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Episode #1: The Attic Resident

Released Tuesday, 20th October 2020
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The Sachs have kept Kenneth hidden in the attic for three months now.

"Lively and energetic. Heavily feminist, heavily LGBTQ...It starts off with a girl whose brother is turning into a monster (well, he always was a monster, just, now it’s literal). More, he’s at the epicenter of an outbreak, but it’s no normal outbreak. Combining viral-infectious stuff with possession/supernatural stuff, it’s starting to look like the beginning of the end. Which it is..." ~ The Horror Fiction Review
 Life is already tough for Katie, Bennie, and Liz in Lawton before the creatures show up. Zombies, ghouls - and what's that other thing? Time for a cuppa tea and serious survival strategy.
    Terrifying, hilarious, and hip, expect the unexpected when a dying scientist and a bitter witch "bestow" their gift on the world: The Contagion, a conflagration of horror's drawn from the mythological nightmares of many cultures.
   As the world perishes before the tide of the undead and a dysfunctional government, sentient zombies, LGBT activists, powerful witches, and Native American holy women are in the mix when a crew of survivors becomes allied in the race to thwart an unexpected apocalypse! Or as Bennie Diaz puts it: "We've got a whole rainbow diversity of suck-ass bogeys out there.”
Adapted and Narrated by the author, E.S. Stodt
Featuring music by:
Myuu, Biz Baz Studio, Sir Cubworth, Coyote Hearing, House Of Heaven, Ugonna Onyekwe, Aakash Gandhi, Aaron Kenny

From TIME FOR TEA: An Unexpected Apocalypse by E.S. Stodt
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Excellent. The whole family dug it!
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