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Finka Jerkovic - Assessing + Addressing Your Capacity as Founder

Released Tuesday, 20th April 2021
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As I have been talking with business owners about maintenance mode, they have consistently brought up burnout.
That moment when they realized that they couldn't keep working the way they were working.
Caring for a family member or realizing they were burnt out or trying to handle a load of virtual school with no child care for a year – they all encountered a recognition that their own personal capacity had been reduced.
For me, that moment of recognition forced me to realize that my realistic maximum capacity was WAY lower than I thought it was.
We all have a maximum capacity - a ceiling of how much work we want to do or how much our business can handle.
But also true for us as individuals.
And so when you're preparing your business for maintenance mode, you need to examine your own capacity as a founder. You need to think about your own energy, priorities, and boundaries.
And that's virtually impossible if you're stressed and exhausted.
Re-examination forced by burnout and exhaustion is exactly what happened to today’s guest, Finka Jerkovic.
Managing her own energy as a business owner has been crucial in making sure that she is building a business that is supporting her, building a business based on work that she truly LOVES to do.
Finka is a coach, speaker, and author of the book Sell From Love.
She brings over two decades of experience in corporate Canada in the financial services industry, with expertise in sales, leadership, communication, and coaching.
Finka helps her clients discover their “Brilliant Difference” so that they get 100% clear on their unique talents, skills, and expertise so that they can use their personal strengths to grow their business.

Listen to the full episode to hear:
  • What led to Finka recognizing that she had hit burnout and how she approached the need for immediate change 
  • How she approached her capacity, energetically and operationally, differently when she came back from burnout 
  • How what Finka calls “environmental wrenches” are actually just systems 
  • How the same systems that help prepare our business for maintenance mode are the SAME systems that can help increase our capacity 
  • That you can say yes to as much as you want, but your systems of support need to be built in order for you to be able to say yes. 

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