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How do you truly honor birth? Dr. Nathan Riley joins us for the second time on the podcast. First time was back in 2019, and a lot of life has changed for him. For one thing, he’s welcomed both of his daughters into the world. And today we talk
How do you trust in the process of your birth experience? In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Charly and Dan Swanberg about the births of both of their daughters: Luna and Kaiya. Charly’s mother had 3 home births herself, so the experie
Can you train for the experience of birth? We’ve often heard birth compared to a marathon. Most people have a lot of intense and focused training when it comes to their marathons. So how can a woman prepare for the marathon of birth?  In today’
What are you focusing on the most when it comes to your birth? As you prepare for your home birth, there are obviously many factors and considerations. Are you truly allowing yourself to envision the success of the experience, whatever that loo
What do you do when your care providers drop you and tell you to change your birth plan, at 35 weeks? This is the exact circumstance that Adina Rivers found herself in during her second pregnancy.  Originally planning for a home birth with a mi
What happens if you go past your due date? That depends on a number of factors. One thing that we’ve found helpful when it comes to due date or “guess date,” as we’ve seen it referred to (and tend to prefer), is that this is an area of variatio
How do you train for motherhood? This is the question that Jessica Lorion found herself asking. And from her own personal inquiry, that question sprouted a podcast and community dedicated to preparing for motherhood.  We’re huge fans of this id
How can you be very intentional and faith-driven in your birthing plans? This is a big theme of our conversation with Amy Jo and JJ Mann, veterans of the Doing It At Home podcast. In our second interview with the couple, they share the details
Today’s birth story features Briahnna Roy and Jeremy Scott, a couple sharing their journey to home birth.  For their first baby, Briahnna and Roy chose to deliver in a birth center. The experience wasn’t everything they wanted, and when it came
What can you do to ease pain (or sensation) during labor and birth? Today’s interview with Sara Lyon, birthing expert, doula, founder of Glow Birth & Body, author of “The Birth Deck” and “You’ve Got This: Your Guide to Getting Comfortable with
Can you over prepare intellectually for birth? This is a topic that comes up in our interview with Shira Page, NP and CLC. According to Shira, when it came to her first birth: “I had been planning to deliver at home my entire life because my mo
How do you know if your prenatal vitamin measures up? When should you start taking a prenatal vitamin? When should you stop? Can a man take a prenatal vitamin? These are all such great questions when it comes to optimizing your health and nutri
Why choose home birth? This is a question we almost always ask in our interviews. Everyone has their own unique story and reasoning.  In our conversation with Abby Marks, she shares the journey of what felt like “giving power away” and not ques
How can care providers and patients work together to create greater understanding and better outcomes for mothers and babies? This is a question we found ourselves asking throughout our conversation with Dr. Nathan Riley, OBGYN. We’ve been in c
When it comes to birth, what does it mean to “do your homework?” This is a big theme of our conversation with Emily Stanwyck, birth doula, Birthfit trainer and home birth mom of 2. According to Emily, “you can have 2 perfect home births when yo
How can you utilize the power and intention of prayer for your birth? Regardless of your faith, setting intentions for your birth experience can be a big part of preparation for the experience. Today’s guest, Josephine Breen, weaves her faith i
How can fathers be prepared and support mothers during the pregnancy and birth experiences? This is the crux of David Arrell’s work as he helps partners to be helpful, supportive, involved and all the other great adjectives that benefit both pa
In today’s episode we speak with Dr. Sarah Buckley on the science of natural and undisturbed birth. Dr. Buckley is the author of the best selling book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, the author the report Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, an
How do we deal with “expectations vs. reality” when it comes to birth? This is a great theme and pattern that shows up in today’s interview, and one that many of us can relate to. You think something will go one way OR you don’t think something
Why do a small percentage of planned home births transfer to the hospital?  There are a number of reasons. Today’s conversation is with our friend Anne Margolis, a certified nurse midwife and a powerhouse in the birth world. She has personally
How do you build trust for the birth experience? This entire episode encapsulates and embodies this question. Heather and Chris join us to share their birth journey of their daughter Eliana. Heather was born at home, so having a home birth hers
Did you hold onto any shame from your birth or postpartum experience? In today’s episode, our guest Dorit Palvanov is setting an example on how to let that go. She shares details of her 3 birth stories: from hospital to home to back to hospital
How do we make birth better? Today we’re chatting with one of the country’s top leaders addressing this question, and not just addressing it, but matching his conviction with his actions. They say don’t meet your heroes...but I don’t think they
In this episode, Matthew and Sarah chat with sisters Jenny and Wendy, creators of Pure Motherhood, a company that provides education, products, support and empowerment for moms and moms-to-be. We talk about how to mentally pivot when things don
Can you still have a home birth with gestational diabetes? This question comes up often in the community. Today’s birth story is an example of an answer in the affirmative. Crystal Boymistruk joins us to share her birth story of her second chil
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