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Best Episodes of Animalia

Corals are incredible animals that support an estimated 25% of all marine life. But without the algae living inside them, coral reefs can’t survive. Scientists recently discovered that bacteria also live within these algae. Could the right bact
Beetles are like little fashion icons. Some are as shiny and reflective as mirrors. Others change colour depending on their angle. In this special episode for the Pint of Science Festival, we ask Dr Amanda Franklin why. We also ask about Amanda
Summer is here in Australia, and that means one thing - you’ll be hearing a lot of a certain noisy insect.We spoke to Dr Nathan Emery to learn about these more often heard-than-seen creatures, including their life cycles, how they can be so noi
In this spooky Halloween special, Ashton Dickerson joins us to discuss werewolves, vampires and zombies of the animal kingdom. We even throw in a witch and some Frankenstein’s monsters.We reference some visual media during our recording, see wh
In 1935, cane toads were introduced to Australia. This proved to be a terrible mistake. Australia now has hundreds of millions of toxic toads advancing across the country. How can we stop native predators from eating these highly poisonous toad
In the third and final part in our Isolation Animals series, we look into the negative effects of COVID-19 on animals. In keeping with this episode’s “bad news” theme, this episode was much harder to record and took much longer to get out than
Need some good news? In this episode, we discuss how lockdown is affecting wildlife - in good ways. From brighter bees to healthier hedgehogs, find out how animals might be making the most of this situation.If this episode feels one-sided, don’
What have animals been up to, with humans in lockdown and isolation? In this episode, we chat about window-shopping goats, a kangaroo on the run, penguins viewing art, and bust some viral myths.Here are some other podcasts we’ve been listening
What were the greatest animal-related events of 2019? To bring in the new year, we chat with Tom Keaney about our personal favourites. From the discovery of an ancient amphibious whale, to a new record for world’s fastest ant, this episode brin
The thylacine (or Tasmanian Tiger) was an Australian marsupial that looked a bit like a dog. In 1936, the last known thylacine died. But could we bring this species back?In this episode, we chat with Dr Axel Newton about what made the thylacine
Mind-controlling viruses, vampire fish and crab-castrating barnacles. Sound like science fiction? Welcome to the real and terrifying world of parasites. In this episode, Kaya Moore joins us to chat about some of the world’s most incredible para
How did the skunk get its smell, and why are so many stinky and spiny mammals black and white? In this episode, we chat with Dr Ted Stankowich about how animal defences evolve, the price animals pay for having them, and how he studies skunks wi
Where have we been, and how have we been sleeping? In this short update, David reveals his first solo birding achievement (making Farley proud) and Annie describes the weird sleep patterns of arctic animals. We also provide some clues about our
Animalia goes into the "wild" to search for the rarest bird in Australia: the Tufted Duck. Along the way we discuss birding culture, what a "twitcher" is, and spot many, many birds... but do we find the Tufted Duck?Episode features news segment
Every winter, in the United States alone, more than 15 million tons of salt are spread over roads to remove ice. So what are the effects of all this extra salt on wildlife? In this episode, Dr Gareth Hopkins describes how increased salinity aff
Swans are icons of love and fidelity, but what are their relationships actually like? And does the Queen really own them all? In this short episode, Annie presents a swan-themed Q&A. (With a brief introduction of our recent travels across four
What can a mantis shrimp see, and why does a chameleon need to change colour? In this episode, Dr Devi Stuart-Fox shares some surprising facts about animal vision - and about the tricks animals use to hide in plain sight.Read more about Devi's
In this episode, Annie and Farley are joined by Izzy Taylor for a three-way debate on whose home country has the "best" animal. Australia versus America versus England, who will win?To check out some of Izzy's work, see this amazing video she m
Want to learn more? You can read more about Dr Therésa Jones’ research here: https://urbanlightlab.com/research
In this short episode, Farley and Annie chat about chilly echidnas, accents and penis fencing.
Want to learn more? You can read more about Dr John Lesku’s sleep research here: https://leskulab.org/
Welcome to Animalia! A podcast all about animals, and the weird and interesting things they do.
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