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Greig Tansley returns!! Asshole Aussie shit bird trivia!! Astoria: It’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to!! The Coneheads hate these gazebos!! If a little homunculus punches my colon, I’d probably shit myself!!! Who, whom, him, her?!? Sp
Not bad-good…just bad-BAD!!! Hollywood stories!! On my god, so much wrapping paper!!! Hoop deVilles!! Ryan Jett: Master of Finance!! You’re not a vehicle-robot!! Why is there a sky, outside?!? Let’s build a bridge over Dirge!! Megatron has lost
A pop in the dingus!! A new Shout-Out!!! Muff-bang!!! Magic is science we just don’t understand!! Maybe you’re a non-pervert!! Ryan’s van: “Mold Grower” We’re still going to Baltimore, right?! Return to work?!? Hot Spot USA!!! Elita and the Fem
You Should Be Dancing!! Greig from UNT and Mike from MSRP!!! I’ll fight you over pumpkin spice!!! Aut0 Bop!! Dancitron!!! Punk Centurions and Double Dragon guys!! Relax!!! Is there a plot?! Blaster vs Soundwave: All Talk, No Shock!!! Spoiler: T
That’s not quite cricket!!! Snagged like a Javanese tiger!! Michael Trimblett: Cyber Informer!! Change your passwords!! Remember the Boar War?! Dinsmore clone theories! As the Kitchen Sinks!! Buzz Dixon boot-licking!! Hand Lotion Creamy-Cream!!
SPACE TRAIN CHUGGER!!! Aaron used to be a gentleman!! Ryan used to enjoy a lot of things!! Caleb!!! BOOM off the jump it’s crazy!! Shut the fuck up and get a lawyer!! Triple changer quadruple cross??! Plasma Heads!! Look what that pipe has done
HOT BOT SUMMER!!! Feeling good...feeling are YOU?? Jeff Bezos of the Sea!! A whole new world!!! Deceptitran: Cowardly, hysterical!! Serious rebellion shit!! Sea Spray and Alana XOXOXO!! Hey you astro-turkeys!! White Rabbit ’85!! Tha
Man Made Monster!!! Mixed up condiments!! Baltimore: Down with It!! Reddy Kilowatt: Plug in, I’m ready!! Kremzeek!! Choco rations down two points!! David Wise!! Japan!! APDCDICK!! Script Deviations!! Say You, Say Me!!! Rocky IV!! Rate the Sche
Full-Tilt Behavior!! Planetary Cocktails!!! Garfiel—er—Hershel Calendars!!! Shout Outs! COVID cults!! Lord Guy-Cunny! Energon chips – fuel? Money? Yes! Blurr + Alpha Trion = Devcon!! Sleezardo!!! Don’t be a Roman emperor!!! Sloppy buttholes!! I
Betrayals!! Who stole my YoCrunch??! Garnished wages! Clogged pipes!! Buttered Sofas!!! Shout-Outs! Gravity News!! Titty City!! Dyson Sphere’s and Vacuums!! Robo-Smashers!!! Megatron’s gigantic binoculars!! Mark Twain!! In the Real World!! Icon
Feed me!!! Rum and a Ramble!! Caleb gifts!!! Shout Out to Nick!! Let’s Get OUTTA Here!!! Spike skips school! Morphobots!!! Convoluted Energon Schemes!!! Disgusting Finger Holes! Cold Slither!!! Pointless Insecticide!! Voice actor! Real World Ce
Play Ball!! Camping! Floating!! The Mayor of Titty City!!! Tootskies??!! Shout Out: The 11-month binge!! Color errors! Zip Zap the kid!! Defund the Authorities!!! Voice Actors!! In the REAL Real World: Ryan’s unhealthy weight loss!! Rate the Sc
Ringa-Ding-Dang-DONG!!! How’s the weather?! Punk Rock Name Generator!! The Life Life building!! The Flesh Police!!! Sparky’s Garage! New York City: Everyone’s a Car Thief!! Beefsteak!!! If brains were gunpowder…! Raoul!! Stroke Weight!! Voice A
Here’s the Church!! Here’s the Steeple!!! The God’s Must Be Crazy!!! Nothing Beats Wilkins Coffee!! Famous Movie Devils!! Hung Solo Rap-It-Hole!! Teen Wolf Penis!!! B-B-B-Buzz Dixon!!! The Sky God: A Giant Grift!! Astrotrain: Off the Rails!!! O
Queens of Cosplay continues!! Double fisting!!! Sea Spray and Perceptor: A Fight to the Finish!! Golden Godhood!! Beachcomber drops the ball!!! The big boys take a dip!! In the Real World, Cartoon Crushes!!! Iconic Moments! Rate the Scheme!! SE
From Gym Buddies to Queens of Cosplay: Hayley and Bono, Part 1!!! Favorite nerd properties! Anime lessons from young Millennials!! Trivia! Drinks!! Cats!!! Polyphagia!!! Autobots: Here comes the C-Squad!! Beachcomber is a Disney Princess!! Auto
We can’t read all this shit!! Garbage Pail Kids!! Ryan: Normal Sized Man!!! Blaster and Shockwave: Bookends!! Auto-bootlegging!! Voltronic Galaxer!! Decepticons: On the Moon!!! Megatron: Bitch-slaps Blaster!! Optimus Prime: Air-Traffic Controll
Alpha Magnus!! Mr. Jingeling!! Let’s drink some smarf!!! Who builds a henge anyway?! Greedy for a fuel-up!! Medieval Times-travel trope!!! Masters of the Gridiron!! Spike: keeping it casual!! Aaron: notorious poon-hound!!! Hostage cows!!! Citru
We’re livin’ in the past!!! Distracted by scotch!! Cocktail bombs!!! Shout-Out!! Be like Brian!! Hoppin’ the train to Cybertron! Buy Ryan’s van!!! Shockwave hide and seek!! Hold the door, Spike!! Finally...the Dinobots! Carly’s car! Carly’s ank
For those of you who have listened to our Holiday Special Ep#143, you know we were visited by 7 of the Icelandic Yule Lads over Christmas. We have cut all those segments together and offer it up here, pasted together. If you haven’t heard #143
Home Alone…again!! Ryan’s orphan dreams! Clark Griswold's Egg Nog!! Icelandic Yule Lads!!! Feline Fashion Police!! Nothing is doing anything!!! ICELANDIC Yule Lads!! FUN-A-RAMA! Sparkplug attends WRENCH-CON!!! Me, Slag, no like anything! Top Th
Hot Buttered Justice!!! Is this beer?!? 70s-hot Sally Field!!! Shout Outs!! Decepticon Day Parades!! Laserbeak want a cracker!?!? People of Earth, this is Megatron…ANY QUESTIONS!?!?! Shawn Berger: Dog Lunch!!! Voice actors!! Script Deviations!
The Drunken Botanist!! This episode was upsetting!!! Megatron cradles Berger in his hands!!! Autobots, GO HOME!! Tomatoes! Tanks for the memories!!! Alex Jones doesn’t remember his kids!! Serial Killer News: Robert Pickton!!! A football stadium
Back in the Ark!! Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! Monkey Scrotums!! 1 star reviews. Starscream gives the suk-suk!! But the Mayans!!! Let’s drive to South America!! The Deception Plan: Let’s get drunk!! The Autobot Plan: Let’s get small!! Optimus’s Plan
The episode is kicked off with a discussion of G1 Movie Madness Panel from TFCONDC2019 that was re-broadcast for this weekend's TFcon2020 online experience. Next, it's a special preview of APDC #139, in which bothe MIKE SEIBERT, ALEX JONES, an
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