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In this mini Fragment, KG talks about his journey learning Kotlin as a newb. Given that Kotlin is most likely going to be the de-facto language for most developers, it makes sense to deepen our understanding of the language (as we have strived with Java over the years). "Properties" in Kotlin are a first class language feature. But what does that actually mean? What are the nifty features we get with properties? How are these resolved from a Java class when there's potential a name clash? What are some other gotchas and learnings from using properties? Listen on to find out: Direct download Shownotes: Kotlin docs - Properties and Fields Kotlin in Action - Manning Publications java.util.Calendar Mutable vals in Kotlin - Dan Lew Contact @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
We've mentioned the book "Effective Java" by Joshua Bloch quite a few times on previous episodes. At this point, everyone knows they should have read this book (quadruple times). But it's a dense read and everyone could use a reading buddy. Also, what does Effective Java look like through the eyes of an Android developer? In this second installment of our Fragment (a.k.a mini-episode), we thought we'll do our listeners a favor and help with that reading. We introduce the very first of these venerable "Items": Consider providing static factory methods instead of constructors. Stay tuned for more items from our "Effective Java for Android developers" Fragment series. Show Notes: Effective Java (2nd Edition) - Joshua Bloch Consider providing static factory methods instead of constructors static factory method makeText for Toast class [] ObjectAnimator []: .ofInt [] .ofArgb [] .ofFloat [] Advantages: You can control the name and thus give it much more meaningful names You are not required to create a "new" object each time they are invoked You can even return an object that's a subtype of the return type (unlike constructors which only return class type) e.g.  Java Collections framework [] Disadvantages: Classes without public or protected constructors cannot be subclassed Static factory methods are not readily distinguishable from other static methods Takeaways "Consider" using static factory methods (not always) Use  newInstance when creating Fragments [] Use newIntent static factory method for creating intents inside the target activity. Contact us: @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker [] @kaushikgopal []
This is the special Google I/O 2015 episode. In this episode - Kaushik makes the trek to Google I/O and chats with various Android developers about their favorite part of Google IO. I was not able to make it but Kaushik was able to interview of top developers in the industry and I’ll tell you what - this is a great episode - I really wish I was there to join him. I know he had a great time chatting and interacting with everyone. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed creating it. Show Notes Dan Lew (Trello) @danlew42 - Dan's Blog - Ty Smith (Twitter) @tsmith -  twitter Eric Cochran (IFTTT) NightlyNexus -  github +EricCochranNightlyNexus - Cyril Mottier (Capitaine Train) @cyrilmottier -  twitter About page - Shifty Jelly Team Pocket Casts - Philip Simpson @geekygecko - Russell Ivanovic @rustyshelf - Amanda Hill (Venmo) @mandybess - Dave Smith (New Circle) @devunwired - +DaveSmithDev - Corey Latislaw (CapitalOne) @corey_latislaw - Chet Haase @chethaase - Android Backstaage - Chiu-ki Chan @chiuki - Elliott Chenger (Under Armour) @echenger - blog - Maria Neumayer (Citymapper) @marianeum - Danny Roa (Foursquare) @dannyroa - Michael Bailey @yogurtearl - Donn Felker @donnfelker - Kaushik Gopal @kaushikgopal -
In this episode we talk Gradle with the amazing and awesome Annyce Davis. We deal with the basics of Android's build system and dabble with some tips on improving your build times. Also we released our first ever Fragmented T-shirt in collaboration with another amazing GDE Taylor Ling of AndroidTee fame. Show Notes Annyce's talk where she mentions Cyclomatic complexity [] OffGrid Electric Corey Latislaw on TDD and Testing [] Annyce Davis' videos DAG: Directed Acyclic Graph [] DAG discussion on Fragmented - Seek to 18:35 What commands does Andorid Studio's gradle aware make perform? [] MakeBeforeRunTaskProvider source [] Creating a Gradle Plugin Use apply from in gradle to include external files Learn Groovy Gradle dry run flag [] Madis Pink - Optimizing gradle build time : Droidcon Paris [] Annyce's talks & videos: Be a good citizen: Develop Maintainable apps [] videos Fragmented T-shirt Blog post Purchase here Contact Annyce @brwngrldev [] @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker [] @kaushikgopal []
In this episode of Fragmented, Kaush breaks down how he begins creating and writing technical talks, using a talk he's about to give at the Mobilization Conference. Enjoy! Things Mentioned Mobilization conference - KG is about to give a talk at Post it notes pic1 pic 2 My Speakerdeck San Jose Theme Nick Butcher - speakerdeck Cyril Motier - speakerdeck Sponsors Vettery Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that is changing the way people hire and get hired. Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today. Listeners of Fragmented get a $300 bonus if you accept a job through Vettery! Sign up at Bitrise Build amazing apps in Java, Kotlin or whatever tech you prefer and use Bitrise to automate your Android integration, build, test and deploy process quickly and easily. Sign up for an exquisite pair of Bitrise Branded Socks at Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this episode, Donn continues his talks about Kotlin Lambda Expressions. He explains how you can use lambda expressions as function parameters and as return types for functions. This is a very dense episode - if you get lost look at the code snippets below or view on them on class LogReader { fun processFile(file: File, processLine: (String) -> Unit = {}) { file.forEachLine { println("Number of Chars: ${it.length}") processLine(it) println("Line Done Processing") } } fun processFileWithHandlers(file: File, logHandler: LogHandler) { file.forEachLine { println("Start of Processing") logHandler.handleLine().forEach { handler -> handler(it) } println("Line Done Processing") } } } interface LogHandler { fun handleLine(): List<(String) -> Unit> } val reader = LogReader() val textFile = File("/Users/donnfelker/scratch/lorem.txt") // Process with single lambda reader.processFile(textFile, { println("First 10 Chars: ${it.substring(0..9)}") }) val logHandler = object : LogHandler { override fun handleLine(): List<(String) -> Unit> { return listOf<(String) -> Unit>( { line -> println("${line.substring(0, 1)}") }, { line -> println("${line.substring(2, 4)}") }, { line -> println("${line.substring(5, 10)}") } ) } } // Process with multipe handlers via the logHandler reader.processFileWithHandlers(textFile, logHandler) Sponsors 🙏 - Your code is broken. Let’s fix it together - Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
Shownotes In this episode KG and Donn talk about KG's recent jaunt with Docker. In the attempt to setup continuous deployment for his blog, KG explains his simple requirement and how it lands up requiring some basic Docker. Donn then closes it out with some interesting in-depth knowledge on how to use Docker Personal website hosting Donn Felker Kaushik's website html-proofer Wordpress jekyll static website blogging Domain checking services Domainr Lead Domain Search Docker Docker Hub Circle CI : dockerfile wizard KG's ruby-node docker container Docker Compose RabbitMq Kubernetes : K8s Udemy course: Docker & Kubernetes - The complete guide Vue Js Dockerizing a Node.JS Server Contact @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about some changes coming down the pipe for the podcast and what it means in the long run. Want to know what the changes are? Well, you're going to have to listen to the show... click play and listen away. Once again, thank you all for joining us on this journey, it's been a fun and wild one. Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this episode, we chat with friend of the show Leland Richardson. Leland is a main contributor to Jetpack Compose. But in this episode, we pepper him with questions on how he came to the position he's in viz. a reputed Software Engineer contributing to probably the most cutting edge library in development for Android. This was a treat and inspiring episode! Listen on: Shownotes Jetpack Compose with Leland Richardson Understanding Compose (Android Dev Summit '19) Adventures in Compose - The Doom fire effect Gap Buffer - Wikipedia Learning Jetpack Conpose by example Sponsors 🙏 Learn and practice Android development from inside your browser. Visit to get 10% off. Contact @intelligibabble @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) kaushikgopal (on YouTube) or or @kaushikgopal
In this episode of Fragmented, Donn talks about when it's appropriate to comment your code. Donn then dives into the types of code comments, when you might want to comment vs when you might not want to (depending upon your consumer) and then gets into how he decides to comment his code with a simple two-step process. Enjoy! Things Mentioned Commenting Code Post Sponsors Bitrise Build amazing apps in Java, Kotlin or whatever tech you prefer and use Bitrise to automate your Android integration, build, test and deploy process quickly and easily. Sign up for an exquisite pair of Bitrise Branded Socks at Flatiron School Learn UX/UI design in 24 weeks and discover our global community on campus or online and go back to school with Flatiron School!! Change careers with confidence with 1:1 support from our dedicated Career Coaches and a money-back guarantee. Complete details at See you in class! Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
How do you know what to test when you don't even know how to write the code that you need to test? This is a paradox that many developers find themselves in daily. In this episode Donn talks about his strategy for dealing with unknowns in programming, namely around testing and how to figure out how to write tests for new code that might be difficult, unfamiliar or even legacy code. Links Ron Jefferies Tweet Luxman Tweet Donn Tweet What is a Spike? Sponsors 🙏 Square Square has SDKs and APIs to make payments and run a business. Even better, Square has a new YouTube channel for developers! Check out Square's new YouTube Channel for Developers at and let them know you heard about it from us. Flatiron School Learn UX/UI design in 24 weeks and discover our global community on campus or online and go back to school with Flatiron School!! Change careers with confidence with 1:1 support from our dedicated Career Coaches and a money-back guarantee. Complete details at See you in class! Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this mini Fragment we touch base on all the things you need to know about Vector drawables for Android development. How one can use it today, the recommended usage for vector drawable and formats, the limitations and everything else you need to know as an Android developer. Show Notes Vector Drawable [] Trello's Victor [] What's our Vector Victor [] Android Studio 1.4 release (with Vector Asset Studio announcement) [] Support library announcements Android Support Library v23.2 [] Vector Drawable backported Ian Lake also gives us the instructions in this post 9% of AAR saved on AppCompat [] Android Support v23.3.1 announced [] Vector Asset Studio [] Animated Vector Drawable AnimatedVectorDrawable [] Chiuki on Animated Vector Drawables [] Road Runner library [] see youtube demo [] Problems: Dan Lew's SVG test project [] bug report on no gradient support for vectors [] Vector format restrictions : Vector Asset Studio [] Better conversation tool svg2android - Juraj Novák [] Other references: Mark Allison - Vector Drawable Part 1 [] Mark Allison - Vectors for all (Almost) [] Using Android Vector Drawable [code.tutsplus] Sponsor Rollbar - special offer: Bootstrap plan free for 90 days Contact @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker [] @kaushikgopal []
In this episode we revisit the topic of Testing, looking at it from a TDD perspective. Globetrotter, Kata Queen, TDD practitioner and overall boss of Android development - Corey Latislaw, joins us in this episode with thoughts, tips and tricks on pulling off TDD. She also shares some of her wicked sketchnoting tips and made a very special Sketchnote just for this episode! Have a  look at the sketchnote here. Show Notes GDG [] GDE [] GDE Android - Ms.Latislaw [] GDE Android - Mr.Felker [] Sketchnoting The Sketchnote Handbook - Mike Rohde [] Sketchnoting for Techies [] Corey's Google I/O Sketchnotes [] Corey's live sketchnoting (with videos) [] Kids on Computers [] Corey's books Android Activity Book [] (coupon “fragmented” for $5 off) Android Theory Book [] (coupon “fragmented” for $5 off) Running Code Coverage in Android Studio [] Katas Video workshop [] (coupon “fragmented” for $5 off) Simple Android app [] Robolectric Integration [] Awesome picks for the week: DF: Stop Using General CTA’s Text - be specific Founder’s Journey Podcast Baremetrics - Episode - Build vs. Buy: How to blow $100,000 saving money [] KG: ANTI PATTERNS every programmer should be aware of [] Contact Corey @corey_latislaw [] Fragmented @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker [] @kaushikgopal []
We've always been curious about technology and the software surrounding embedded devices and the like. One such technology that's ubiquitous these days is Bluetooth (LE). In this show we talk with embedded technology expert and all round super smart AndroidDev Dave Smith a.k.a the wonderful devunwired. We try to get a high level understanding of how Bluetooth works. From a developer's perspective, how does this tech work? Why should we as AndroidDevs be interested in this technology. What boundaries can we push? How can we effectively use this technology? In this episode we pick Dave's brain and try to answer some of these questions. Show Notes Dave's talks on Bluetooth Android Lollipop: Bluetooth LE Matures [] Developing Bluetooth Smart Applications for Android Tutorial [] Dave's talk: Google Beacons - AnDevCon [] Other resources: Bluetooth Classic [] Bluetooth LE [] Apple docs - Bluetooth for Developers [] Bluetooth specification [] check Advertisements: Volume 3, Part C, Section 11 check GATT: Volume 3, Part G 360|Andev Use special code "Fragmented" if you're registering for the 360|Andev conference to get a 10% discount on registration. Sponsors Rollbar - special offer: Bootstrap plan free for 90 days Contact @fragmentedcast [] @devunwired and +DaveSmithDev @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
In Part 1 of our Google IO special we talk to a whole bunch of amazing AndroidDev. We go around asking them a few simple questions. Questions, that you probably thought to ask when you saw them in person, but just forgot to. Oh and you really should listen all the way to the end :) Show Notes Annyce Davis (Offgrid Electric) @brwngrldev Fragmented episode 33 : talking Gradle with GDE Annyce Davis Fitbit Android app Mark Allison (Freelancer currently contracting for AMEX) @MarkIAllison Styling Android Wiebe Elsinga @welsinga Jake Wharton (Square) @JakeWharton Kotlin Night in SF Ryan Harter @rharter Pocket Casts Lisa Wray (Genius) @lisawrayz Rebecca @riggaroo 22Seven Erik Hellman @ErikHellman Fabulous - Motivate Me Contact us: Contact form @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker [] @kaushikgopal [] Stay tuned for Part 2 where we talk to another list of top notch Android developers and get their answers for these questions.
In this show, Donn talks with Dan Jarvis about Machine Learning on Android with ML Kit and Tensor flow. They dive deep into what ML (Machine Learning) is, what you need to know as a developer and how to apply those things to build ML applications on Android. They tal about what you can do on Android in regards to ML, model training and running the models on the device. You may be wondering if you should include the model in your app or if it should live on a server, that's discused as well and the reasons for it. They wrap up the show with some examples of what you could build and some great resources to get you started. Enjoy Shownotes What Can Machine Learning Do? ML Kit ML Kit Demo Video ML Kit Quickstart Image Labeling Example Custom Models How Does Prisma Work? Cucumber Example Tensorflow Demo Apps Inside AI Newsletter TensorFlow Lite TensorFlow Lite (TF Dev Summit '19) - [VIDEO] Custom On-Device ML Models with Learn2Compress Microcontoller Support Face Generation DroidCon NYC Applied Tensorflow iN Android Apps Sponsors 🙏 - Your code is broken. Let’s fix it together - Contact Contact Dan Jarvis on LinkedIn, Medium or GitHub Donn Felker - @donnfelker (Twitter) and donnfelker (Instagram) Kaushik Gopal - @kaushikgopal (Twitter) and kaushikgopal (Instagram) Fragmented on Twitter: @fragmentedcast Our YouTube channel Join thousands of other developers on our free chat server. Ask questions, answer questions, be part of the community at our The Fragmented Discord chat
In this episode, we talk to our friend Matt Logan. Matt took some time off and worked on an indie app called Sessions. He built this for both Android and iOS. In this episode we talk to him about his experience building apps on both platforms, techniques, advice and other good stuff. Shownotes Sessions Android iOS Strava Chris Lacy - Action Launcher Indie Hacker's podcast Fragmented Ep #64 - Garbage Collection (Android) vs Reference Counting (iOS) Matt's blog post on code sharing Sponsors Instabug NeverCode Blog post on developing apps 20% faster Contact @fragmentedcast @_mattlogan @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this episode, we talk about the different parts of Android architecture components. We've had episodes on Room and the paging library, so in this one, we thought we'll touch a little on Lifecycle Owners & Observers, ViewModels, and LiveData. Akshay Chordiya helps break it down. Listen on! Show Notes Android Architecture Components Lifecycle Handling lifecycles with Lifecycle-Aware Components Lifecycle Owner Lifecycle Observer Best practices for lifecycle-aware components Caveat: handling onStop events ViewModels Architecture Guide: ViewModels View Model Code snippet for a ViewModelFactory: class UserVMFactory( val user: MyUser ) : ViewModelProvider.Factory { override fun create(modelClass: Class): T { return when { modelClass.isAssignableFrom( -> UserVM(user) as T else -> throw IllegalArgumentException("Unknown ViewModel class") } } } LiveData Live Data MediatorLiveData Misc Android Architecture Components Deep Dive Course on Caster.IO Fragmented - Room episode with Florina Fragmented - AAC Paging library with Florina Sponsors Microsoft AppCenter - Sign up now on and spend less time managing your app lifecycle and more time coding. Contact @Akshay_Chordiya [] @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and 📷 donnfelker @kaushikgopal and 📷 kaushikgopal
Marcel Schnelle joins Donn in this episode to talk about how to get your application under test and some steps to go from scared to confident in your testing process. The second half of the show they dive in deep to JUnit 5 and its new features. JUnit 5 is backwards compatible with JUnit 4 and offers a slew of new features and extensibility points which make the framework much more appealing going forward. We're convinced you'll enjoy this episode and leave wanting to get your app under test - even more than it already is. Enjoy. Shownotes Caster.IO JUnit 5 Course JUnit 5 Android Plugin JUnit5 User Guide Danny Preussler: The next gen of testing - Droidcon NYC 2018 (YouTube) Marc Philipp: JUnit 5 Extensions - Joker 2017 (YouTube) Spek Framework Testing for Kotlin Get ahold of Marcel: Marcel Schnelle Twitter Marcel Schnelle Website Sponsors 🙏 - Your code is broken. Let’s fix it together - Contact Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about productivity tools for developers. As developers, what are some additional tools and utilities that really up your game. If you wanted to see how they tweak their development environments and workstations in general, this is a good episode to listen. Also introducing a Fragmented Discord Chat server! Shownotes Fragmented Discord Chat Server Productivity tools Keyboard Maestro Keyboard Maestro - Mac (Referral code with 20% discount) Sample macros: Demo: Better auto pairing with BBEdit and Keyboard Maestro Demo: Autocopy text from one program to another AutoHotkey - Windows (Windows equivalent of sorts) DuckDuckGo Bang Syntax Muzzle App Window management tools: Divvy Spectacle Magnet Moom Phoenix VSCode Night owl theme OhMyZsh Spaceship prompt Auto Suggestions Fish Shell Kap - Screen recording tools Sip - Color Management Sponsors 🙏 by nevercode Join their Flutter Community here Contact @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram) @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)
Have you ever thought about building VR (Virtual Reality) apps? Where do you start? How difficult is it? How similar is to Android development? Do you still code in Java? In this episode, Etienne Caron AndroidDev extraordinaire and expert VR hobbyist gets us up to speed on what you need to know, to start creating VR apps. Show Notes Shopify Engineering Blog (VR) Demoscene Save a cat from a skyscraper (VR game) Rajawali - Android OpenGL engine Build your first Google VR app in 10 minutes : course developer docs on Google VR Unity game engine Vulkan API (open GL) Project Rider - C# IDE OpenGL ES Apple docs Learn OpenGL Contact @kanawish [] @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
In this episode Kaushik talks to Kristin of Big Nerd Ranch. You would think that the Android lifecycle is pretty standard and basic stuff. But as Kristin begins to unpack the nuances of the Android lifecycle, we learn there's a world of details that's easy to miss. Listen on, to get an ironclad grip on the Activity lifecycle. Show Notes Android programming : The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Activities in the Wild: Kristin at 360AnDev Kristin's Lifecycle diagram (and slides) Notes on opportune moments to do "stuff" in the Android lifecycle Kristin's follow up blog post to the Activity lifecycle Sponsors Rollbar - special offer: Bootstrap plan free for 90 days Contact @kristinmars [] @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
In this episode Florina returns to talk to us about Google's recently announced paging library! The paging library is a powerful take on implementing paging functionality in general, not necessarily linked to a paritcular technology or library. Florina breaks down the different components and explains what specific function each of them play. We start off with DataSources, talk about when one would want to use "Tiled" or "Keyed" data sources, and then talk about making them work with RecyclerViews (which is really what 99% of us eventually want). Florina also explains the role of PagedLists, PagedListAdapters and so much more. If you ever wanted to get an overarching veiw of Google's first take on implementing the paging library, this is a great starting point. Listen on so you can understand, try it out and then give feedback to Google, to participate in the making of this new library. Show Notes Google Developer Days - Florina's segment on paging Paging library - developer docs DataSources PagedList PagedListAdapter LivePagedListProvider Sponsors Kobiton - 15-day Free trial with no credit card required 🙌 Contact @fmuntenescu [] @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
In this episode Donn and Kaushik recommend 10 books on Software programming that they think every Android developer would greatly benefit from reading. These are books that helped them become better programmers and have had the most impact in their daily lives as Android developers. Show Notes Effective Java - Joshua Bloch Effective Java Items (Fragmented fragments) Working effectively with legacy code - Michael Feathers Head first Design Patterns Don't make me think - Steve Krug, 3rd edition Java Concurrency in Practice XUnit testing patterns Website Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - Martin Fowler Javascript the good parts - Douglas Crockford Gary Bernhardt - WAT Clean Code - Robert.C.Martin Clean Code: Writing code for humans (Puralsight) Coders at Work - Peter Seibel Honorable mentions Release it Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (Gang of Four) Pragmatic Programmer CODE - The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software Soft Skills - John Sonmez Deskbound - Kelly Starett 8 steps to a pain free back - Esther Gokhale Contact @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
It is the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Google's answer to that is the Android Things. In this episode, we talk to the amazing Rebecca Franks. She explains how Android things works and talks of some of the adventures and examples she's embarked on with Android Things. If you've had that hobby Raspberry Pi or Arduino board lying around and not sure how to put it to use, this episode's for you. Show Notes Ep 42 - Google IO episode Rebecca's blog posts: Distributed Piano with Android Things Electricity Monitoring app with Android Things Hardware basics for the Software Engineer Android Things Developer Kits Arduino Starter Kit (includes the h/w book she recommends) Android Things - official github repo Android things Contrib drivers - (e.g. button gradle dependency) Sponsors Kobiton Contact @riggaroo and @fragmentedcast [] @donnfelker and +DonnFelker @kaushikgopal and +KaushikGopalIsMe
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