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The CHEFS-d'OEUVRE of the FORGOTTEN ART OF LUSKAR WEAVING (PLUS OTHER THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE) hits Session One, wherein our heroes meet, explore, confront, translate, cast spells, roll dice, and watch someone get bifurcated. Y'know, as you do.
After some residual... unpleasantness... in the Irlentree's dining room, the party finally hits the road, leaving Baldur's Gate behind and beginning their journey to Candlekeep, in Session 34 of DESCENT into AVERNUS. What could possibly go wrong?!
In this, Session Zero of DICELORE's brand spanking new campaign: The CHEFS-d'OEUVRE of the FORGOTTEN ART OF LUSKAR WEAVING (PLUS OTHER THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE), well... not much D&D gets covered. Just enough, though, to get us on track for our first session, wherein our party will find itself in Red Larch, on the Sword Coast, circa 1650... yes, that's right... Victorian Era D&D! 
Vinkee the Bugbear Ranger rejoins the team as they finish up their shopping and head to Irlentree Manor for dinner and a good night's rest, before heading out on the road to Candlekeep. But Episode 33 of DESCENT into AVERNUS has more in store for them than mere provisions and sustenance. Family drama, anyone? Oof!
Session 32 of DESCENT into AVERNUS finds the party acquiring a new friend, who has many mesmerizing skills and hints at volumes of fascinating background threads... if he would only come out of his shell. [Note: apologies for Lee's annoying audio echo... the WHOLE TIME. We'll get that straightened out before next session.]
Hell's bells! In episode 31 of DESCENT into AVERNUS, we reach the climax of the hellish bizarro-scape that is the Mandorcai's Mansion storyline. Can they really have found Aego's mom? Something—or someone—is hell-bent on making sure none of them leave alive. Looks like they're going to have a devil of a time getting out of this predicament, that's for damn sure. Enough hints? 
Sadly, Session 11 is the final episode of SOLO LEVELING. GM Katran had to end it there, but the party goes out with one last Boss Battle, and a -GASP!- character death! ...or maybe not. After the game ends, John, Hailey, Hal, Ryan & Lee spend some time discussing what comes next for them on Thursday nights. 
Is the end of Mandorcai's Mansion within sight? DESCENT into AVERNUS, session 30, seems to inch the party closer to finding Aego's kidnapped mother and a confrontation with... what? Are the story arcs for the other characters' missing persons about to be resolved as well? Perhaps. But first—chains and tentacles, man. Chains and tentacles.
It's episode 3 of ROLL2DIE with Hal the Younger attempting to answer 4 rounds of questions without losing 5 HP! Can he match John Brrr's gold standard of making it to the end unscathed? Let's find out!
Welcome to QUITE the CHARACTER, the mini-show where we spend an episode talking to each DICELORE player about one of the characters they inhabit in our campaigns. Today it's Hailey and her Xibalba the Voltaic Dragonborn Warlock from DESCENT into AVERNUS. Come say hi!
Why yes, DICELORE's MÖRK BORG one-shot has a sequel ...ish. Thanks for asking! Return to the forsaken lands in MÖRK BORG: Devil's Tomb. Anyone smell a campaign starting to form? Yeah. Me too.
CALL of CTHULHU: The Crimson Letters, session five finds our investigators starting to put things together... displaying some mechanical aptitude and incredible luck!... smelling pretty bad... and beginning to explore some rather, uh, special circumstances ascribed to each of them. Weird things are getting weirder. As they do, in Arkham.
Having set seemingly the entire mall on fire last session, SOLO LEVELING, Session 10 sees the party (who may or may not now be calling themselves "Mount Vesuvius") build a fire break and wait out the flames, after which they survey the results of their own personal Pompeii. The UI grants them with a ton of XP, they level up some abilities, and then... SPIDERS!
January 20, 2021 was the 1-year anniversary of the first session we played together, so we decided to celebrate by running a special session of MÖRK BORG... Crazy, super weird, but fun as heck... and containing some of the best roleplaying yet! Immerse yourself in the oddity that is MÖRK BORG: DICELORE style!
It's the first session of Game Mouster Hailey's MOUSE GUARD! DICELORE gets small as we journey to Lockhaven, home of the Mouse Guard. What dangers await our intrepid party of tiny, brave rodents? Come and meet a new band of characters, a new TTRPG system, and a new world of adventure!
SOLO LEVELING, Session 9 leaves the party with a choice... confront humanoid wolf creatures having a drug-fueled orgy, or carnivorous magical transforming plants surrounding a giant centaur statue? Suffice to say, things get hot in a hurry... and we ain't talkin' orgy.
In DESCENT into AVERNUS, session 29, DICELORE gets weird, man. DM John Brrr has homebrewed something special in Mandorcai's Mansion, where the party is stuck looking for Aego's mom (among others?). An emotional, character-driven roleplaying session descends into some serious Twilight Zone craziness. Survival (and sanity) far from guaranteed!
Aaaand it's into the spooky house! DICELORE's DESCENT into AVERNUS, session 28 features the party "returning" to Mandorcai's Mansion, the scene of much murder and mayhem prior to the start of the adventure—backstory, don't you know—on a mission to rescue Aego's kidnapped mom. Ruh-roh, Raggy!
DICELORE's Session 27 of DESCENT into AVERNUS sets up the possibility of things getting REAL ugly REAL fast. After stopping at a blacksmith to see about silvering some weapons, the party heads to the Hhunes with the intent of getting Aego's mum back, come hell or high water. Unfortunately, with Aego involved in the negotiations... enough said. But on the upside, Xibalba actually DOES have proficiency with shields! She's one happy Dragonborn. And that new shield she bought is probably about to come in pretty handy...
It's CALL of CTHULHU: The Crimson Letters, session four, wherein the Keeper of Arcane Lore (aka, Lee) guides our intrepid investigators deeper into the mystery of the missing Witch Letters and the gruesome, unnatural demise of Professor Charles Leiter. Will Dorothy, Doc and Micheal ever be able to escape the strange hell Rex hath wrought by chopping off and putting in his pocket a collection of human toes? Probably not. This is 1921 Arkham, Massachusetts... where all actions, thoughts, dreams, and intentions can have consequences... dire ones.
SOLO LEVELING, Session 8: The Boss Battle! The party takes on their first Big Bad in this dungeon, and boy is it disgusting. The Failed God does not disappoint, but thanks to some (unintentional) teamwork and the stellar rolls by the "new" Johnny Utah, played by Ryan H (taking over for Hal the Elder), things seem to work out!
It's dinner at the Irlentree's! In DICELORE'S Session 26 of DESCENT into AVERNUS, a visit to "Horizon's End"—the Irlentree manor estate—for a well-deserved long rest turns into an unexpected dinner engagement with Aego's father. Awkwardness is the main course, but be sure you stick around for some... unexpected... dessert. Also, SHOPPING!
In this, DICELORE'S Session 25 of DESCENT into AVERNUS, the "Damage is Damage" crew emerge from the Vanthampur dungeons and report to Captain Zodge with evidence of all sorts of nefarious goings-on. Setting the stage for the next... uh... stage of the campaign, they then head off to "Horizon's Edge," also known as the Irlentree estate, for some much needed rest and recovery. Aego is always happy to show off his family's wealth. He's fervently hoping, though, that they can avoid being noticed by his father...
On this episode of ROLL2DIE, DICELORE'S John Brrr—DM of our DESCENT into AVERNUS campaign—takes the challenge and flexes his dice-rolling skillz. Can he survive, and match up to Katran's impressive 4HP victory?
The DICE LORE adventurers are nothing if not extremely cautious! In SOLO LEVELING, Session 7, Ithuriel and Arcee take the lead in the encounter with Oswald & Esmerelda. Things get spookier, then emotional, then kinda kinky, and then dangerous. Boss Fight, here we come!
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