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We kick off this week's podcast with a quick callout to Chipotle's food poisoning incident, and to the 'radio voice' featuring a Janis Joplin tribute band, and Molly Hatchet. So the 'D' has betrayed Honch, divulging details about a cruise that Honch bought for his wife..because D didn't know the details. And not to sidetrack, have you ever had trash grits? It has pork belly, but that tarnishes everything because D ruined Honch's life. I guess we'll resort to drinking beer. Hackerman had some pretty interesting news coming out of the U.S; a senate member (well, she's actually running for the house of representatives) has posted her degree, which she didn't actually get. Multiple people called her out - including the university that she claimed to get it from. She 'studied' marketing, but as it turns out, the university doesn't even offer that - irony. After talking about fake degrees, we found a question from Reddit - wondering what the most disliked professions are from consumers. Proctology could be one - or customer service. That seems to be a theme. It seems that customer service is the most hated - by everyone, including the customer service people. Jethrow's wife used to like people until she had a customer service job. Life tip: Don't yell at trainees - especially if you see Honch washing dishes. Side discussion, are trainee badges get out of jail free cards? Something big, besides potatoes, happened in Idaho. Residents in town, somewhere in there, there were 100 goats running rampant, eating everything in peoples' yards - everything in sight. They eventually got them under control, but for awhile people were...well, panicked. We have no idea what happened after that.
On this week's episode, we start out with the scary movie harmony. If you haven't caught on, we do a voice intro. We got right into a movie that Jethrow watched about a sexually transmitted demon. We decided that we needed a soundboard, after going on about the Amish filming a movie. Have you seen the movie ghost? It doesn't matter, because no one wants to give their bit of news. Jethrow begins to tell us news that he heard on the radio. It is official that California has fire tornadoes, not the ones you find at your local 7-Eleven, but actual tornadoes made out of fire. So what would you do if fire tornadoes became beings? Honch points out that since we're talking about tornadoes, what about shartnadoes? Turns out that the highest level is the lava sauce from Taco Bell (is that hotter than the blazin' sauce? D built an arcade machine in his basement, which features what of the creepiest games ever called "Chiller", which is the creepiest arcade game ever made. Look that video game up on Google. You will be freaked out. It also features the game..."American Horse Shoes", which is a classic game not made in America. It was actually made in Japan. In Germany, a man was afraid of a baby squirrel. Yes, we repeat, a baby squirrel. The man was so scared in fact, that he called the police is desparation. The harmless creature was trying to use the man as his mother. As it turns out, the squirrel was rescued by the town and is now an official mascot. Every week, Jethrow goes online to find bad questions on Reddit. We discussed what really bad loading screens would be for video games, well, if your life was a video game. Honch recently went to Witchita, Kansas and spoke to a man with one tooth, and really bad colored gums. What the honch did next was try to figure out why people with one tooth don't try to take care of it. Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? If you don't floss, you miss 40% of your tooth service - apparently everything is disgusting. There is a bunch of other stuff that we talked some French stuff, but no one cares :-)
In this episode, Honch gets us started off with what he does best, talking about the adult industry. A man is suing PornHub, claiming that the adult entertainment website doesn't provide closed caption for the hearing impaired. As it turns out, the VP of PornHub, Corey Price, publically responded that they have over 400 videos with CC. But how would they spell out certain things that take place in these videos, such as the sound of moaning. Have you been to Nevada? If you're there right now, you may run into a pidgeon that has been walking and flying around with a sombrero hat. Earlier in 2019, people had spotted pidgeons wearing tiny cowboy hats. Would they add in tiny spurs? If you see it, please let us know!Someone was on a plane from Texas to Chicago, and there was a drug fest. We don't really know how else to say it, but it included probably the grossest loogie ever described by mankind. Bubba closes us down with dad jokes, but Honch has the last word with a drunken summary of our cruise ship vacation.Listen and Subscribe On:Apple Podcast: Play: Cast: Feed:
This week is still just the D and 'The Honch' together. In a basement. Alone. Honch rants about anti-vaccinations, including Jenny McCarthy, who thought that her and 'other moms' got autism from vaccinations. D didn't know that that whole story was unnearthed, but is this true?But that is not the worst of the conversation. There was a lady in Australia that laced suckers with chicken pox, and then proceeded to hand them out to kids.Do you like Jacuzzis? If you're looking for a great holiday/Christmas gift. There is a company that sells a jacuzzi for your balls or testicles (if you want to be more scientific). It is called the Testicuzzi, and it will keep your region ultra relaxed, and apparently they get their own spa day. And the coolest thing about it is that they used a 3D printer to prototype it, and you can get it in a multitude of colors.Listen and Subscribe On:iTunes: Cast: Feed:
We start this episode like we do every other week, complete stupidity. We then go into a news story about a man from Idaho, who stacked 30 bars of wet soap in one minute. That is one bar of soap stacked every 2 seconds. Can you do this? We then decided to take on one of David Rush's world records...featuring blueberries, lawnmowers (running of course), and growing extra long fingernails. We then discussed the world records we wouldn't want to go after, such as eating hot dogs at a nude beach.Once we get off the topic of of records, we quickly get into discussing things you wouldn't want to be several times larger than they are. It's immediately goes to body parts, bowling balls, and bees. Jethrow hates the idea of giant bees.After talking about having large fingers, the Honch tells us about a woman who went into a McDonalds, got upset, and decided to empty a few gun casings in the restaurant. The bullet went into the ceiling, maybe she was angry over Honch's Big Mac. Lasty, we discuss Arby's taking on vegetarians by creating carrots made out of meat to make a mockery of the market, which includes the food world starting to adopt things like Beyond Burgers. You can buy 'meat carrots' now. Listen and Subscribe On:iTunes: Cast: Feed:
We start off this week's episode like every other one, with a terrible introduction (thanks D).We jump right in to news coming out of Las Vegas. Grasshoppers have taken the 'sin city' by storm. While we didn't discuss it, a restaurant used the grasshoppers on their pizza, or if you're some sort of fusion place...then there you go. The craziest part of this whole thing is that the grasshoppers show up on the weather radar. We then discussed how Honch cleans...including waxing. After discussing the 'swarm', Jethrow digs into the questions that he finds on the Internet. He was curious about what insults sound classy. We also gave Honch a new nickname "two thumbs up Honch". If you have some classy insults that make you sound intelligent, let us know.As we stop talking about 'Old English' insults, Honch tells us about a woman who is marrying her Golden Retriever, after living part of her life with over 200 unsucessful dates. She was seeking out something that has always worked and has always been there for the better. Dating was not working.In other news, Canada is overly sensitive about womens razors. The country issued a recall...based on well, no one calling to complain about the razor. Can we just stick to positive things like poutine? Razors are designed to work. We ended this episode by going on...and on...and on about peanut butter.Listen and Subscribe On:iTunes: Cast: Feed:
On this episode of Delay Radio, we bring on 2 special guests in place of Honch (husband and wife duo!), who is held up in Canada (not really). So we start off as a complete mess, immediately going off the rails into who knows what. But we did talk about Taco Bell, Black Holes and the band Soundgarden, all before we get into the main schedule of the show.We eventually got back on track, which which we thought would get us to questions from Reddit, but it ended up just being dad jokes. To be honest, we did struggle not to talk politics....but we did ease into the turtles and songs from Austin Powers. If you're looking for an evening of awkwardness, this is your episode of belligerent comedic bills. 
On this weekly episode of Delay Radio, we start off with a completely off the mark introduction, including of Honch, who leans back constantly every week. This time we lay down the rules, and maybe we'll just take the mic to his face.We discuss random things as we always do, including Taxidermy, cows, and other things. As in many episodes, the Jethrow has a business idea. He wants to start a taxidermy business...featuring people's pets. We imagine that if something really bad happens to your may be too severe to recover. If you could do it to your pets, what about your spouse? His idea progressed, getting bigger and bigger. Picture the band at Chuck E Cheese's.....but your long gone loved one. Thank you for this golden moment Jethrow. After digging further, Honch brings up his sister in law's pet parrot that remembered the angry voices of people long gone.After talking about new business ventures that will hopefully never happen, Honch discusses the 'super pooper' that was in the stall next to him. Honch felt relieved when that man was done...but what he noticed was that there was a phone number on the stall wall. The question of the episode was people call those?If you're a cow farmer, did you know there is a dating app for cows called Tudder? It's like Tinder but different. It's literally for farmers to find a dating hook up, so mooooove over Tinder. After talking about cows, we found a question on Reddit, which is what is the WTF moment you were a part of, or was a part of. D discusses one of his crazy buddies who believed that a bowling alley toilet was plumbed into the sewage system. Long story long, share your WTF moment with us!
On this weekly episode of Delay Radio, we have Jethrow stepping away from his crazy business ideas. From the echo chamber (we have no idea what happened). Jethrow wants to shoot a movie about Helen Keller from the perspective of Helen Keller (sorry.) We are sure that movie won't last very long. That's okay. We went on to talk about other movies and inventions from Horrible Bosses. After talking about what happened after the TV show friends, Honch got on his phone and finally decided to figure out what was happening in the news, but really he ended up just finding funny news article headlines, and describing what it feels like to get hit in the face with all kinds of stuff. 
Prepared to be eternally haunted on your entire work commute, with our newest member, Bubba. We started off with a story about Colorado, where there was some construction taking place. As anyone would do, they used Google Maps to get around the mess, and the alternate route took them down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. And if you happen to get diverted in or from the airport, you can maybe count on Bubba to get you out.And then we talk about when Bubba unintentionally failed a drug test (while on a prescription drug that he was supposed to be on). We went down to Ann Arbor, where Bubba had to get an MRI scan, and they were concerned with his health when he was taking the medicine he was supposed to. But it ended up being okay, because he was taking what he was supposed to. Listen and Subscribe On:iTunes: Cast: Feed:
In this Episode, Steve North finally comes to do his job...and was one of the original Delay Radio comedy creators. This episode was brought to be our own product? 'Delay Cold Symptoms'. Who knew that you could choose when you get sick...and you can imagine the 'burning devil' eyes and 'my face might explode' with a host of flavors! Get yours today...or tomorrow, you pick. Colds have feelings and they are to be respected. We dive right into the funny news around taking an Uber. Doesn't sound funny to take a $12 ride to the airport? How about getting drunk in an Uber and waking up hundreds of miles away (apparently Jethrow doesn't know how to convert KM to miles)....and meanwhile, something in the background kicks on..we had no idea what it was. Turns out, it was a hot water heater. That said, back to the news..a drunk man tries to raise money to pay for an Uber ride that was significantly higher than what you'd think..we played the 'price is right' with the team to try to guess how much to pay it off (all 500 kilometers of it). As it turns out, the man tried to raise money online to help pay for it, and perhaps maybe he time traveled. I guess we'll never know. After Steve North mentions time travel from an Uber ride, D talks about a woman in China whose kid locked her iPhone for DECADES. How many decades in 25,000,000 million minutes being locked out. Needless to say she just got a new phone, but it is still funny...hang up the phone. Jethrow explains Steve North to what a 'Yahoo! Answer' is, and finds a gem of an online question that hasn't been answered by the Internet. We decided to answer it for him - long story short, the person is trying to build a website for equality and we tried to come up with catchy phrases. We were at a loss for words...we honestly wanted to be honestly about how to do it right. We just can't. Except for Jethrow, who came prepared with one. Sorry everyone, D can't think of anything except for snacks right now. Going into more questions, Jethrow wanted to interpret dreams...and boy did he find an interesting one that ended with a trip to Cambodia and pregnancy. What does this mean? We think it has to do with counterfeit alcohol (Google it.) and meeting people at airports. Somehow this can happen over a couple of months. Are dreams premonitions? We took that to nowhere where we can explain, you just have to listen to it. After going who knows where, Jethrow tries to help us rope it in with a story about his job. It's a secret job, and that's okay. He's a 'fill-in' that went into work to cover on his job...and there was nothing to do. He has a close encounter with some coworkers that don't know that he works there - what is he supposed to do? Did they not want him to do it. Long story short..he did an 8 hour job in 4...and was told to hide out at his job. Have you ever been told to hide out? If so, just grab a clipboard. And it isn't official unless you have a clipboard.
We have to long does it take you to realize that you've been shot in the head? A woman had a headache....well, for awhile...and the boyfriend is going up against assault charges..and a host of what seems to be lesser charges than "attempted murder". She didn't remember being shot.....what? After we discuss the incident involving the brain of woman, we go on to discussing two brains. Two men go into brain surgery in really needed it, the other didn't need it at all. In fact, he was only there what seemed to be a slight headache. What was wrong with them and how did it happen? We hope that their bills are covered...but we're not going to lose our heads over it. Have you ever shopped using the Wish app? If you have, there is a lot of weird stuff on there, and what is even worse is the ads you get on Facebook. Ever get an ad for a CNC machine, camera pen, light bulb connectors, and sex toys all-in-one? Honch shows us his Facebook ad from the Wish app, and everything they have to offer, which according to Honch, a lot goes into your butt, such as the Black Mamba (which is a constrictor by the way). D gives you a snapshop of the ads he gets..and they aren't all that different. Once we're done talking about of the weird stuff you find while shopping the Wish app, have you ever just wondered how many beads they clean up during Mardi Gras? We know the number, and it is a ton (actually a lot of tons). Once we ponder the amount of garbage that comes from Mardis Gras, we go right into 'would you rather'. As the episode comes to an end, we were forced to talk about our moms, and pondered what would happen if we ever wronged the Hell's Angels. But it didn't stop there...what if we had to eat the skin on a coffee cup that was left out?
Often times we chat about comedic news topics 'off air' as much as we do for the full weekly podcast episodes. So we decided to leave the mics on before and after recording to see what happens. In this bonus episode of Delay Radio Comedy News, we talk about Jethrow's topic of Stormy Daniels and how she is out touring the a unique way. It involves a statue in the likeness of someone we all know, Donald Trump. We also learned that someone threw a wallet at her..but the real question is whether or not she will run for President
We go headfirst (feet first, or sideways?) into funny news from the week. We browsed Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat (and all) to find out that when people get tattoos of Chinese symbols, maybe they don't quite translate well and they don't even know? We found some of the worst Chinese translations (hint: think Chinese menu items..think Kung Pao Chicken on the back of your neck)...sometimes known as 'Engrish' when translations go's a 2 way street...slang. Sometimes you just really need Google Translate. When people ask strange questions on what to do...we love it. One guy wonders what would happen if he goes 'Home Alone' on a cop that lives in his neighborhood..and let's just say it involves a doggy door and a hose. That leads us to ask so many questions; Is booby trapping considered assault, and would dogs on swings or jet packs be a good option...maybe raptors from Jurassic Park? Maybe we're not the best legal advice (we can't give any, so consult your attorney). Would the Transforms ever play qudditch with Harry Potter characters? We took a question from the Internet about a fan fiction plotline, and totally destroyed it. And somehow Elon Musk gets looped into it with his Tesla (Transformers meets electric cars). Once we got into the top of Transformers it very quickly into Camaros playing Quidditch against...and once getting into the subject of robots, it's hard not to talk about Johnny 5 from "Short Circuit". We end the episode with a 'would you rather' situations (you can look up the like the 'professionals' handle it. The question posted involves sneezing or hitting your funny bone, which as it turns out is striking a nerve. Either way, we'll leave you rested on fluffy clouds.
A place in United Kingdom is trying to deter people from using their public restrooms as places for sexual activities. The units can sense people using them in ways unintended, which results in getting sprayed, being blasted with loud noises, and the doors will it's not a good place to have a date.The Jethrow then finds a question from Reddit; how do you basically stop someone that is talking...politely. The Honch thinks that going to the bathroom is the answer. Or pretending that your wallet is a flip phone. In other news, a meth dealer who had $140 million dollars in Meth, crashed into a cop front of a police station. Listen and Subscribe On:iTunes: Cast: Feed:
So we'll admit that it has been awhile in the world of delay radio. Some life things happened, mostly winter. But we've crawled out of our bear caves to get things going again. That said, Jethrow didn't know that the 'Florida man' thing existed, so just before jumping on the mics, we did it. You enter your Florida man and your birthday into Google, and you're essentially whatever the headline is.Jethrow searched for his, where a man decided to throw a toilet through a window, and long story short, when cops showed up, the man was actually sitting on a toilet, it's a number 2 felony. Honch looks for his, and again, a toilet story - Walmart bathroom. And at some point, Honch mistook the Twilight Zone reboot with the revival of Twilight, where he declared he is for team Jacob (we don't care how it is spelled). So at the beginning of the year, all of us kicked off a 'diet', and our dad bod. Honch gets upset over some of the foods to have diet...and somehow we end up insulting Mike Tyson, whom we actually love by the way.We're not really sure what else just happened. 
On this week's comedy news podcast, we have a few funny topics, including rats and ATM's (with the weird news noise), and an update from the Alabama poop train from Honch, and some other things. Immediately, before actually talking about the knews, we get off topic, discussing Seinfeld and showering with food. Croutons will definetely not work in the shower. So we finally get onto the news story, which is an update from 7 months ago (we think, we don't understand the concept of time). So a train gets stuck in Alabama with a bunch of poop, just sitting in a city. Now we've learned from Honch that the train was finally emptied...and maybe in Georgia, probably somewhere around Atlanta. Sorry people of Atlanta. After talking about trains and poop, we turn to Reddit for some of the best questions that Jethrow found on Reddit. The first question was, what was it like in the 2000's in school? Jethrow and D take a trip back to memory lane about skipping school in the video store, sneaking out of computer class, and ultimately buying orange slice candy. Jethrow packed up all of his books and just left chemistry class, including skipping school with the 'W', who is now a doctor. If you don't remember the 2000's, at least the very early ones...we didn't have Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. And we had horrible ringtones, and maybe some people had pages. After some additional discussion, Honch makes Jethrow almost choke to death on his Pepsi. So something amazing happened in India these last few weeks. Bank technicians were called to investigate an ATM that wasn't working. As it turns out, a rat made its way inside of the ATM, and ate nearly $18,000 in Indian currency. Let's repeat that, a RAT ate $18K in paper money...and it wasn't all singles. After making terrible car noises, including BRAP BRAP BRAP and some anti-lag, Jethrow had another question from Reddit, which is how did you mess with the computers in school? Jethrow goes back to the days of computer programming, where he created a fake program to make the teacher thing that it was reformatting the harddrive. D goes on to talk about another story with the 'W', who was 'fixing' a CD rom drive with a pencil, and ended up replacing it. D also brought his computer speakers to class with his guitar pedal, and would play music in class. Honch got a disease on Oregon Trail. That was about the extent of his malicious computer adventures, and also moving the keys on the keyboard.
As it turns out, we almost talk as much off air as we do on the we decided to just record some of the conversation that happens between episodes. We're not responsible for our own actions..not on a bonus episode that is. Hide yo kids and hide yo wife because we're getting our minds blown over this Laurel and Yanny argument. We discuss losing an entire days work over this whole mess...and a whole lot of food and pizza (including food we couldn't really figure out what it is).
Is Florida pronounced Flo-rida? Steve North is out on a trip to Florida, so D will open the show without properly introducing the Honch and Jethrow. On this episode, we have the story of stolen Fajitas, airport people, and questions from the web. We open with Honch talking about traveling in an airport. As it turns out, the most annoying people that you've ever met are stuffed in a plane -- that is how you know that you're traveling. The story begins with Honch going through security -- he takes his shoes off and they are absolutely disgusting, he knew everyone around him could smell them. Honch got the look from a lady in line that she could smell his feet, and he can smell them too. But that's not really the issue - the lady in front of him had piles of electronics, but it is Honch that gets pulled aside by the TSA for a little bit of a pat down, getting the complete full body rub and four fingers. You fill in the blanks, and email us to tell us your funny travel stories. D also chimes in with his story about traveling from Los Angelas to Detroit, where there was some rough air, and a man next to D that was having a complete panic attack, and D had no idea because he was working on his PowerPoint. Jethrow then takes us from travel stories to questions from the web, with the first one from a person named Anonymous, which we named Jeff. Jeff was curious about including phones in horror scripts for his film writing class -- does it make for a cliche, or holes in the plotline. Somehow we end up talking about Inspector Gadget, and we thought it would make sense to leave the phone in the script, because the killer would just call the phone. And because all of the conversation, the Honch wanted D to lose his number. After stories and questions, we actually dive into some news. We all know that D likes to eat all meat, but not as much as a Texas man that was sentenced to 50 years for stealing fajitas for over a period of 9 years. Again, a man stole fajitas...sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing spiced beef, chicken, and peppers (probably onions too). Instead of ending the show on a 'would you rather', Jethrow talks about taking his wife to the Avengers: Infinity Wars -- where he was running late to the movies. So they ordered their chinese food ahead of time, quickly grabbed it, and ran to the movie. They ended up getting into the movie, but were asked to leave after containers were everywhere. They got kicked out, but came back spoilers.
In this episode, Steve North is still out hanging with Flo-rida, but is possibly handling diplomatic meetings between the Karate kid and Cobra Kai (sp?). As you all may have known, May the 4th was upon us, and the London Heathrow Airport may have had the best Star Wars reference. Their flight board featured flights to various locations from the movies, including a 'cancelled' flight for Princess Leah. We thought that was pretty awesome...and the force was definetely strong with them. D opens up about a Facebook ad that he got from a company called Molekule. The company at first wanted him to cryogenically freeze his body, but then he got another ad later to just buy a air purifier....well, that was dialed back really quick. All of that for having allergies." After discussing allergies, Jethrow found some questions from the web. Where do people go for low cost legal advice in Oregon? Certainly not Delay Radio....but we would love to hear what your legal dilemma is. We'll do our best to give you some friendly advice. Honch says that good advice ain't cheap, and cheap advice ain't good. Look for the law firm that has that slogan, and then you're pretty set...but hopefully not life in prison. So Honch has something that he needs all of you to know about when he was travelling back from Minnesota. He discovered that Arby's now has Coke and not Pepsi. So Honch ordered a coke and was beside himself...sucking it down fast, and then goes Facebook live because he couldn't help himself. He has declared Arbys the king of fast food. He is out of his mind, or is he? Jethrow discovers another question from the Internet. They are trying to figure out good names for video game characters, maybe give them something viral, know, whatever else you come up with. We get diverted a little bit..trying to figure out famous people that have died from STD's.
So after some complete nonsense, we go into porn names. There is the old addage about using your street name, middlename, etc. But as it turns out, there are some other methods to come up with your porn screen name - and each of us give up our new porn names. And with those conventions, what happens if the street you live on is socially prominent? Yes, we accidentally went there...and as it turns out, Jethrow is Christopher Steel. After talking about bad porn names, we talk about smells - a wife made a perfume that smelled like her husband, who is an astronaut because she missed him. We asked the group what musk smell they would want for the rest of your life; BBQ and other food items came up, but the Honch took it a step further to grilled pineapple.
<p>Honch is out this week, so we try to tackle the topics of the world, including obsure Malcolm in The Middle reference, and then we falsely identify the parts of the movie Halloween - including that Fergie is in it. Only one of the members actually watched it.</p><p>Do you know how to properly pronounce Ariana Grande? The D will she the record straight for you. On to actual news - a town north of Duluth, MN has been experiencing drunk birds flying around as they were eating fermented berries. As it turns out, the police just told people to calm down.</p><p>We then got into questions from Reddit. What action films would be better adapted to an animated film. Anything with Bruce Willis, Meg, and so on. That somehow to into what happens when we downloaded MP3's from the Internet years ago..and legos. 
On this week's episode, we starting out by being not sorry about anything, with a quick hommage to some weird 50's and 60's songs. And how we like our women - coffee, and other various things. We immediately give Hackerman a host of stage names all driven by web tech; PHP, DJ Ruby on Rails, etc. To kick us off, Honch talks about announcing at a race track to get into a news story about a woman getting hit in the face with a hot dog, because as it turns out, if you use an air cannon - people get shot. We guess that is an easy way to get food, albeit something wrapped in duct tape, frankly... So after digging around Reddit, Jethrow wanted to get into some life lessons, including letting other kids borrow your bike, playing with scissors and electricity, and we eventually get into talking about volcanoes. Long story short, you shouldn't try to cook food over a volcano. Would you cook something over a Volcano? After talking about who knows what, Hackerman drops us (in British accent), 'would you rathers' concerning something we did disuss already somewhat; drinking sweat or hot dog water, so we had to get a new one. Would you rather always feel itchy or feel like you have to pee all the time.
We weren't sure if we were recording, but it turns out that we're all extreme radio DJ's. Finally this is the second episode that we got all four of the Delay Radio team together in one room, or around one pool table. Steve North immediately gets us to dive into the news, where we talk about Jim Jong Un, North Korea's leader, visiting China, where they tried to keep it under wraps. People in China were using WeChat to name Kim Jong things like...'Fatty Fatty' and Kim Fat the III - which we turned into an episode of Sesame Street. We think Steve North's name of 'Dicktator' was a better fitting name at the time. After attemping to poke fun at the country's leader, we dive into questions from Yahoo! Answers. Jethrow finds a man who wants to know whether or not is he dead, and he seems to think that the man is asking the question because maybe he was doing bath salts or Tide Pods. Apparently if everyone you know avoids you or ignores you, you think you might be dead. This leads us to ask, how do you know if you're dead? Honch quickly tells us that if you're able to submit this question online, you're probably alive. The discussion includes a terrible impressions or Mr. T (worst impression ever?). After questioning our existence, we dive into a story about seafood, perhaps a late-nite snack. Honch prefers Snickers bars or frozen pizzas...not the (digusting French). For a few fake dollars (or real ones), there is now a vending machine for oysters that you can eat late at night (snot out of a rock according to Steve North). And have you ever noticed that they get the names of oysters from where they come from? Steve North tells us about what fruit in your lunchbox tastes like - it makes everything like old fruit. And then the Honch takes us down his storied past, eating the best and worst foods.....without being dared (hint: Tuna fish). We then dive into the last Interweb find, where The Jethrow's wife works at a pizza place...and he'll put this Internet gem on your Facebook for you. So a weird band that posted on the page for Mancino's pizza, made a comparison of sex to pizza. Listen in and tell us if it is accurate or not. So we have no idea what is happening with this band....there's a saxaphone, a girl that doesn't know what is happening and doesn't know how to get out of the music video (creeper cam alert). Honch takes us on a side quest to Subway, where he had to make them a cold cut combos with extra meat...or all of the meat. Is it just us that knows you can order double meat on your sandwiches...or order Deluxe? We end the episode with shakespearian 'would you rathers'. Would you rather drink a gallon of used hot dog water, or a glass of someone elses food sweat? We dive right into the liquid discussion, and it does matter whose foot it is...because we'd much rather drink the hot dog water. And does it have pulp in it? Jethrow ended us out with the feeding of hot dogs (not us, an old girlfriend). That relationship didn't last very long. Jethrow had one more 'would you rather' involving beech sand and the chewing of seaweed, and Honch is completely grossed out by seaweed.
We offer you a few comedy moments to cherrish during this episode. Did you know that there are cops out there that want you to be drunk, and they will pay? Yes, you read that right. You have the right to remain intoxicated if you spend some time with some Canadian police officers. After walking the fine line of the sobriety test, we go onto discuss macaroni and cheese and how it relates to sex fails. Who knew that macaroni and cheese could be so dirty. We don't stop at little pasta noodles, the Honch spoon feeds more sex fails, including his own story...handcuffs not sold separately. Before we dove into some other news, there was a 'mic failure' but it happens. And when you go to Vegas, you should probably do so during Halloween, because you end up wearing a skeleton costume with an inflatable (you guess it). And we close it out with our 'would you rather segment', and there was a lot of gagging over the microphones...sorry about that. We may or may not keep you from eating bacon bits ever again in your life. But we won't ruin Poutine for you. So satisfying.
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