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Episodes of Doctor Who

Jim and Martin delve into the patchy Seventh Doctor era and pull out a plum.
Time to enter the creaky world of black and white Who with a sojourn on the mysterious, blurred planet of Vortis!
Our first dip into the Third Doctor's era sees Jim and Martin discussing The Claws of Axos.
Our second episode, in which Jim and Martin get on to the meat and potatoes of the podcast, discussing the Tom Baker solo outing, The Deadly Assassin.
This is the first of our earliest 30 Krynoid PodCast episodes which we're uploading to Libsyn so that all of our episodes are accessible from the same place. Herein, a very tentative sounding Jim and Martin discuss their history with Doctor Wh
Welcome to the first episode of Jim and Martin's new podcast on that other great BBC sci-fi series of the 1970s and 80s, Blake's 7. This is just a sample episode for Krynoid PodCast listeners. Future episodes will be published at https://mutoi
Jim and Martin are returning to podcasting... with a surprising plot twist. Listen here or on Spotify.
An announcement on the future of the Krynoid PodCast.
So it’s time to go home for Andy Pandy fangirl, Sarah Jane Smith. And there’s a hand pulling the strings in this show too, giving tupperware a bad name and Professor Watson a bad day at the power plant. Handily, crystalline cosmic crook Eldrad
Welcome to The Fun Factory: trespassers will be self-prosecuted. The Valeyard (aka The Flaw Doctor) makes the most of a unique Time Lord feature and gives his own SJW predecessor a right legal leathering on Space Station SFX. But they still fi
You may think life can’t get much worse at the moment but locked-down Brexity Britain looks positively idyllic compared to Blighty under the rubber skirt of Dalek rule. This septic isle is overrun with motorised dustbins, headphone-wearing dul
What could be more fun at Christmas than a Punch and Judy show? Almost anything, of course, but perhaps even puppety domestic violence is preferable to mental subservience to an ancient evil. This is the lot of tetchy Tegan, who’s red in tooth
When is a talkative chair not a talkative chair? When it’s an alien shower curtain. Or a stumpy git in a pith helmet. But, underwhelming as they are, the Vardans still plan an Invasion of Time by conquering pound-shop Gallifrey – a land of med
Scream if you want to leave faster! That seems to be Victoria’s tactic as she sobs, whimpers and shrieks her way out of the show in Fury From The Deep. Indeed, old Leather Lungs’ prodigious output is harnessed to harass some killer kelp and ma
A museum? On a planet, you say? Amazingly, that’s just where TARDIS brings Doctor Who and chums in The Space Museum. But the problems here are worse than an expensive gift shop, a blocked urinal or a coach party of feral school kids. For the p
A bit of holiday advice from the Green Cathedral: better a staycation in Blighty than a sojourn on Uxarieus, a planet more miserable than Raymond Cusick at a Dalek memorabilia auction. But this monochrome blob of clay is surprisingly sought af
As travel restrictions relax, maybe it’s time to give Cully’s Adventures Unlimited a whirl? His ship’s a bit of a squeeze but the elderly Lothario can secretly sail you to the enticing Island of Death with its distinctive countryside, prestigio
Many of you may still be locked up with your family but, with any luck, your house-mates don’t include a glowing alien skull, a gun-toting Teuton and a creepy occultist. Even Benylin Bandersnatch’s mum would be of little comfort, haunted as sh
Feeling trapped in your home with limited entertainment and an uncertain world outside? Well maybe you can sympathise with the residents of Paradise Towers – a horrible high-rise housing low-rent war machines, an apparently tin Hitler, omnivor
As our next episode (Paradise Towers) will be later than usual and as many of you will have more time than usual to kill, we’ve dredged up something from our past as a piece of additional Lockdown content. Back in March 2017, the Blue Box Podc
With all of us seeing rather too much of our immediate locales at the moment, what better time to come with us on a voyage through old Cathay? That said, our TARDIS team may have preferred to self-isolate from their travelling companions – a t
In need of a holiday in these trying times? Where better than Space Fawlty Towers on the nuke-shagged planet of Argolis? Answer: almost anywhere. For The Leisure Hive is a place where reptiles skin up, guests are dismembered and squash players
So you want to continue your successful show but need to recast your leading man. What do you do? Why you make it as difficult as possible for your bemused audience to accept him, of course! The Power of the Daleks sees impish impostor Pat Tro
We start 2020 with an ending. Loathe him or hate him, Adric has been a big part (prat?) of 80s Who but all things must pass, however indigestible. Yes, this is Earthshock, which packed a couple of major bombshells back in the day (not counting
In our December episode, Jim and Martin ease themselves into Whuletide by settling down to watch The Black and White Guardian Show. It’s something of a festive feast, featuring as it does Rudolph the Two-Nosed Shadow, a space Trotter on hols f
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