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Can you believe it? Almost three years ago we started this podcast and now we’re excited to be releasing this, our 100th episode! A particular thank you to you if you’ve taken the time to review, subscribe or recommend our show as it really makes all our work that much more worthwhile. And we always love to hear from you, whether it’s guest or show ideas, or any feedback. Just email us here. This week’s 100th episode features a woman who has a pretty incredible story. Her name is Mouna Aouri and she’s a Tunisian who started out as a bridge engineer, including working for 7 years in Japan. (And Japan is NOT an easy place for women to work!)  After running a successful business in her home country of Tunisia, Mouna now works in Singapore with Beacon Fund which is investing in female entrepreneurs in South East Asia. Not only that, she launched and runs her own online community supporting women entrepreneurs called ‘Woomentum’. In this episode you’ll learn: Why Mouna left Tunisia to build bridges in JapanHow her successful business and life was turned upside down by the Arab Spring uprisingHow, after losing her identity as a new Mum in a new country, she picked herself up and turned her experience into a business supporting other women; and The common mistakes female entrepreneurs make and how to overcome them.Mouna is very open and vulnerable about the difficult time she encountered trying to reinvent herself and her career in a new country and as a new Mum, and her story of how she bounced back is really inspiring. So why not grab yourself a yummy slice of ‘100th episode cake’ 😂 and enjoy this episode! Useful LinksWoomentum - community supporting female entrepreneursBeacon Fund - funding female entrepreneursLink to the Research Mouna mentioned - The Path to Success: How Women-owned Business Transform in the Era of Digitalization  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s mini episode is about keeping things in perspective and not taking things personally at work. We hear great advice from one of our wisest guests, Julia Paige, Uber’s global head of Social Impact. We both have in our time, and the wasted hours of angst trying to second-guess the motivations of others or their perceptions of us, were truly a waste of time.How often have you been rattled by something someone has said to you at work, then spent hours ruminating and worrying about how you're perceived by others? Spare yourself the pain and check out this mini episode to help you realise if it's work's not personal!Useful LinksLink to Julia’s full interviewJulia on LinkedIn  See for privacy and opt-out information.
A recent Microsoft trends in work report showed that 40 billion more emails were sent in February 2021 than the previous February, due to the increase in remote working. No wonder so many of us are feeling burnt out and that our work/life boundaries are all askew! We’re happy to say our latest ‘How To’ episode is jam-packed with tips on how to appropriately say “No” at work, whether you’re an employee or work for yourself. We’re not saying it’s always right or easy to say “No” but what we do observe in our leadership work around the world is that some people say “Yes” way more than they need to and can be taken advantage of. If you think this might be you, then don’t miss this episode where you’ll learn:The reasons why we often find it hard to say “No”Great responses you can try when asked out of the blue to do something for someoneA useful framework one professional speaker and author uses to work out what to say “No” to; and An intuitive way to figure out what your true priorities are. So before you reply to any more emails, enjoy this episode!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s mini episode focuses on staying current with your skills in the fast changing world of work. Something that’s relevant for all of us given the pace of technology change! In this episode, we hear from drone and tech expert, Dr Catherine Ball, whom we featured on the show about a year and a half ago. She’s a real dynamo and a passionate believer in accessible lifelong learning. Cath is a strong believer in how important it is for corporates and individuals to think about re-training in order to keep up with where technology is taking us all. Plus she shares some great resources as well and you can see links to those below. Our take is this: don’t get overwhelmed with the full spectrum of change that’s happening in technology, take it one SMALL chunk at a time. Think about what one new skill or piece of knowledge would be most useful for you right now in your current role to help you to continue to grow and progress? Then find a short course or expert you can learn from - it might be as simple as a free 2 hour course. Cath also shares great advice on how networking and linking in with industry associations to help you learn and make your next career step. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this mini episode.Useful LinksDr Cath Ball’s websiteDr Cath Ball LinkedinKaggle (free cyber security and coding courses online) Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science, EdXLearn to Code by Dash, General AssemblyEmail Marketing Crash Course, HubspotHow to Start a StartUp with Sam Altman at Stanford UniversityProduct Design by Google, UdacityCompetitive Strategy, Coursera - uses game theory  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We’re excited to bring you this week’s important conversation with psychologist, burnout expert, author and leadership coach, Dr Jacinta Jiménez.We’ve actually known Jacinta for some years and followed her great work on leadership, coaching and high performance with keen interest. We were really excited when she told us about her new book, The Burnout Fix.Jacinta has broken new ground with this book deconstructing and presenting burnout in an actionable way we’d never seen before, and all of it is science backed. Jacinta studied and obtained her doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University where she focused on peak performance, motivation and behaviour change.  What makes her so interesting to speak to and learn from is that she has also more recently spent several years in the tech startup world helping to build a coaching-at-scale business called BetterUp, in San Francisco. In this episode and in her new book, Jacinta deconstructs burnout and you’ll hear how: Her own 2 burnout experiences changed and shaped her careerThe telltale signs of burnout may not be what you think they areHow the focus of her work has been influenced by being one of the few Latina women in her field; and You’ll learn about a model you can use to help prevent burnout happening to you.So without further ado enjoy this episode with the passionate and learned Dr Jacinta Jiménez ...Useful LinksJainta’s new book: The Burnout FixAmazon Kindle linkAmazon Hardcover linkJacinta’s websiteJacinta on LinkedIn  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s mini episode is in honour of International Women’s Day. We don’t know about you but this feels like a bit of a watershed year in terms of gender equality and sexual harassment issues rising to almost boiling point in multiple places around the world. Now is the time to call out inequality, injustice and gendered violence when we see them in action. In this episode we reflect on:Why we still need to keep gender equality on the agenda and why IWD is importantHow the pandemic created a triple whammy for womenGreat advice on how you can call out bias when you encounter it at work, andHow virtual meetings haven’t necessarily improved things for women’s voices being heard. You’ll get to hear some advice from us and from one of our favourite guests, NASA’s Trudy Kortes, so enjoy this Future Proof Me episode. Useful LinksWomens March 4 Justice websitePetition to Australia’s Prime Minister on Gendered ViolenceTrudy Kortes episodeNASA websiteTrudy’s websiteTrudy LinkedinTrudy Instagram  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Have you ever felt totally blindsided or cheated? That’s exactly what happened to our guest this week who spent more than ten years building a startup into a huge success, only to find the company sold by the other investors without receiving a cent. Just two years later the business was valued at over 11 billion dollars!There’s no doubt that serial Scottish entrepreneur Lesley Eccles has ridden the startup rollercoaster on a grand scale. What we find so incredible and inspiring is how she’s bounced back from the devastating loss of her and her co-founders’ first business hit, FanDuel, to focus on starting a business all over again.Lesley says she felt she had no alternative but to start from scratch again - but this time she’s brought her knowledge of running and scaling a technology business to build the number one relationship and self care app, Relish.As Lesley shares her fascinating journey you’ll learn how:Lesley, her husband and their 3 other co-founders weren’t sure if their start up would be successful until they were 7 years inHow their team, headquartered in Scotland, managed to become successful in the US market of fantasy sports building a team of 500 employees with 6million usersWhat lessons Lesley learnt as a result of the gut-wrenching sale of FanDuelAnd why Relish is all about making the world a happier place.Lesley’s story and lessons really are remarkable so don’t miss this episode with the resilient and gutsy Lesley Eccles. Useful LinksRelish in the Apple App StoreRelish websiteLesley Eccles on LinkedIn  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello and welcome to this week’s Future Proof Me mini-episode. Valentine’s Day was only a week or two prior to us recording this episode and it really brought home how we’re often primed to make our self worth dependent on being loved or valued by others. Whereas what really counts, is what we think and say to ourselves! This brings us to the wisdom of the amazing 92 year old June Dally Watkins, whom we were lucky enough to feature on the show some time ago but still in her 90’s. Very sadly, she passed away early last year leaving an incredible legacy as a pioneering businesswoman and total inspiration.  In the first part of this week’s mini episode, you hear June talk, in her own inimitable way, about just how important it is to like and love yourself. Then we explore the labels we can unconsciously (or consciously) give ourselves and how these can really make a BIG difference. And they’re really influenced by how much we have self-worth, love and respect. We hear an inspiring story of how Barcelona-based innovator and futurist Cecilia (‘Ce Ce’) Tham, suddenly realised how negative the labels she was giving herself were. She changed them and her prospects changed completely with them. What labels do you give yourself? Do you truly like and love yourself? Enjoy this week’s mini episode to hear from two super wise, fabulous and diverse women. Useful LinksJune Dally WatkinsJune Dally Watkins Full Interview - Redefining What’s Possible for Women Even at 92!JDW WebsiteSydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Article on June Dally Watkins: Cecelia ThamCecelia Tham Full Interview - Predicting the FutureCecilia’s website Cecelia’s business FuturityMakers of Barcelona (MOB)  allwomen AI Training School  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello and welcome to another special episode of the show. For those of you listening in the past few weeks, you’ll know that we have finally relented to the many requests over time to share our own stories.Claire’s been overwhelmed with the responses to her episode that we aired two weeks ago and this week it’s Greta’s turn to be interviewed by Claire! Claire loved chatting with Greta about her innovative and fascinating career journey to date. Tune in now to hear: How Greta spent the very first part of her working career as a professional ballet dancerHow she hasn’t finished high school and doesn’t have an undergrad degree but managed to get an MBA and work at prestigious management consultancy, McKinsey & Company How, against all odds, she managed to secure her dream job working for an overseas organisation founded by Bono And, what she learnt from her time on the executive teams at eBay and Sydney Opera House. Without further ado, enjoy this episode with our inventive and strategic co-host, Greta Thomas.Useful LinksGreta on LinkedInGreta on TwitterDon’t Stop Us Now! WebsiteFull Potential Labs WebsiteThe Lazarus Effect Documentary co-produced by  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s mini ‘Future Proof Me’ episode is all about the power of dreaming big. One person who’s a passionate believer in the power of the dreams we make for ourselves is stationery and Swedish design entrepreneur, Kristina Karlsson - the founder of kikki.K. We had Kristina on the show around the time her business went into voluntary administration last year. It was a perfect storm and COVID was the last straw. However, the great news is that in August last year they found an investor and the brand and business lives on, still with Kristina and her husband Paul continuing to run the business.Kristina makes a big distinction between goal setting and dreaming. Goal setting is a rational process where you take reality into account, while dreaming, she says, is where you let go of reality and really think about what you would most love to happen - to create your dream life.  We also love how Kristina stresses you don’t have to be special to achieve great things…. Win One of Kristina’s ‘Your Dream Life’ books We’re thrilled to say we have three copies of Kristina’s book ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ to give away to listeners keen to follow the seven steps Kristina mentions in this mini episode. Simply email us at and tell us in less than 50 words why it’s important to you to be able to think and dream bigger. Entries close COB Wednesday, 24 February 2021. Winners will be notified by email. Useful LinksKristina’s Dream Life website  See for privacy and opt-out information.
By popular demand, we’re excited to share a unique episode with you today. We’re pretty excited because we’ve been asked to do this since we launched the podcast nearly 3 years ago. If you haven’t already guessed, we’ve finally relented and will be sharing our own career stories and journeys with you. Today you get to hear all about Claire’s extraordinary career and journey. Whilst normally you’d hear both of us asking questions, of course today, only Greta is asking the questions. Claire, of course, will be answering them. (Yippee!) Greta was blown away by Claire’s remarkable career to date. In this episode you’ll learn how Claire: Received an award from the UK Prime Minister as one of Britain's People of the Year at the age of 26How a tragedy changed the course of her life What it was like working at Google and why they’re so innovativeAnd finally, why she left her plum job on the Google Australian leadership team Without further ado please enjoy this episode getting to know our co-host, the amazing Claire Hatton.  Useful LinksClaire on LinkedinDon’t Stop Us Now! WebsiteFull Potential Labs Website3P Learning WebsiteAPT Travel Group  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We’re excited to share our first mini episode for 2021!It’s a topical one for many people, particularly those whose careers may have been affected in some way by COVID in the past year. We were blown away by the career story of Dr Emma Camp, a coral scientist, a UN Young Leader and a National Geographic Explorer, amongst numerous other accolades she’s earnt along the way. When you look at Emma’s LinkedIn profile now you would think she’s always been seen as a superstar but in fact, this is far from the truth. At the very beginning of her career, Emma really struggled to get her foot in the door of any kind of scientific research and she had to get both creative and very resilient to continue her dream of becoming a marine scientist. Don’t miss her story of the incredibly creative way she got her foot in the door and hear her advice on going after what you really want in your career. Enjoy this mini episode ....Useful LinksLink to Emma's full interview on Don't Stop Us Now!Emma’s websiteTwitter LinkedInInstagramUN Young Leaders Website  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to our first episode for 2021!We couldn’t think of a better guest to start the year with than social entrepreneur Ronni Kahn, the Founder and CEO of OzHarvest. Ronni is a South African who’s lived in Australia for many years. The story of how she founded and then grew OzHarvest is really quite something. If you’re not familiar with OzHarvest, it’s Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, ensuring that quality, untouched food from supermarkets and big events gets delivered to provide meals for those in need and saving good food going to landfill. Incredibly OzHarvest has delivered 160 million meals in Australia to date. Plus, it’s expanded overseas as well. Ronni recently released her memoir, called A Repurposed Life and we explore her fascinating life and career journey in this episode including: How Ronni’s early life, from growing up in South Africa, to living on a kibbutz in Israel helped shape her ultimate purpose to end food waste How her earlier entrepreneurial endeavours with florist shops, pyramid-selling skin care, and a flourishing events business, helped her build her self confidence and enabled her to think biggerHow OzHarvest has had to pivot and adapt through COVID, andWhy Ronni advises you not to wait to give more than you getIf you’re looking to find your purpose, get some inspiration or hear how someone else has made career transitions then don’t miss this episode with the focused and impressive Ronni Kahn. Useful LinksRonni’s Book - A Repurposed LifeOzHarvest website  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We can’t think of a better note to finish 2020 on than this week’s episode with an incredible woman and international leader, Michelle Guthrie.Michelle may be best known for her time as Managing Director at the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation which is Australia’s equivalent to the UK’s BBC). She was dismissed halfway through her contract amidst great public controversy.Prior to her role with the ABC, Michelle spent much of her career based in Asia where she was CEO of Star TV with more than 4,000 staff; and she also spent 5 years at Google Asia Pacific as a Managing Director there.Nowadays, Michelle sits on a number of company boards and advises tech companies on scaling globally.We had a really fascinating and uplifting conversation with Michelle and you’ll hear how:Michelle transitioned her career from lawyer to global media and technology executiveJoining Google after running Star TV was a bit of a culture shockShe bounced back from her very public end at the ABC and how she thinks of this time;And, hear her views on women being held to different standards in business.We really loved this open conversation with Michelle and think you will too. Don’t miss this one! Useful LinksMichelle on LinkedInBoard’s Michelle Sits On:StarhubCatapultHoppr Holiday Wishes from UsThis is our last episode for 2020 as we take a break and recharge our batteries. The podcast will be back again on 20th January featuring a great conversation with the amazing social entrepreneur Ronni Kahn.Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, happy and healthy festive season (if you're celebrating) and great transition to the New Year.If you enjoy our podcast and would like to make our year a little brighter then please rate and review our show on your podcasting platform of choice. We’ve heard Santa really rates people who do this too! ;-)  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week’s Future Proof Me mini episode we explore one aspect of a topic we’ve been asked a lot about this year. That topic is career transition and today we dive a little deeper on one thing that can be a major consideration for some, and that’s their financial security.  Particularly in this time of COVID, it’s understandable if you’re giving extra thought to your finances. Of course it’s not everything, but it’s a really interesting topic because sometimes it can be hard to think purely rationally about money and one’s medium term financial security.  It’s why this mini episode revisits the refreshing and calm, practical thinking of one of our former guests, Katie Vanneck-Smith. Katie chose to leave her high paying job as President of Dow Jones in New York to co-found a media startup called Tortoise in the UK. You’ll hear about the thought process she went through to work out whether she could afford to make this change and still support her family. And how she’s scaled back the parties she’s famous for! Plus, at the end you’ll also hear Claire and Greta briefly each share their stories about how they considered one of their own career transitions.Enjoy this mini episode. Useful LinksKatie Vanneck-Smith full episode - Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Welcome to our latest How To episode, the last one for 2020!This week we’re exploring how to end this year on a positive note. It’s been such a crazy year! From Australia and California's shocking bushfires to the global COVID pandemic, which has led to so much disruption to all our lives.We like to think of the end of the calendar year as a great opportunity to be a circuit breaker. With so many people right now feeling exhausted, this is a great chance for us all to start the process of recharging our batteries and freshening our outlook over the Holiday season.In this episode we share 4 great tips that you can choose from to help you reset, clear your head and generally position yourself in the best possible way to enjoy December and start 2021 feeling much more positive. We explore everything from humour, to reflecting on your 2020 actions, to telling someone how much you appreciate them. So if you want to end 2020 in the best possible way then this is the episode for you. Enjoy! Interesting LinksJennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas - Humour as a Super PowerThanking someone who’s helped you: inspiring, short video   See for privacy and opt-out information.
With the crazy year that 2020 has been and many people feeling exhausted as we come into the Holiday season, this week’s mini episode may be exactly what you need. In ‘Taking Control of Your Calendar’ we revisit some great advice from drone expert and Associate Professor, Dr Cath Ball on optimising your time and calendar. As she puts it so adroitly, she now thinks of emails simply as other people telling you how to use your time. Cath is something of a dynamo - you can hear it in the way she speaks - so many fantastic thoughts, all at a million miles per hour. Cath had to learn some important lessons when she left corporate life and started working for herself. Particularly once she had her first baby, she realised just how priceless her time was and how easy it was to let other people control her time. So if you’re feeling like your diary is out of your control then you’ll love Cath’s thoughts and advice on ensuring how you spend your time works for you. Whether you work for yourself or for others there’s plenty of great advice here. Enjoy! LinksLink to full interview with Dr Cath BallDr Cath Ball’s website World of Drones Congress Dr Cath Ball Linkedin  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s episode features Colombian founder, Mia Perdomo. She and her co-founder have built a business fighting for equality for women at work across Latin America. Mia trained as a psychologist but always thought of herself as a feminist. In 2014, Mia attended a four month long leadership program at a US university, and had what she describes as a ‘life changing experience’. It was here that she realised she could be an entrepreneur and deliver social change.She teamed up with fellow course participant, Peruvian Andrea de la Piedra, and together they launched Aequales, a business focused on closing the gender gap in Latin America. They started by offering diversity consulting services to businesses in Peru and Colombia.  But when business wasn’t as good as hoped, Mia and her co-founder were forced to get creative.And they did!In this episode you’ll learn:How the idea they came up with totally changed the prospects for their business, without losing its missionWhy Mia is so passionate about being a ‘for-profit’ business with a social cause, How she and her co-founder have navigated building a profitable multi-country Latin American business and . . .The astounding way some companies treat female job candidates. Without further ado enjoy this episode with the passionate and determined Mia Perdomo.Useful LinksMia's LinkedInAequales WebsiteAequales TwitterAequales Instagram  See for privacy and opt-out information.
For this week’s Future Proof Me mini episode, we couldn’t resist going back to one of our earliest episodes with the amazing speaker, author and Fellow at Oxford University, Rachel Botsman. Rachel’s schedule has changed pretty drastically since COVID broke out as normally she’d be flying round the world given keynotes on the most prestigious of stages. Now she’s getting used to giving her keynotes virtually. Whether the format is virtual or in person, the very generous and fulsome advice Rachel shares here is invaluable to help you think about, and prepare, a great presentation or speech.Even if you don’t want to give a TED talk as Rachel has, we all know that how we present our ideas and information really does matter. Enjoy this episode where Rachel shares her trade secrets. Useful LinksRachel's original episode - TED Talks, Writing Books and BHAG Goals  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s episode features a woman who never dreamt she’d end up working in a high tech environment. In fact, Ellen Broad imagined she would be a lawyer or librarian when she was younger. However this tech exec and academic is now a Senior Fellow at the 3A Institute at the Australian National University. The Institute is a multi-disciplinary department created to help humans prepare for, and navigate, a world that will be forever altered by AI-powered ‘cyber-physical systems’. A little bit more about Ellen, she trained as a lawyer (more about that in our conversation) and she’s worked in data-related roles in the Hague and in the UK, including being an expert adviser to the UK Secretary of State on Data, and head of Policy for the UK’s Open Data Institute. Not only that, but Ellen has also written an award winning book on AI and its impact on humans called ‘Made By Humans’. In this episode you’ll learn:How Ellen navigated moving countries, and finding work, without having any network in her new home-baseHow she's found her voice to speak up against gender biasWhat it's like working in a truly diverse team - hint it’s not always easy Why she’s using social media a lot less these days, andWhere she thinks technology will go in the next five years.Enjoy this episode with the unassuming and very smart Ellen Broad. Links3A Institute websiteEllen Broad’s websiteEllen’s Book - Made by HumansGriffith Review Article - Computer Says NoResources Recommended by EllenCoded Bias DocumentaryAlgorithms of Oppression by Safiya NobleWeapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’NeilPAIR Program with GoogleThe Coding Train - Daniel Shiffman  See for privacy and opt-out information.
How do you go with sensitive conversations? They’re not easy are they?  This week’s mini episode shares how NASA executive Trudy Kortes has learnt over time to call out gender bias when she experiences it. If you’ve not heard one of these bite-sized episodes before, the idea is to focus on the most valuable insights, gems of advice and ideas from our incredible guests . . . all focusing on the theme of future proofing ourselves and our careers.Trudy’s advice includes some great principles for all difficult conversations, so make your next difficult conversation a little easier with this bite-sized nugget of wisdom and experience. Useful LinksTrudy’s orig episode: A Career in Space and Real Life MoonshotsNASA websiteTrudy’s websiteTrudy LinkedinTrudy Instagram  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We’re excited to introduce you to the youngest woman we’ve had on the show to date. But age isn’t the reason we’re happy for you to meet 27 year old Sophia Athas.  Sophia is the self-taught, entrepreneurial founder of a thriving new-age creative agency called Hatrik House. Sophia’s business started out simply as a creative outlet and side hustle for when she was studying law at university. In the years that followed, Sophia realised she had the makings of a business as her work on social media attracted attention and turned her into a brand influencer in her own right.  Hatrik House has now grown to become a fully fledged agency focusing on social media and content with a talented team of women helping service a whole host of brands.  And full disclosure here, we were so impressed with Hatrik’s work when we saw one of their clients on Instagram, we hired her ourselves about two years ago!In that time we’ve watched as Sophia’s business has grown and admired how she continues to navigate all the challenges that come with leading a fast growing business as a young woman.  In this episode you’ll hear:Sophia’s experiences of being taken seriously (or not) as a female boss in her 20'sWhat she believes have been the most important factors in running her businessHow she thinks COVID will affect both digital and real-life experiences going forwardAnd, her advice if you're thinking of setting up a side hustle.Without further ado, here’s our conversation with the composed and creative Sophia Athas. LinksSophia on InstagramHatrik House websiteHatrik House on Instagram  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s mini, Future Proof Me episode features some insightful advice about saying “Yes” to the unknown, even when it really scares you. We hear from fashion entrepreneur Caroline Issa, the CEO of the Tank group which includes the revered global fashion and culture magazine, Tank Magazine. We loved Caroline’s openness to embrace unexpected and unfamiliar opportunities. It seems so relevant in this time of COVID when nearly all of us are navigating the unfamiliar on an almost daily basis!Her willingness to embrace doing things she hasn’t done before, even when she’s not sure she knows how to be successful with them, has worked so well for her. It’s as if she channels the magic of saying “yes” and it’s really paid off.Hear her advice on how she copes when she’s not sure whether she can rise to the challenge or not.... Useful LinksLink to full 'Don't Stop Us Now!' episode with Caroline IssaCaroline on InstagramCaroline on LinkedinTank Magazine on InstagramTank Magazine website Book: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – by Susan Jeffries  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We think you’re going to love this week’s episode featuring two super impressive women who, amongst other things, teach at Stanford University’s famed Graduate School of Business (GSB). Yes, today you get two for the price of one! ;-) Despite their serious surrounds, these two are determined to bring levity and humour to the world having discovered just how powerful humour can be in dark times and at work. Jennifer Aaker is General Atlantic Professor at Stanford’s GSB, where she has been one of the favourite professors there for around 20 years. She’s a Behavioural Psychologist and author, and her research focus areas include: purpose and meaning and how they shape the choices we make; and most recently she’s been working with our other guest today, Naomi Bagdonas on the power of using humour in a business context. Naomi Bagdonas was a stand up comic by night and a management consultant by day, never mixing the two, until one day she realised that she was living an almost double life and decided it was time to be herself wherever she was. These days Naomi is a lecturer at Stanford, an Executive Coach, an author and she even teaches improv comedy to inmates at San Francisco’s County Jail.Jennifer and Naomi began teaching the importance of humour to MBA students and then realised that what they’d discovered was what the world really needed right now . . . hence their new book out this week, ‘Humour, Seriously’. In this laughter-filled episode, you’ll hear: Why Naomi and Jennifer believe humour is a secret superpower at work and in life,How we all fall off a humour cliff at the age of 23 and what we can do about it,Practical tips to increase creativity and innovation in your team, andHow you can potentially gain an additional 8 years on your life!Enjoy this episode with these two witty, wickedly smart women ...Useful Links:Humour, Seriously websiteTest to see what humour type you areJennifer Aaker on LinkedInNaomi Bagdonas on LinkedIn  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week’s Future Proof Me mini episode shares some great advice if you’re contemplating starting your own business or side hustle.We were so inspired by social enterprise founder Navyn Salem when we had her on the show a year or so ago. She told us how, when she had the idea to set up a social enterprise to tackle malnutrition in children in developing countries, everyone told her it couldn’t be done. She decided she would prove the naysayers wrong and, today, her organisation Edesia has made an incredible impact and transformed 12 million children’s lives in 54 countries.In this mini episode, Navyn shares advice about how to get started and how to approach the many problems any founder is sure to encounter. Navyn really is the ‘real deal’ and if you like this mini episode be sure to listen back to our full conversation with her here. Useful Links:Edesia WebsiteNavyn on Instagram Link to the full 'Don't Stop Us Now!' episode with Navyn Salem  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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