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Building 3 Pillars

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I hope everyone is doing well! After taking a few weeks off, it feels good to be back! In todays show I'll share one of the biggest lessons I learned this past year! Connections are everything!
Are you living the life you want to live? Are you moving toward your goals? If the answer is no to either of these questions, this show is for you! This is an interview we did with with Coach Meichelle Gibson! She helped us shine some light on
Life has plenty of unexpected turns. It can almost seem down right cruel at times. But with the right outlook any situation can be overcome. Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006278042654 Or visit the website: www.
In most instances we all can agree that losing sucks. Failing is avoided at all cost, and all we want to do is win! But what happens when things don't go our way? What happens when the plan is almost perfect? Is there a way to walk away from th
What separates those who hit their target and marks from those who continually fall short? It may not be their physical attributes or condition but something more fundamental and somewhat simple. Purpose! If we look at all of the biggest names
We hear all the time about how we could change the quality of our lives by simply choosing to think new thoughts and make different decisions. But, those of us who have tried, can vouch that it is not as easy and clear cut in practice. In today
From time to time it's good to reflect. There are so many instances from our past that demonstrate our growth and development. So many lessons that can be applied to our current lives. In today's episode we talk about turning ideas into reality
Have you ever had a great idea that you couldn't wait to tell your friends about? You literally can't sit still because you can anticipate the amount of shared excitement you both will have. Only to get there and pour your heart and soul out to
Have you ever talked yourself out of pursuing the thing you really wanted. Talking to that guy/girl, leaving your job, going to school, or anything at all? Why? I'm Willing to bet it was a little bit of fear that you decided was "rationality"!
Have you ever poured your all into an activity or project only to have it not go your way? It's safe to say that most of us have! The big question is how did you respond. Did you carry on and tackle the next obstacle with confidence, or did you
If you have never failed at anything, can you honestly say you've tried anything challenging? If you haven't failed yet, one day you will. The question becomes do you know how to recover? In today's show we talk about falling and failing. We lo
It almost seems counter intuitive to think that us being home more causes more stress! A lot of us no longer have to deal with the daily commute to work because we work from home. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, except working from home mean
Does beginning something new instantly put you in an anxious state? Does the idea of walking through the gym doors or beginning a new lifestyle seem too far out of reach? If so, listen to todays podcast, which features personal trainer and mom
If you've ever set at a desk or sat in your vehicle for an extended amount of time, chances are you've experienced some discomfort or stiffness in your lower back. Have you ever wondered why? Or, even better, have you ever wondered what you cou
We've all heard the saying "attitude is everything". In this show we' talk with Chris Allen and get his take on just how true that statement can be. More importantly, we'll talk about a few hacks to use "right thinking" to our benefit! To watch
Going through life is mandatory, but growing through life is optional! It's only the second week of 2021 have you started working towards a better you? If not it's probably because you haven't broken the cycle of old thoughts, habits and belief
We have finally made it to 2021! Most of us have already began taking action on our goals for this year. However, some of us may be meeting some resistance from our family and friends in terms of support of our new ambitions. In today's show we
Reaching that next level in fitness, life or business isn't an unreasonable dream or ambition to have. However, in our pursuit of that next level we may have to be unreasonable. In today's show we talk about 3 sure fire ways to make next year o
As we move towards the end of the holiday season, a lot of us are considering what new things we'd like to add or accomplish in 2021. As noble as our intent may be, the overwhelming truth is that most people won't succeed at following through!
How many of us are guilty of procrastination? Better yet, how many of us procrastinate because we fear the task itself or its outcome? If this sounds like you then join the rest of us. Today we'll talk about some sure fire ways to get you from
Have you ever wondered why some people succeed at achieving their New Year's resolutions and others fall off? Maybe you're guilty of falling off yourself. If this is true, grab a pen and paper. This interview with educator and mindset coach Am
How we view the events that occur in our lives empowers us or leaves us feeling powerless. In today's show we talk about 3 ways to take that power back!
As we look forward to the upcoming new year many people are starting to plan what their futures will look like. There are those few of us who will make a plan and execute. But, we know there are far more people who will get caught up in the "Ne
No matter how strong we are as individuals, the team is always stronger! Especially one that communicates! Todays show is dedicated to my brother Marquel Parker! One of the most genuine guys I've ever met.
Are you being productive, or are you just staying busy? In todays show we talk about how to stay out of the trap of confusing more movement with getting more done! To see the video visit: https://youtu.be/yYh9RXzmKe8
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