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#22.1 The Les Claypool edition feat. Toaster
Welcome back music lovers to Cosmic Lion Radio #22.1 the Les Claypool edition featuring Toaster from  In our bassiest edition ever we feature Toaster the underground archivist/curator of’s galleries of setlists and streaming audio spanning the length of Les Claypool’s career.  I asked him to pick out some weird and wild cuts for us from deep in the archives and he came back with so many amazing live Claypool moments that I had to split this episode into two parts.  The podcasts are in chronological order and part one goes from 1989-2005 and features Primus, The Frog Brigade, Holy Mackerel (super rare stuff) and more.  You are really gonna get deep into the corners of the Claypool archive and hear some truly amazing music as well as hear Toaster and I talk about the shows and what makes us love Claypool so much.              If you haven’t checked out yet and you like Les Claypool then you are really missing out.  It is an amazing wealth of knowledge and music and I am so thankful that he does what he does.  It was great to have him on this special 2 part episode.  See ya’ next week for part 2!   As always if you want to be on Cosmic Lion Radio, have any ideas, or are in need of a creative mind email me at
#23 The New Years Edition with Chris Friday & David Gans
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio, the New Years Edition!! This week we sit down with two amazing guys who have had many amazing New Years experiences.  First, Chris Friday, Production Manager at Higher Ground in S. Burlington Vt and ¼ of the Comedy gold that is Touchpants.  We talk about all manner of things including the Touchpants show on New Years at the legendary Iridium Jazz Club in NYC and the business side of what makes New Years a great night for a club.  Then we talk with David Gans, musician and host of the nationally syndicated radio show “The Grateful Dead Hour.” We get to hear an amazing story about his experience broadcasting the 1990 Grateful Dead NYE show and hear about some special guests that helped him out that night.  Some really amazing stories all woven around amazing musical moments from years past, all-occurring on New Years.  So enjoy and Happy New Year! Also huge thanks to Wolfgangs Vault and The Bill Graham Foundation for the help with this podcast! If you'd like a larger copy of this episodes Album Art click HERE   As always if you want to be on Cosmic Lion Radio, have any ideas, or are in need of a creative mind email me at
#24 The Saturday Night Live Edition with Joel Navaroli
In our SNL-iest podcast yet, we talk with Joel Navaroil the creator of the Saturday Night Live archive website.  This is THE website for the SNL super fan.  You can cross-reference every episode of Saturday Night Live by impression, host, cast member, season, LITERALLY every little tid-bit is in there.  If you want to know who was in the most recent Ed Grimley sketch and when that was you can just search for the character and find that all out,  (1996 with Chevy Chase in “Ed Grimley in Heaven”). We also get to hear some of Joel and my picks for timeless musical performances on SNL.  All the music on this weeks episode happened LIVE on Saturday Night!  We talk about hidden gems and infamous episodes and then get into some serious SNL trivia.  This has been such a fun episode to make, good to talk to another SNL fanatic!  Enjoy. Visit the SNL Archive: Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. Guess what, folks? That's the podcast, and I am outta here! I'm Eli Schwab, and that's podcasts to me That’s the podcast and I’m sticking to it.
#21 with Spiritual Rez
Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio!! This week, in our Reziest edition ever, we welcome Spiritual Rez! I got to take in a show at the Dunedin Brewery (amazing wings) the other night and then hung out after the show to talk to the band about their influences, endlessly touring, and how they keep it fresh every single night.  We feature Spiritual Rez’s new song “Agapoula Mou” and it’s amazing new Music Video. Check it HERE.   If you’d like to Download a High-Rez version of the album art click here.
#46.1 with Fred Moore
Cosmic Lion Radio is back but we moved!! We are now live from California and we’re back with an amazing show! We re joined by Fred Moore, taper, musician and friend of New Hope Pa. In this first of two episodes “from the tapers section” we get to hear Fred’s own recordings of some of his first shows taping two of the most pivotal bands in his life, The Grateful Dead and Ween. We’ll chat about a mutual love of Star Trek and then get down and dirty about taping and what all this music means to us. So strap in and turn on a new episode of Cosmic Lion Radio! Click HERE to order the Ween Zine or go to Moore Sound Facebook 
#30/30/30 with Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne
Welcome to our BIG 30/30/30 podcast!!! In our 30-est podcast yet we get to speak to two guys who were in on the ground floor of the life changing institution that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Both Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne worked for Mirage Studios in the very early days when the TMNT were not yet a household name. We get to talk about those early days a Mirage, the in house antics that went on while working, and the lasting impact that these Turtle Ninjas had on these guys lives.  Also we get to hear some of the music that provided the soundtrack to those formative days when the boys were creating the masterworks of the TMNT comics’ era. So sit back relax and enjoy this trip into the history of Mirage Studios and TMNT, you’ll feel like you were just a turtle on the wall during one of the greatest times in comics history. Click HERE for large version of the Album art  
#32 with Rob Bruce Part 2
We are back with part 2 of our Rob Bruce interview.  This week we talk again with Rob about his adventures in collecting.  We’ll find out about some of the most valuable items he’s found, we’ll hear about his possible new show, and we’ll wax intellectual about his gift for digging.  It was a real honor to talk to Rob.  He is a true master of his craft and a guru in his own right. Enjoy and keep on collectin'... Check Rob out on: Instagram - Twitter - The Web - EBay -        
#27 with Mike Allred
  This week, in our most ginchy episode yet, we sit down with comic creator and all around awesome guy Mike Allred (Madman, Red Rocket 7, X-Statix, FF, Silver Surfer).  We get to talk about his early influences and family, we’ll hear about music’s impact on his life, and about how one “Madman” changed his life forever.  Also in this episode we get to hear songs from Mike's band The Gear. For more on them check THIS OUT More about Mike can be found at his website: or his blog    
#47 with Dave Crosland
This week we are back, live in the studio with Dave “King Gum” Crosland. Dave was kind enough to have me over to his studio where I got to revel in the artistry throughout the interview. We got to talk about his artistic start with concert posters, his travels, some of the strange and unusual projects he’s pitched for and much more. Dave also hand picked (how else do you pick stuff) all the music for this episode (mostly) and chose songs that played pivotal roles in crucial times in his life, ups, downs, slings, arrows, and gum. So sit back, relax and check out my chat with King Gum! Dave has worked on: Comics: Invader Zim, Puffed, Scarface: Scarred For Life, Yo Gabba Gabba, CBGB & OMFUG, Bad Ideas, Slop and more. Album Art: Gym Class Heroes "As Cruel As School Children," Blueprint "1988," Incubus / Lollapalooza backdrop artwork
#50 with Ciro Nieli
We are back this week with amazing artist, writer, re-imaginer and Executive Producer of the new TMNT cartoon Ciro Nieli!! We had a serendipitous meeting out side of a Claypool Lennon Delirium show that lead to this amazing and informational episode. We got deep into Ciro’s comic roots, his deep seated love of the Turtles and what inspires him and the new path of the Turtles. Also what moved his career and where it will go next. This is also our 50th anniversary!! The 50th episode!!! So cool! Enjoy it y’all!!! GOONGALA!!
#35 with Matt Wagner
This week I am incredibly honored to present…Matt Wagner.  Prolific writer and artist whose creator owned characters, Grendel and Mage, changed the world of independent comics forever.   Matt went on to work with The Demon,  Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman), The Shadow, Green Hornet, Django vs. Zorro and much more. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to talk to Matt.  He was such a cool guy, creative, knowledgeable and super passionate about his work.  You’ll hear some amazing stories in this episode.  Stories about his early breaks, chilling with Quentin Tarantino, and you’ll even learn Matt’s favorite Big Lebowski quote.  Matt Wagner is the complete package.  His brain contains an entire galaxy of stories with only a fraction already on the page.  If you are new to the world of Matt please, listen to this episode and then go read Mage or Grendel, NOW!   Matt’s website:  
#16: The Vinyl Edition
Welcome back folks!  This week is really amazing!! We spent some time at the "Worlds Largest Record Store" in St. Petersburg Florida, Bananas Music!!!  We met with the owner Doug who showed us around the store and took me to the warhouses warehouse! In this 'vault' we found some very special 78's and we found the true meaning of record "Albums." Spattered with a few historical picks by me this weeks podcast is really special.  All tracks in the podcast were recorded from their original vinyl presings.  So turn the lights down, put on your teashades, and chill out with this weeks "All Vinyl Edition!"
#18: Remember When We Were Young
Welcome back to the show! This week is by far the Friendiest podcast ever! Inspired by the first song I played, I challenged myself and some friends to, "Remember When We Were Young." I spoke to four great friends.  We get to speak to Ryan Dougherty, long time friend, painter, whose work was featured in the Monkelion comic and is also featured on the cover of this episode and Cali-based tye dyer (like he will tye-dye anything).  We get to speak to Tim and Lydia, hometown friends from Cumberland MD, Delfest Foundation Board members and just plain great people.  We get to speak to John Griffin, former owner of Larry’s Landing in St. John, USVI, great friend and a guy I have looked up to since the day I met him.  We get to speak to Colby Dix, one half of the comic gold that is Touchpants, guitar player, and album releaser. We got to speak to all these great people and hear songs that helped shape their musical journeys young in life.  It was a true honor and something we are going to do again.  If you’d like to be on the next show or have questions you want answered on the show, email me at
#15 The Delfest 2013 Edition
This week we focus on the annual festival Delfest! The festival is hosted by The Del McCoury Band and is an eclectic musical vacation over Memorial Day weekend in the rolling hills of Cumberland, Md.  Featuring on-site interviews with Keller Williams, Ronnie McCoury, Tony Markellis, Ray Paczkowski, Joe Craven, The Reverend Peyton and Breezy Peyton, Craig Miller and Douglas Schwab. Featuring live music from this Delfest and from years past. Come across the tracks!
#10 Cosmic Lion Radio vs. Wyllys
January 24, 2013 The Late Knight Disco edition featuring Wyllys live from the Crowbar in downtown Ybor City, Florida. We also feature coverage from our stream of consciousness reporter in the field Eli. Special tracks in the Disco/funk vein and A special version of the new york hustler ensemble’s new song “Precipice” from Jam cruise featuring many amazing guests. This edition could not get better. Wyllys and i met in Burlington Vt so this edition we honor DJ A-Dog... Rest in Power!!
#9 with Marilyn Ghigliotti TheTampa Bay Comicon/Halloween Special
December 28, 2012 In this most special edition of the podcast we have our biggest guests yet! Marilyn Ghigliotti best known for her work in Clerks, also C. Martin Croaker who played Zorak on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and does voices and animation on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We even use special space time technology to speak into the past!! And more great music!! This one is not to be missed!!!
#4 The Roots of Creation Edition
August 20, 2011 An intimate interview with Roots of Creation about the past present and future of the band and life as Dubtronica legends. Featuring the World Podcast Premier of the new single "Different" by RoC and the Rubblebucket horns.
#13 The Alex Budney Edition
This week we catch up with Alex Budney.  Talent buyer and part owner at Nectar's in Burlington Vt, Bass player (Seth Yacovone, Bad Suit) and lover of all things music.  We talk about his history in Burlington, the shows at Nectar's we loved and the nights surrrounding them, then play music from those nights.  This week we also feature a World Premier of "Everything I Play Gon' Be Funky" from the final Melvin Sparks show at Nectars, Aural Hershizer, the Mathematicians and much more… stay tuned to WCLP, Cosmic Lion Radio in the Morning...
#12 The Andre Cholmondeley Edition
This week we talk with Andre Cholmondeley about forming the nations leading Zappa tribute band Project/Object, touring with Zappa Alum Don Preston, being a good Tour Manager, and we wax philosophical about the history and future of the music industry.  Come Freak Out with us!!
#7 The Synth Edition with Eil Winderman from Dopapod
September 10, 2012 A very special enhanced edition focusing on synthesizer music. We’ll have songs that span the life of the synth from the early 60s to now. We will also talk with Eli Winderman from the band Dopapod then a very special guest, from the past? Tune in to hear the past and present of Synth-music.
#38 with Guy Bickel
This week we are on location with Guy Bickel.  Guy is a sound engineer who has toured the world with some of the biggest and best touring acts that have ever graced our ears. Frank Zappa, Bootsy Collins, Cameo, Diana Ross, Mother’s Finest and more.  He was also the bass player from the Cleveland Ohio Space rock band Pi Corp.  During our talk Guy and I spoke about many things, touring, favorite shows, and what it was like to see Pink Floyd at their psychedelic peak.  Guy even played me some recordings of these great artists he made while they were on the road.  These are one of a kind jams from deep in his archive.   We talked for a good 2 hours so I will present this in 2 episodes that I have titled, “The Sound Guy Chronicles.”  Enjoy!! Check out Guy's website at      
#34 in Conversation with Justin Wallner
This week on Cosmic Lion Radio, Justin Wallner joins us in the studio.  Justin works at Emerald City Comics here in lovely Clearwater Florida.  Emerald City Comics is the leading store in the area and, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best shops ever! It’s great to be face to face and vibe out on these great topics.  We chat about our comic roots, Justin’s published work, comic movies, and some great holiday comic gift ideas.  Also we listened to some great vinyl records while we were hanging out and I ripped them right into the podcast.  So all the music you hear is direct from the original vinyl.    Enjoy and if you’re in the area check out Emerald City and say hi to Justin!   Emerald City's Facebook:  
#48 with Jamel Johnson
We are back with Jamel Johnson, comedian and former co-host of my previous podcast “Podcast Classics.” It’s a pleasure to have Jamel on the show and to dive back into the sea of tapes we have amassed since our last meeting. Did you know that podcasting is over 100 years old? Did you know that Jamel’s and my families have been podcasting together for most of those 100? Well it’s true, all of it. In this episode we found a tape of an old podcast classic. On that episode they found a tape of a classic podcast and on that episode they found a classic commercial. Since it’s “inception” podcasting has been in our blood. Jamel and I not only had a great time reminiscing about our family histories but we also learned something about the history of Washington/Baltimore sports. Pretty cool. Check it out.
#39 with Brennan Wagner
Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio! This week Brennan Wagner the colorist for such amazing comics as Django/Zorro, Grendel vs. The Shadow and the upcoming The Spirit miniseries joins us. We get to talk about growing up in the industry, his love of music, Comic Book Rock Stars and we even chat about our mutual love for Jim Mahfood. Talking with Brennan was really great.  This guy is the real deal, super talented and super cool.  Enjoy.   Links Deviant Art -      
#45 with Troy Little
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Graphic Novel artist Troy Little joins us this week on Cosmic Lion Radio. In addition to Fear and Loathing, Troy is also the artist and writer on IDW’s Powerpuff Girls and his creator owned comics Angora Napkin and Chiaroscuro. Troy also has worked in animation for quite some time, working for Spümcø and on many cartoons you know like Ren and Stimpy, Ed, Edd and Eddie and Heavy Metal 2. These jobs have taught him a lot and he shares some of that wisdom with us this week. Troy also chose all the music for this week’s episode and there are some real rockers. So sit back, relax, grab a Singapore Sling with mescal on the side and enjoy this weeks ep! Links: Meanwhile Studios Angora Napkin animated pilot Fear and Loathing on the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" graphic novel tour    
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