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Episodes of Eat Your Crust

Loneliness seems to weave its way into our lives, no matter what age we’re at, even during the festive holiday times. In the moment it may feel like loneliness is overwhelmingly isolating, but hopefully our conversation makes you feel less alon
Identifiable by the Pumpkin Pie slices, the dry ass Turkey, and the mysterious cranberry sauce (what is that even for???), Thanksgiving is usually an excuse for a fun feast with loved ones. This year, both of us are celebrating Thanksgiving awa
Feeling truly rested and relaxed is becoming more and more of a challenge...especially in our mid-twenties where our chores, our obligations, and our bills seem to haunt us!! Today we try to dissect what factors make us feel the most rested, fo
It seems like just yesterday that we were the fresh-faced new grads at work... but as we're in our mid-twenties, some of our friends are progressing down their careers and becoming MANAGERS! In this episode we discuss the challenges and rewards
Conversations are an essential part of our daily lives - everything from small talk with your coworkers to awkward conversations with extended family to deep talks with your closest friends. Today we dissect the various styles of conversations
For many of us, the immigration experience is linked through our family - either someone in the family immigrated first or we immigrated alongside our parent. But for a lot of us, immigrating was more of an independent adventure! Today we bring
Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience, especially when you're surrounded by burly jacked people and picture-perfect fitness influencers. Actually, even when you're surrounded by regular ol' people it can still be a bit nerve-wracki
Back with another K-Pop episode! This time, we dive deep into the world of girl groups to see how our personal opinions of girl groups has evolved and also how girl groups act and are portrayed differently from debut to mid-stage to late-stage.
Whether you go back every chance you get, or you haven't been at all, the "Motherland" can be a mystical place that represents so much - from our cultural heritage, to our familial roots, to even just random memories or references from media. T
Whether you're an avid TechCrunch reader, a listener of Robinhood Snacks, or even a K-Drama fan who happens to love Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-Hyuk, it's hard not to notice that there's a lot of hubbub about startups in the media. Are the stereotypes
Shang Chi is finally in theaters, and both of us have THOUGHTS!!! Today we share our favorite parts of the movie (don't worry, we'll warn you before the spoilers), discuss the various expectations surrounding the release, and share whether we t
We’re not qualified to be your financial advisor…but we do have our own personal spending habits that we can share! Today we discuss what we’ve been spending money on recently, our financial black hole categories, and discuss why it is that spe
Moving is such an exciting, yet exhausting ordeal, that no matter how much you prep, it never feels like enough. This week we discuss the various methods of moving we’ve tried out, from the good ol’ U-Haul to PODS to full-service movers, share
It often feels like there's not enough hours in the day - between managing your job and/or schoolwork, taking care of your health, and pursuing your hobbies and goals, relationships can add another layer of difficulty for managing your time. To
Sometimes the most unexpected things can trigger us to re-examine our identity. Whether it's wondering who to root for in the Olympics or deciding to use an "American" name to meet new people, our identity is constantly in flux! Today we discus
Do you recall any iconic relationships from your middle school? Not to flex on you, but the iconic relationship from our middle school is still going strong! ;)Today we brought on our good friends to recount the middle school/high school drama
We often hear the phrases “bromance” or “bro code”, but what do these things look like in real life? Today we brought on two guy friends of ours to discuss what it means to be best friends for men, see if there’s any difference in communication
In what seems like a blink of an eye, both of us are (or are about to turn) 25 years old! Although technically we can lump together the past five years of our lives as our "early to mid twenties", personally we feel that each year of our twenti
Summer of 2021 just feels different from summer of 2020. This is the year of vaccines, better mental health, and setting boundaries for ourselves (Wow!!!)  This episode, we get intimate as we discuss how our mental, physical, and spiritual heal
You may have heard us reference our post-grad Asia trip a few times - the one where we + our two friends James and Abhi explored Tokyo and Seoul for almost 3 weeks in the summer following our college graduation. Today we brought the gang back t
Apartments can be a great way to begin your dream life of sheer, unadulterated independence ;) It’s also a fantastic way to live in a big city on a tight budget. Today we share our various experiences at apartments - everything from apartment h
We all were kids once…but that doesn’t mean we all WANT kids! Or does it?? Today we discuss every aspect of kids we can think of - starting from our fears about having our own kids, silly stories from our childhood, or dissecting the concept of
In an increasingly globalized world (aka, rise of the Third Culture Kids!!), cultural awareness is becoming an incredibly important skill that can help you navigate social situations with people from all different walks of life. Anyone who's be
We’re back with a sustainability episode! This week, we check in about some of the small ways we’ve incorporated sustainability into our routine. Whether it’s prolonging the life of our groceries, upcycling our glass jars, or trying to use less
Hey you! Did you know Father's Day is coming up this Sunday? This week, we share some stories about our fathers and how their unique quirks have shaped our lives and personalities. From Holiday Party PPTs to getting literally dragged out of bed
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