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In this episode, I spoke to my friend Savanah Poulson about how she's been able to grow a mega-successful business in a very saturated market. Fashion & Beauty.Savannah actually teaches makeup and hair and fashion...Now, how many people do you know that attempt to try that and don't make it? How many people quit because they think it's a crowded market.I wanted to bring Savanah Polsen on today's podcast because I've watched her over the last few years explode by selling a product that feels impossible to sell in such a noisy world.Now, Savannah and I have been friends for 5-6 years, and she actually was an author on the HDS blog that I co-own before she really dug into her own brand.Today, she's sharing with you what took her from asking if she should even start her own thing to how she's getting millions of video views and growing her business to over 10,000 paying customers. Plus, she can serve that many customers 1-1, and she explains the technology she used to organize it all and get those orders coming in!Key TakeawaysHow Savanah got started making content  (07:30)How she stands out in such a saturated market (09:45)Savannah’s recommendation for finding the things we’re most comfortable with (16:00)Why mindset is one of the most important things we can work on (20:00)What she does to sell products during a tutorial (30:10)Why she chooses to not outsource her color-matching (37:15)What she does to make sure she is serving first (41:20)Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs (47:00)Additional Resources Find Savanah on Instagram and her websiteConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Talking to Gina DeVee feels like that endorphin rush you get after a fantastic workout. She is the founder of Divine Living, a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand and women’s empowerment company. And can I just say, after our conversation, I feel so incredibly uplifted and ready to conquer the day, and I know you will too.We talked about Gina’s background and how she began creating money from nothing all by claiming her financial future. We also discussed why your dreams MATTER and the importance of keeping them close in everything you do. Gina also shares how to go from a scarcity to an abundance mindset and even gives some great selling tips through her explanation of the masculine and feminine way of selling. You are going to want to grab a notebook for this episode because it is filled with such great gems that you’ll want to reference again and again.Stay tuned!Key TakeawaysDo you ever have any of these thoughts? (02:30)A little about Gina’s backstory (05:45)How she started creating money (10:50)Gina claiming her financial future (19:40)Why you want more (26:50)How to go from scarcity to abundance mindset (35:20)Why it’s so important to stay close to our dreams (41:50)Details about Gina’s new podcast and book (47:00)Difference between the masculine and feminine way of selling (48:15)Additional Resources Connect with Gina through her websiteListen to the Divine Living PodcastGet your copy of The Audacity to Be QueenConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
This week’s interview brought a much-needed kick to my step, and I think it will do the same for you too! As entrepreneurs, we tend to normalize doing it all. There seems to be this cultural mindset that hustling means having all the balls in the air at once. And it’s such an easy trap to fall into because we not only love our business, but we love the value we add to people’s lives. We start to believe that the more we do, the more we are helping ourselves and others. Rebecca Miller of Munchkin Lane reminded me that often the pep in our step we’re looking for is actually taking the leap and doing less.Rebecca became a student of mine and felt a bit stretched thin...not just in her business but in her home life as well. Her husband was away for medical school while she stayed home with FIVE kids between the ages of 2-7! And in COVID times where she’s now juggling mom, business owner, AND teacher.She realized that she deserved to be present in her life and for her family, so she made the difficult decision to scale back on the products she offered, thinking it would mean a pay cut. Much to her surprise, she went from random orders with no consistency to just under 2,000 paying customers per month just by selling workbooks for kids. Tune in and find out how going from selling multiple things helped her feel more in control and resulted in massive gains in her business.You will love her as much as I do. She is such a light, and it turns out we both fangirl over one book that you have to get. It has changed both of our lives forever!Key TakeawaysThe start of Rebecca’s business (05:31)Her mindset behind growing her business (07:00)The first products she sold (09:05)Why it’s important for someone else to handle customer service (14:30)A wakeup call that she needed to make changes in her business (23:30)What she’s currently selling in her business (30:00)Three pieces of advice for those looking to start their own online store (35:10)How Rebecca gained clarity on her project (39:18)Additional Resources Get a copy of  Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown hereFind Rebecca on Instagram @munchkinlanellcGet your own personalized busy book hereConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Are you ready to take a deep sigh of relief? Because this episode is such a treat. I had the opportunity to talk to Allie Casazza, blogger, author, speaker, and life minimalist. And she shared SO MUCH wisdom that I can’t wait for you all to hear.We talked about Allie’s journey into entrepreneurship, and I think so many of you will relate to her feelings surrounding it as well as what it means to declutter your life. She shares the first steps we have to take if we’re trying to minimize the distractions in our life and rewrite our life story to align with our hopes and vision for our lives. Allie also tells the story of how she woke up with 25k in her bank account (seriously! Turns out rewriting your story is truly powerful). She also offers some great advice for new business owners looking to quiet the noise and explains what she thinks is one of the biggest things holding entrepreneurs back from reaching their fullest potential. Pull out that face mask and those cucumber slices because this episode is like a massage for the soul!Key TakeawaysHow Allie got started in her business  (05:00)Life before entrepreneurship was taking a massive toll on her life (10:30)Starting to declutter by getting rid of physical items (16:20)How we all overcomplicate things in business (22:21)What Allie did to rewrite her story (29:15)Waking up with $25k in her bank account (33:00)Minimalism tips for new business owners (39:12)Confront your unworthiness (50:30)Additional Resources Get more of Allie hereListen to The Purpose Show Podcast Find her on IG @ allie_thatsmeConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
This week, I talked to Wendy Kesl, founder of Glitter Luv Creations. She has been doing amazing things in her business, just selling glitter. That’s right! No other products or services offered other than that sparkly dust you find in all of the corners and crevices of your home after you clean up the kid’s craft projects! And she’s made over six-figures doing it. Wendy so kindly shares the story behind her success, how she turned a mistake into a moneymaker, and what she does to keep things exciting for her customers. She is truly a powerhouse, and I know you will find so much value from her experience. Tune into this week’s episode for some great takeaways to use in your own business!Key TakeawaysThe time Wendy almost quit (07:30)How a mistake turned into a moneymaker (11:00)Figuring out she wanted to sell glitter (16:20)Wendy describes her subscription box (23:15)How Wendy has found her thousand dollar an hour job (31:28)The power of a single email (33:15)How she keeps things exciting for her customers (38:50)This is how you keep up with social media even if it isn’t your thing (45:00)Why you need a community for support (48:05)Additional Resources Check out Glitter Luv Creations here Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program 
Today’s interview has me downright giddy because it is such a dose of hope and motivation! I know the uncertainty of COVID has left so many business owners at a complete loss on how to make their next move. The sense of unpredictability has permeated almost every area of our lives, and I see how difficult it’s been for business owners. In this episode, I had the chance to talk to Anne-Michelle Frances, co-owner of Ohana Board Shop. She and her husband fulfilled one of their dreams by opening a surf and skate shop. Their business was doing very well and was a huge asset to the community, eventually leading them to open a second location in their area. When COVID hit, everything came to a complete stop. They had to abandon their brick and mortar shop and figure out what to do next. With no end date in sight and no employees left, Anne-Michelle and her husband decided to lean back on their incredibly loyal following and transition to an online business model. I love the tenacity of these business owners! Their story is such a light in what otherwise has felt like a pretty bleak time for many other entrepreneurs. Check out this week’s episode to find out exactly how they could pull off this significant change in their business and where they are now! Key TakeawaysAnne-Michelle’s entrepreneurial start with a skate and surf shop (02:28)Realizing that they would need to move the business online (06:00)How she drove customers to her online store (08:50)The best marketing tactic (12:10)How this shift introduced new dreams in their personal life (18:50)Running a business while they are traveling around the country (23:20)What Anne-Michelle has learned from this whole process (27:05)Top ten takeaways (33:20)Additional Resources Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k ProgramCheck out Ohana Board Shop hereQuotes
Money is the one subject no one wants to talk about, yet it's on each of our minds. It's just kind of an uncomfortable topic. I think so many people feel that way because there are so many myths surrounding money. We're conditioned to believe that money is an inherent evil and not something we should want to attain. Today, I want to share with you some of those myths. Because I think it can help you start considering different thoughts about money and why you actually deserve it. Money is a good thing and can be such a great resource, and I think you should have more of it!Stay tuned for the top three money myths because I'm going to bust them so you can be on your way to earning more!Key TakeawaysWhy you need to charge fair prices (06:00)What happens when we feel like money is hard to get (10:05)We should focus on learning how to make money (15:00)How Alison even began to believe she could be a millionaire (17:15)The three myths around money (20:10)Money puts value on things (30:20)Top takeaways from today’s episode (35:50)Additional Resources Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program 
As entrepreneurs, it can sometimes feel like we have all the cards stacked against us. Operating a business while maintaining our personal lives is no easy feat, not to mention all the unexpected curveballs that get thrown in our path.Today, I had the chance to talk to Sarah Petty. She is an author, speaker, and founder of The Joy of Marketing. She started and grew an incredibly successful photography business and now teaches other small business owners how to charge what they’re worth. It was such a great opportunity to pick her brain and learn how she grew and led such successful businesses. We talked a lot about entrepreneurial mindset tips and tricks to ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible while still having time for yourself and your family. Sarah and I discussed how to stay focused and identified the biggest distractions that keep us from working to the best of our ability and what we should do to implement good habits so that they stick!I loved all of the great insights that she had to share and think you will, too, so be sure to tune in to this week’s episode! Key TakeawaysSarah’s transition from the corporate world to starting her own business (02:50)What we’re allowing to take our focus (06:30)A key habit to pick up for productivity in your business (10:40)The importance of pen and paper for entrepreneurs (17:10)How to implement good habits so they stick (20:50)Sarah shares her love of entrepreneurship with her children (30:14)Why failure is really good (35:12)Additional Resources Get your free copy of Worth Every Penny hereConnect with Sarah Petty hereConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
When starting your business, it can be so challenging to make all of those initial decisions. Each one feels so loaded and important. I wanted to take the opportunity and give you some helpful encouragement and, hopefully, some peace of mind, too.A lot of the advice I have to offer is gleaned from the trials and errors I made in my own business. We’ll be going over questions like deciding what to sell in your e-commerce business, how much startup capital you should be investing, and how to ship products without getting swallowed up by inventory in your living room. I’m also answering a question I get asked super often about if I still sell online or if I’ve moved on completely.Be sure to tune in because this episode is filled with the AHA moments you’ve been looking for!Key TakeawaysHow to decide what to sell in your E-commerce business (05:50)Why you need to analyze trends to sell more products faster (09:05)How much you need to invest when starting your business (11:00)The reason you shouldn’t buy a lot of inventory (14:15)You don’t have to ship your products yourself (20:20)The truth about whether or not I still sell online (27:00)Additional Resources Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
In this episode, I have on Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari, who is a Pinterest strategist, to help us understand how we can leverage Pinterest to get customers to come over to our stores and make purchases and join our email lists. Karrie has helped shops, bloggers, and DIYers go from zero pins to over 7.6 million monthly views.Pinterest is a fantastic platform to get your products out there to the world without investing big bucks in advertising. It would be crazy not to use this power that Pinterest provides for free to get more eyeballs and more customers for your products.As Karrie puts it, Pinterest has grown from being a social media platform to a search engine and is headed to be more of an ecommerce platform. In March, they had an integration with Shopify to make it easy for Shopify owners to create a catalog and sell their products on the platform.Good photography is absolutely key in helping you convert your pins. Karrie advises us that Pinterest pride themselves in being an inspiring and happy place. To this end, lifestyle pictures that tell a story will help you connect with your customers and convert better.To make your products discoverable on Pinterest, you need to think through the lens of the person who wants to buy it. This will help you find the right keywords to use for your product on the pin title, description, and the text overlay on the picture. Karrie advises against using hashtags because they don’t work anymore.Listen in to this episode to learn more about these and many more Pinterest strategies that will help you get your products to the world.Key TakeawaysHow to add the Pinterest app to your Shopify store and apply to Pinterest vendor portal (06:54)Pinterest is a search engine, so use keywords; hashtags don’t work anymore (07:40)Your products on Pinterest will appear on Google search results as well (08:26)Why you need good photography and beautiful pictures to convert your pins (10:23)How to keep your Pinterest game simple (12:42)New pins are doing better than old pins (20:58)Use Tailwind to schedule your pins (22:15)Why you may need to pin other people’s pins (29:18)Pins take a while to show on people’s feed, so focus on evergreen promotions rather than flash sales (37:46)Have a purpose of every pin and the Call To Action you need potential customers to take (42:44)Additional Resources with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Bethany started writing a book ten years ago. She struggled to find a publishing agent to read her book. She sent numerous queries to agents to get them interested in her book. She sent more than 100 of these without any success. She got so frustrated and cried a lot and eventually moved on and forgot about the book.This was until January of this year when she was out on a cruise. On one of the dinner nights, she met Anissa Holmes who connected her to someone who helped her publish her book with Morgan James Publishing in just three weeks.Bethany advises people who are struggling to find a publisher for their book to look at other options. There are so many options today, including going the self-publishing route. She adds that you need to keep networking and talking about your book. You never know when you might  meet a good connection who will point you to the right direction.Key TakeawaysMake 2020 your Year (05:31)Networking can change your timeframe very quickly (09:22)Do the work to increase your luck (10:20)There are hybrid methods of publishing; you don’t have to go the traditional way (16:31)How to write a book (18:11)Step into the uncomfortable to grow (21:36)Leveraging influencers to sell a book (24:24)Your 101st try may be the life-changing yes (29:21)Take your book and turn it into an experience for your readers (26:39)Additional ResourcesBethany Lee's Website Bethany Lee's Instagram -------Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
There are many changes happening with Instagram. Just like other social media platforms, Instagram has its tips and tricks to optimize your content and grow your following, and what a better way to learn more about these than from an Instagram expert.In this episode, I dive into all the details and ask Elise all the questions that e-commerce brands have on using Instagram. We cover everything from bio, hashtags, insta stories, and Instagram TV to strategies for growing your following and everything in between.We talk about the different places that you can post on Instagram and where you are likely to be seen and grow your following. Elise drops a bomb on why comments are likes are not what the Instagram algorithm is looking for to get you more exposure.Tune in to hear what will make you hit the explore page and learn everything about Instagram.Key TakeawaysWhy you should repost and republish your content all over (04:24)Top 3 places you should be posting on Instagram (05:41)Instagram has evolved from perfect images and over-edited photos to real and raw images (10:36)More people are scrolling through stories than the feed (11:55)The three types of content you can post on Instagram (16:08)You don’t have to show your face on Instagram. You can simply be the voice of your brand (17:24)Why smaller niche hashtags are better for your content to be found (20:11)How to clean up your bio and have a strong Call to Action (25:20)Consistency rather than perfection is the key to follower growth on Instagram (40:33)Shares and saves are better for hitting the explore page than comments and likes (42:16)Additional ResourcesStory Vault Elise's Instagram -------Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Entrepreneur life comes with some challenges that will make us feel like quitting. These thoughts will cross your head so many times. But you know what, you are not a quitter. You will carry on and will be fine in the end. Understanding the reasons why you feel like quitting will help you push these thoughts away from your head when they come. These reasons are the normal challenges that entrepreneurs face. They are like bumps along the way but you’ll get over with and carry on.Listen in to these 11 reasons so that next time you feel like quitting, just know that you are not alone. Reset your expectations when faced with these challenges. You don’t have to quit; you can do this. The world needs your products.  Key TakeawaysYou expect to make a million dollars overnight and you don’t (03:19)Why school screwed us up and makes us feel like failures while we are not (06:35)You want to quit because your family needs you all the time (08:46)You are afraid to celebrate your small wins because it feels like bragging (11:57)You think everybody else will celebrate with you, they wont (13:38)You feel busy all the time (15:10)You got your first one-star review (17:17)You are not tracking your numbers: keep your books clean (19:20)Products got delayed: plan for delays, they will always happen (21:56)Price increases thus increasing your costs; Increase your prices as well (23:27)You are tired; take a break (25:51)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
How do you connect with your audience with everything that is going on currently? How do you show them love and serve them at a higher level? With everything getting canceled due to the virus, it may seem difficult to connect with everything on the world pivoting to online.Our successful virtual conference was so enlightening. We got to see how you can connect with your audience virtually. I go through all the steps we took to prepare for the conference and how we made it a good experience for everybody attending from their homes. A lot of thought went into planning to deliver this amazing experience.I was nervous and uncomfortable at first being something new. It is normal to have these thoughts when trying out something you have never done before. It doesn’t mean you stop or quit. It means you are growing and learning the process. You grow when you are uncomfortable. That’s when you make things happen.Tune in to this episode and hear how we pulled the virtual conference off and all the good things and lessons that came out of it. Key TakeawaysHow do you connect with your audience with the world pivoting to online (02:29)Background to the planning of the 2020 conference (04:28)It is normal to be nervous and uncomfortable when trying something new (09:28)Creating a memorable experience for the virtual conference attendees at home (12:19)Finding someone to hold you and help you get though when you feel you can’t (15:01)How I chose speakers for the virtual conference (30:24)The bad from the virtual conference (32:25)The good things that came out of the conference (36:40)Some of my favorite quotes from the event (40:31)Top takeaways from the conference (42:23)Additional Resources with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Shelley, Missy and I are business partners in the How Does She business. Shelley has the superhero power of making business relationships work. She also does a good job working with influencers for the business. She helps us understand some of the things you can do to make business relationships last. She also shares how to work with influencers.Shelley shares how we started our blog business back then with just a small amount of money we had. It took more than three months to make $1000. We saved this money in our nest egg which was a smart move. Our business has grown ever since.Having been business partners for more than 10 years, we have seen the best and worst of each other. The key to our relationship has been Shelley. She explains how she uses her personality as a peacemaker to solve disagreements that will always arise in business and in life. As business partners, you should focus on the 95% of someone that is good, not on the 5% that is difficult.Influencers are a great way to sell your product. They are so powerful, you have to use them appropriately and sincerely. They have taken time to build their audience so love them and listen to them. Having a good product, getting it in their hands, telling them the earning potential from the product, and appreciating them are some of the ways you can build a winning relationship. Key TakeawaysYou can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar (11:05)Everyone’s perspective is valid; you are not always right (12:21)Speak 9 positives about a person before speaking a negative (12:49)5% of everyone is difficult, focus on the 95% goodness (15:00Make your email and direct message titles to influencers personal (17:49)Tell the influencer their earning potential based on previous sales (19:57)Tell your influencer why your product is a good fit for them and their audience (23:41)Get your products into the hands of the influencers (24:26))Follow up and then your influencer and appreciate them (25:38)Have a good product, not junk (26:51)Find an influencer who is honest and speaks the truth (28:18)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
After trying deal sites and Shopify store, Vina settled for Etsy to sell her product. In Etsy, just like other platforms, you have to make sure your listing has a good title, has good pictures and you are offering your customers what they are looking for. Vina did this by learning what people were searching for and optimized her listing using keywords. This led her to make $20k from one shirt.Having that many orders, Vina had to deal with the fulfillment part to get the orders to her customers. She used her Shipstation account and also Etsy shipping to deliver all these orders. Etsy shipping helped her manage her orders in the click of a button with the same price as ShipStation. She breaks down the numbers involved when selling on Etsy for us.She advises us that you should look at Etsy as a deal site where you can build your brand. It’s a great place for someone who is starting out because you don’t have to build the perfect store. You can test your product here to see if it is a viable product and if anyone likes it, then move on as you build your brand. Key TakeawaysMaking it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for (05:25)How one shirt made $20,000 in one month (08:50)Using resources on your current platform to make better decisions for your product (10:08)Titles are important on Etsy, make them relevant and easy for your customers (11:14)Letting go of the product you think will sell and sell what your customers are asking for (14:17)Start small so that you are not overwhelmed by the orders (15:18)Why you need to replicate your listings on Etsy using keywords (17:04)How upselling on Etsy helps push customers to add your other products to their order (18:12)Fulfilling a large number of orders in the middle of a pandemic (25:30)Why Etsy is a good place to start while testing if you have a viable product (28:15)Three tips for having a successful listing on Etsy (32:04)Additional ResourcesVina Howell's Store Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Have you ever thought about a situation and let your thoughts spiral downwards very fast to the worst-case scenario that can happen? Learning how not to let your thoughts go to the worst-case scenario is a learned skill. Learning to sit, enjoy, and rejoice is important. Enjoying that money you just made, that email list you just built, and other wins are things we should rejoice about. Learning to recognize and correct the spiral is what I call the journey of the four steps away. To understand the four steps away, picture a ladder. Now, you are in the middle rung of the ladder and there are four steps above and four steps below.The middle step is a situation that has no emotions to it yet. You can choose to go up or down the ladder. You can spiral down by thinking about the worst-case scenario or go up the ladder. If you spiral downwards you’ll go through the steps of annoyance, worry, anger then victimization. You can choose to go upwards through the steps of spark, excitement, belief then empowerment. You chose which four steps you are going to take with every situation.Listen in on specific examples of how to apply the four steps away when it comes to business. Key TakeawaysHow a business coach helps you get to your goals faster by avoiding crawling and going on the business jet (04:30)The next level program is open for applications for people who are a good fit (05:33)Joy can be our greatest theft of happiness (11:21)Being able to sit and enjoy and rejoice is a learned skill (12:38)learning how to not go to the worst-case scenario is a skill that has to be learned (13:17)The journey of the four steps away (14:06)How to apply the four steps away in business (16:06)The secrets of going faster up the ladder (21:00)Additional Resources with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Entrepreneurs often get stuck in their thoughts. This holds them back and prevents them from going to the next level. I experienced this early on and was helped by a performance coach to overcome the nervousness I had. The next level program is designed to help entrepreneurs push through when they feel stuck. The coaches help them back to the right lane so that they can run their best race.Tune in and hear our momentum coaches share amazing stories of how our students have been able to push through their limiting beliefs that they thought were facts. Our coaches know how to ask the right questions to understand why you are getting stuck.First off, momentum Tonya shares with us some reasons people get stuck and some examples of how they push through. She takes us through the magic of not knowing and believing. Momentum coach Melisa walks us through the process of testing our thoughts to find out which serves us best. She advises that managing our thoughts will directly affect our results and empowering emotions helps us gain momentum.  Misty shares how working with momentum coaches can be helpful. She also shares some amazing stories about some students that have gone through the program. Key TakeawaysWhy it is essential to have a performance coach when you are running a business (00:15)How our minds keep us from dreaming to protect us from disappointment (09:23)Not knowing about the how, the magic is in not knowing (10:28)Pushing through doubts and feelings of inadequacy (14:17)Testing our thoughts to find the ones that serve us best (17:32)Knowledge is not enough, but it is nothing without action (20:55)Willing to learn, being okay with the uncomfortable unknown and taking time to shift your mindset are desirable traits for an entrepreneur (24:37)How a coach helps you remain focused and plan and prioritize your next moves (27:04)Reframing the idea of failure and turning it into learning (27:53)How the challenging times and discomfort make the good times sweeter (28:32)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Julie begins her presentation by sharing how she struggled initially with an identity crisis. Her story is incredible. She shows us that you can be whatever you want to be. You have all you need within yourself to reach your goals no matter how many mistakes you make along the way.She takes us through the skills you need to be successful as an online entrepreneur. Once you learn the skills of getting people to buy online, you never have to worry about your financial future again. One of the skills that you're going to need to be successful in business is you have to listen to your gut.The written word is the most powerful piece of your brand. As an entrepreneur, you should learn how to write or at least hire a writer in your team. You’ll need the written word for your ads, your copy, your funnel. Talking of sales funnel, this is another skill you need to work on. The third one is finding your traffic and where they congregate. This will help you serve them. Tune in to this amazing episode and learn more about other skills that you need to be successful in your online business. Key TakeawaysYou don’t have to have techie skills to be successful with an online business (04:11)Learn the skills of getting people to buy online and you never have to worry about your financial future again (17:46)Learn how to write. The written word is the most powerful piece of your brand (18:56)Write about hooks stories and copy to make your business blow up (19:34)Sales funnels are the way to capture a new customer (20:23)Traffic is people: Find the traffic of people whose problems you can solve (23:17)In the depths of Julie's despair, she learned the keys to put in her pocket, so that she can launch anything online that she ever wants to sell (24:36)Build strategic relationships with other business owners (27:59)It is not enough to have skills; you have to find a network (30:40)The identity that you can keep working on is that you are allowed to make mistakes, and you can forgive yourself (33:39)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Driven by the goal to pay off her huge amount of student loans, Ronisa decided that entrepreneurship was more logical rather than taking a second job. That’s how her journey began. Initially, she easily got distracted by taking in lots of information and trying out different products. She describes herself as an information junkie. However, in 2019, she decided to focus and did a launch. She went for Facebook groups and influencers. She also became more consistent with her products. She saw immediate success with the Facebook groups. She also learned that influencers can craft a story for your products that you haven’t been able to tell yet. Throughout her entrepreneurship journey, she has taken the mindset of seeing any setback as a good learning experience. It is a stepping stone to where you want to be. It is not a failure. Her husband has been her biggest cheerleader and supporter. It is very important for entrepreneurs to have that one person who is by their side always. She advises newbie entrepreneurs to always take any information they find online with a grain of salt. There is much more to the process than what you can find in the YouTube videos. There is so much to learn and many different pieces to put together to be successful. All this requires patience. The whole goal of entrepreneurship is not to make that quick dollar but to serve your customers. Key TakeawaysRonisa’s journey and how she decided to start an online business was more logical than getting a second job (06:37)Getting off the rollercoaster of distraction (07:36)Putting out offers to her customers (10:34)Her husband being her biggest cheerleader and supporter (12:52)Selling other stuff before deciding she wanted to sell and get behind (15:55)Getting to a dead-end, embracing it and learning from it (18:00)Learning about providing value to your customers and pricing strategy (23:15)Balancing working a full-time job, running a business and a family (29:31)Newbie entrepreneurs should be patient and learn that entrepreneurship is all about serving (37:46)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
Entrepreneurs are like the million-dollar horse, but rather than treat themselves as such; they sometimes treat themselves so poorly. They fail to invest in themselves and in courses that could help them get to their goal much faster. They opt to go through trial and error as I did in the early parts of my business.In this episode, I will take you through the top 11 things that will help you become that million-dollar horse by investing in the training for your growth. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the million dollars are far away. Even the prestigious racehorse had to go through training and grow day by day. Someone invested in it. Are you investing in the training for your growth as an entrepreneur?In my case, during the early parts of my business, I thought I could learn through trial and error and figure things out along the way. It was only when I joined the first mastermind that I realized that I was crawling while I could be taking a jet to reach my goals faster by investing in myself through training and coaching.Take your pen and notebook and listen to this amazing episode and learn how to invest in your growth.  I will take you through the habits, the tips and the tricks of signing up for courses, completing them, and hitting your goals. Key TakeawaysDo some research to find out if your educator is legit (08:23)Use a trial to find out if you like the style of teaching in a particular course (09:30)Check for emails from the creator of the course for updates, and new information (09:56)Hop into their community and start posting (10:18)Commit to posting and being active in the social media community (10:56)Help out other people in the community by answering their questions (13:06)Find a friend in the group who can be your accountability partner (13:40)Block off your power hours to learn and consume the content (13:55)Reward yourself (15:48)Set your expectations (15:48)Implement, after all the learning you have to implement (19:29)Additional ResourcesConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
 In this episode, we take you through why a business coach is so important to you as you run your business. They get you on the business jet versus the business crawl as I talked about in episode 19. A life coach will help you create consistency and constant momentum of moving forward in your business. This is so powerful as it helps you hit your goals and always move forward. They help you see things from a different perspective. If you have a run a business, you know why this is very important. Misty takes us through why you need to commit before you are comfortable. She dives deeper and talks about our thoughts and how they lead to action or inaction. This then leads to experiences. We talk about how our brain works and how it always finds proof of what we are thinking. Changing our thoughts gives us completely different outcomes.Misty shares with us amazing information and her amazing ideas so take your pen and paper and take notes as you listen to this episode.Key TakeawaysQuestioning our thoughts and separating facts from what we are thinking (10:47)Our thoughts drive our feelings which then drive our action or inaction. This results in our experiences in the world (12:28)Believing and being open to creating something new and letting go of our past (15:50)Practice changing your thoughts (20:35)Be open to possibilities and put actions behind it (23:25)Adding ‘yet’ to your thoughts leaves space in your brain to learn new things (24:15)Why you need to move through the four Cs. Commitment, Courage, Capability, and Confidence in that order (31:57)Overcoming our brain’s need for comfort and the easiest way out (37:04)Red light doesn’t mean turn and go home. Red light are the obstacles we face (39:38)Our brain doesn’t think positive or negative, it finds proof of what we are thinking (43:08)Additional Resources Apply for my Next Level ProgramConnect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>> Join the $1-100k Program
In this episode, my guest Bev Schweigert tells us how a slow start morphed into record breaking sales for her business. She teaches us that the offer is not in the product, it’s in the story behind why you sell the product. Bev calls herself a “slow starter” in the entrepreneur world. Last year, she quit her job to focus on her true passion which is mission work. Before she could fully invest herself in that work, she needed to raise some money. She tells me about how her business turned into her mission.Bev liked the idea of selling jewelry. After she attended my Because I Can talk about finding your why, she saw opportunity in her sales. Selling jewelry that supported your faith was an outlet for people to visibly represent their religion. It became her story and her marketing niche.Bev tells me about how she started incorporating her story about faith into her offers and increased the amount of offers she sent from 4 to 30 a month. Her sales sky-rocketed. They were growing during the hardest economic month of the year. While small businesses were devastated by the impact of coronavirus in March, Bev told herself that she would not give up and continued to push offers. Her sales continued to increase through the month of may.She tells me that her biggest success secret is organization. She uses Trello to keep track of her inventory and offers so she can compound her sales. A few episodes back, I talked about why we are meant to make money. In Bev’s case, she was meant to hit record sales so she can use the money to give back through her missions.Key TakeawaysIntroduction of our guest,  Bev Schweigert (1:00)Why Bev quit her job and decided to earn money to do mission work (4:48)Had a slow start to opening her business Blessed Be Boutique in 2019 (5:31)Went to my conference and learned why she wanted to sell jewelry (8:12)Bev started sending offers that told her story (9:50)Learning to focus on what’s important in the business, not stressing the small stuff (11:59)How she created offers in the beginning (14:35)Her big change in pace for distributing offers (15:39)Coronavirus and how she didn't give up on her business (17:02)Bev’s key to time management (20:20)Her technique to putting offers out each month (25:05)Her best offer (30:05)What Bev would tell the slow-starter entrepreneur (33:06)Additional ResourcesCheck out Bev's website here, be sure to use the code "I Can" to get %35 off anything except t-shirts.Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
This episode is all about techniques to make more money using the same product. This week, I am going to talk about and share examples of my offers to help spark your creativity when it comes to writing offers of your own.Everyone has their own reason for wanting to make more money. For my husband and I, we wanted to make sure we could support our family and also have money that we can donate to others. In this episode, I share my business secrets about what I do to make more money.It is all about offers. I challenge you to think about the number of offers you send out on a monthly basis and double, even triple it. You won’t be disappointed. I am going to talk you through why offers bring more money into your business, the different types of offers you can utilize, talk about when and where you sell these offers, and simplify the process for you.This episode is full of information guaranteed to increase your sales. Listen as I share examples you can follow.Key TakeawaysMy husband and I are undercover givers (2:18)The reason we are supposed to have money (4:35)The number one secret to making more money (6:05)Why offers are the thing that can bring more income into your business (7:20)Types of offers (9:44)When do you pitch your offers (12:51)Examples of offers (18:30)Simplifying the process (29:46)Compound your offers (34:05)Additional Resources Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
In this episode, I encourage you to say “yes I can” and move forward with your online business now. Online shopping rates are up and are trending to keep moving forward. We are heading into what I call eCommerce 3.0.People want to buy physical products, and there is no reason that those products shouldn't be yours. I want to talk to you about the value of your own product and to never back down to the online competition. There is always room for you to sell online.The first thing you need to do is believe you can. If I can give you the confidence to first believe in your product and then narrow your goals in order to see the big one-million dollar picture, I've done my job.Listen to this episode to hear how you can start a business that makes money 24/7.Key TakeawaysMy Next Level Program (0:22)Manifesting goals into reality (1:32)Is there space for you in the online market (2:32)e-commerce 3.0 (4:10)Physical products vs digital products (8:25)Do you believe you can make your first million? (13:21)Your first dollar is your most important dollar (15:06)Why shouldn't your product be the product people  buy (19:30)Let your systems do the hard work for you (21:00)Additional Resources Connect with Alison:FacebookInstagramLinkedIn>>>Join the $1-100k Program
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