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Episode 79 - Powerless: Part 1
Episode Notes It's time for a new show! And this time, we dive into this real life DC property about normal people in a super world, NBC's Powerless! Join us as we discuss the wonder of Danny Pudi and the beautiful ignorance of Alan Tudyk. The dynamics in this show are just super. It's just missing a tiny bit of Batman. Donate to www.patreon.com/LunarLightHQ to get access to awesome bonus content. We have a special pledge drive coming up very soon, so maybe hold your donations for then? IDK. Listen to more shows on www.LunarLightStudio.com.
Episode 83 - The Cape: Part 1 (With Nate Treese)
Episode Notes It's a new show for Ending Pending and a new day in Palm City! The Cape has risen up with his faked death and his sewer carnie training regiment. He's boring and white and not very bright! Nate Treese (the host of Satans and Rainbows) joins us to discuss his feelings on this 9 year old show both then and now. Check out www.LunarLightStudio.com for more awesome pods!
Episode 69 - Clone High: Part 4
NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE We made it Folks! All the way to episode 69. And to celebrate, we do the only thing truly representative of the sex number...we talk earnestly about our introductions to sex as a concept and discuss its affect on our youth. We also do a makeover song bit many times. Andy and Evin are negative like the whole time and don't appreciate fine comedy or art. Ronnie is petty and writes these descriptions. WE LESS THAN THREE LUNAR LIGHT STUDIO. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY ON PATREON!
BONUS EPISODE: Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption Part 2
I know what you're thinking...how could this possibly be the FINAL episode of Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption?! Well we're sorry to say this is all we've got. We only spoke for 3 hours about this 50ish minute web series, and for that we apologize. But this is a good one! We asked you for questions and you sure did ask them! Not necessily about Dragon Age: Redemption, but definitely about Dragon Age. SOO MUCH ABOUT DRAGON AGE. Ronnie writes these descriptions and he feels like he knows all there is to know about Dragon Age now. (dont @ me) Thank you so much to our splendiferous podcast parents over at LunarLightStudio.com. Check them out now! And check out the patreon as well for some awesome bonus content: patreon.com/lunarlighthq.
Episode 45 - Rise: Part 2
For the second episode of our Rise watch, we all get a little punchy. This is a late watch and everyone is tired...so we proceeded to record our longest episode to date. We are good at this podcasting thing. Listen for great things like: Ronnie gets ready to get defensive. Evin just HATES Lou/Ted Moseby. Andy Solves the holiday cryptid sex riddle. Thanks so much to one of our favorite podcast moms, Lillie Blue for sharing a bit of her knowledge about Spring Awakening. To hear more from Blue about musical theatre check out Tin Pan Diddly Doo. And thanks to Lunar Light Studio for having us as a part of their very cool and very good network!
BONUS EPISODE: Drunk Smallville Part 1
I have heard tales of Smallville. I have heard the myths and the legends, and I thought that's all they were. Until today. Andy knows the tale well and tells it even better. The best and the worst (and the worst) of Smallville. Ronnie and Evin are also there and they can't even with this.
Episode 19 - Terra Nova: Part 3
Here we go! Terra Nova is starting to get good! They're focusing on interesting characters and dinosaurs and that's all we've ever wanted. We got betrayal and espionage and dinosaurs. Did I mention Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!
Episode 14 - Selfie: Part 2
You've got to admit it's getting better! A little better! A VERY LITTLE better! These three episodes were not quite the assault on our sensibilites as the last chunk but it's still not a phenomenal show. BUT HENRY SAID THE THING FROM "MY FAIR LADY"!
Episode 3 - The River: Part 3
We're nearly done with our watch through of The River, but that doesn't mean that the scary ghosties are done with us! Evin was unable to record this episode, but Ronnie and Andy try to figure out how to do this without him.In this episode:Ronnie is a big wimp who can't EVEN with the "back corner of the Halloween Store"Andy makes a very complimentary pledge to all of our iTunes raters
Episode 59 - Wonderfalls: Part 2
Episode Notes The cakes are moist and so are the Lee Paces as we cover more Wonderfalls. Ronnie is back to share his thoughts on the 2004 comedy, but not before he and Evin have to accept Andy's very upsetting bit into their heart. It goes to dark places. Be sure to check out more shows on the Lunar Light Studio network. They are all great. Also, please donate to the LLS patreon and tell them we sent you!
Episode 48 - Constantine: Part 1
We head back to the world of fantasy! Only this time...the fantasy is a nightmare, and it's in our very own world! Seriously. This show too spooky! Hear us share what kind of magic we want to do while trying to figure out what kind of magical boy we have on our hands with this John Constantine fellow. We also share a bit of backstory on the "Hellblazer" comic series as well as our connection to the IP. That's how you know we're serious business types...cuz we say things like "IP". Our love for Lunar Light Studio goes to the moon and back! (heheh). To hear all the podcasts on this awesome network, visit www.LunarLightStudio.com and be sure to check out their new Patreon at www.patreon.com/LunarLightHQ. Proceeds benefit all the shows on the network. Which includes us. So go donate!
Ending Pending Year in Review - 2018
It's time to take a look back at the long and storied history of Ending Pending. From "The River" to "Rise", we talk about the good and the bad of what we've watched. We reflect on how we felt at the time and if we feel differently now. Do we still love Kings? Is Dresden Files still the pits? Will Andy and Evin come around on Selfie? (no) Listen to know more! As always, check out LunarLightStudio.com for more podcasts like ours. We're so happy to be a part of this super cool network!
Episode 65 - Clone High: Part 2
Episode Notes Tensions are high...Clone High! There is controversy brewing over our most recent Clone High episodes. Someone actually agrees with Ronnie! We pick who would be good clones to star on Clone High and share some pressing information with our younger selves. Please love Lunar Light Studio as much as we do. They're not like desperate, but who doesn't like to be loved? Also, be sure to love them enough to give them lots of money at www.patreon.com/lunarlighhq.
Episode 42 - Roar: Part 3
We're back and better than ever with our new episode covering the not so great parts of Heath Ledger's Roar. On this episode, we talk about how Fergus is no longer cool, Connor playing spear catch with a god, and a very good website made by very good German friends. This is our first episode as a part of a new podcast family! Special thanks to Lunar Light Studio for having us as a part of their network. To learn more, and to hear more of their podcasts, visit LunarLightStudio.com.
Episode 7 - The Dresden Files: Part 3
Boy oh boy! This stretch of episodes was really weird! There was broken continuity, wax monsters, really uncomfortable sexuality. All in a week's work for The Dresden Files!In this Episode:Andy hates introsEvin starts to come around on BobRonnie's eyes fail him in his perpetual watch for Spaghetti
Episode 84 - The Cape: Part 2
Episode Notes We delve deeper into the seedy crime underbelly of Palm City to learn more about "The Cape". In this episode, Vince gets real nervous on a tight rope, a train robbery goes wrong in the most boring ways, and SUPER POWERS (almost). Please check out www.LunarLightStudio.com to hear more awesome shows that we are lucky to share a network with. And if you like all of us collectively, consider donating to www.patreon.com/LunarLightHQ. You'll be glad ya did!
Episode 46 - Rise: Part 3 (With Ellie Desautels!)
We continue discussing 'Rise' as we're joined by actor Ellie Desautels to give us some behind the scenes info. We're still feeling really good about this show! Even Evin is high on it! We end off by talking about our "Lou", the teacher that made the most difference in our life. Thanks so much to Lunar Light Studio for having us as part of their network. You can learn more about the network and see all of the other shows at LunarLightStudio.com.
Episode 53 - The Black Donnellys: Part 2
Let Joey Ice Cream lead you through The Black Donnellys, a magical tale of four multiplicity looking boys with similar names! We talk about our perfect themed bars, the growing political drama of the show, and how Kevin is a perfect child who's never done anything wrong! (This is a lie perpetrated by the Andy council) Thank you so much to Lunar Light Studio for being just THE BEST! Follow more shows on lunarlightstudio.com and get in on our patreon at patreon.com/LunarLightHQ.
Episode 58 - Wonderfalls: Part 1
Episode Notes We're back with another duet, but this time it's Andy and Evin! The lovebirds get all lovey dovey before we go "bobbin' along in our barrels" over the edge of Wonder Falls! We chat about this very weird show and what makes it good (spoilers: it's Lee Pace's face...Lee Face). Special thanks to Trans Artist of the Day for sponsoring this episode. Follow them on twitter @TransArtists. Also follow @pastalbird, @juniibug, and @jamscandraw for such good art! Thanks to Lunar Light Studio for being the best network known to goats. Donate to their patreon and tell them Ending Pending sent ya!
BONUS EPISODE: Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption Part 1
Are you ready for this? We dive deep into the world of Dragon Age to enjoy a tale of...people who don't really understand Dragon Age. I guess 'enjoy' is a big word. Andy, Evin, Ronnie, and special guest Kim try to make sense of this 2011 web series starring Felicia Day and Doug Jones. The costumes are foam, the title cards are expository, the blood is CG, and all of the nouns are confusing as all get out. Special thanks to Kim for being our "Mage Level" Dragon Age expert to balance out Ronnie thinking this was Skyrim. Also a special thanks to Lunar Light Studio. Our podcast parents are so proud of us...I mean...I hope... Do we make you proud Lunar Light Studio?!
Episode 40 - Roar: Part 1
After a long and very unplanned hiatus, the Ending Pending Posse is back to shepherd you through our new show like the Baby Druid King you are. We're watching "Roar" a 1997 drama starring a young Heath Ledger as King of the Celts. It's kinda like D&D if your DM wanted to give you stockholm syndrom.Jump on in and follow along with us through our magical mystery tour through ancient Ireland.Be sure to leave us those good, good iTunes reviews: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ending-pending/id1291184264?mt=2&app=podcast
Episode 8 - The Dresden Files: Part 4
We put our favorite wizard dectective to rest forever in our conclusion of The Dresden Files. It's been a bit of a roller coaster but at least we didn't throw up! (OKAY! I threw up ONCE!)On this episode:Andy give out ALL the complimentsEvin loves tiny pumpkinsRonnie sadly closes the book on Spaghetti Watch 2017
Episode 4 - The River: Part 4
Andy, Evin, and Ronnie wrap up The River! It's been a wild ride down the Amazon, but will the crew of the Magus make it home? Probably not. Be sure to join us next week for Season 2 of Ending Pending where we discuss the Dresden Files.On this episode: Ronnie worked at Chuck Entertainment Cheese'sEvin wants to talk about episode 6Andy has second thoughts about The River altogether
Episode 28 - The Quest: Part 4
It's SOOO hard to say goodbye to such a great show! We are eternally grateful for how amazing The Quest is. The Quest Army has been great! The cast of The Quest has been great! It's been such a memorable experience and we couldn't be happier. I mean we could... #ContinueTheQuestOn this episode we celebrate #Pride with some of our favorite parts of gay culture. We also bring back the enchanted voice of Paladin Jim to make his pitch for that good, good Season 2 we all want so much! Be sure to join us next week as we discuss Marvel's Inhumans!
Episode 1 - The River: Part 1
Andy, Evin, and Ronnie break down episodes 1 and 2 of the 2012 horror series, The River. In this episode:Ronnie doesn't know how to play "2 truths and a lie"Andy is unwavering in his support of the RiverEvin discusses "ghost loads"
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