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Don't let the left fool you: American history is tied at the hip to the quest for religious freedom. More than that, America's government and founding documents are dependent upon keeping religion and faith at the helm in society and politics.
America is facing a problem of corporate wokeness, and no where else is that campaign more dangerous than when it involves abortion. There are far too many companies out there that don't support the pro-life movement or worse, work actively aga
Abortion has been returned to the states to decide. Gun rights in New York have been restored. And Coach Kennedy can indeed pray on the field after football games. Those are all recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court and those are
Think twice before sending your kids to college in America -- that's the sad and sorry takeaway of today's show. Why? Because the LGBTQ agenda is in full steam ahead mode on most places of higher learning in this country, and the fact is, stude
Once upon a time, politicians in America truly cared about representing the people who voted them into office, if only because they were sensitive to the need to at least appear to uphold the Constitution. But times have changed. And so has Ame
America is falling, China is rising and relations between the two nations are in a cold standoff: Agree or disagree? And before deciding, realize the many, many ways China's communists are stepping toward global dominance, versus the many, many
America is facing a time where individual liberties are being stolen daily by a government filled with people who certainly don't fear, or even respect, the citizens who pay their salaries. The role of government has been flipped to the point w
Most Bible scholars agree there is no mention of America in Revelation or during end times. So this prompts the question: Where does America go? The nation is certainly in a state of decline -- much as many hate to admit. But in order to fight
America has a socialism problem, and it’s only growing worse. Are you seeing the signs? They’re everywhere. The latest is Joe Biden’s call to grab gun rights from law-abiding American citizens, making it seem as if only that dastardly Second Am
God works through nations and individuals, and God works in mysterious ways: Those are a couple of biblical truths that can't be forgotten or downplayed, particularly during these perilous and dark times. What's interesting is when you start to
America's enemies on the foreign stage aren't exactly fearful of President Joe Biden. In fact, they're mocking -- mocking, laughing, scorning, deriding and biding their time. For what? They're biding their time to take advantage of a feckless a
Democrats are to progressives are to socialists are to communists -- are to America's biggest political and cultural threats to youth. The differences in these parties' platforms are slim; the dangers to today's American youth are huge. Barack
Democrats by and large poll far behind Republicans when it comes to asking Americans to pick which party better protects against terrorism and would-be terrorists. But when it comes to comparing Joe Biden with Donald Trump, it's an apples to cu
Democrats, in case you haven't noticed, have a little bit of a woman problem this election year. The party has spent the last couple years regulating away all the political capital its members have forged with women through the years, and now,
It's no coincidence that just shortly after Barack Obama delivered a speech at Stanford University calling for more controls on disinformation -- that is to say, government crackdowns on free speech -- that Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Se
Democrats are certainly showing their lunatic side, what with all the protests in the streets about Roe v. Wade, and the verbal assaults on the Supreme Court justices, and the storming to justices' homes in Maryland and Virginia, and the stormi
President Joe Biden just called the Make America Great Again, or MAGA, crowd the most extremist political organization in all of American history. No wonder America's youth are graduating school with outright hatred of and hostility to this cou
National statistics show that millions of children are abused by the ones they love each year -- sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically. So what of these poor victims? The Democrats would have it believed the government is
When it comes to advancing an agenda, leftists know they have no principles, no platform and no real ideas that will resonate with American citizens, so they have to rely on lies and fear to advance their cause. Just think about it: If Democrat
In America, individual rights come from God, and government is put in place only to secure and protect those rights, not grant them. But far too many times today's government stretches its boundaries and exerts its influences in ways that aren'
Democrats destroy everything they touch -- but seriously, do they have to go after the military, too? The U.S. military is the finest in the world, the best trained, best funded, best equipped. But beginning under Barack Obama, and continuing u
A new poll shows that a majority of likely American voters believe President Joe Biden is compromised or conflicted when it comes to dealing with China because of his family's long-running business partnerships with the communist country. What'
Christians in America certainly don't face the same intensity level of persecution felt by those of the faith in other countries; American evangelicals, for instance, aren't getting their heads cut off and aren't being thrown in jail for the si
Apathy in the Christian community is why America is facing such perilous times -- agree or disagree? If the more secular America grows, and the more secular Americans grow, then it stands to reason that the more secular the cultural and politic
The lunatic left simply cannot allow any differing viewpoints. Just ask Amber Athey, the former WMAL/Cumulus radio talk show host who was fired because of a tweet she put out joking about VP Kamala Harris and her brown suit that reminded of a U
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