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ChasmQuest: a DND 5e Actual Play Podcast

A weekly Games, Hobbies and Fiction podcast featuring Andrew Palmer and Taylor Haydel
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Episodes of ChasmQuest

The Rowdy Boys face epic terrors from Lake Feanor, as a fleet ambush attacks. There is little hope as great evils are summoned from the depths of the dark waters. Stay tuned for the Season 3 Finale coming soon! Andrew Palmer - Dungeon Master
As Khol-Uun and Janessa wrap things up in the deadwood, Abbott Nyssa tells Thelneous about the history of the intricate murals in the Abbey of the Eights. The abbey bells call everyone to a gathering in the courtyard where Rory receives a new g
Khol-Uun continues his venture through the Deadwood while the rest of the Rowdy Boy roster sails for Penton, seeking out new alliances.  Andrew Palmer - Dungeon Master and Creator,  Micah Jordan - Thelneous,  Collin Allen - Khol-Uun,  Brad
Khol-Uun and Selvi join Janessa, Cass, and Stacy to hunt down the demon of Deadwood. Their adventure takes them first to the loggers' camp of Midwood, where some of the men have been disappearing during especially rowdy nights. The group tracks
After meeting Stacy and getting the full story of the forest demon, the Rowdy Boys gather at the Whisper Inn Saloon to find a familiar face who has a surprise waiting upstairs. Selvi uses her tinctures to lift her friends' spirits while a certa
After a menacing tale of the gods by Selvi, The Rowdy Boys wrap up their visit with Anatola and make their way to Broken Harbor to meet up with Cas. It is there in a saloon that Thelneous receives a mysterious message from a stranger. Rumor has
The Rowdy Boys find themselves at the threshold of a dwarven historian's house, just north of Broken Harbor. An old friend of Janessa is thankfully there and may have some abilities to help awaken Thelneous from his deep sleep. After surviving
After achieving the impossible and attaining the Roc Egg our boys are ready to become Champions. With that comes the promised alliance from the orcs, but are they ready to go all in? Nevertheless the Rowdy Champs need to make it to Broken Harbo
The Rowdy Boys make the dangerous cliffside summit of Rocspire Mountain with the help of Nika the Scaler. All bets are on for the party to either live or die in this action packed episode. Janessa makes a move for the sacred egg and the boys ge
Janessa and the Rowdy Boys finally make it out of the Forgotten Caverns and into the beautiful underground orcish city of Kaldosh. With the Resisters Manifesto in hand, they speak with King Rokeer of the Silvervein Tribe and find out just what
The Rowdy Boys get a chance to catch their breath within the Forgotten Caverns. Amidst the dwarven ruins the crew uncovers ancient stories, tales of war and dragons. The ghosts of the past still yet remain in these dark chambers. Khol-Uun finds
Now that the Rowdy Boys have entered the Forgotten Caverns, can Janessa lead them in the right direction to the Silvervein orc tribe? There are secrets and mysteries that have lain dormant for centuries in these dwarven ruins. What will the cre
Breakfast is over! Janessa is done with your bullsh*t! Let's find the Forgotten Caverns! The Rowdy Boys make plans to reach the Silvervein orc tribe by means of the caverns beneath the Crags. The Resisters hope to make allies of the orcs, it's
After finding Lady Brit in the hinterlands of Denshire the Rowdy Boys were met with an ambush assassination attempt on the Resister's leaders. With Rory's sister Alphia there to help they quickly defeated the now vampiric Sir Quincy. Rory's pas
Family reunions can be awkward at best and traumatic at worst. Hear a bit of both in this episode (but also all the heartwarming stuff too). The Rowdy Boys have just finished ending the Blight on the Locke Islands, now it's time to go home. Mys
Thesla's beard! 13 spooky podcasts coming together to scare your socks off?! That's right, we teamed up with our RPG podcast friends to bring you a compelling audio drama event.  The following podcasts provided their talented vocals and helped
Within the darkness of the cove, whispers of a menacing past rise with tumultuous waves. The Rowdy Boys along with Henri and Adrik seek to destroy the necrotic forces at work in Alcazar's Tomb. An old friend awaits them and feral creatures prot
Row, row, row, is Celesie a friend or foe? We may never know. A mysterious castaway joins the Rowdy Boys to explore the old fort ruins of a secret monastic community. What horrors lie in wait within the compound? How can the crew end this bligh
The new alliance with the gnomes has brought new intel to the Stone Court. Henri Locke needs the Rowdy Boys to scope out remains of a Trelander Navy ship named "Swiftwater" that was dashed against the rocks during a storm a few weeks ago. There
The Kraken Gauntlet tells the seafaring tale of how the crew retrieved an ancient artifact that no one has ever written of, and yet Pirate Queen Henri Locke seems to know a lot about. It all begins with the arrival of Captain Penni of the Royal
Seeking refuge in the Stone Court at Shantytown from the blight infested jungles of the Locke Islands, the Rowdy Boys have a moment to meet the captains of Pirate Queen Henri's Moot. These old salty bastards have given Treland's Navy more troub
Now that the Rowdy Boys are free of the Trelander Navy, they can safely travel the Chasm Sea to the Locke Islands where they hope to meet up with Cpt. Abram and retrieve their ship, The Naked Lady. It is the final step before returning to Trela
Although months of time, a side campaign, and a world pandemic separates last season's finale and this episode, only an hour has passed "in-game." Follow us out onto the open waters of the Chasm Sea. After fleeing the war torn Veraheim to reach
Back in January 2018 the five of us sat down in front of microphones for the very first time. What you're about to hear was the result of that first ever recording, released from the CQ vaults and fully refurbished for you, the listener.  Andr
Legends have been told for centuries.  Most that travel through the annals of history have heroes, villains, and lessons to be learned.  Some have warnings that you should heed...   We want you all to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic, so
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