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Castles & Cryptids

A weekly podcast featuring Alanna Peters
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Episodes of Castles & Cryptids

What constitutes a cult? Charismatic leader that plays or knows God, demands of undying devotion and very disgusting acts of violence?  and well, we have all those in spades in this episode of cruel cults and scary loosely religious based follo
Welcome to the Sanitarium, where it's easy to check in and impossible to check out.....alive.  This week we cover two of the creepiest "Hospitals" in history. Kelsey takes a deep dive into the horrible past of one of the most infamous Asylums i
What happens when you microdose arsenic and belladonna cocktails as part of your healthy routine? Nothing good, you guessed it! Oh sorry, they were digestive tonics, you say? old-timey medicine was straight-up bonkers y'all! As we see in Alanna
Part 2 has arrived. This week Alanna continues her deep dive into the Curse of Oak Island and shares with us many of the discoveries made over its long history. To finish the ep off we explore many of the theories about what purpose Oak Island
Hoodoo you think you are anyway? Hopefully a fan of the pod! This week Kelsey takes us to Southern Alberta and a few other places, that all have hoodoos. What the heck are hoodoos you ask? She'll tell you! and gives us the legends that surround
When you hear Hello Kitty you think soft and snuggly but as this is true crime, Kelsey's story is anything but. She tells the tale of Fan Man-Yee, a hardworking young woman who fell prey to predators in her midst. It's a heart-wrenching, horrif
For this weeks episode we revisit some strange things that human bodies are capable of. If you're like Kelsey, you grew up fascinated by the phenomena of spontaneous human combustion. What circumstances lead to this occurring, and why does it s
It's Part 2 of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific acts of violence. It kind of reminds us of that old saying from sing-alongs, you know,  same song- second verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse! It's certainly going to be one o
This episode is filled with shout-outs: to supportive sisters (and the rest of you beautiful May babies), Scorpios, and people named Joyce! But we shall give no shout-outs for cannibalism and lack of consent, however often they might come up th
Welcome to an episode filled with two plane mysteries so bizarre it's hard to believe they're real. Kelsey kicks things off by covering her favourite true crime case ever......the elusive D.B Cooper hijacking! Was he an experienced paratrooper
This week we take a dive into some wild and random cases as we bring you the weirdest objects used to kill someone. No, Jason Bourne and John Wick will not be on this list, these are real people using whatever's on hand to commit their crimes.
It's no surprise how much we love aliens, every time we get to talking about them for research  or anything, we cannot stop! First we define the levels of Close Encounters- there may be more than you think. Then, this time our stories range fro
This week we bring you a plethora of individuals who are really bad at trying to kill people. Alanna brings a variety of cases, including a girl's plan to murder her neighbours over some really good......dairy products? as well as a lesson not
Happy Podiversary Cryptic Cuties!! It has been one whole year since we started this peculiar little paranormal podcas,t and we want to thank all of you for listening! We would be nothing without you.  We have some very special creatures for you
For this week's episode we take you through two tragic crimes that happened during spring break trips gone wrong. First, Kelsey covers the unsolved disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. Who was involved? Do the girls that were invited her know mor
Something wicked this way comes....or maybe it's already in your house? We dive into the history of Ouija boards, the most popular spirit summoning board you can buy at your local toy store. How did these "talking boards" get to be a household
If you've ever been on a trip with friends far from home, you probably know how scary the idea of getting lost can be. Or getting hurt. That's what makes the case of missing hikers Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers so sad and sinister. These two y
Welcome back! This week we take a shallow dive into all things Scotland to bring you this very special episode. First, Alanna covers some Scottish folklore and legends, ranging from giants to whirlpools. Then, Kelsey shares some cryptids that y
There seems to be a running theme with this week's episode- and it's love triangles! Well, one might be more of a rhombus, not sure, let's just say, It's Complicated.  Because how could we have Crimes of Passion without first having the passion
For this weeks episode we cover two very strange missing persons cases that have garnered much speculation. Alanna does a deep dive into a case that involves underwater caves and a very ominous warning sign. If you are claustrophobic, be warned
Bob Dylan has been quoted as saying, "Fame is a curse. I never envied one of the famous people I've known." We can't help but wonder if he's at least partly right. Quite a few of the models who appeared in the magazine's centerfold met tragic e
Welcome to the first part of our two part Hollywood Curses episode. This week Kelsey hosts a takeover to cover the many strange and horrible accidents that plagued the set of the 1994 film The Crow. Has a curse really killed 3 of the first-born
This week we head to Taika Waititi-land (isn't that what we're calling it now?ūüėú) to uncover some more seedy criminals and messed up shenanigans! We kick things off with a Pamper Party, sounds innocent enough right? WRONG! Straight to Murdertow
Welcome back, we hope you missed us as much as we missed you! For the first episode of 2022 we share some medical mysteries that have stumped doctors for years. First, Kelsey, shares a condition that she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy. What's
O Florida Man, Florida Man, wherefore art thou Florida Man? This week we say goodbye to 2021 with a trip to Florida and meet some of the interesting people who live there. First Kelsey shares a case that involves a murderer with some strange ex
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