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Robbie has Covid! While this really sucks for him and his family, we saw it as a golden opportunity to talk to about Covid with some first-hand experience. Robbie discusses his symptoms, how he probably caught it, and the future of this pandemic. I guess you could call it a "very special episode!" Also as a programming note, the Autosaved podcast will be taking a hiatus for a few weeks in December. We're going to regroup and decide if we want to continue next year and in what format. Stay tuned hear or follow @AutosavedPod on twitter for updates. Thanks for listening.
The new World of Warcraft expansion just came out this week, and Chris didn't want to take a break from playing it, so we recorded this podcast WHILE he played it. Rob gave him a World of Warcraft quiz, which he had to answer while also tanking a dungeon he had never seen before. Can Chris's amazing multitasking skills hold up to the pressure? Find out, on this week's episode of Autosaved! Golden Nugget: Arthas sings Let it Go:
Do you love minion memes? I hope not, because in this episode of Autosaved, we make fun of them for like 30 minutes. We also try our best to MAKE some minion memes! Did we fail? Did we succeed? Would succeeding mean we actually failed? It's so confusing! Also, Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Baby Yoda went to space, and everybody is mad at the Mandalorian now for some reason! Golden Nugget: Baby Yoda arrives at the ISS:
Restaurant dining sure looks different in these uncertain times. We discuss what the dining experience is like in a world grappling with a pandemic. Is it safe? Are companies doing enough? And is Mission BBQ worth the risk? Find out in this weeks episode of Autosaved! Golden Nugget: Bad Sax Solo:
Not much happened this week so we decided to talk about some controversy we have heard over the years: Is Harry Potter evil? And why do some Christians think it is but are ok with Lord of the Rings? We discuss these arguments and come to our own conclusions. We also talk about Marshmello's truck chase, minks catching covid, and some other stuff I don't really remember. I feel like there was something else big that happened that we talked about, but I just can't seem to remember what it was. OH YEAH! Here's the golden nugget: Golden Nugget: Dog of Wisdom:
Happy Halloween/Mandalorian day! On this week's episode of Autosaved, Rob gives Chris a challenge to guess nerdy TV shows and movies based on short clips of their theme songs. Can he figure them out? Also, we talk about all the shocking twists in the first episode of Season 2 of the Mandalorian! I bet you can't guess what happens! Golden Nugget: Guy makes a robot to carve pumpkins:
We made a list of silly things that Christians do! Do you do any of them? We do, and we talk about it on this week's episode of Autosaved! We also talk about some hotlinks. Did you know they found a nest of Murder Hornets? Did you know there is a website that tells you which McDonalds have working ice cream machines? Listen to this episode to learn more! Golden Nugget: Guy plays Doom on Minecraft sheep:
YO YO YO! SOAPY FRESH AND DJ CLEAN COMING ATCHA... whoa sorry. That was weird. This week we are talking about the exciting (?) world of board games. Also Rob made up a quiz about which silly board games are real and which are fake. Can Chris tell the truth from the lies?? That seems more and more difficult these days. Golden Nugget:
Did you hear about the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head? If not, a fly landed on Mike Pence's head. It was incredible, and all anybody has been able to talk about all week is the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head. Did you hear me?? A FLY LANDED ON MIKE PENCE'S HEAD!!! Golden Nugget:
The spoooookiest week of the year is upon us... if you're a salmon! That's right, it's Fat Bear Week! It's also the first week of October, so... I guess that's something too. This week we discuss the best way to troll nerds, whether you are one, or you love one. We also have a WHOLE lot of hotlinks this week. The internet has been... busy. Golden Nugget: Showing the Earth is round with a camera (the whole video is good too):
Why do some games stick around while others fade away? Why are people still playing old games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Skyrim? And which newer games seem to have the longevity to stick around? (Hint: It's Fortnite) Find out on this week's very special episode of the podcast! Golden Nugget: Granny Plays Destiny 2:
Here at Autosaved, we love our games! This week, Rob has cooked up a game all about quotes from famous people, and which Civilization VI technology they correspond to. We also talk about the new Playstation and Xbox which are on the way, and how much crazy money Jeff Bezos makes! Also, for real... don't wife your pig. Golden Nugget: Strupid Movie:
This week we are turning back the hands of time and revisiting our first jobs! Grocery stores! Restaurants! Washing vans?? What was the worst, and when does it get better? Find out on this episode of Autosaved! Golden Nugget:
This week, Autosaved is coming to you LIVE - directly from the internet! On this episode we answer the question: what would happen if we just surfed the internet and talked about the stuff we saw? And what is that answer? It's another episode of Autosaved! Golden Nugget: GellieMan - Aicha:
This week we have something special for you: a clip show! This episode features our best bits from episodes 1 through 7, lovingly crafted into 30 minutes of non-stop... whatever this is. Enjoy!
This episode of Autosaved is a little different than our usual ones. Rob and Chris skip the silly intros, Hotlinks, and Golden Nuggets because this week's topic is pretty important: the constant attacks on God in the movie, TV, and video games we enjoy. It's a subject we see all the time in pop culture but have learned to pretty much just ignore it. But should we? We discuss the types of portrayals of God and Christianity in our media, the kind of anti-Christian propaganda we are used to seeing everywhere, and how damaging those kinds of messages can be. It's a little heavier than our usual content, but we think it's important to talk about! Bible verses we talked about in this episode: Genesis 11-25 for the story of Abraham (chapter 15 and 22 for the "stars in the sky" references, 22 is the almost-sacrifice). Psalm 10 for David questioning God (and Psalm 6 is another).
We here at Autosaved are sick of all the arguing on the internet, so we're putting an end to some of the biggest internet arguments once and for all! Which Star Wars trilogy is best? Marvel or DC? iPhone vs Android? Find out in this week's episode of Autosaved! Golden Nugget: Michael Scott sings Into the Unknown:
In these uncertain times, we could use a little relaxation. Unfortunately, all the good vacation places are shut down due to the pandemic, so we are taking a trip to the one place they can't shut down: our own minds! We talk about some of our favorite things about vacationing, and some of our least favorite. We also talk about lots of other stuff, because that's what we do here on Autosaved! Golden Nugget: Dogs wake up to squirrel:
It's time to go back... to the internet! This week on Autosaved, Rob and Chris rank the top 12 best internet phenomenon from the turn of the millennia. We also talk about the Nintendo "gigaleak," magnetic fidget spinners, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's wild Twitter account. Join us! Golden Nugget: Dog makes Star Wars sounds:
It's a little early for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but a recent dip of our toes in the piratey waters got us thinking about what is wrong and what is ok these days when it comes to downloading old games (and other forms of piracy). We also talk about internet news! That's... kind of our thing. Golden Nugget: Cat... uh... licker:
We've got a special episode of the Autosaved Podcast for you this week! We are joined by Rob's friend, mentor, and church leader Mark Finley, who is here to share with us some great advice about studying the Bible and making time to pray and get closer to God. It's a little more serious than our usual stuff, but it's also very useful advice! Also we still do the silly stuff like a silly intro skit, hotlinks, and the golden nugget too. Speaking of which... Golden Nugget: Dog imitates Ambulance:
Autosaved is back and ready for business! This episode is all about the world of Mobile Games? Are they good? Have they destroyed the minds of a generation? And which ones are best? Also we play a game where Chris names real and fake mobile games and Robbie has to guess which ones are real. Fun! We also review this week's internet news in Hotlinks, covering Tesla Shorts, WoW diversity, and more! Golden Nugget: News Bloopers:
This week Chris and Rob dive into the exciting world of... middle management?? We've worked a lot of jobs, and had even more managers, so it's time to discuss the different types of managers you run into out there in the professional world. We also discuss Hamilton, Animal Crossing updates, and more! Golden Nugget: Dog Breaks Table:
This week on the Autosaved Podcast, Chris and Rob challenge either other to guess the video games they are explaining as badly as possible. White chocolate covered Oreos are on the line, so the stakes couldn't be higher! We also Inception-in-Fortnite Inception, the Biggest Minecraft Update ever, and more! Golden Nugget: Robots performing poorly:
This episode is a little more loose than our usual fare, but it's just how we were feeling so we went with it. We discuss credit card churning: what is it, how to do it, and most importantly, is it morally defensible? We kind of disagree about it! That doesn't happen that often. We also discuss aliens (again), good and bad sci-fi shows, Roblox conspiracies, and more! And yes we know (now) it was Alfred Lord Tennyson, not Shakespeare. Don't @ us. Wait no, actually do @ us. Golden Nugget: LAX 2194
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