit with them in their box suite for the event (we gladly gave up our "cheap seats"). The Garners completely honored us, introducing them to their business team members, as well as lavishing us with encouragement and praise. It was surreal. And it had all been unplanned. 13770527_10154354908422806_4862823871398678648_nA few hours later, we ate lunch (with them and some new friends), then went to a large breakout session where Carol was speaking. Because of that encounter that morning, the entire day was gone... all for the good. I asked Scott how their business grew so quickly. Turns out, he has no idea. He says they just love people and look for ways to serve them. My takeaway: that's exactly how. So, here's the convo with one of my favorite people in the world- and my surfing coach (yes, he taught me how!)- Scott Garner. Listen on. He'll tell you how how he quit his dream job, how his wife started making her own essential oils (she mimicked Thieves), and some of the transitions they've made from through the past few years... Links mentioned in the conversation: Scott & Carol's website: Scott on Instagram: Scooter_Surf Find him on Facebook: search Scott Garner The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“: Link to the podcast on iTunes: SoundCloud link: Advance 6.0-
031- Jim Goodyear- The Tour Divide 2K+ bike ride and doing something that terrifies you
About 9 months ago, Jim Goodyear told me he was going to ride across the United States, North to South, on a self-supported ride known as the Tour Divide. I thought he was crazy. After listening to some of the stories he told me about others who had ridden before him... and then hearing stories after he rode, of things he experienced, my feelings were confirmed: Jim is out of his mind. Why else would you go on a self-supported ride? Why would you ride in the dark, particularly with threats of bears and every other thing that could go wrong? Why would you take a trip when sleeping in the bathroom of a State Park is considered a luxury that you may come across perhaps once or twice... Well, it's on trips like these that you come in touch with who you really are. Or, to bring it down to a level to which we can all relate, it's when you face your fears- whether it be walking on fire, being transparent about your own shortcomings, or even walking across the room to speak to a stranger... it's on those moments that we grow. It's in those moments where we face our fears and walk through them anyway that we often become the people we're destined to be. [Tweet "It's in those moments where we face our fears and walk through them anyway that we often become the people we're destined to be."] Of course, that's one of the things that makes Jim so great- walking head first into it and telling others about the journey. 13731693_1753566398253770_7139031066407636822_nDuring the podcast, Jim offers a great bit of advice he admittedly ripped from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do something everyday that scares you." It may not be a Tour Divide ride, but it might be learning that new skill. Talking to that new person. Growing your business. Writing that book. In fact, as you're reading this, you probably know exactly what it is... My advice? Do it... ____________________ Links referenced in this show Jim Goodyear's Tour Divide Facebook page: The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“: Link to the podcast on iTunes: SoundCloud link: Advance 6.0-
Advance 5.0- Breakout 04- Leadership- Jay Pointer
Jay Pointer is a paradox- on the surface, at least. He looks like a guy who could win a street brawl (I'd want him on my side if mayhem breaks loose!), but you can actually feel the heart and emotion when he talks. He's like the guys that built Nehemiah's wall in the Old Testament, I imagine... those are the men that carried a sword in one hand, enabling them to protect the things that mattered the most (their women, their children, and their neighbors)... and, at the same time, in the other hand, they carried the tools that enabled them to do their craft, their trade (in their case, building a wall- in Jay's case, building a lucrative business that can provide financial fuel for generations). Jay spoke spoke to us about leadership at Advance 5.0 in Dallas, Texas (his own stomping grounds). * He showed us a plastic apple and a real apple- he explained they look the same from far away, but radically different when you get close- just like leaders. * He spoke candidly about the challenges- and joys- of working together in a family business- and how the best leadership knows when to lead well and when to let someone else lead from their giftedness while you use your leadership to stand back and empower their success. I felt like I was listening to a sage- a teacher about my same age. I hope you enjoy the talk as much as we did... Other links mentioned in this podcast (as well as a few you need to know about): * The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“: * The bus fundraiser: * Advance 6.0- * Link to this podcast on iTunes: * SoundCloud link: * Facebook:
014- James McDonald- Family Strategy
I always learn a ton when I talk to the guy I interview for today's podcast, James McDonald. James is a husband, father, pastor... and a man who thinks long-term about most things. Rather than seeing his role as a father in isolation from his role as a businessman, he evaluates them together... Rather than seeing his faith as something to fit in a box for Sunday mornings, he integrates the Father's heart into everything he does. James is married to an amazing woman, Stacy, and they've created quite a story together. In this episode, we discuss their home business- and how they slowly got into it (he even suggested his wife quit at one point early on- you'll love his humility and honesty!). We talk about setting his kids up for success long-term, giving them a financial vehicle now so they can do whatever they want to do later... And we discuss a strategy James and some of his team members have created to share the vision of a true family-driven, home-based business with others... Find him online here: The Common Scents Mom website: The video we reference in the podcast about the four families whose lives have been changed: James' "Walk Talks" on Vimeo:
032- Verick Burchfield hosts a manly chat about the Men's Advance
In this episode of The Overflow Podcast, Verick Burchfield leads a panel of guys- all joining him via Zoom- to discuss the upcoming Men's Advance in Atlanta, GA. What's an Advance? Well, it's a weekend retreat (we prefer to call it "Advance," though, since it's about moving forward instead of shirking back and retreating, OK?!)... a weekend ADVANCE... that's... 1/3 life 1/3 faith 1/3 business and everything else The Advance weekend(s) began about two years ago, when a group of guys decided to create a "do-over" of some important events that happened on a business retreat. It seemed to them that getting a few guys in the same room- guys who would be transparent and real, yet push each other forward- was a major need. So, a date was penciled into the calendar, and plans were created to converge in Memphis, TN. That group of 20 became 40-ish a few months later... in Birmingham, Alabama. Then 40 became 80 or more in Kansas City for Advance 3.0. Those 80 became 115 in San Diego last Fall... Then 150-ish in Dallas in late February 2016... With each Advance, the team has gotten tighter- and the influence has grown. More people have been invited into the circle. More lives have been changed. In this conversation, you'll learn... * The vision of the Advance * Who should go * Some of the takeaways from guys who initially were skeptical about what they were walking into. Listen on! _____________________ You might also like: The Advance website: The Advance curriculum- eBook- audio- supplemental videos. Grab this $97 product on sale for $37 at this link and save the travel time / expense- and run through the material from the comfort of your own home:
034- Dustin Tudor discusses the importance of discovering who your kids really are
This past weekend, we completed the- get this!- sixth Advance. This is the event you learned about in episode 32, when Verick hosted a panel of past Advance attenders. Throughout the weekend, guys are directed towards focusing on their goals, as opposed to looking at an arbitrary goal that's handed to them (i.e., hit a higher rank in business, for instance). Some of the guys decide they want to get healthy. Others decide it's a marriage that needs redemption that's on the top of their mind. A few want to crush their finances- to get out of debt, to secure their future... and eliminate a ton of stress in the process. Some go after their kids... hard... In fact, there's a goal board- a place where guys actually write what they want to achieve- the "best case scenario" for them in whatever area they want to see results. Throughout the weekend, we go hard after it. And, together, we get results! Dustin Tudor is one of the guys who decided he wanted- he needed- to pursue his kids. After a previous Advance, he diligently sought their hearts AND he determined to know what the Lord had created each of them to be. In time, he saw that their calling, their identity, all fit together. They were planned (read: fore-ordained) to be together and complement one another. We asked Dustin to teach a breakout session at Advance 6.0- and I got him on the phone as part of the prep for it. Together, we talked through the concepts he was developing... Turns out, Dustin has a fighter, a lover, and a builder in his family. Here, he talks about why each is important to the other... and how they work together to create something of amazing value (see the graphic). Your role isn't to duplicate what Dustin has done- your job is to uncover the unique design on each of your kids- and then to shepherd them to greatness in that role, knowing that they play a unique part of a larger puzzle. ____________ You might also like Advance- Navigating from Where I Am To Where I'm Destined to Be- get the complete audio, the entire 180-page eBook, and three of the supplemental videos... all at a fraction of the original price! And, you can access it INSTANTLY! Go to: Grace Basics- 8 lessons designed to show you your identity, and unlock the greatness within you. You'll learn who you are, how radically you're loved, and walk away empowered to live your destiny:
Advance 5.0- Breakout 06- Customer Service- David Robinson
You've met my friend David Robinson before ( He's the British guy who came over to the US on a work trip years ago, decided to drive down to the Carolinas for a few days to catch up with his online friend, Lynn... and then never went back. He had his items shipped to him, got married... and has been here ever since. David's been running in our circles with the Advance since event #2.0- one that he almost bailed on after showing up, walking through registration, and then entering into full-on panic mode. He stayed, and the rest is history. Now, he brings a warmth, a depth of wisdom, and tall tales that can only be born from walking a life path of humility and sincerity. So, we asked David to talk about customer service at the recent Advance. After all, we figured he's qualified... * He runs the governor's mansion in North Carolina (Remember the show Benson? That's him, now... only he's caucasian and British!) * He's worked as a private butler AND overseen massive high-end hotels... * He genuinely loves people... Though not what you would EXPECT to be on the schedule at an Advance, I promise you... this one is EVERYTHING you actually need to hear. And, it's applicable at work (whatever you do for a career), in your home, in your faith community... and even at the coffee shop or pizza parlor that you frequent... Important links for you from this episode: The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“: Link to the podcast on iTunes: SoundCloud link: Advance 6.0-
018- Tyler Vining- Use the business as a tool to accomplish all the great things that are in you
Tyler is an impressive guy. He's young, he's fit, and he loves his family. He and Madison have been together since they were... 14...? Yep, before they could legally drive. Since then, they've finished school, gotten married (before graduating college, by the way!), and had a few kids. And a few more they've adopted. (When Tyler and I Skype'd this convo, he used a high chair to balance his computer- then sent me the photo to the right!). They run a successful business together- and have learned that the business is a great platform to do the incredible things that have been placed in you by your Creator, things that may or may not have a ton to do with the business itself. So think of it like that... like fuel in the tank, gas in the engine... the spark to keep your dream going! ____________________ Links in this episode The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“: Link to the podcast on iTunes: SoundCloud link:
012- Michael Durham- Social media, replicating websites, and growing your business online
Yep. It's already episode 012 of The Overflow Podcast. Michael works his Young Living business by bringing past experience in websites / tech design to his business. And, over the past two years, he's created a plug-and-play website system that you can use to grow your online presence. The best parts? It's all FDA compliant, it updates automatically as new products are added- or as descriptions of existing ones change, and people can sign up from the website with your member number. We talk about how much you should post online (interestingly enough, the fact is that most people don't post too much; they post too little!). We also discuss the importance of following up with people to whom you give business cards and / or your contact info instead of waiting for them to get back to you- and leaving the convo in their court (see the sample business cards below, by the way). During this talk, Michael references Model Man, a book by Larry Stockstill. And, I spank him for only taking his wife on one day every 3 months or so :-) Listen on, because Michael has a discount code for you that will give you access to one of his personalized sites for a major discount ($1 for first month, then 1/2 price for three months, all year at 20% off after that). This lets you try it for four months for about $31 before committing long term! The promo code? OVERFLOW (links are all below). Connect with Michael online at the following: Of course, check out our sponsor- Oily App . And, you can do us a huge favor by rating / reviewing us on iTunes.
Savoring where you are + the book Savoring Single w/ Shelley Black- #52
In this episode I want to introduce you to a family friend, Shelley Black. We met Shelley two years ago when Cristy attended Bethel Church’s Worship U one summer. Bethel created geographically-based small groups during the two week event, placing people who lived in the same regions of the U.S. in the same room during multiple sessions so that everyone would meet like-minded people who weren’t too far from their home…  Shelley is a worship leader, an entrepreneur, and an author hailing from Mississippi- way up in the northeast corner of the state the converges right into Memphis, Tennessee. We have her in our home (she even kept our kids for a full week while we attending a business convention last year!), we’ve been to her city, and we’ve learn more about who she is as a person…  As a woman. As a leader. As a daughter of the King.  At some point, Shelley mentioned to us, “Oh, I’m quitting my job and I’m writing a book!”  She has the kind of faith that Abraham had- that kind that just hears God say, “Go this way and do this,” and then- the next moment- just does it.  Turns out, Shelley’s blog and her book were about a venture she’d been walking of the past three decades. The path of living single in a world where “pairing off” is upheld as the ideal.  Think about it… What song can you listen to on the radio and NOT be encouraged to- or warned about- couple off?  Name one book you can read in which romance isn’t a theme?  Or a movie… Even our “action films” have some sort of big moment when the two stars finally get together, right?  Does it REALLY take another person to make us whole? Sure, we created for relationships.  And, yes, we see this scene in the book of Genesis where it wasn’t good that Adam was alone. But, are we deficient without someone? Here are some of the takeaways from Shelley’s book:  “Why savoring single? Because you were meant to enjoy it! Finding purpose, knowing love, and experiencing adventure aren’t reserved solely for the married girls! You can enjoy a full and vibrant life even while being single. It’s also a perfect time to partner with what God wants to develop in you through this once-in-a-lifetime part of your journey! Girl, being single is okay. There is a purpose for it, and it won’t last forever. So savor it!” “When we recognize our heart’s cry for a relationship is also a need for God, we will no longer feel lack in our singleness.” “If you’re always looking forward to something to find your happiness, you won’t be happy in your now. “ “I can know love, pursue love and be loved without having to wait for the circumstances of my singleness to change. And you can too.” “When we love from a place of being loved, we are free to love more authentically and generously. We won’t fear burn out, rejection or not being loved in return.” “Remaining pure also has two sides but comes in opposite order. The hard precedes the good. You have to make the hard choice first and then reap the reward later. The world will give you its reward first and then makes you pay later.” “He desires a relationship for you that has love without strings. Sex without shame. Intimacy without rejection. Vulnerability without exposure. Truth drenched in love.” Wow, right?! I take my daughters on a “date night” month- on the first Thursday of the month. It’s a standing commitment we’ve got on the calendar.  This January I took them to eat dinner (Applebee’s- they LOVE chain restaurants like Chili’s, Applebee’s, and The Cheesecake Factory), then took them to Starbucks and gave them Shelley’s book. “You’re probably going to want to be with a man at some point,” I told them. “He’ll be a great man, because you’re a great lady.”  I explained to them that these feelings were natural. That even if they weren’t feeling them now, at some point they might. And that desiring a soul-mate, a companion was part of life. At the same time, I reminded them, “But you’re whole right now. You won’t be less whole without the right guy and you won’t be more whole with him. Either way, you’ll always be the amazing person you are now with an incredible destiny.” Yeah. Maybe someone will get a front row seat to that- and get the joy of empowering that.  You can find Shelley at:  And you can grab the book on Amazon:  
Living the presence of the future… now- #44
A lot of people believe that this world is winding down, that the earth may actually be burned up by fire, and that the only hope we have is for God to start over. It sound bleak, apocalyptic, and it creates a mindset that detaches us from the present in such a way that we no longer live like salt and light but live like an irritant- often by expressing our irritation with how things are going… The reality IS that our world has a way of doing things, a blueprint that seems to be its norm. That’s true for the “big issues” (wars, political nonsense, etc.), but it’s true for small things, as well (the stuff of everyday life). But that doesn’t mean the planet is about to be judged, destroyed, or that it will even simply vanish…  Grace isn't just an "eject button" or an escape from the world in which we live. Rather, grace offers an invitation to live a different way of life from a different time & place… in the present. _________ Download the free Redemption eBook at  The men’s Advance happens every February and September. Go to to learn more about the next event. 
Come in closer (Redemption series #5)- #16
There’s a rabbinical tradition that says Moses’ burning bush was always burning. Or, at least, that it had been burning for quite some time before Moses stumbled upon it. Furthermore, tradition says that God was there and was READY to speak the entire time. It was only after Moses stopped and “came in close” that God reveals Himself to him…  (In the same way, it's believed that God is always looking... waiting... wanting to reveal Himself to us...) The name of God that’s revealed here is interesting, too. The name, YHWH, is actually unpronounceable. It’s the sound of breathing- like a whisper. It a real sense, that name shows us that-  *You can’t fully place God’s identity into a single word (like they thought they did with names), and  *You can’t begin to understand God apart from relationship. From close relationship. From close enough to hear the sound of a whisper.    _____________ Here are the links mentioned in the talk-  The free eBook, Redemption:  The online video class, also titled Redemption:
Free to be who you really are (Redemption series #1) - #12
Peter tells us that we’re redeemed by the blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:18-19). Most of us that grew up in the church know that- and believe it. However, we often have a limited view of what Jesus came to do.  You see, most of us believe that Jesus achieved our redemption on the Cross. However, if we’re redeemed by the blood, it makes MORE sense that we would find redemption, somehow, in each place that Jesus bled…. In the Garden, when He sweat great drops of blood. And when the soldiers beat Him, causing Him to bruise and bleed even more. When they scourged His back.  When they placed a crown of thorns on His head. When they nailed His hands to the Cross… and then nailed His feet.  And, even after He died, when they pierced His heart… and He bled water, mixed with blood.  In other words, Jesus didn’t just bleed at the Cross. He bled before it, on it, and even after He died. In each place, He bought more freedom, more redemption…    ___________ In this episode I refer to the Emotional Wholeness class. Get free, instant access to this 5-part video class here:  Also, download the free eBook that accompanies this series on The Overflow Podcast: 
Everyone Can Be Healed- #32
Sometimes, what we need betrays our theological box. So the box has to go. That is, we find ourselves facing a circumstance where we DESPERATELY need God to shine… yet it doesn’t fit the way we’ve been told He moves…. Physical healing is one of these areas. It’s a box we create, and a box that can’t withstand the pressure of reality.  My experience…  In the past I came in contact with two groups on two different extremes that theologically didn’t believe in physical healing. It didn’t fit their “intellectual system.”  On one hand, Christian fundamentalists assumed that Jesus healed, and that the disciples healed. But, healing passed away once we had the Bible. We no longer needed miracles to “know” how God is since we could just read about Him in print… Say what?! Yeah, that’s what they said.  Some of the leaders in this movement even said that when we see healing- or other miracles, or prophecy, or speaking in tongues- then it’s a safe bet to assume that’s actually the devil himself trying to deceive us. (You can read their blogs on the Internet, or you can run down to Barnes & Noble and grab their books!) I know. That point-of-view doesn’t fit with places where Jesus said, “The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy.” Then- “I, on the other hand, have come to give you life to the full” (John 10:10).   It’s like these people were more confident in the devil’s ability to trick us than they were the Holy Spirit’s ability to love and empower us… There’s another side, though. On the other extreme were “Christian” liberalists… those who decided that the miracles in the Bible didn’t actually happen (i.e., no Resurrection, no flood and Noah’s Ark, no Jonah in the whale). The logical outcome for this mental head game is, of course, no miracles back then = no miracles now.  In other words, no healing, either. Here’s what’s odd: both of these groups can’t stand each other, yet the practical application of BOTH of these groups is actually the same (what they believe is different; how they live it out is eerily similar!). You accept your lot. You pray. You grin and bear it… But that doesn’t work, does it? Regardless of what theological system they come from, when people NEED a miracle, they suddenly BELIEVE in the possibility of miracles. Sure, there’s some hesitancy… issues of worth and value and merit sometimes creep in…. But grace…. Grace is always bigger.  And better… And the end result is… well, everyone can be healed. Everyone.  Fundamentalist Christians can be healed. Liberal Christians can be healed. Spirit-filled Christians can be healed. Non-believers who don’t identify as Christians can be healed…  ___________________ In this episode we reference two previous talks (download + stream both Episode 7: No Faith Required Episode 8: Two Kinds of Healing Also, download the free Redemption eBook at   
It Works Both Ways (Redemption series #11)- #29
It was a huge eye-opener for me when I learned that we could be radically affected by others sins against us. Sure, most of us understand this on a childhood level (that person took my toy, this friend called me a bad name, etc.). The lesson seems to take on an entirely new level of significance, though, when we place the concept in the world of #adulting. The stakes get higher, the sins get bigger, the harm becomes more lethal.  It was ANOTHER level of insight altogether for me when I realized we could be affected by some of these sins that weren’t our fault… things done against us that require cleansing but not necessarily forgiveness (i.e., we bear no guilt, but we’re wounded). Sure, it sounds simple looking in hindsight- and I wonder how I missed it for so long. But, it’s a game-changer once you see it.  That leads me to the point of this talk…  The reality is that we’ve been hurt by others AND we have actually been the one TO HURT others. In other words, we’re both victims of sin and perpetrators of sin.  No, I’m not saying that “all sin is created equal,” that some actions don’t cause more harm than others. However, I AM suggesting that we’ve been on the receiving end of hurt AS WELL AS the giving end Thankfully, grace flows both ways. Grace forgives us- and cleanses their hurt. God is always at work. Furthermore- and this one is HUGE- He does His work of forgiveness and cleansing even when people whom we’ve hurt refuse forgive us. __________ Links referenced in the talk include-  Blog, two articles on weight loss-  How I lost 35-plus pounds-  Losing weight with essential oils-   The Redemption eBook- 
You can’t out-run the grip of grace- #45
There’s a phrase I used to hear a lot when I played sports: “It’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings.”  I know. That statement is not politically correct. Still, it’s a kick back to the days of opera when the big gal got up and belted out the final tune, a song that sometimes lasted 20 minutes or more. You could anticipate that the end was coming… but there was still much time to go.  After she sang… Well, then- and only then- was the show over.  Coach after coach used to tell us that phrase to keep us focused- even while we were losing. Their point? It’s not over until the final whistle blows. Keep going. Even if you think it’s almost over, keep on…    The highway to hell is never irreversible With Jesus, it’s never over. Ever. Not even when the big gal is warming up. The highway to hell is never irreversible.  Read Psalm 139. David says that if he ascends to the highest height, Jesus will already be there. And, if he sinks to the deepest low… the  abyss… even sheol (hell)… Jesus will already be there, too (see Psalms 139:8).  “There’s nowhere I can go from your presence,” he muses.  Or- to say it another way, “There’s no pit too deep for you to reach me!” Or- "You can't out-run the grip of grace." Let this one burst your theological box into smithereens: Revelation 14:10 tells us that Jesus- not Satan- rules hell. That’s right, Jesus rules everything. That’s what it means to have all authority, right? In the end, Satan isn’t in charge of anything.  Satan isn’t a “bad god” that has a pitchfork and runs around poking people in the rear while he roars at them like churches used to demonstrate back in the late 80s and early 90s in their Halloween “Judgment Houses.” Satan is a fallen angel. A strong one, but still an angel…  Jesus torments him, in the end…  Let me repeat it: According to John (who wrote Revelation), Jesus rules Heaven and hell… and everything in between. That means, logically, there’s no place He doesn’t have jurisdiction. There's no place out of His redemptive reach, because there’s no place Jesus doesn't have total authority.  David is right. If you could find your way to hell, He’d already be there, too. I know, that’s a rabbit hole and a theological quagmire all in one…   I’ve rambled… Back to the here and now...    What about hell on earth? In the book of Joshua, we read about Rahab, the prostitute who sees her impending doom and joins herself to the story of God’s people. As the Children of Israel approach the Promised Land 40 years after leaving Egypt, Joshua sends two spies to survey the land.  They make their way to the house of harlot where it will be easy to hide amidst all the other “coming and going” traffic of the city (see Joshua 2). Yeah, no one ever reveals who they see in the brothel… She declares the Lord’s deliverance of them- she knows of their redemption from slavery (see Joshua 2:9f.). She asks to be part of the deliverance, to be included in the story (2:12).  Destruction of her city- and her life- is merely days away when she cries out for help! Arguably, with her lifestyle, she already sits in a deep pit. Yet God hears her prayer! The spies rescue her, and she becomes the great, great grandmother of King David (Israel’s greatest king). She’s the mother of Boaz, the gracious man who marries Ruth. No doubt he learns great grace from his mother, for he redeems Ruth from her poverty and distress and becomes  a model of Christ. In fact, Rahab is in the lineage of Jesus, mentioned in the first genealogy of the New Testament (see Matthew 1:5). Interestingly enough, Rahab's redemption includes the redemption of her entire family- because she asks for it (Joshua 2:12).  (Remember that statement we made about faith in episode 7 of the podcast- that sometimes Jesus heals based on “other people’s” faith? Here's an example where He redeems an entire family based on the faith of the “black sheep” of the household.) Rahab’s story is a prime example of what the Bible means when it tells us that we were redeemed from the empty ways that we inherited from our forefathers (1 Peter 1:18-19). Rahab was likely living in the rut that she had always known- a rut that had likely existed for generations. In a moment everything changed and she became an ancestor of Jesus. You may be living the patterns you simply grabbed from your parents and friends with whom you have associated. Sleeping around. Binging. Anger. Wrong thought patterns.   Even if it's just the way things have always been done Perhaps it’s a pit that runs generations deep… “We’re all like that,” you may think. “It’s just who we are. It’s not what we want, but we don’t know a way out…” Those life-patterns are all expressions of the cosmos, that is, the world system in which we live (more in episode 44). God can pull you out. He can give you a “do over.” Even if the odds were so stacked against you that you never had a first shot at actually getting it right, Jesus redeems… And, remember, since Jesus has authority over all areas, there's no place beyond His redemptive reach. You can't out-run grace.    Links mentioned in this talk Download the free Redemption eBook at       Listening + subscribing options iTunes =   Stitcher =   Libsyn: http://andrewejenkins.libsyn   SoundCloud =   Webpage = 
Healing + Health- #35
Somebody asked me a few weeks ago, “Why do you teach natural health?” By that, they meant something like this: “You teach grace and healing… why do we need natural health if we have supernatural power available to us?” It’s a great question.  The sarcastic reply would be, “Why do you need doctors and Western medicine if we have supernatural power available? Whereas ‘church people’ seem hesitant to venture into the natural health waters for fear that they’ll contract ‘new age’ demons, few of them give a second thought about rushing to the doc in the box, big pharma, or invasive surgeries…" Why do you need that if you have supernatural power? The honest reply, though, the sincere one that penetrates the heart… and loves deeply… and is THE RIGHT answer (I believe) is multifaceted: First, we have far more control over our health than we’ve been taught. We’re not victims of the genome- as if some of us got a good shake at the DNA-lottery and others of us didn’t. Science is showing, more and more, that we have far more power than we thought. Second, Jesus taught- and empowered His disciples- with natural health info. In other words, natural health isn’t a new idea; it’s been around a long, long time.  Third, according to the New Testament, natural health is as much a part of what Jesus came to do as supernatural healing. I know. That last one sounds odd. And I’ll have to back it up. Give me a few minutes in this talk, and I’ll get to it…. You see, every day we have the power to “choose life.” With our words. In our finances. In our relationships. In how we respond to various situations. And in our health… 
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