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Cultural norms. by Pete Dobson
Arrogance, fear, and confidence. by Pete Dobson
If you tell lies you will turn into a democrat.
Are spies super smart or are they just a bunch of idiots like the people we see in congress with (d) after their name?
Clown world VS Jesus. by Pete Dobson
Don't eat the food in clown world. by Pete Dobson
The king of "clown world" is the devil, here is how to piss him off.
The greatness of freedom loving people has never left. Though there are a number of hateful, stupid people who seem to be able to get on T.V., they do not represent the true strength of the American people.
Democrat Presidential hopefuls shoot each of their arguments through the prism of Clown World for your consideration.
Creepy Joe Biden spends a ton of money driving the name of Trump into the minds of the haters. Also, the Democrat field of Presidential hopefuls use a NEVER BEFORE tried strategy...calling Trump supporters names! This and much more on today's episo…
Author of "Deep State Target" George Papadopoulos has a story to tell that is something out of a James Bond movie. The implications of what he is saying is true could forever change the nature of international policy. You had better pay attention t…
Bernie Sanders is the latest victim of Democrat "self-foot-shooterey" as ol' "Boston Bomber Bernie" gleefully announces to the free world that he wants all pedophiles and notorious terrorists to be able to vote. Tune in to the Arch Advocate podcast.
How much of the insanity around us is our fault? Tune in to today's episode of the Arch advocate show.
Atheists come out this time every year to tell Christians about the root word of "easter". Tune into this hilarious episode of the Arch Advocate podcast.
A.G. Barr sets the record strait and naturally, the "left" sees the error of their ways and repents. It is Good Friday. Let us all take a moment and remember what happened today.
Today we get the report WITH the blackout lines included FREE OF CHARGE! what will the National inquirer, Jerry Springer, The Young Turks and CNN be talking about? They will be talking about and trying to make news about ALL of the things that are …
A communist millionaire, a fake indian, a sodomite, sparticus, and a woman who slept her way to the top are all trying to become the leader of the free world. Tune into this exiting episode of "Clown world" er, I mean "Arch Advocate podcast".
#Notre Dame fire is more than the loss of a building. France has become the living representation of post-modern, meaningless existence.
Ilhan Omar lets the world know her true thoughts about what happened on 9/11/2001. This further insight into the progressive mindset gives us more incentive to vote in every election for the rest of our lives.
Now the attack on the deep state begins. Bill Barr said that the Trump campaign was spied upon and hours later, Julien Assange began the process of coming to the United States. Coincidence? I think not. Tune into today's show.
What is it that ALWAYS follows a mass shooting? Non-stop media coverage. Does anyone but me find it odd that there isn't a peep coming out of the Christchurch police department? Tune into today's episode as we break it down.
Radio and Social Media personalities Andy & Tara Join us on today's episode of the Arch Advocate podcast to discuss the editing flaws (both audio and visual) of the New Zealand massacre.
There is not a single aspect of the New Zealand shooting that doesn't stink to high heaven. There are a number of inconsistencies with the actual shots themselves. Journalist and weapons expert Adam Cairns joins us today to help us break it all down.
One thing that can be said about all of these mass shootings is that there sure are a whole lot of coincidences happening around the same events. Is it coincidence or are we being move into position with chess moves?
Brenton Tarrant is the New Zealand shooter but who is he really? There is a lot wrong with the narrative about this guy and today we dig into who this guy is and where he has been. Journalist Adam Cairns joins us today to give us the breakdown.
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