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67. The Weeping God (Part 8)
The infiltration of Ilfra--the ilfratration, if you will--begins with slick, subtle subterfuge, and then everything promptly goes to shit. www.damesanddragons.com
07. Festival of Lights (Part 7)
As the old saying goes: when life gives you a bathroom, turn it into a devastating hole in the floor. This week on Dames and Dragons, the Guardians check on their party friends, lie to another attendant, and seek help from the Greater Beasts. Fran is a rude daughter. Laika is a bus driver. Corbin is an ant. www.damesanddragons.com
02. Festival of Lights (Part 2)
Sometimes in life, you and your friends just have to make a mortal flesh tower to get through the day. As the Trials continue, Corbin has an unfortunate encounter with a watery grave, disappears from existence, and acquires a nemesis for life--not necessarily in that order. www.damesanddragons.com (Also featuring sound-quality issues which are fixed in later episodes.)
Bonus Episode: Q and A
In this incredible bonus episode, the Dames discuss character creation, pop culture influences, dump jokes, snacks, favorite moments, and dogs. Thanks for the Q's, everyone!!!! Now, take a peaceful fall into the audio A-hole. www.damesanddragons.com
18. Into Avelis (Part 9)
Laika and Corbin give chase to the dark divine presence in the tower while Fran and the Goddess do damage control. Then, our adventurers press onward down the road toward new possibilities, puzzles, pursuits, and poop jokes. www.damesanddragons.com Sponsors-- Kobold Press: www.patreon.com/koboldpress The Lion's Vault: www.kickstarter.com/projects/2cgaming/lions-vault-module-for-5th-edition-dandd-and-pathf Playground Adventures: www.playgroundadventures.net
21. Into Avelis (Part 12)
Torva's Jaw, Torva's Jaw, what horrors await in Torva's Jaw? Corbin briefly becomes a charity case, Fran briefly becomes an incorporeal spy, and Laika remains obsessed with every sword she sees, forever. Our Guardians and Maeri infiltrate the lair of their most dangerous enemy and come up against the adversary of the century: a locked door. www.damesanddragons.com Sponsors--- Numenera 2 by Monte Cook Games: mymcg.info/dstpodcast Warlock by Kobold Press: www.patreon.com/koboldpress
Lore Vignette: Killonio & Killonia (ft. Kaitlin)
The untold story of the thief and the trickster. FULL LIST OF LORE EPISODES: www.patreon.com/damesanddragons/posts?tag=lore%20episodes Sponsors-- Creature Codex Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2AZkHHc Loot Crate: trylootcrate.com/DSPN code: bridge10
27. The Gray Manacle (Part 3) ft. Rudy Basso
Time to kill Zaroth! Everyone get ready to make him dead! It's murder o'clock for Zaroth, guys! This episode also features: a mysterious thread of ink, an emotional conversation, and a shopping spree. www.damesanddragons.com Find Rudy Basso on the internet! Twitter: www.twitter.com/rudybasso Have Spellbook, Will Travel: www.havespellbook.com DSPN: www.dontsplitthepodcastnetwork.com Sponsors-- Tome of Beasts: marketplace.roll20.net/browse/compen…ome-of-beasts Join the Party: www.jointhepartypod.com Hero Lab: www.GetHeroLab.com
34. The Gray Manacle (Part 10) ft. Rudy Basso
The final confrontation with the Gray Manacle, and a goodbye. Find Rudy Basso on the internet! Twitter: www.twitter.com/rudybasso Have Spellbook, Will Travel: www.havespellbook.com DSPN: www.dontsplitthepodcastnetwork.com
Bonus Episode: Q and A 3
It's time to answer your sweet questions! Hannah Culbert is in the mix!!!! Join us as Noel terrorizes everyone around her and receives endless compliments and praise in return. www.damesanddragons.com Links--- Warlock Patreon: www.patreon.com/koboldpress Cimple and Slean (Arc 3.5 Outro): www.audiomack.com/song/noelshiri/35-outro-cimple-and-slean My Horse Prince: itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-horse-prince/id1173408461 DSPN Panel at Gen Con: www.gencon.com/events/128081
39. Court of Spears (Part 2)
Slake finally meets the Guardians, the city of Madrea begins to reveal its secrets, and several fancy invitations are received. www.damesanddragons.com Sponsors-- Audible: www.audibletrial.com/DSPN Warlock Bestiary: www.patreon.com/koboldpress
46. Court of Spears (Part 9)
The Guardians put on their detective hats and investigate Helmshire's poisoning only to realize the conspiracy goes far beyond their own intimate gathering. One of these beloved characters will say goodbye FOREVER: Corbin, Maeri, Slake, Fran, or Lord Dibibibi! www.damesanddragons.com
50. Court of Spears (Part 13)
The Guardians explore Sparrow Island separately, and then together, and then apart again. Corbin steals, Fran lies, Slake kidnaps, but it is the land of the pirates, after all. www.damesanddragons.com Links and Info-- Tweet your favorite Dames & Dragons moment with #FiftyAndLovingIt @dragondames to enter to win a limited edition pin!! Soundtrack: http://noelshiri.bandcamp.com 12 Peculiar Towers: http://www.koboldpress.com Elderwood Academy: http://www.elderwoodacademy.com/dontsplit
55. Court of Spears (Part 18)
As they look ahead to the siege of Ilfra, our heroes recruit the help of the same people they've been investigating, and not without another courtly manipulation or two. www.damesanddragons.com Links-- The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets: www.genuinefantasypress.com Empire of the Ghouls Kickstarter: www.koboldpress.com/kickstarters
Bonus Episode: Q and A 4
From the depths of the Dames Patreon livestream, questions! Answers! As always, we come up with an elaborate fanfiction about our own characters. A good time!!!!!!! www.damesanddragons.com Links--- Dames & Dragons Store: damesanddragons.store D&D Beyond: dndbeyond.com Empire of the Ghouls: koboldpress.com/kickstarters Elderwood Academy: elderwoodacademy.com
57. 4.9 A Fragmentary Passage (Part 2)
Slake has a fateful reunion with old friends and then gives the rest of the Guardians a very special cave tour. A very slimy, poisonous cave tour. A very dangerous, tenuous, rocks-fall-everyone-dies cave tour. www.damesanddragons.com Links-- P.O. Box: www.damesanddragons.com/contact Rolling on Fate: rollingonfate.podiant.co Grimmerspace Kickstarter: www.grimmerspace.com Empire of the Ghouls: www.koboldpress.com D&D Beyond: www.dndbeyond.com
58. 4.9 A Fragmentary Passage (Part 3)
The Tower of Pavilla reveals more truths than any of the Guardians bargained for. www.damesanddragons.com Links-- D&D Beyond: www.dndbeyond.com Elderwood Academy: www.elderwoodacademy.com/dontsplit 5e Margreve Player's Guide: www.koboldpress.com
64. The Weeping God (Part 5)
Our party learns the scale of Torva's siege of Ilfra, Corbin spies on the gods in his dreams, Bruva screams under the lake, and Aldin leads the Guardians to the monster nest. www.damesanddragons.com
68. The Weeping God (Part 9)
Fran has her expectations betrayed, Slake and Maeri engage in a museum heist caper, and Corbin didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world's been turning. www.damesanddragons.com
62. The Weeping God (Part 3) ft. Stan Ferguson
At last the time has come to meet Varahara, Lord of the Boar, and also the elven boy who lives among his piglets. www.damesanddragons.com Links-- Stan on Twitter: www.twitter.com/racecarfastlane They See Me Rollin': theyseemerollin.libsyn.com
How to Play Dungeons and Dragons
This episode is a comedic 5e Dungeons and Dragons primer, which will teach you as much about playing D&D as you'll need to understand our podcast. It can also help you in getting started on learning to play your personal D&D campaign! Sophia tries to punch the sun, Noel resents everyone around her, Kaitlin has a snack, and Kat DMs. www.damesanddragons.com
10. Into Avelis (Part 1)
Well, guys, the Guardians are totally dead now. Wait, no. Just Laika is dead. Or was it the Goddess? No, no, no... Fran and Corbin. That's it. But, wait. Anyway, tune in for the first episode of Arc 2, wherein there are dust storms, beaches, land sharks, and also mortal peril. www.damesanddragons.com
12. Into Avelis (Part 3) ft. Hannah Culbert
In the middle of a desert, oases and marketplaces alike are unlikely. Laika haggles for food and meets a new friend whilst Corbin and Fran sell their spoils. And even now, far from home, an ancient darkness rears its head. www.damesanddragons.com Check out Hannah Culbert's work! www.diamondinthesnuff.tumblr.com www.twitter.com/notevenlookbad www.instagram.com/notevenlookbad
15. Into Avelis (Part 6)
The city of Danmar: a place dripping with clues about our story, wonders of architecture, and incredibly embittered staff members... The Guardians speak with the professors from Madria, at long last, and then discuss going their separate ways. www.damesanddragons.com Sponsor: www.trylootcrate.com/DSPN Promo Code: bridge10
20. Into Avelis (Part 11)
The Guardians are climbing a mountain. Why are they climbing a mountain? To find Torva's Jaw. To steal...from that jaw. To protect sweet, wonderful Maeri. To envelop that Maeri (in the Torva-proof cloak.) www.damesanddragons.com Sponsors--- Encounters in the Savage Cities: dmsguild.com/product/219716 Numenera by Monte Cook Games: mymcg.info/dstpodcast Kobold Press: koboldpress.com
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