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Episode 23: "I Would Continue to Live Another Day" [Guest: Gaby Dunn]
Gaby Dunn is a comedian/journalist/actress/podcaster. She hosts the web-series 'Just Between Us' with fellow actress/comedian Allison Raskin; has written for publications such as Fusion, Slate, the NY Times, Salon, the Boston Globe; and also has a new podcast out now called 'Finale Rally.' On today's episode we discuss Gaby's start doing the crime beat for the Boston Globe, her 100 Interviews project and how she crashed a $2000-a-plate dinner to try and interview Stephen Colbert, the misconceptions and realities of being famous on the internet, Bisexual awareness, reminiscing about her time on Superman fan forums in the early 2000s, and much more! Follow Gaby on Twitter: @GabyDunn Just Between Us: Website: Full episode recaps/notes:
Episode 28: "Too Weird for Network TV" [Guest: Brian Stack]
Brian Stack is a current writer/performer for 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' and was previously a writer/performer for 18 years on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien/The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien/Conan.' This episode (after explaining why Brian is the nicest man in the world for recording a second conversation after the original got destroyed due to technical issues) we discuss his time at Late Night, the shared sensibilities of the Conan writers room, catching lightning in a bottle and taking ideas to their logical conclusions, doing sketches for the studio crowd vs the home audience, the transition from NYC to LA and back again, writing for a more political leaning show like Colbert, and much more! Follow Brian Stack on Twitter: @BrianStack153 Follow me on Twitter: @MightyVin "Like" the show on Facebook: Theme/Bed Music by:
Episode 57: "Right Place, Right Time, Right People" [Guest: Marc Summers]
Marc Summers is known as the host of the Nickelodeon's 'Double Dare,' 'What Would You Do?,' as well as 'Unwrapped' on the Food Network, which he has become a big personality on in the second act of his career. He has been promoting a documentary on his life called 'On Your Marc,' which is currently in the process of solidifying a distributor. This episode we discuss Marc's early years as a stand-up and warm-up comic, working at The Comedy Store, Double Dare 2000, the transition from Nickelodeon to Food Network, being proactive with your career, and much more! We also cap off the conversation with some listener questions! On Your Marc:   Follow 'Any Time' and myself on Twitter: @MightyVin Full episode recaps: Music:   Next Episode: November 24th
Episode 65: "Doing the Cake Dance" [Guest: Steve Whalen]
Steve Whalen is a comedian who has some great insight into the current NYC comedy scene and has been featured on shows like Difficult People, Crashing, High Maintenance, and can be seen every week on The Special Without Brett Davis. This episode we discuss breaking into the Screen Actors Guild, getting punched on the set of Law & Order, influential comedies that deserve more awareness, Tiger electronics, working on different movie sets, and more! Follow Steve at  Full episode recaps:  Next Episode: March 16th!
Episode 56: "Comedy Showcase Special"
This week is a very special episode, as I look back on the first two years of the show and highlight clips from 10 comedians/writers. Newer listeners will be in for a real treat and longtime ones will enjoy revisiting some great moments from comedians Paul Scheer, Bill Oakley, Negin Farsad, Josh Gondelman, Todd Glass, Kelly Carlin, Brian Stack, Jimmy Pardo, Roy Wood Jr, and Jo Firestone! Full episode listings: TWITTER: Facebook:  Music:   Next Episode: November 10th
Episode 46: "Anger Is Not Sustainable" [Guest: Roy Wood Jr]
Roy Wood Jr is a comedian who can be seen most weeknights as a correspondent for 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' and who also has a new standup special called 'Father Figure' out now on Comedy Central. This episode we discuss Roy's early days working in radio and honing his comedic voice, the context of being able to speak freely in public and private spaces, the casual absurdity of situations he finds himself in as a Daily Show correspondent, how to do political comedy in this type of climate, and more. for more info on Roy Wood Jr. to help support the show. for full episode recaps. like the show on Facebook. Bed music by Next Episode: May 17th
Episode 34: "I Should Not Have This Power" [Guest: Daniel Kibblesmith]
Daniel Kibblesmith is a current writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and former writer/editor for The Onion and Clickhole. This episode we discuss The Late Show's live Election Night Special and how it changed on-the-fly as the results started coming in and the tone of the night changed, what it was like writing surreal ad copy for Groupon, helping launch Clickhole, the importance of world-building in comedy, getting to write for Valiant Comics, and much more!   Daniel on Twitter: @Kibblesmith Me on Twitter: @MightyVin Full episode recaps: "Like" the show on Facebook: Next Episode drops November 30th!
Episode 47: "It's Just Not Enough" [Guest: John Szeluga]
John Szeluga is a comedian and writer for 'Impractical Jokers' and the host of the Super Live Adventure Podcast with his co-host Chris Sorrentino. In this extra-long TWO HOUR return episode of the podcast we hit the ground running by discussing John being a new father, raising a modern child in 2017, the evolution of sitcoms, preparing for doomsday, family & facebook, how anesthesia feels like death, and much more!    Music by:   Next Episode: July 7th! (NOW EVERY OTHER FRIDAY!)
Episode 37: "Say Yes To Luck" [Guest: Don Arangio]
Don Arangio is a Director of Photography and Producer who is proof positive that you don't need to go on the path put in front of you in order to find a viable career. In this episode, we discuss Don quitting college on a whim, falling into production work, and putting himself in unlikely positions that ultimately led to him putting in long hours and hard work to get to a place where he is now on the cusp of taking on some pretty big projects in major roles that would have seemed impossible to reach just several years before. More Don: Full Episode Recaps: Facebook: Twitter: @MightyVin Music by:  Next episode: Jan 11th 2017
Episode 51: "There is No Truth in Recollection" [Guest: Lizzy Goodman]
Lizzy Goodman is an author whose latest book 'Meet Me In The Bathroom' is the first major book to document the NYC music scene and culture from 2001-2011. This episode we discuss the romanticizing of that time, how the book is just as much about the culture of NYC as it is about the music, putting things like the internet and gentrification in context, how the music and comedy scenes were dovetailing into the same patterns during that time, and more! Follow Lizzy on Twitter: @lizzydgoodman Buy 'Meet Me in the Bathroom' on Amazon: Follow me on Twitter: @mightyvin DAPS.TV for full episode listings. Bed Music by:   Next Episode: September 1st!
Episode 42: "What Is My Career?" [Guest: Erin Mallory Long]
Erin Mallory Long is a writer, producer, performer, and podcaster. She's a person who wears many hats and on today's episode we discuss what it means to do a lot of creative projects at once, the economic reality of that, how comparable college life is to the show 'Felicity,' working with live animals at the Oscars, what makes a good sitcom, and much more!   Next Episode: March 22nd 
Episode 22: "The Only Character Having Fun" [Guest: Rob Bricken]
Rob Bricken is the Editor-in-Chief of the tech and pop culture website io9. This episode we discuss when fellow nerds overreact on the internet, DC (movies) vs. DC (TV/CW), The Force Awakens' implication on the ending of the original Star Wars trilogy, why the recent X-Men film is better than you think, Star Trek's low-key 50th anniversary, and more.
Episode 24: "The Most Portland Thing That Could Possibly Happen" [Guest: Hutch Harris of The Thermals]
Hutch Harris is a singer/songwriter & guitarist for the Indie Rock band The Thermals. This episode we discuss The Thermals' initial rise in the mid-2000s, their recent performance at the now-famous "Birdie Sanders" rally in Portland for 11,000 people, their new record 'We Disappear,' Hutch's recent turn towards stand-up, his band-coaching work for the new movie 'Green Room,' and more! Full episode recaps at The Thermals are at
Episode Four: "Most Interrupted Interview of All Time" [Guest: Paul Scheer]
This episode I'm honored to be talking with actor/comedian Paul Scheer (The League, How Did This Get Made, Crash Test, Human Giant, NTSF:SD:SUV, many many more things). After getting over a minefield of interruptions I had to cut out and pare down, we had a nice conversation about Paul's new comedy special 'Crash Test,' getting to take over MTV for 24 hours as part of Human Giant, the context of bringing "danger" to comedy, Paul's connection to Odd Future, selling out Irving Plaza in five minutes for a podcast, and more. CHECK OUT CRASH TEST OVER AT WWW.CRASHTESTSHOW.COM FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @MIGHTYVIN FOLLOW PAUL ON TWITTER: @PAULSCHEER SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES ADD TO YOUR PLAYLIST ON YOUR STITCHER APP NEXT EPISODE DROPS: October 7th THIS EPISODE’S SPONSOR: WWW.SUPERLIVEADVENTURE.COM
Episode 52: "Science is Excel Sheets" [Guest: Mad Scientist Podcast]
Chris Cogswell holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and hosts the popular Mad Scientist Podcast. This episode we discuss the accessibility of scientific research, misconceptions and falsehoods in the way we report on science, debunking the modern conspiracies, and more! More info:   Follow me on Twitter: @mightyvin DAPS.TV for full episode listings. Bed Music by:   Next Episode: September 15th!
Episode 36: "Holiday Special 2016"
it's that time of the year again! Listen as I get cozy by the fireplace and bring back some of my favorite guests of 2016 for new conversations, music, and surprises! Guests like Todd Glass (Stand Up, The Todd Glass Show),Brian Stack (Late Night w/ Conan, Late Show w/ Colbert), Bill Oakley (The Simpsons, Mission Hill, Portlandia), Negin Farsad (Fake The Nation, The Muslims are Coming), Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight, Stand Up), Brett Davis as "Christmas Dracula" (The Special Without Brett Davis, Chris Gethard Show), John Szeluga (Impractical Jokers, Super Live Adventure), Chris Sorrentino (Wahoo Skiffle Crazies, Super Live Adventure), and music from Brian Bonz, Matt Wilson, and Bobo Touch! FULL EPISODE RECAPS AT WWW.DAPS.TV Twitter: @MightyVin Facebook:   Next Episode: December 28th
Episode 35: "With a Little Grit and Bravado" [Guest: Emilio Sparks]
Emilio Sparks is a radio personality, producer, and podcaster who has seen more good fortune and breaks come his way through his life so far and has built up a cult fanbase of average joes and industry insiders alike. But being able to be involved in cool projects and become friends with higher-ups in an industry you love possibly only gets you so far when you keep weighing it over the idea of taking more steady work that pays well, but that might not be your passion. That's the central theme of today's episode. While we do jump around a little, I hope that by the time you finish this episode you will have perhaps a newfound understanding of what it's like to hustle and want to do what you want on your own terms and the choices you have to make along the way.   Episode recaps at Wrassle Rap Podcast: Twitter: @EmilioSparks Twitter: @MightyVin   Next Episode: Dec 14th
Episode 30: "Comedy Should Be Startling" [Guest: Kelly Carlin]
Kelly Carlin is the author of the memoir 'A Carlin Home Companion,' host of a SiriusXM radio show, and podcast 'Waking From the American Dream.' She is also the daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin, who has a new album of previously unreleased and reworked material out this week called 'I Kinda Like It When A Lot Of People Die.' This episode we discuss the challenge of striking your own path while still honoring the legacy of a parent, the different prisms in which people view her father's work, understanding the reality of death, the perception of political correctness in comedy, and much more. For more info on Kelly Carlin: Full episode listings: Facebook: Twitter:  Music by: Next Episode: October 5th  
Episode 61: "Pot Pies and Ovaltine" [Guest: Joe Rumrill]
Joe Rumrill is a comedian who has his hand in many different cookie jars around the NYC comedy scene. Listen as we kick off 2018 with a loose, fun conversation about golden age animation, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sunday comic strips, comedy, Sesame Street & The Muppets, what the kids today are into, the uncanniness of the Spongebob musical, and much more!  Joe Rumrill on Twitter: @2tonbug Me on Twitter: @mightyvin Full episodes: Music by:   Next episode: January 19th!
Episode 59: "Cannoli Driven Nightlife Dancing" [Guest: Brian Bonz]
Brian Bonz is a singer/songwriter who has toured around the world as a solo artist as well as a part of Kevin Devine's backing band. He also, along with Filmmaker Mike Rizzo, are launching a new web series based off their cult comedy music project 'Bobo Touch.' Brian is also currently starring the the short sci-fi film 'Pumpkin,' which is currently seeking distribution. This episode we discuss the idea of bands touring vs saturating a single city, the generational shift between what constitutes success as an artist, balancing passion with business, and more!   Full episode recaps:   Bed Music:   Next episode (HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2017): December 22nd!
Episode 63: "None Of Us Are Smooth At All" [Guest: Mary Houlihan]
Comedian Mary Houlihan joins me this episode for a wide-ranging discussion including talking about her interview with Martin Shkreli, Mr. Rogers, the original 151 Pokemon, re-evaluating old problematic media, the Hungry Monk Rescue Truck, high school teachers that moonlight as wrestlers, the pure joy of King of the Hill, old cookbook food, and more!   Next episode: February 16th!
Episode 55: "The FDA is Asleep at the Switch" [Guest: Larry Olmsted]
Larry Olmsted is the author of the book 'Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don't Know What You're Eating & What You Can Do About It.' He is also a columnist for Forbes & USAToday. In this episode, we discuss how the FDA is hurting Americans by keeping in place low standards (such as only inspecting 2% of all seafood imports), what different companies are doing to get you to buy products that aren't what they seem, how some of these foods are better outside of America due to other countries having better regulating bodies, why Wal-Mart actually has better standards for food than most regular stores, and much more. Buy Larry's book, out this week in paperback, at your local bookstore or online at Follow Larry on Twitter: @TravelFoodGuy   Next Episode: October 27th!
Episode 45: "Aggressively At Odds With Showbiz" [Guest: Jason Zinoman]
Jason Zinoman is the NY Times Comedy Critic and author of the new book 'Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night.' This episode we discuss the legacy of David Letterman and his show on the last 30 years of comedy and the long shadow he has cast, the state of current late night television, explaining the influence of something that isn't constantly in cultural syndication, tracking down every episode of Late Night/Late Show, the tonal shifts in late night over the years, and more. Buy 'Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night: Follow Jason Zinoman on Twitter: Support the show on Patreon: Follow on Twitter: "Like" on Facebook: for full episode recaps. Next Episode: May 3rd
Episode 25: "Intense, Fantastic, Crazy Music" [Guest: R. Stevie Moore]
R. Stevie Moore has self-released over 500 albums over the past 40 years and become a cult icon in the world of DIY music, influencing musicians & fans like Beck, MGMT, Ariel Pink, The Pixies, Mac Demarco, XTC and many others. This episode we discuss Moore's unique discography, his various distribution methods over the years, the struggle to be diverse and creative in the face of successful mediocrity, finding his second-wind with a new generation of fans online and only recently embarking on his first serious tour, and much more. for full episode recaps   Leave a 5 star rating on itunes!
Episode 29: "Put a Number On It" [Guest: Steve Kornacki]
Steve Kornacki is the host of MSNBC Live, weekdays at 4pm, and Political Correspondent for the network. This episode I got to pick Steve's brain about the 2016 election and hear his thoughts on which demographics are important this cycle, the details and importance of the horse race and statistical breakdown of the election right now, deciphering Trump's strategy, looking at this election through the lens of history, and more. Follow Steve on Twitter: @SteveKornacki Follow me on Twitter: @MightyVin "Like" the show on Facebook: Theme/Bed Music by: Full episode listings at:
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