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The spirit world is full of unique and eccentric entities. Two of the most fascinating may be the twin witches of Yubaba and Zeniba, but we only have a little information about them.
Noted Padme Amidala and Handmaiden historian EL Fhlonston joins Holly and Bryan to talk about the lives of the young queen and her loyal handmaidens. Chiefly, they talk about the handmaidens in the context of Padme's transitions from Queen to S
Noted Padme Amidala and Handmaiden historian EL Fhlonston joins Holly and Bryan to talk about the lives of the young queen and her loyal handmaidens. Chiefly, they talk about the handmaidens in the context of Padme's transitions from Queen to S
X-Wings. A-Wings. B-Wings. U-Wings. Alphabet soup. This episode goes into detail on a number of ships in wide use by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.
Bavmorda, known as the Demon Queen of Andowyne, was a powerful sorceress in her early life and grew up to take over the land of Tir Asleen, Nockmaar, and Galadoorn. It was only the prophecy of the child named Elora Danan, an enchantress named F
Senator Padme Amidala was a central figure in the politics of the Clone Wars, and during her time in office, she was linked closely with a number of other key players in the conflict, often with different ideologies. This episode examines two o
Bryan and Holly delve into the history of one of Springfield's biggest folly: their monorail system. Naturally, this episode delves into the lives of some of the key players, including the Simpsons.
For almost thirty years, the New Republic governed the galaxy in the wake of the dark times of the Empire in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War. This episode covers a quick recap of political history in a galaxy far, far away from the form
The Kanto region is the cradle of Pokemon and Pokemon trainers. In this episode of Fauxthentic History, we talk about the history of the entire region, Pokemon training culture, and the trainers of gyms in Kanto from the late '90s. 
In her brief life and even briefer time with the Resistance, Paige Tico made a strong impact on her more well-known sister Rose. Paige’s story shows how one single person can create significant change and inspire others to do the same.
While many people have heard of Jookiba’s Experiment 626, fewer know about his beginnings as an evil genius scientist. His work prior to 626 included a vast array of unique efforts at creating new life, and has, unbeknownst to most of the plane
The Star Wars Galaxy is full of thousands of star systems. Bryan and Holly take a look at planets ranging from Coruscant, Naboo, and Tatooine to Vandor and Mimban. 
Quidditch is, perhaps, the most popular wizarding sport in the world. In this episode, we break down the history and evolution of the game, discuss the rules and their evolution, and talk about modern Quidditch. We also cover, briefly, the impo
Throughout the long, ongoing conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, there were a number of times when people fighting as Imperials realized they couldn’t continue to do so for ideological reasons. Today, we’re going to del
Famous alley cat Thomas O’Malley lived with style and joie de vivre, traveling the world and playing with Scat Cat’s jazz band. But once he met a pampered cat named Duchess outside of Paris, it changed the course of his life.
Maul was a prominent figure in the galaxy, from the Naboo Crisis, through the Clone Wars, and even into the Galactic Civil War. This episode will take you the tragic story of his life and death.     
Bryan and Holly got their hands on a copy of Ford Pines' Third Journal and bring you a brief history of the history of Gravity Falls and the creatures that are frequently encountered in that region of Oregon.
The Imperial Navy was a formidable entity, and as such, it merits a great deal of examination. This episode offers a quick glance at the basic structure and ideology of the Navy, some of the ships in the fleet, and a few prominent names in Impe
There was once an anomaly in the natural timeline that enabled people to visit a place that was stuck on the same day in the 1930s. That place was the Adventurers Club, and it was filled with wonders. Kungaloosh!
Part two covers the rest of the Jedi Council, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Grand Master Yoda, as well as the final destruction of the Jedi.
The Jedi Order served the galaxy for over a thousand generations and we've cobbled together everything we know about the body that led the order in its waning days. In this episode, we cover how the Jedi Council worked and some of the personali
One of the most devastating battles that the United Federation of Planets fought in. With the Borg invasion imminent, the Federation set up a desperate last stand at Wolf 359. This Star Trek episode covers the Enterprise's first contact with th
The Alliance to Restore the Republic had many flight squadrons during its tenure, but none might have been more storied than Red Squadron. They flew in everything from the Battle of Scariff to the Battle of Endor and all points in between. This
Wands are incredibly complex tools in the wizarding world and in this episode, Bryan and Holly will delve into what the use of wands, their history, and the lore that makes them work. We also talk specifically about Harry Potter's wands, includ
Throughout the galaxy, all manner of holidays have been celebrated over the millennia. Some are simple affairs that mark an important day, but others have a deeper and more complicated backstory. From Empire day to Life Day, we travel the galax
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