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An Education, Health and Fitness podcast featuring Summer McStravick
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1-2-3! What is Flow energy? How do you Flowdream? Yes, we return to a classic theme: What your Flow is, how to find it, and how to use it so you can bring your law of attraction and manifesting to a new level. Get more with The Essential Flowdreams (Best Of) Playlist at www.flowdreaming.com.
What is your life like, when you’ve developed your intuition, connected to Source, and realized your ability to manifest or co-create to your absolute highest potential? Answer: Your life rocks! But have you ever thought about making that a goal? Or is your personal development on a lazy man’s unplanned course to nowhere? Like any goal, your personal development needs structure and focus. Summer helps you get that here, today.
"I'm empowered, I'm alive, I can't wait for what life offers up next!" Flow is an experience of life that says your clearest path is easy, and your most fulfilling future only needs your guidance. We work in tandem with universal forces: not at the mercy of them, but in partnership. Today we affirm this partnership, and our place in the energy universe. Get more with at Flowdreaming.com.
Are you drained and bored with the thing you’re best at doing? Are you constantly anxious, stressed, or just ‘over it’? After doing the thing you love for a long time, you can experience PASSION FATIGUE. It’s totally normal. When you’re craving a new direction, new ideas, or new anything, it means it’s time to use Flow to give to either invigorate you where you’re at, or offer you something new! Even better, get the Flowdreaming Playlist at Flowdreaming.com to change it up even faster.
Why is love considered the highest emotion of the Universe? After all, we all say God Is Love. If this is true, then love is the #1 emotion we should be working for in life. So today, Summer gives you five things to do today, right now, to increase your self love and happiness in the next few minutes. Ready? Then keep the feelings strong with the from the Flowdreaming shop.
Relationships mirror the galaxy. We have blazing suns encircled by plants. We have cold asteroid belts without life. We have vast interstellar distances of pretty much nothing. Doesn’t this sound like a metaphor for your life? Summer examines the power of that one unique, life-changing relationship—when you enter someone’s orbit and things are never the same again. Try the Ask and I Will Receive Playlist for more on developing new characteristics at Flowdreaming.com.
Can you think something into being? Can you wish it into existence? Or are those silly fairytale ideas. Take a look at someone who never let go of that concept, but instead evolved into create a true, real method for coaxing life to give her what she wants. Make magic today! Uplevel your manifesting with the at Flowdreaming.com.
The unicorn is that elusive thing you’ve been looking for all your life. For some of us, it’s love from our parents. For others, it’s financial safety. Maybe for you it’s unconditional love from a partner. Or perhaps it’s feeling beautiful, handsome, and desired. What’s your unicorn? And where is it hiding? Have you given up finding it? Let’s play with where Flow can lead us. Unicorns aren’t found, they’re drawn. Come draw yours. Recommended tool: use the Flowdreaming Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.
Flowdreaming is a form of active prayer. However, instead of supplication, you come to God or Source as co-creator. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to open a lifelong conversation with God through the unique emotional connection of Flowdreaming. Get more with the at Flowdreaming.com.
If you want to create a magical life….you have to DO the practice that gets you that life. So, why do we fall short? Why do our best intentions not meet the mark? Summer discusses how accountability, pleasure, and willpower all play their parts in how we create sustainable spiritual and self-care practices in our lives. Use the at Flowdreaming.com to help your daily Flowdreaming practice!
Remember the frustration of learning a new computer program? Whenever we go back to student-mode, many of us offer up massive resistance—not because we don’t want to learn, but because we just want to have learned it already. Today we explore the Beginner Mind, patience, and how to let new things develop in Flow in your life. Get ready to learn with the at Flowdreaming.com.
You can remodel a house in a year. You can have a baby too in just one year. Well how about yourself….would you like to give yourself a head to toe makeover, and inside-outside complete upleveling? Summer shares how to do this, based on her having led hundreds of people through the process using Flowdreaming. Set up the future you with the at Flowdreaming.com.
A tutorial! How did Summer build M.E. School? And her Flowdreaming website? Summer shares how she uses non-physical energy to shore up all the physical things she does to spread the word about Flow. Learn how and where YOUR tribe is, and how you can collect them around you with a lot less effort than you’ve probably been putting in. Use the  at Flowdreaming.com for the next step.
Awkward. Not yourself. Not there yet. Pressured. All these are signs of shifting. Some of us take longer to shift into new situations, or to adjust to new people. See what Flow says about how fluidly we move from encounter to encounter. You’ve probably never thought of it before. Check out the  at Flowdreaming.com.
Thinking of being a coach? Summer shares common strategies that make coaches be an outstanding success…and ways of thinking that will ensure you struggle for years with your craft. Summer coaches MANY coaches in how not to just grow their business, but grow THEMSELVES to the level of success they need. Get more with the at Flowdreaming.com.
Where has Flow has shown itself in your life? These are your peak moments, those strange synchronicities, those times when you feel like “nothing could be more right.” So why aren’t you in those states of being more often? We explore how to tighten your alignment to your Flow so you can see in action more often, and bring on those game-changing moments. Get more with the at Flowdreaming.com.
One year from now, what will you have done? If you looked back, what was on your list of things you accomplished? Summer helps you use Flow to create an unusual sort of goal-setting—one that values feelings over “things,” and aims for true, deep contentment as your ultimate goal. Check out the at Flowdreaming.com.
What if you felt everyday that you have everything you need? That there is no “lack” in your life. Instead, when you want something it’s because you want to play with it, get creative with it, see what you can experience through it. That’s a big difference from feeling like you need something to fill up an empty space. This feeling also dramatically switches up how the world encounters YOU. Take a listen and get into the space where you have no lack, EVER, in any way. You are safe and secure, and because of that, you can leap into anything! Go deeper with at Flowdreaming.com.
You heard that right…today we explore the meaning behind disappointment. As in…when you don’t land the job, the guy doesn’t call, or you don’t get the house. Flow shows you the meaning behind feeling bummed out. It’s not what you expect…and you might even learn to love it when it happens. Get more with at Flowdreaming.com.
Being in Flow and manifesting is about not just KNOWING what you want, but  BEING what you want. That means we’re always looking for the emotion behind the idea. Once you master this understanding, you’re truly on the road to manifesting-mastery! Go deeper with at Flowdreaming.com.
What if you refused to be afraid of anything, ever again? Nothing could throw you, nothing could paralyze you or make you feel stuck. There’s nothing you couldn’t say, and no one you couldn’t say it to. Can you imagine how your life would change? Fear is a jailer, and we lock ourselves up willingly. Flowdreaming can help you say no to fear, and open you up to it’s equally strong opposite: trust. Move past your fear with at Flowdreaming.com.
Is there a conversation you need to have? Or, is there someone you want to talk to…but can’t? Or perhaps there’s someone in your life with whom you can never quite get your words right. We cruise through techniques for using Flow to help smooth and open communication is all areas. Get more with the at Flowdreaming.com.
Those times when you sputter and stall...how do you know when you’re regrouping and refreshing versus just pulling back from fear? Hear Summer show you how to identify when you’re in a state of creative nurturing so you can make the most of it and stop blaming yourself for not getting anything done. Like this topic? Try the Flowdream Nurturing and Trusting Your Dream at Flowdreaming.com
Once or twice a year when Summer spends hours each day talking  to potential new students, she gets to experience the strangest thing: people’s FEARS, over and over. Imagine what that’s like! Or better yet, listen to today’s podcast to find out what every single person has in common when it comes to fear, power, and trust in themselves—including YOU. Go deeper with the at Flowdreaming.com.
Renew and refresh. Feel how your year ahead restarts every single day, not just on your birthday. Today is Summer’s birthday, so she recorded a special Happy Birthday - Abundance is Yours! Flowdream for you to enjoy in this episode. Listen for a rush of good feeling and program great things ahead!
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Feb 7th, 2006
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