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Of all the apologetics I hear, the teleological argument, or the argument from design, was the one that used to convince me the most.  I would look at the universe and be in awe of its size, majesty, and wonder.  It really is an amazing univers
Ever heard this, "But my religion makes me happy.  Trying to be more like jesus makes me a better person.  Why would I want to give that up?"  I know you have.  I'll not deny any of this.  Religion CAN make you happy.  People who get better by
I don't have a topic, but when has that stopped a show.  Let's hang out together and just talk about whatever comes to mind.  This is a stream of conscience show, and tonight, it will be even more off the cuff than normal.
The great and glorious Craig Well, author of the Blasphemous Bible, returns to the Roundtable to announce the official release of his book.  The Blasphenous Bible is a line-by-line re-write of the King James Bible, with a fresh, satirical, sata
It's not a religion, it's a relationship.  We've heard that before.  Does that mean that when we leave religion behind, we have to break up with god?  And when our parents, friends, and relatives still want to hang out with the ex, that can mak
I think some of the most difficult beliefs we apostates have to leave behind are those concerning the afterlife.  Hell terrifies people for decades after one becomes an atheist.  The loss of heaven can be mourned like the loss of a close relati
I'm listening to a preacher dude.  He wants to explain why god put the serpent in the garden.  I can't wait to hear what he has to say. Atheists will be familiar with all manner of rebuttals to this story.  From talking snakes to trees that s
Are you an anti-theist?  Are you anti-theism?  Is there a difference?  Does it matter?  I think there is a difference, and it does matter.   Let's talk about the definitions of these terms, what it means to assign these labels to ourselves an
I needed to find a new religion, since my old Catholic one wasn't going to cut it anymore.  But which one?  How can I choose?  What ever shall I believe?  Let's get back into my deconversion story and pick up where we left off. Spoiler Alert:
It's been quite a while since I talked about my deconversion story.  I think it's time to go over that again.  It begins way back when I was going to a private, Catholic, high school... Take a journey with me down memory lane, as I re-visit m
Every once in a while, someone will ask me what would convince me that god exists.  I guess I nomally respond, "I don't know", and while that's true, I sometimes think I should have a more in depth answer.  This is my long answer. My New Year
I get to talk to Criag Wells, the author of The Blasphemous Bible.  The book isn't even out yet, and I got to interview him!!  I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable interview than this one.  Craig is just such an awesome guy.  I can't i
I've had a few conversations with people who disagree with me.  Believers, anti-vaxers, etc.  I've even had arguments with other atheists on things like last week's topic.  Often, it's easy to allow these conversations to become nothing but sho
I think the question, "Does god exist?" isn an answerable question.  Thus, I'm a gnostic atheist.  Yes, I'm taking some license with the term "gnostic", but I think this is acceptable.   What are your thoughts on being a gnostic atheist?  D
So sorry for the technical difficulties last week.  I think I've got it now.    This is what freethought freestyle should have been.
Kelsey and William join me again for another round at the Roundtable.  We didn't have a topic, but we sure covered a lot of ground.  From atheism vs agnosticism to cults vs. religions, we tackle it all, without a script to hold us back! Enjoy
This week, William joins me again.  This time, we talk about the commandments in the bible.  We talk about the commandments we like, and the ones we'd like to have seen in the bible, but are sadly missing. It's a fun conversation about one of
This is part 2 of my interview with Gleb Tsipursky.  Thank you to Gleb for sharing his insights into why post-truth politics is here, and what we can do about it.  Please don't let this interview end without you going to the pro-truth pledge an
I get to talk to the one and only Gleb Tspursky, who is on a mission to make things better in a post-truth world.  We talk about what post truth is, how it works and what we can do about it. Gleb is amazing.  His passion is unequalled and his
My friends Kelsey and William talk about those first things believers say to us, and how we respond.  It was a great time, even though the internet was not cooperating with us. The awesome is so awesome.
In a new format, the Atheist Roundtable is back!  Now, with more of a roundtable format.  Tonight, Kelsey joins me to discuss morals and ethics in atheism, and I bring a story about the separation of church and state. Join in the fun!  The aw
I've talked about the evidence for god a lot.  And I've talked about how I don't find these arguments convincing.  Tonight, I'll talk about why I am not convinced and perhaps what it would take to convince me. I want to go over a few things I
Recently, I listened to an eposode of the Thinking Atheist podcast.  Seth was doing an interview with some Christian radio hosts.  More than once, the Christian hosts asked Seth what evidence would it take for him to be a believer again.  While
I got the idea for this show from my friend, Frank, who tweets at @Atheism_Tweets.  He told me to listen to the last caller on a recent episode of the Atheist Expirience.  The caller, Dana, told a heartbreaking story about her sister.  On her d
I've changed my thinking since I was a believer.  Before, penance was something I did to make up for sin.  It was a way to show my desire to heal a broken relationship with the god I thought was real.  Now that I no longer believe, what does th
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